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46" Lost Picture then when I attempted to change channels lost sound as well. Green light on tv is on and Verizon FIOS box appears to be working. Other tv on system works

Answers :

That's a clear indication that you have a bad power supply in your TV.
If\012 you know how to DiY...I suggest you open your TV. Locate the power \012supply section, it is where the end of the power plug is connected. \012Replace all blown or bulge or leaked capacitors with same value. That \012will fix your TV problem.
The hardest part is to disassembling your TV cover, cause you will need to pry off the snap in lock at the edge of your TV.

Power supply board should look like this. Examine the capacitors in the board

After replacing blown capacitors...it should work again.

Things you will need.
1. A plastic flat end screw or any object with flat ends....to fry off the cover
2. Soldering iron.
3. Soldering lead
4. Soldering pump.
5. Flat and Philip Screw
6. Replacement capacitors (of same value with the blown one) that you can buy to any electronics store.

Hope it helps

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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46" Lost Picture then when I attempted to change channels lost sound as well. Green light on tv is on and Verizon FIOS box appears to be working. Other tv on system works

Hi!That's a clear indication that you have a bad power supply in your TV.If\012 you know how to DiY...I suggest you open your TV. Locate the power \012supply section, it is where the end of the power plug is connected. \012Replace all blown o ... Toshiba REGZA 47HL167 TV

Five years old Explorer 3250HD Rogers Box, gradually stopped working over a day- when powered sign of "boot" appears and turns -V U_ sign and no green light. Can it be repaired and where in Markham/Scarborough area. Does any store or rogers stilling selling these models? Thanks id

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I have a Logik LRF2101 TV. It had been working fine with a freeview box. I plugged in a BT vision box and it has now coloured the screen red, green and blue. I removed the BT vision box and connected it back to the freeview box - now I still have a red, green and blue screen.

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I was given a Hitachi AVC monitor with no box. I want to know if the Monitor works befor I buy a new box. I plugged the monitor in and got a blinking yellow light. I then held down the power button for six seconds and then heard a click and the light changed to steady green but the screen did not seem to warm up. How can I tell if the monitor actually works before I invest in a box?

... Hitachi 32HDT20 32 in. Plasma Television

I have a thomson dti 6300-16 set top recorder box. i live in derby and have experienced the digital switch over. my tv after rescanning is perfectly fine, with no loss of service or channels. however my set top box has failed for the last 48hrs. i have rebboted several times and completed auto scans. everything works and i can watch all the channels through my set top box on my tv, my pre recorded programmes are still successfully there and working. but no information on the channels appear now

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Hi. I have a problem with my 42 inch plasma tv,when tv is turned on green L.E.D appears on bottom right and tv works as normal.After 40 minutes to an hour tv makes click sound and screen goes blank the green L.E.D changes to red on the bottom right there is still power going to the tv hence the red L.E.D.Then when i plug it out and plug it back in red L.E.D appears but screen remains off it stays like this for 3 to 4 hours before tv comes back on and the same is repeated again after 40 minute

Hello,\012\012A common problem for these is bad capacitors in the power supply, Remove the back from your Tv and look at the power supply on the left hand side.\012\012You will see roughly around 9 x capacitors that are bulged / domed shaped on ... Projection Televisions

Vizio TV remote is in conflict with Shaw TV remote. When the TV is on, the Shaw bow and the shaw remote control would not work. I turn both systems off, then turn the box on with the remote, select a channel on the box, and then turn back the TV on, it works. But I can no longer change channels

You need to "program" your Shaw remote to control your TV, including the volume up/down on the remote.\012Take your Shaw remote control, and follow the instructions on the back. If that does not work, telephone Shaw, and ask for technical suppor ... Vizio M420VT 42 in. LCD HDTV

So I went to play a dvd by removing the HDMI from the back of the HD cable box and plugging it into my DVD player, then returned it back to the cable box when done. Then the volume would not work on the TV, a plug symbol appeared in place of the speaker symbol ...but the lines and numbers appeared for the level of volume. What am I needing to do for the volume to return?

Try to unplug the box for a while and then power it backup and let it reboot---never remove a HDMI connection with set/box on.You can if that fails call the cable company and have them reboot the box over the line. ... Sharp Aquos LC-45GD4U 45 in. LCD HDTV

Sanyo dp50747 TV turned itself on and will not turn on. The green power light located on the front panel lights up and the side panel off/on works but no sound or picture is shown. The front panel green light stays lit. The TV did this again about one month ago but I just turned it back on. Yesterday, it turned itself on and now does not turn on with the sound or picture shown. There is no sounds or odors from the TV. The power outlet works fine and the TV appears to be getting some power

Sounds like a mainboard problem ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

When making an initial set up for motorola set box VIP 1003, the red light comes on, 3rd on the screen and the whole set up process begins over. Blinking yellow light circle turnes green and after the first two get green the third becomes red. Does it mean that the hardware has a fault, or there's something in "system function" menu that can be adjusted to resolve the halt on the software downloading for my set box?

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I have a Philips 30FW5220/37 commercial tv that was working fine with the old cable box. I just got a new Explorer 3250HD box and can't get anything working. It was hooked up through a home theatre system before but, I'm trying to just hook up the TV and nothing.

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P265 Remote for Frontier (fios) wont work with set top box, how to reprogram it for the box?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Can't turn my ge tv off or on wih the converter box looks like i lost the code need code for ge tv''s and how to enter them it use to work but for some reason it stoped working everthing else works fine

May I get the make and model # of the remote to help you reprogram the remote. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello...do hdmi slots eventually wear out? I have the samsung S40510 which I think is about 6 years old. It was working earlier today, but when I went to swap my FiOS HDMI for DVD HDMI everything quit working; this was a work around for me because appeared one slot was went bad when I replaced one blue ray dvd player for another.

... Samsung LN-S4051D 40 in. LCD Television

My Olevia LT26HVX has suddenly lost color control. It has been set with color temperature on Middle for all the time I have used the set. Yesterday when I turned the unit on, the picture is hot pink or magenta with little blue and no green. If I set the temperature to Cool, the color switches to mostly lime green with solid blue areas appearing as black. If I set the temperature to Warm, the screen picks up more blue but has an overall muted green cast with no red. If I select "user" for color

... Olevia LT26HVX 26 in. LCD Television

I have a Verizon (Frontier) FIOS set top box model HD QIP 7100 1 and an LG TV model 42LD520. The power button on the remote control for the set top box does not turn off the set top box AND the TV simultaneously. The circumvention is to press the TV button and then the power button to turn the TV off separately. I'm thinking that the code for the TV is not programmed into the remote correctly. I've tried 1292, 0205, 0727, 0883, and 1205.

... LG 42LD520 42 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I have a Mitsubishi WD-73737 and when I turn on the tv the power light flashes very fast for a minute then stays a steady green and the screen is a solid blue. There is no sound as well. I have tried the system reset and it didn't do anything. I was given this tv, so I don't know how old it is. The tv will occasionally work but that is very random. The only item I have plugged in is an Xbox 360 with the component cables. The menu button does work so I know the screen still works.

Do you have the input turned on that you use the xbox for? Try different inputs as well. If you are getting the menu to come up, the blue screen is telling you that you don't have a signal being run through that particular input. ... Projection Televisions

I have Samsug LN-S2651D TV. Recently the screen turned green (no picture). Sound works fine. Cable remote will cycle through channel changes OK. Cable 'TIVO' appears to work OK. TV Menu's seem to work OK. Picture menu: Mode=Custom; Size=19:9; Digital NR=On; DNle Demo=Off; Film Mode=Off; Blue Screen=Off. How can I get the picture back?

... Samsung LN-S2651D 26 in. LCD Television

RCA Truflat TV, just hooked up Verizon Fios: Got Audio, No picture

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 42pfl5522 LCD TV. Digital channels no longer work, when i select the digital channels with the remote either with the Digital MENU button or the EPG button I just get a small blue cross appearing in a box in the top left of the screen. Using the A/D button or the AV selection button simply takes me to a blue screen. It's the first time the TV has been used for a few months (having been to Australia for a while) but it did work when we got back for about a day. I'm not sure if

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a panasonic TH-C42HD18. Last night a fuse in my fuse box flipped so I lost power to the tv. I reset the fuse (in the fuse box) but now My tv will not turn on. Everything else plugged in to that outlet is working (ie: dtv, blueray) but no power at all when it comes to my tv. Is there a reset or something maybe?

Normal reset procedure is to leave the television unplugged anywhere from a half hour to 24 hours depending on the model. However, you are not mentioning the use of a surge protector and if you weren't using one you may have fried your TV due to the ... Panasonic TH-C42HD18 42 in. Plasma TV

I have an LG 26LZ5RV TV. I have connected it from the RF output of my Sky+ box (using a coaxial cable) to the "Ant In" socket at the back of the TV. The RF output on the Sky box is set to Channel 35 and the power is on. I know that the output is working, as I have tested it on an old portable TV with manual tuning. My problem is that I cannot get my LG TV to tune in to the signal, using either auto or manual tuning. I have used System "I" and tried setting the Channel to 35 then searching b

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

The power on/off mechanism does not work (on box or remote) properly. Started with having to press button many times -- green light goes on 2 sec then goes back to red -- before the screen would come on. Now the green just flashes but screen never comes on.

U have all the tools and understanding basic electronic also can do soldering work?Take the tv aparts.Tv have power supply board problems issues.That the board where the power a/c cord plug into it.Check the power supply board carefully for dying com ... Coby TF-TV1913 LCD TV

Remote codes for my NEC TV listed for Cablevision remote "UR2-CBL-CV04" don't work ...When I had Fios from verizon there remote worked.

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My wt-46809 Still has a good picture. It receives its signal from an HD converter box from Time Warner Cable. The other inputs on the tv however don't seem to work. I can't use my DVD or hook up any game systems through the various inputs. In addition, while the HD channels (1000 and up) work, channels 1-999 don't project a picture (only audio). I've never added any HD retrofit to the set, so I'm not sure if true HD is being projected or if the picture is just very good digitally clear SD.

\012TV needs servicing PLEASE TRY THE BELOW FIRST THEN DO A FULL SYSTEM RESET\012\012\012CERTIFIED TV EXPERT HERE, follow this information I provided 3 long solutions to this issue/s Solution 1 Before we start taking things apart, lets try your ... Mitsubishi WT-46809 46" Rear Projection Television

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