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Connected to my HDTV cable box via HMDI cable, I get" No signal". I must use coax cable?????

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You have to go into the cable box menu and designate HDMI as your output to your TV.\015\012Consult your manual for your box as there are quite a few different ones on the market. If you don't have manual, very easy to find online.\015\012Good luck.

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Connected to my HDTV cable box via HMDI cable, I get" No signal". I must use coax cable?????

You have to go into the cable box menu and designate HDMI as your output to your TV.\015\012Consult your manual for your box as there are quite a few different ones on the market. If you don't have manual, very easy to find online.\015\012Good luck. ... Vizio L37 Television

SanyOur house was struck by lightening and now I can only get sound from my TV when connected by the coaxial cable or the RCA (red/white/yellow) cables. If I connect the TV using the componant (red/blue/green) jacks then I get full sound and picture so I know the TV picture does work. Trouble is I do not have an extra cable box or VCR to connect the TV by componant cable. Is there any way to fix the TV so that the coax or RCA hookup will provide picture too aside from taking it to a TV repair

If your aerial is OK then your tuner has been damaged. A replacement tuner is going to be required. ... Sanyo Vizon LCD-15A2 Television

I have an LG 26LZ5RV TV. I have connected it from the RF output of my Sky+ box (using a coaxial cable) to the "Ant In" socket at the back of the TV. The RF output on the Sky box is set to Channel 35 and the power is on. I know that the output is working, as I have tested it on an old portable TV with manual tuning. My problem is that I cannot get my LG TV to tune in to the signal, using either auto or manual tuning. I have used System "I" and tried setting the Channel to 35 then searching b

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Why do i not get a signal form my Technicika STBHDIS2010 set-top box to my Bush LCD32TV022HD TV using the HDMI cable?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I get a weak or no signal message on my new Samsung plasma. I'm using coaxial to my cable box. The cable works fine because I can see the vcr when it plays. I have it set to cable on the right channel for my area (4).

In this case, your VCR becomes the cable channels tuning device for your TV, the better connection should be from your cable box output to your antenna/cable TV input with the coaxial cable, surely, your TV has a better cable tuner than your VCR, to ... Flat Panel Televisions

I am tire of cable and want to use an antenna, I have hooked an antenna to the tv checked the hook up and it is secure, but am getting no signal...I have been trying to find a place to change from cable to tv via my remote but not haviing any luck...please help

After u hook up the antenna source like a digital or a roof antena to the tv.Used ur remote go into the tv menu.Goto SETUP,go down to CH.Pick AIR enter and scan for free air DTV channels. ... LG 32LG30 32 in. LCD HDTV

We were watching a recorded show, via a COX HDTV cable box, on our Mitsubishi WD 62628. When we went back to regular TV, we had no sound. I get sound watching a movie on a DVD player. But nothing from Cable TV or DVR'd programs.

... Mitsubishi WD62628 62" Projection HDTV

Coax cable/antenna connection doesn't seem to work. It says "no input signal" although the cable works when plugged into other tv's. Other connections such as HDMI seem to be working fine. Trying to set up basic cable without a box. Getting frustrated.

... Westinghouse LTV-32w1 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I can't get a signal between my Sony Blu-Ray Disc/DVD Player and Samsung HDTV monitor. They are connected via a HDMI cable. A brief message on the HDTV reads "Not supported".

First, try to reset resolution of HDMI Sony BD output.\015\012Unplug HDMI cable from TV and change to Component connection to reset BD output resolution.\015\012Than after you entered to resolution menu, choose to standart resolution 720 ... Flat Panel Televisions

When connecting my Cable box through an Onkyo SR 705 Receiver and then through a Samsung DLP HDTV HL67A750... I first get a message "The HD Protection of your Repeater has been compromised. All of the devices connected will not be authorized to receive video signals." The the picture on my Samsung TV turns green. I spoke to Onkyo Support, and they said that the adapter is not HDCP compliant... and therefore will not work with the Onkyo SR 705. Any thoughts of how to solve the problem

... Flat Panel Televisions

Using NSX-46GT1 in Europe (Switzerland). I get an unsupported HDMI signal when i connect it to my cable set top box.

Check the format of video you try to feed. ... Sony Google TV NSX-46GT1 46 in. HDTV LCD TV

Just bought an new 40'' Dynex. When I plug my HDMI cable on my TV and the Rogers box I get the following message. HDTV does not support HDCP. Please use the YOrPb component connection to watch TV. Wha

... Dynex DX-40L260A12

How do I get my Toshiba TV 19W331DB to automatically tune to my virgin box via the HDMI cable?

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I bought this tv used today. The hdmi port was used from the cable box to the tv when I looked at it . Now at home, my cable box only has the coax port to hook up the cable and I'm showing weak or

What's the problem? could you tell it again? i can not understand, there is no hdmi port on your cable box? or what? ... Samsung HL-T5076S 50 in. TV

I have a technisat hdfv desk top box. I have been trying to connect in via the hdmi connection. I keep getting the message mode not supported. It works fine via the scart connection. I have tried changing the hdmi cable but still get the same message. I know the hdmi connection on the tv is ok as I can run a blue ray from it. Took it back to the dealer they tried and got same message. They thought it could be a fault with hdmi on the box. The unit was exchanged. Tried again but still get the sam

You might want to see if a firmware upgrade exists for this issue in the Samsung set you have. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have Vizio I changed cable from Dish Network to a Local Co. now I can't get cable or sound, although the cable box is all lit up. I get a blue screen with no signal running across it and I have

Check with whoever is your current signal provider---paying for service they will usually come out and make sure it is working either via the coax fitting or via the audio/video jacks ... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LG 32LH30 TV. When I power on the TV I get a picture in the top half of the screen and vertical lines in the bottom half. Also I get a thin white dashed line across the middle of the screen. After about 10 minutes I get full screen picture. However the top third of the screen is lighter than the bottom two thirds. I still have the thin white line across the middle of the screen. I am using HDMI cables from my cable box. I also tried Audio/Video and Component cables. I took the back

... LG 32LH30 32 in. LCD HDTV

My thanks to Guest however as mentioned I have no problems using the SET-TOP BOX remote with my TV! I want to use my NEC remote as a stand alone; as I still have ANALOG reception? So disconnecting my SET-TOP and using my coax cable direct from wall socket to my TV I should be able to receive the ANALOG channels? and that's not happening; so when I use my NEC remote and go to menue the AUTO TUNE BOX DOES NOT DISPLAY! and that is the problem!

... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

My Viore 42" LCD HDTV's HDMI inputs currently make the TV's picture signal intermittent when reading a signal from my comcast cable box and a few functions of my PS3. How can I fix this?

You might need a firmware upgrade. If there isn't one,then you might have a defective main board, or your set is not 100% compatible with your other items. ... Viore 42" Class 1080P 60Hz Lcd Hdtv

I was given a Sharp TV model LC-26SH12U which was purchased Nov 2007. When I turn on the TV there is sound but no picture. I am using the HMDI input from my cable provider. I do get a picture at times. It seems as if I turn off and on the tv eventually the picture will show up. I have worked tirelessly with the cable provider and it seems to be the tv as when there is no picture I also hook up another tv and get picture from the provider while I'm getting no picture from the LCD tv. Is

Contact the nearest authorised service center for Sharp. You TV need service. ... Sharp LC-26D43U Television

This RCA L26HD31 TV has always worked fine in other respects... but when I try to connect my pc's hdmi cable to it for use as a monitor, I just get "unusable signal". When this TV was made, hdmi outputs on laptops was not the norm - it was vga. Can this TV use an hdmi signal from a dell laptop? Yes, I'm using the correct input for the TV and have tried hdmi1 & 2 ports. - Thx

Make sure you have set the laptop's display properties to as low a resolution as possible (also make sure the screen refresh rate is 60 hertz) and turned it off before connecting it to the television. Turn the television on first and set to the corre ... RCA L26HD31 26 in. LCD HDTV

HowHow do I get the HDMI to work on TV input? I am using HDMI cable from digital cable box to HDMI 1 input on tv. I get

... Insignia 42" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

Purchased 73 mitsubishi hdtv diamond series 1080 used....some ch are crystal clear while others just 2 or3 have white or colored spots. i dont have a cable box or any receivers, boxes hooked up to it...just regular cable with local stations only....Why am i having this problem???

First: an old adage with TV sets of all kinds is the set is not smart enough to know what channel you are on---problems only on a few channels usually are not the set.The only place where this is not the case is a group of several adjacent ch ... Projection Televisions

Using straight cable wire. I need to add or unlock more channels to view. I only get 2, 3,4, and 5.Please help. I can't find the User manual anywhere. It used to be hooked up with a cable box.

Go into your menu and scroll through the choices. look for somethinng along the lines of channels and click search. your tv will auto search for all channels it will pick up. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I plugged this TV into a new cable box (digital signal, not HD), and the picture now does not fill the screen. Previously, I had another TV (different brand, same tyoe and age) plugged into the same cable box, and never had a problem. Is there a way a) to adjust the picture to fill the screen without using the zoom feature, or b) if not, is there a way to make the zoom feature permanent so I don't have to activate it every time I turn on the TV?

... Samsung TXM2756 27" TV

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