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I have a Vizio SV470XVT1a. When I turn the tv on I may get a normal picture for a minute or two then the screen goes black or I will have a greenish or pinkish screen. I continue to have sound. Afte

\015 I have a Vizio SV470XVT1a. When I turn the tv on (after an overnight of being turned off) I may get a normal picture for a minute or two then the screen goes black or I will have a greenish or pinkish screen. I continue to have sound. After turning the tv on and off for about 15 min the picture will be normal. I have solved this issue by leaving the TV on for days at a time but I would like to fix it if I can. Any suggestions? It appears to be OK once it WARMS up.\015

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I have a Vizio SV470XVT1a. When I turn the tv on I may get a normal picture for a minute or two then the screen goes black or I will have a greenish or pinkish screen. I continue to have sound. Afte

... Vizio SV470XVT 47 in. LCD TV

My rca r52wm24 Tv turns on but after about 20 minutes the screen goes black but I still have sound. Sometimes the picture will come back up and work fine after 10-30 minutes but it will go to black screen again. Then sometimes the picture will be fine for around 20 min utes agin flash to black then flash right back to normal. rnWhennthe screen does go to black it slowley fades out takes about 10 seconds to go black

Hi mcpheeters16,\015\012\015\012First to isolate the loose connection from fault, check the cable connectors from the lamp and the ballast board. Pull-out the cables and then re-insert. Also check the ballast board from bad solder joints (crack ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

After about 1 minute my screen goes black but my audio continues to work. any ideas?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo 24 in flat screen model DS24425 Screen slowly goes fussy and slowly goes black , a slight tap on the rear left side brings the picture back to good screen,for a few minutes or a couple of hours no set pattern of time. When one turns the set on again some times come on clear other times very dul or black, slight tap and good screen. Sounds /act like a bad solder connection but which one do you have a wiring diagram or know where to get one? Thank you

Hello\015\012Your flat panel TVs picture tube base board has soldering loose contact with it. Just unplug your TV from AC mains socket, and open it. Pull out the picture tube base card from the picture tube neck. Pull it out straight, no sha ... Toshiba 55ZV650U 55 in. LCD HDTV

When I turn on the power button, the Vizio logo turns from orange to white. Then the screen goes from black to blue. But the blue screen only stays on for 1 second, pops twice and the screen goes back to black again. The logo also returns to orange. I already unplugged the TV, reset the power button for a minute.

... Vizio VX32L Television

47LG50 screen light goes black after about 45 minutes of being on, sound still ok. Turn the tv off and back on and its fine for another 45 mins to an hour. The on/off light goes from red to blue-ish when screen goes black. As a note I took out the power board adn checked the capacitors and none where bulging or burst (someone said maybe they are drying out)...does that sound like the problem of is this an inverter board issue. I just want to change the what might be the most likely issue

Good day!That problem is commonly happens when the inverter board failed.But before you replaced that its better to check this out first.Just follow this simple and D.I.Y procedure on troubleshooting. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Our Sony picture came on one day & after a few minutes the screen went black, the sound was still there & the stand by light was blinking away. After waiting awhile we can still turn the t.v on, the picture will apear, but after about 3-4 minutes the screen goes black with the sound still going as well as the blinking of the stand by light. It this something that easily be fix, or time to get rid of the tube & on to the flat screen. I really hate to see it go cuz we really - really love this t.

Often it is cold solder in c-board. have you tried to re-solder it..in few years of using your t.v it is normally electronics parts heats-up..then it will loose it contact from the base board or the PCB.if you have a basic electronics knowledge ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

My LG flat screen tv is losing HDMI signal then goes black. I've tried to change to a different input but it won't change. After a few minutes of black screen it starts to flash a few times then back ti black. A few minutes later it will start connecting again and picture will come back on. Is it the tv or maybe my direct tv reciever

I have the same trouble too any fix yet ?? ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 7 year old samsung plasma t v model hp-p4271. Recently after the tv is running for one to two hours, all of a sudden the screen goes black and no sound Some time it comes back after a few minutes but after 10 to 15 minutes it goes black again with no sound.After going on and off few times it does not come back and I have to switch off. Any suggestion?

Have someone take a look inside at the power board and look to see if any of the filter capacitors look puffed up as this is common in this set. ... Samsung HP-P4271 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

The screen was black with white dots all over it, I replaced C766 with a 220uF 35VDC capacitor, I now have a picture on component 2 only but in black and white, AV1 and 2 same original problem all black with white static. When the screen first comes up the picture is in the upper left corner black and white only with a bright green bar under the picture, wait a few minutes and it goes full size in black and white. What do I need to do to fix this problem?

Look for more bad caps, sound like on video board also problem ... Maxent MX-42XM11 Television

Black Screen After watching for 1-2 minutes the screen goes black but you can still hear the sound. When I shine a flashlight on the screen i can barely see the picture. Whats my problem?

There are several things that could cause this. You could have a faulty backlight inverter(s), faulty 24V output from the power supply, failing backlight bulb(s), high voltage arcing from the inverter outputs, or a fault with the main board. I would ... Samsung LN55C630K1FXZA 55 IN LCD HDTV 1080P 120HZ Refurbished M

My kdl52xbr2 blinks to a black screen constantly every 5-10 seconds or so. Screen goes black for about one sec, then back to the picture. It continually does this throughout the time we're watching tv. It makes popping & cracking noises when you first turn the tv on as well. Can you help?

Plasma and LCD TV sets are prone to having capacitors in the power supply section fail. This is the most likely cause for the probem you describe. When capacitors fail your will commonly see one or more of the following symptoms. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL52XBR2 Television

LG 42LK520 LCD TV screen takes 20 minutes to come in clear. During this 20 minutes, top 2 inches of screen works fine, but the rest of the goes black or picture freezes off and on during this time. I was informed the most common problem is bad capacitors on power supply. So I purchased a whole new power supply, and changed it myself! But unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.... Need help please

Is it cable tv ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have a hp 50 inch plasma and the screen goes black after a few minutes but with sound. You could bearly see the picture in the background but it goes black like a negative film. What could it be

... Flat Panel Televisions

Black screen on Sanyo ?TV Model #DP26649 .It started yesterday. After watching TV for about 10 minutes. I jhear a click then the screen goes black, then it turns back on by itself after 2 seconds.

The symptoms you describe indicate power supply trouble ... Flat Panel Televisions

Black screen My westinghouse LTV30w2 will work perfectly for about 7 minutes then the screen goes black but the blue power light stays on

Check to see if the sleep timer is engaged ... Westinghouse LTV-30W2 Television

I have a RCA L26WD26D Flat Screen TV. When you turn it on it will say "please wait". This lasts for 30 seconds or so. Then that goes off and the screen turns black with some sections turning white. It will vary the back and white and will stay like this for maybe 20 minutes. Then it will start showing vertical colored lines. They will change also and eventually turn back to black and white. After leaving the TV on for about 5 or 6 hours, the picture finally shows up and looks fine. So now I'm af

Hi coefremont,\015\012\015\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very\015\012common caused of this fault is the leaky\015\012elec ... RCA L26WD26D 26 in. LCD TV

Model 42LD400 flat screen TV after 3 months suddenly shows "no signal". Other tv in the house works fine. The no signal comes and goes. It will work for a few minutes and then the screen goes black and says "no signal".

... LG 42LD450 42 in TV

Don't know if it is a satellite problem or tv problem. Picture fine one minute then starts to flip like it's going to go off then goes off leaving either snowy screen or black screen

... Panasonic PV-C2022 20 in. TV/VCR Combo

I am getting wide verticle lines on the right side of my tv when I turn it on, After a few minutes the rest of the screen goes black.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sony Bravia KDL52W4100 screen goes black after 5 minutes then comes back after a while

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52W4100 52 in. LCD HDTV

I have a RCA L32HD31YX12 TV. The TV works fine for a half hour and then the screen flickers and goes black. The sound continues. If I turn the set off for a half hour, it works again for another half

You have answered your own question, someone needs to open it and find a loose plug or broken solder connection--if it reacts to being tapped on that is the issue- a physical problem inside. ... RCA Standard (CRT) Televisions

Samsung ua40c5000 won't turn on - had scratchy pinkish screen when plugged something in to wrong socket turned off now won't turn back on - screen stays black and red light blinks then goes of

... Samsung UA40C5000 40 LED TV

Bush btvd91186b screen goes black whislt watching tv or dvd, but sound continues. Nothing brings screen back on other than turning tv off and then on again

... Bush Flat Panel Televisions

When I turn on my WS65611 rear projector TV the picture comes on perfect but after a minute it starts going static then the picture will come back on then it goes stactic. This continues for as long as the TV is on. When I get the menu to appear on the screen, the picture will stay perfect,, however the menu screen is in front of the picture.

A few things you could and should try, try something on a different input if you are using the coax connection just to know if problem exists that way, could be a bad tuner but that can be got around, also if on all inputs the set does have a hard r ... Mitsubishi WS-65611 65" Rear Projection Television

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