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I just bought a m221nv from ebay tv dealer an he said i could jus plug it in in my kitchen, bedrm or ? and watch it via my router cause it has wifi no need connect cable, antenna or anything but i cant get anything why ??

Answers :

The wifi connection will allow you to access content via the Vizio Internet Apps (Netflix for example) but not tv broadcasts.\015\012
Your tv can access tv broadcasts (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) over the air but w/o an external antenna the signal and therefore the quality will probably be weak.\015\012
\015\012To access cable/direct tv/fios content you will need to connect the tv via a cable.

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I just bought a m221nv from ebay tv dealer an he said i could jus plug it in in my kitchen, bedrm or ? and watch it via my router cause it has wifi no need connect cable, antenna or anything but i cant get anything why ??

The wifi connection will allow you to access content via the Vizio Internet Apps (Netflix for example) but not tv broadcasts.\015\012Your tv can access tv broadcasts (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) over the air but w/o an external antenna the signal and t ... Vizio M221NV 22 in. HDTV LCD TV

I do not have cable or anything. I need to know what I need to get to get my local channels on my Vizio flat screen. I tried hooking up an antenna but I do a scan and get nothing. I dont know hat to do, Im tired of watching netflix.

... Vizio M220VA 22 in. LCD HDTV

I have a Sony48 in. digital TV with an outdoor antenna; 30 ft leadin;no converter asnd get 24 channels of great reception.I have aZenith 23 in.TV; Mod # B19A23DC ,mfg. Jul 1999 erich I would like to install 35 ft. disatance from the Sony. What added parts do I need to boost the signal to the Zernith? Can I use existing cable wiring [behind wall] to connect the added set?

Hello\015\012There is no need to boost the signal. You can connect both the sets with one antenna. Just buy one two away splitter. This connector can be bought from most of the electronic spare part shops at your town. With that, you can con ... Flat Panel Televisions

Missing manual I am trying to connect my dvd player to my Samsung slimfit television txt3093whxixaa. I have tried connecting a/v cable with the 3 colored wires to both. Is there a diagram for connections? Do I need a different cable? What settings does the tv need to be on and how do I get to them?

... Samsung Standard (CRT) Televisions

I bought a new samsung led 5 series tv but it keeps telling me i got no signal. the only connection i have is the antenna cable but it keeps telling me i got no signal even though iv done the whole auto store. i even bought a new cable thinkn it was the cable but still no luck. is there something else i need to connect or could it be the antenna?

Hi there, Do you live in a house or some sort of complex? If you live in a home, then I would suggest verifying the connection to the outside antenna. If you live in a complex (apartment, condo, etc.) then the possibility exists that th ... Flat Panel Televisions

I got a Mitsubishi ws-55411 from a friend and I am trying to set up the cable. this is my first HD TV. The cable comes from a wall outlet (no cable box). I followed the manual and attached the cable into ant. A and turned the input connection on. I am only getting channels 2-13, I think these are the same stations I would get with just an antenna and no cable which makes me wonder if the cable is being detected at all. I have confirmed that the cable is working, because if it was not I would not

Go to the customer menu and switch the set from air-antenna to cable.The set is in the air band and not the cable band hence only channels 2-13.Let me know if you need help.SD TECH ... Mitsubishi WS-55411 55" Rear Projection Television

I own a Westinghouse LTV-32W1 and I am trying to hook Comcast basic cable up to it through the coaxial input. But, the only coaxial input is labeled ANTENNA.. I had the TV scan channels from cable AND antenna and it only found one channel. Analog at that. But, it doesn't do anything. How do I run basic cable to this TV? I thought, because it was HD-ready that I wouldn't need a box. :/

If you are trying to hook it up with cable make sure that the Tv is on cable mode. You will not need to scan for channels if you are using cable. If you scan for channels you are telling the Tv that you are going to use an ... Westinghouse LTV-32w1 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Really? cool... so I have a Panasonic HDTV 720p... just moved, no cable, but I have a TV antenna. Amplified indoor antenna. GE brand model 24700. I powered and connected the coaxial cable between the tv and antenna. Now I don't know how to set up the TV to get any local channels.

You need to go into on screen TV tuner/channel scanning setup page and change the signal source from CABLE to ANTENNA so it will scan again to pick up off the air signals. Please read the TV user manual for more details.\012What is the model nu ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony PFM-42X1/42X1N Flat Panel Display. I need to connect a digital to analog converter to get over-the-air TV. Where can I get the correct converter and connection cables?

Go to this link and you will see various digital to analog converter for video and audio. You should find the correct one on that link: ... Sony PFM-42X1N 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have a Sony KV-36XBR250 TV, I get sound and piucture perfect for my cable box(Verizon Fios RCA), I try connecting anything else an d the picture wont show up evern through same connection. I tried different cables, differnt things to hook up(xbox 360 ande Blu-Ray Player). Can anybody help?

... Sony KV-36XBR250 TV

Im trying to connect my rio ht2030 to an element hdmi tv, i have the sound on vcr but no pic and no sound or pic on cable tv (direct tv) how do i get pic sound together? do i need to connect thru the cable box?

Use a VGA tuner .jonjon malolos ... Flat Panel Televisions

I can't get anything other than a blue screen with my Wii connected to my tv. All cables are firmly plugged in and the blue screen appeared while I was watching a movie. Now there's no sound or pictur

The Wii has a known video problem. At fault is the nVidia video chip which gets hot and separates connections to the motherboard. The solution is on utube. Search for the oven solution for nVidia chips. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Put up a digital HD antenna outside on a 20 " ft pole. Used it on an older TV with the assistance of a SDTV Digital to Analog converter box. Recieved upwards of 30 channels very clear. Decided to hook the same antenna minus the converter box assuming this 2 year old HD LCD Flat Screen is Digital ready and have no need to convert anything to analog. I hooked the antenna lead into the ANT 1 (air) IN connection. Activated the Auto Program and it indicates that it searched for all available cha

Hello\015\012Although your Samsung has HDTV comailant tuner inside, it must get sufficiant signas strength to memorize all the HDTV channels. Normally HDTV signals are weak compare to analogue transnsmission signals, and contain more details. ... Samsung LN-T4061F 40 in. LCD HDTV

Can u tell me wat cables i need to connect my sp42w4hl to get hd

... Samsung Projection Televisions

I borrowed a used TT 320 Progressive Scan Video Trutech DVD player from my neighbor today.I plugged it in &connected the color cables &everything.The DVD player turned on, but when I tried to play a DVD it wouldn't seem to play it &then after that I pressed the eject button to try to take the disc out,but the disc drive wouldnt open.I use an old I Insignia tv.It doesn't have cable I switch it to video on the tv to play DVDs.I basically need help getting my DVD player to work &play DVDs so Im abl

... TruTech Flat Panel Televisions

LD-3237 The TV was connected to the cable box and worked fine. We then accidently tried to change channels with the TV remote rather than the cable remote and we have not gotten any picture since. Tried everything but still get the No Signal message. What do I need to do?

... Westinghouse 32in LED HDTV - Black LD-3237

I need to connect my laptop to the LCD TV. Please tell me after connecting VGA with audio cable, what I should do on laptop to get the desktop details on TV Monitor? N.K.Makam

Hold the "fn" key and press the corresponding function key at the top to change the display. There should be a picture on the key that implies this function. For example, my compaq laptop uses the F4 key for this so i would press and hold "fn" then ... Proscan 32LB30QD 32 in. LCD TV

I am trying to record on an external hard drive which was sold as a bundle with this but: 1. The REC menu is grayed out and wont let me do anything on it, and 2. when I plug the external drive into the port, I get a message on screen that says WAITING FOR USB CONNECTION and it stays there forever and wont let me do ANYTHING. I have to turn off the set top box and remove the USB cable before the message goes away! The owner's menu doesn't mention this message at all so it's VERY frustrating!

1. The REC menu is grayed out because the box doesn't have where to store the recorded file. This happens because2. The hard disk isn't recognized as present: the WAITING FOR USB CONNECTION message signals that the box can't communicate proper ... Flat Panel Televisions

Can u tell me wat cables i need to connect my sp42w4hl to get hd

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

SanyOur house was struck by lightening and now I can only get sound from my TV when connected by the coaxial cable or the RCA (red/white/yellow) cables. If I connect the TV using the componant (red/blue/green) jacks then I get full sound and picture so I know the TV picture does work. Trouble is I do not have an extra cable box or VCR to connect the TV by componant cable. Is there any way to fix the TV so that the coax or RCA hookup will provide picture too aside from taking it to a TV repair

If your aerial is OK then your tuner has been damaged. A replacement tuner is going to be required. ... Sanyo Vizon LCD-15A2 Television

UE46C8790 Remote. Hey there, I noticed that sometimes (for example after switching on and off 3D) on a HDMI connected PS3 the TVs Remote stops working. Well the remote itself still sends the signal, but the TV appears not to get it (no blinking red light on the TV). Any Ideas what might be the cause? it is an easy fix for now. unplug and replug the HDMI cable. But there has to be a more permanent solution out there.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Why does coby tv couldn't get good channels when coaxial cable antenna is connected

... Flat Panel Televisions

I am trying to plug my cable box into my tv but i'm not getting any a/v. What do I need to do? Am I missing anything?

Has your box been on cable.If not you may need to call cable to hit your box .Do you any video from other sources(ie dvd over the air signal?)If you get no over the air video then the tv is defective(be sure to select the correct input signal tho).H ... Scott LCT37SHA TV

I live in Florida. I purchased a (Portable Mobility DVD) 16" Portable Multimedia DVD and LCD TV from a vendor in China. The TV unit only receives "Analog signals", which are no longer available in most of the USA. All local broadcast are in Digital or through Cable. Is there a digital antenna available for portable TV reception or some other type of gadget that can be connected to the TV so that I can get digital broadcast while being mobile?. I have seen other Portable DVD / TV combo,

Hi there,\015\012\015\012The gadget you need is called a Digital (to Analog) Converter. \015\012\015\012This is also referred to as a digital Set-Top Box (STB) and connects to the cable from your antenna. The STB ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sylvania TV Model 6520FDF and I am trying to change it back to use a antenna from cable. I need to know how to get it set back up to do this please

... Sylvania 6520FDF 20" TV/DVD

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