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Hi kelner1950,

This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very\015\012common caused of this fault is the dried-up/leaky electrolytic\015\012capacitor in that section. It\015\012will drop the supply from normal voltage and\015\012will disable the unit and blinking error appear. Sometimes it has a bulged/dome at the top but not all, it is better\015\012that you have a capacitor\015\012checker/tester to determine\015\012its condition. Also, bad\015\012solder joints can produce the\015\012same symptom, it is hard to spot, you should use table lamp/portable lamp for\015\012finding the cold solder. Secondary reason of fault is the open fuse/fusible resistor in series with the output of regulator IC/transistor, shorted/openRegulator IC/transistor,\015\012shorted zener diode(all\015\012are in the power supply section) and the microcontroller.\015\012Best that you check the output voltage of each regulator to determine where the\015\012fault came from and narrow the job.

If you don't have necessary tools\015\012and test instruments, and can't do the job yourself, I would advice you to\015\012look for a professional to troubleshoot the problem. Don't\015\012attempt to work in the power supply if you don't know the safety precaution of handling it, there some stored\015\012electricity enough to hurt you with a little mistake only.

Also check if your unit is under warranty /extended warranty,\015\012avail it because the manufacturer of your unit will fix it for free. Don't open\015\012the back panel, this will void the warranty.

Hope I helped you.

Have a nice day!

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First check to see if the firmware update brings back to life, if not then the power supply will be the problem, maybe \015\012

Solution #2: Check fuse FE73 (F875 on XXHL167 Models) located on the Main Power Supply

PCB. Fuse FE73 (F875) protects the 12vdc supply that is used to source the 3.3vdc supply to the
\015\012Digital Seine PCB. Use Part Number 75005716

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Hi kelner1950,\015\012\015\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very\015\012common caused of this fault is the dried-up/l ... Toshiba REGZA 47HL167 TV

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The power supply is bad,, go to http://www.shopjimmy.com/ see if they have it ... RCA Standard (CRT) Televisions

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Philips lists 3 models of your TV:1) 50PFP5332D/372) 50PFP5332D/37B3) 50PFP5332D/37EUser Manual for your TV (actually for the 50PFP5332D/37E): ... Philips 50PFP5332D 50 in. Plasma Television

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Tv fujicom i turn it on and as normal it blinks and makes a sound than after it wont show screen it blinks 3 times in red on the part OF THE POWER BUTTON than nothing no display guys pleaz help me because i wanna go back on playing on my sony

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Sharp aquos lc-52le640u wont turn on. Power light blinks 2 times quickly and 2 times slowly.

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I have the d52w20 it makes clicking sound when it gos to power on then turns of it dos this three times then wont turn back on unless i leave it unpluged for a few minuits then it will do this agian iv tryed and tryed and i dont get a screen

Hello,The issue you describe is consistent with a power supply board issue. This is the board where the AC goes to. This problem may have occurred as a result of irregular power supply, or excess power supply or power surge.The TV is ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

What's your problem? Tv wont turn on the little red light next to the power button is blinking Turn it off two days ago to sleep and in the mornin tryed to turn it on and nothing i try pushing the

What is the model of your tv? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Doesn't power up. Relay clicks several times, several seconds apart. After third click, power LED blinks three times. The OPC LED blinks once when the power LED blinks the first time. LED blinking pattern repeats every couple of seconds. Opened up TV to check capacitors. All look good. Purchased service manual, but there weren't troubleshooting steps for the power board. Any suggestions as to which board should be replaced first?

First of all you should weight the cost benefit of repairing the set versus purchasing a new one.\015\012\015\012Depending on the size and model of tv, it may be more prudent to simply cut your losses and buy a new tv rather than spend mo ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

Heard a popping sound unit turned off power light blinks four times. Replaced power supply board, power supply board now blinks ten times and unit will not turn on.

10 blinks on this set is not a power supply fault but rather an A-board fault(Main A/V board). Hence replacing power supply would not do the trick. I suggest you return the board and get an A-board for +50$ and I am confident that it will resolve you ... Panasonic TCP50G25 50 in. TV

Sony 3 lcd rear projection tv hd w/ wega gate. kdf-e42a10. tv will atempt to turn, shuts down, greem power light blinks 12 times on average. red standby light blinks 4 times. i replaced lamp [ xl 2400 100w].turn on tv, green light blinks 12 to 40 times shut down, red standby light blinks 4 times again,again, and again. frank.

Hi,\012\012The\012Standby/Power light of the TV blinks when there is any internal malfunction in\012the TV. The self-diagnostic function of the TV will cause the STANDBY light to\012blink or flash when the television dete ... Sony KDF-E42A10 42 in. LCD Television

Hi I have a philips 42pfl7403h and it wont start. The led in front blinks three times and after short paus blinks three times again. I checked powerboard for something obvious as burned places etc but i looks alright but still it doesnt work. What is the excact problem when led blinks three times?

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Sony kds-r60xbr2 power wont come on and hte power led is blinking red 5 times

The 5 blinks is indicating the lamp ballast needs replacement your model uses the Sony lamp Ballast 147401211 for sony models\012\012\012\012KDF42E2000, KDS-50A2000, KDS-50A2010, KDS-55A200, KDS-60A2000, KDS-60A2010, \012& KDS-60XBR2 amd LDS-R60X ... Sony KDS-R60XBR2 Television

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Hello\015\012Five consicutive blinks at a time and the stops and again blinks five; is its self diagonosis procedure. All modern Sony sets has this function included in its circuits. If the system control IC inside it detect any fatal fault ... Sony Grand WEGA KF50WE610 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

52 inch rca projection tv wont turn on but power button blinks 3 times

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