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My Vizio 32" lcd is hung with message "there is no device connected to tv" and the remote will not work so I can push "exit" button shown on screen. Any way to get out of this?

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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My Vizio 32" lcd is hung with message "there is no device connected to tv" and the remote will not work so I can push "exit" button shown on screen. Any way to get out of this?

... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

WS-65807 quit working. We only had it connected to DirectTV via the DTV connection. Now when I turn it on I just get three color lines on the screen. When I push the reset button I get no change. When I adjust any of the top three adjusters at the front I do see a change to each line. If I turn one of these all the way left, the TV turns off. I have tried unplugging, waiting and then plugging back in, but never see any codes being flashed. What are my options?

If you move the convergence too far the set will shut down.Have you done the self check this model does have? ... Mitsubishi WS-65807 65" Rear Projection Television

I have a 22' viewsonic tv. i'm getting a "channel blocked" message with four boxes showing. tv is about 2-3 years old. prior to this the tv will power off then on with a blank white screen. you can still hear the program. the only way to solve this is to unplug the tv and replug again. then it will work. but this time I push the channel up and down button before the tv could turn itself off. this is when I got the channel block on all stations with no sound.

... ViewSonic N3751W 37 in. LCD Television

I have an ultravision That has a problem sense it was new, and getting worse. When on chanel 4 or 401, sometimes other chanels, bun not often the center of the screen goes Black in aprox the seme area that that displays menu when you push the menu button Then the (ABOUT YOUR TV) button When this happens if you push the nenu button then the exit button it goes away. it is getting very anoying, as it now does it about every 10 to 20 seconds its hard to watch a golf turny with the screen goin

Check both the set and the box if you are using one, you are describing a TEXT feature which on certain channels puts a black box in the middle of the screen----idea was to send text but it never to my knowledge was used.The feature can b ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

I have programmed my remote to an older JVC television. everything works, but i cannot change the input from the remote. I have a ps3 hooked to the tv. anytime i want to play my ps3 i have to manually press the menu button like a million times until i finally find the input option. is there a way to get the input button working? or at least find input in the menu? the menu button works on the remote.

If the tv has an input button on the side it should let you scroll through all the inputs without having to go through the menu. Hope this helps. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I get power to my mitsubishi vs60703 big screen tv ,but the picture is just static now and its stuck in tv guide mode .when i push the buttons on the tv i m not able to choose the cancel function cuz i have no remote .is there a way to get it out of this mode and howplease

... Mitsubishi VS-60703 60" Rear Projection Television

I have a vizio m 470nv when I hit the menu button, it locks up the remote and it will not do anything. the only way to get remote to work is to unplug set, wait a bit, and plug in, then I get back remote function.power, volume, channel select only.

... Flat Panel Televisions

JVC AV-25P8-PH TV turns on (the standby mode) with the red light, but when we try to punch in the channel (using either remote or the push buttons on the television itself), the red light becomes green then automatically shuts off. We can't get to work the TV even if we plug it directly on the wall socket, nor unplug then plug it again. Just goes on and on. What do we have to do with this to make it work?

Hello,The issue you describe is consistent with a power supply board issue. This is the board where the AC goes to. This problem may have occurred as a result of irregular power supply, or excess power supply or power surge.Th ... JVC AV-32260 32" TV

I have plugged in the Parrot by Martin Szekely and I I get is the opening menu with four colored blocks and the website address. When I go to the back the navigation keys do not work (I have pressed lightly held down etc.) and also the stand by button also does not work. It seems like I may have a dud as I have no way to access the menu. Any top tips? Also, does it connect to a MAC? I have parellels but wanted to check Nancy

This is a very simple digital frame that needs to connect to a pc or Mac (yes, it will work with one) via WiFi or Bluetooth. If you can't go into the menu to pair it then yes, you got a dud and you must replace it.\012\012\012But you should tr ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Sony KDL-52WL140 does not respond to any controls, not the remote, and not even the buttons on the tv itself. The only way you can turn it off is to unplug it, then, hours later, when you plug it back in, it is still stuck in the on position. It is tuned to a channel that gets only snow and static, and that's all we get. It was working fine, then started flipping in and out of various menus on it's own, as we watched, them tuned itself to the static channel and nothing will unstick it. The

Hello,The problem should be from the front panel control board. The board is defective or has disconnected from the inside. To\015\012 actually find out what's wrong, you need to disassemble the TV. But \015\012before th ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-52W4100 52 in. LCD HDTV

Blinking light I have RCA ColorTrak Stereo Monitor TV, which was in storage for a while. The power cord was lost, so i bought a new universal powercord. The TV was working fine but then it turned off and will not turn on again. The only thing it does is the power light blinks three times when i push the power button. I do have the owners manual but it doesnt cover this. is there a way to fix this ?

The power supply is bad,, go to http://www.shopjimmy.com/ see if they have it ... RCA Standard (CRT) Televisions

Philips tv model 32pfl5322D/37 when i try to turn it on i get a red light that flashes 6 times.If I keep pushing the power button off and on it will eventually come on. Once its on everything works fine

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

Hi my son got a 19inch emerson tv for his 2nd birthday and now anytime it gets plugged in it flashes different colors and the buttons does't work and the only way to turn it off is to unplug it!! can this be fixed?

Press the the cursor key up followed by down and power the TV off with the remote or the TV itself. Please use the original remote for this. Unplug the TV for a few seconds...replug and power the TV on. The second thing to try...press the cursor key ... Emerson LC195EM9 19 in. LCD TV

I have a pioneer elite television. The red standby light is on, everytime I push power button it goes off. Cant get the blue light on for the tv to work. Think its stuck on standby mode. tried unplugging but did nothing.

In most cases the standby light might blink with different rapidity to indicate a fault relevant to the processor. It is possible that most of these indicate that there are errors in the processing section . Since there is a possible short o ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have had the TV for about a year. The volume is turned all the way up and we can just barely hear it? This happened before and we pushed buttons and fixed it. We've tried that this time and it is not working.

Go into settings audio put it onto normal ...... stereo ... Vizio 42 in. LCD TV

My panasonic flat panel tv with model no. TH-L32c20x has a power problem.. i push the manual button on tv side,the red light is on..then second is the remote power,the green light come and blinking 20 times,then turn to red light blinking slowly, the power not goes in, i unplug and plug again,try the same way its not working..

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

When set is turned on, there is sound, but the screen is black. I can push the LCD On/Off button on the remote control to get the picture on for about one second.

You have a short in the panel and the panel needs replaced. ... Niko Flat Panel Televisions

Picture I was litening to music threw direct box,vacumming,different outlet then tv. turned it off,& used converter box buttons to change channel. got no pic no sound. pushed more buttons,turned it off, then on hit reset, pulled card out put it back,then turned around to get remote, and saw my 82 yr. old dad holding remote as far out as he could,as if he was trying to get around me! I asked him what button he pushed & he said none. now we have sound no pic. it turns on deep blue screen no menu

I assumes that there is a confused memory IC inside, due to improper data inputs. Try a hard reset to this set. Unplug it from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it back after 10 minutes of so. This must make it a hard reset. If it do not help you ... Samsung 50 in. Plasma TV

Samsung HL-R5067W. Standby/Temp light and timer light flash after power button is pushed. Do hear a clicking when the button is pushed. Fans and lamp do not start. After lots of trys, I have gotten it to start with the fans and lamp working. The tv works fine for a while and then will not start up.

Timer and Temp light flashing together means that one or more cooling fans are not operating correctly. Over time dusct can accumulate near the fan motors there by preventing them from operating correctly. The first and most easiest thing to try is t ... Samsung HLR5067WX 50" Rear Projection HDTV

HI I have a panasonic DMR-XW450- I just finished watching a recorded show and pushed the stop button. I was then in the process of deleting the show from the listing and everything went black. The display says NAVI with a timer recording indicator. I assumes I pushed a button on the remote accidently but I have no idea which one. I can not get the DVD to show anything other than NAVI - no matter what button I push. I have tired to look in the manual but I can't find anything to help. It seems l

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an AVoL TV and I cant get the menu button to work..When you press the menu button some arabic writing comes up..The channels will not change, the TVAV button doesnt work as well as the volume button..Thanks SGT Davis US Army..

... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 42pfl5522 LCD TV. Digital channels no longer work, when i select the digital channels with the remote either with the Digital MENU button or the EPG button I just get a small blue cross appearing in a box in the top left of the screen. Using the A/D button or the AV selection button simply takes me to a blue screen. It's the first time the TV has been used for a few months (having been to Australia for a while) but it did work when we got back for about a day. I'm not sure if

... Flat Panel Televisions

Vizio 22 two issues,may be related. TV comes on when pluged in and buttons dont work right,like if you push the menu button,the menu will flash on and off and continues until unpluged.If the chanel button is pushed it takes about 5 sec. sometimes longer before it changes.

... Vizio VA220E LCD TV

I can't get my remote to work. It seems there is a problem with the sensor on the TV. That's not the main problem. To see if I could get it to work I decided to reset to the default factory settings but when I get to the Installation guide and it asks for the country the buttons on the side of the TV cause no response. I've tried unplugging the TV but now every time I turn it on it goes straight to the Installation Guide and that's where I'm stuck at.

I would suggest to bring your TV to the service center That is a software issue only the manufacturer has that data for your TV... ... Flat Panel Televisions

On Mitsubishi DLP TV MITS-WD-52631 the buttons on the front panel of the TV will not work and the functions on the remote will not work either - whenever you push a button on the remote, the buttons on the middle part of the remote flash red, and nothing happens with the TV - cannot adjust volume, change the channel, or enter the set up or format menus.

Replace the front key board panel. You should be able to get one at www.tvrepairworld.com just hit the contact button on the right and enter the model number and symptom they ... Mitsubishi WD-62525 62" Rear Projection HDTV

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