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I borrowed a used TT 320 Progressive Scan Video Trutech DVD player from my neighbor today.I plugged it in &connected the color cables &everything.The DVD player turned on, but when I tried to play a DVD it wouldn't seem to play it &then after that I pressed the eject button to try to take the disc out,but the disc drive wouldnt open.I use an old I Insignia tv.It doesn't have cable I switch it to video on the tv to play DVDs.I basically need help getting my DVD player to work &play DVDs so Im abl

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I borrowed a used TT 320 Progressive Scan Video Trutech DVD player from my neighbor today.I plugged it in &connected the color cables &everything.The DVD player turned on, but when I tried to play a DVD it wouldn't seem to play it &then after that I pressed the eject button to try to take the disc out,but the disc drive wouldnt open.I use an old I Insignia tv.It doesn't have cable I switch it to video on the tv to play DVDs.I basically need help getting my DVD player to work &play DVDs so Im abl

... TruTech Flat Panel Televisions

Lt-32d200 Please help! My side-loading built-in dvd player won't play most discs any more. (My P90X videos work fine, but all the other discs won't play). It sounds like they get stuck when they're trying to load and then I get a message that says "can't read disc". This happens even to brand new discs...

What you are describing is a bad/damaged optical unit in the player--some are sold but only as a complete unit. ... JVC LT-32D200 LCD TV

I have bought a Panasonic portable dvd player Model LS.92. A feature that attracted me was the USB input in addition to playing dvd discs. . On my PC I have a number of short videos downloaded from YouTube that are in .flv format. The Panasonic LS.92 claims to support DivX format videos. Presumably this means .AVI format, so I have converted the .flv files to .avi using Prism Video Converter. When you load the flash drive into the usb slot it lists the files correctly in their .avi form

... Panasonic 9 inch Region Free DVD Player Model DVD-LS92

I have an 11 year old Toshiba DVD player. The last 2 times I rented a disk I had problems. Everything seems to be fine through the previews. When the movie starts to play, the screen goes green. The audio is fine. The video is there, but everything is green. I try the DVD in another player and it worked fine. I tried it in my laptop and it worked fine. Has anyone had a sinillar problem as this? Is there a solution to this issue? Please let me know

This is usually an issue with the component cables running to the TV. Remove the cables and retry with different component cables. If this doesn't fix the issue, its a problem with the DVD player itself.As far as DVD players go, you've do ... Flat Panel Televisions

My fukuda dvd player won't play any dvd or cd.It always show the "no disk " error even if there is already a cd/dvd inside.Already remove the top cover and saw that the disc is spinning but will stop after a minute and then flash the no disk message.Also tried to clean the lens with commercial lens cleaner but still no effect.What could be the problem as my unit is only 1 year old.

Either the spindle motor is not reaching the required speed to read the table of contents, the traverse motor is in the wrong place and won't allow the disc to be read or the laser is faulty.It could be any combination of the above. Time for a ... Flat Panel Televisions

Dear Sirs, Recently, my Sharp dvd-video combi player has been encountering some problems regarding the playing of dvd's. When I watch a movie, in several occasions the movie will freeze up. And for exactly one minute the dvd player will make strange sounds, after which the movie will continue. This happens quite often and is always exactly one minute. For example: the movie freezes after having played for 10 minutes and 10 seconds. The time played on the dvd player will show as 010.10

The DVD unit in your sharp is a self contained unit. IT is only repaired by replacing the DVD as a assembly. the cost of replacing may exceed the cost of purchasing a new one. \015\012 The most likely cause of your problem is in the brass gear ... Flat Panel Televisions

DVD magnavox MWD200f playing black white on HDTV Vizio E390-A1. Just hooked up my old dv player to my new hdtv and it is playing in black and white at 480. It was playing in color on my old tube tv. Same issue with my old vhs player which is a zenith vrb 410. I am using the old rca cables. I have followed the directions carefully to plug in to the correct locations. Even tried switching where I plugged in to the tv.

... Vizio E390-A1 39" 1080p 60Hz LED 2.95" ultra-slim HDTV

I AM USING SAMSUNG C370 DVD PLAYER.IT HAS USB PORT TOO. I AM COPYING MOVIES FROM MY PC TO PEN DRIVE AND PLAYING THEM IN MY DVD PLAYER. it plays well. BUT THE PLAYER SKIPS THE MOVIE WHICH IS ABOUT TO FINISH WITHIN IN FEW MINUTES and returns to the disc menu again. this happens in all most every time. I am able to see the whole movie but i am missing last few minutes approxiamately 10-20 min. I am using the same format movie files. but i am able to see few movies till the end and few creates the

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 39 inch insignia flat screen. I cannot play my dvd player on it and my remote does not work. It is a brand new tv it wont switch to input.

The mainboard is bad ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have a combo TV/DVD, problem is the DVD will not read some discs, or more specifically does not appear to cope with DVD's that contain alot of info (e.g. harry Potter with many languages). It is not loading all the disc. Have have same issue with a number od Technika CD players, after 12 months will not play to end of the disc.

Hi, dirty or badly scratched discs can always cause a problem, you can wash them with warm soapy water and dry them with a soft cloth.From what you describe it would seem that the sled that the laser pickup rums up and down on could have ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Insignia DVD player connected to my Emerson HDTV. I used the channel Video1 to play DVD to see movies. It worked well until my son randomly pressed the Insignia DVD remote control. Now whenever we try to see movie using the channel Video1, the screen shows ' not supported format'.

Hello did you try to reset the system of your TV?go to the menu page and look for the reset command..thank you ... Emerson LC320EM9 32 in. LCD HDTV

I just got a new player. Worked perfectly in the shop but brought it home and have a problem. After plugging it in it plays the DVD fine EXCEPT, the picture is in black and white. This was not a problem with my old player. I tried 8 DVD's with the same results. The color is great on the TV. I tried three different lines with the same results.

Select the type of video your TV requires within the menu of the DVD player and match it.If the TV requires CVBS input and you are supplying S-Video, then you will get a monochrome picture because the chroma content is not being used.Hope ... Flat Panel Televisions

Can't change channel 3 to video for dvd playing - video won't come on to use with dvd player


I have a Polaroid 1921-tdub 18.5 inch falt panel tv with a built in DVD player. About 6 months old. All of a sudden, the DVD player won't work. Tries to load forever then says "Unknown Disc". Any Ideas please?!?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sylvania flat screen tv and dvd player combo, dvd player wont play videos

... Sylvania Combination Televisions

My JVC XV-N670 DVD player abruptly started giving the error "Check Regional Code" when some discs are inserted (which discs previously played). I can find no setting in the options to control or change the Region. (I recently had visitors staying at home and I'm wondering what they may have changed!) Is there any way to reset the regional settings on this player?

You\012 could try these two but there not for you specific model. There the \012closest models to yours i could find codes for. I hope they work for you.\012 If they don't look on dvd365.net for another code closer to your \012model.\012 ... JVC GDV-P420UG Television

I have a Samsung Plasma HP-P5071. DVDs played from ONKYO player was fine in 2003 and now the video is scrambled. I use component 3 color connector. So I brought a new Sony Blue-Ray thinking ti was the DVD players, but got same scrambled video whether I used Component wires to red/white/yellow wires in AV

What exactly do you mean by scrambled picture? Can you please take a picture of the screen, upload it to imageshack.us and get me the link so that I can see for myself what it looks like?sai. ... Flat Panel Televisions

We have a Pioneer DVD player,model DV300-S which has had less than moderate use over the years,and plays a distorted picture together with audio cutout at regular intervals.This is not related to one disc,but over a series of discs in our collection.Running a commercial cleaning disc corrected the problem temporarily,but reverted to "nbg" again depite further cleaning.Your thoughts would be appreciated.

ALL DVD laser units eventually fail. This is due to the optical construction of the unit and it does not matter how little use it has had. The laser unit has a light emitting laser diode which is mounted horizontally. This then requires a mirror to r ... Pioneer Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba Regza 32LV67U DVD player won't play DVD. put dvd in, it makes 3 attempts to read then spits it out. Can I fix this or is this a take-it-in for service issue?

Dvd player will only play movies for the COUNTRY in which you purchased it. There is no way to purchase a system or configure a system to play ALL MEDIA FOR ALL COUNTRIES. The country codes are specific and each country wants to prevent any oth ... Toshiba Regza 32LV67U 32 in. LCD HDTV

When trying to play and DVD it's not reading the disc and I keep getting the no disc message when there is a disc on the player

Either a dirty or bad optical pickup in the player. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I have a CyberHome 300 dvd player. The unit was brand new and playing dvds perfectly. I decided to go through some older VCDs (mostly 2.0) that I had and it played the first one fine for a few minutes. So I put in another and it played for a bit and the image suddenly stuck/frozen. I've tried ejecting and powering off/unpluging the unit several times and all I get now is the "Bad Disc" message. Even with regular dvds. Not sure what to do now.... It's like the lenses or opti

U could have damage the laser eye data reader,because u tries old VCDs with a different version of device data informations disc.Tries device unplug,replug the device back like an hour later for the thing for resetting itself back to the factory sett ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi! My mother gave me an Insignia HDMI TV, and I can't figure out how to hook either my Wii console or Sony DVD player to the TV. I transfered all of the audio/visual cables from the old TV to the new TV in the same way, but can't get the Insignia TV to move off channel 3 (where it connects to the cable box) to any of the input channels, and similarly have been unable to program additional channels in the menu settings. I believe the Insignia TV is the "audyssey" model if that helps. Any advic

Hey there!\015\012\015\012Is there a button on the set or remote that says "input" or "source"?\015\012That will change the input settings from cable, to HDMI or RCA (aux). ... Flat Panel Televisions

What do I need to connect an old TV with only one output on back to a TWC cable box, DVD Player, VCR and a Play Station?

Just connect the PS3 it also works as a DVD player. Do you really need a VCR player? You can get a converter box to stream the VCR footage through the DVD player/ PS3 ... Portable Televisions

I have a magnavox 26md350b and the dvd player constantly ejects the disc. It won't play and just ejects immediately after the disc is put in.

... Magnavox 26MD350B/F7 26 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

Has Kawasaki DVD Player; the pictures not coming on. Just the word DVD comes on, but when he hits Play it shows "No Disc" and no sound comes either.

The laser may need cleaning if it can't see a disc. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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