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I bought a TOSHIBA 32KV500B tv. At the Initial Installation mistakenly I selected "yes" for 'do you want to search analogue channels?' guestion. And then I lost all my automatically selected digital channels and I cannot go back to retune the channels. I have no SETUP in the main menu and then no INSTALLATION option. I have 6 main thing: picture, sound, feature, install, program table, Source: tv. I have tried to use the APS but this one retunes the analoge chanells only. Please help me how I c

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I had this problem and searched the internet for hours looking for an answer and was given the initial same reply as this and it does not work. To solve this problem all you simply need to do is press source button on the controller followed by pressing the DTV/USB option. All your digital channels will come back to you and you will find the menu setup options you are looking for!!!
Try this and see if it helps.
You may be watching the Main Menu for something other than TV.

\015\012>Press the Source button (TV/AV on the TV itself) and select TV.
>The menu will have a group of icons if it is set for analog and a vertical list in digital.
>Select Setup (use the up/down arrows for digital and the left/right for analog - it's the first one in the list) and click OK.
>Make sure your country is set.
>Select Installation (third one in the list) and then press OK.
>Select Automatic channel scan (first one again) and press OK. You will see a warning prompt, highlight Yes and click OK to scan for digital channels. When it is done, it will ask if you want to scan for analog channels.

\015\012You can read pages 12,13 of the Owner's Manual.
The manual is available here: http://www.toshiba-om.net/LCD/PDF/English/Country_Specific/KV500-32-English-Specific.pdf

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I bought a TOSHIBA 32KV500B tv. At the Initial Installation mistakenly I selected "yes" for 'do you want to search analogue channels?' guestion. And then I lost all my automatically selected digital channels and I cannot go back to retune the channels. I have no SETUP in the main menu and then no INSTALLATION option. I have 6 main thing: picture, sound, feature, install, program table, Source: tv. I have tried to use the APS but this one retunes the analoge chanells only. Please help me how I c

I had this problem and searched the internet for hours looking for an answer and was given the initial same reply as this and it does not work. To solve this problem all you simply need to do is press source button on the controller followed by press ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

We are installing COMCAST Digital Converter boxes into all our tv's at my hotel. But the tv needs to be on Channel 3 inorder for the digital boxes to work. Unfortunately the tv goes directly to Channel 79 everytime we turn it on and you have to manually change the channel to channel 3. I deleted all the channels and auto programmed it. But it still comes up on a static Channel 79. Then I changed the programming of Channel 79 to "BLANK" and you can still here the static but can't see it. Hopefull

Leave Comcast connected to Tv then Go to Menu and Change from Air To Cable Then run Auto Programming. ... Zenith C27A24T 27" TV

I have a TCL L42M61AZ LCD TV. I find that the "Channel 9" programs in Adelaide, Australia, namely GEM, GO and Channel 9 DTV will not show a visual picture, only play audio. All other programs are fine. I have reset and rescanned many times including manual installations. They operate on the 191.6Mhz frquency which the scanner picks up and installs, but as stated, with sound only. No picture. Any ideas?

A firmware update from TCL will fix the problem. Call them and they will send out the firmware and a serial cable (required for update) for free.I did the update yesterday and it fixed the problem (sound but no picture).You will need a PC ... Flat Panel Televisions

I recent purchased a 23" full HD LED TV from The Source. I have it hooked up to a Shaw PVR and have programmed the Shaw remote to access more channels and be able to program taping. When I first turned on the TV and was about to do the initail setup, it went from the Welcome screen to Channel Scan and despite my best effort I cannot get it to scan the channels. I tried pressing OK and then pushed the channel button but nothing happen. I then pushed Menu, scrolled down to TV and then channel

Hi there,\015\012\015\012There is always a possibility of getting a lemon when you buy any new electronic device, but I hope this is not the case here. From what you describe, it would appear that the channel scan is not finding anything ... Flat Panel Televisions

BAUHN I purchased the above TV at Aldi,s Liverpool store in Sydney 10/04/2013. When I set up TV the Guide (EPG) was working fine. For some reason the Guide (EPG) has now stopped showing any programs and says No Event Information and the same message when display is selected on the remote for the program you are watching. The signal strength for all channels is showing 4 to 6 bars and the picture is fine, I have tried Auto Scan again and tuned in all Channels again but this made no difference. W

... Flat Panel Televisions

New LG 32LD350 - Allowed TV to auto-program channels, and for some reason, it skipped past channel 4 during the tuning process. When I select channel 4 in the tuning options, it comes up as no signal. On the old TV, channel 4 came in just fine - it is a local station that we have gotten for years. Other TVs in the house connected to the same antenna get channel 4 clear as ever...Any thoughts?

When you are auto tuning the system will not store a channel which is week by its standard ( at least 60% signal strength ) This done to avoid grainy picture and hissy sound.You can go into manual tuning and store it. ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

Luxor tv trying to change chanel on number keypad, tv recognises the numbers but doesnt change to selected channel. have switched off at the mains, and no joy. the only way to change channel is to bring up the channel description and scroll to the channel wanted.

Sounds like the main system control memory IC has damaged. Replace the same and check. It is a very small IC, having 8 solder terminals. Very cheap, and easy to get. Will look somewhat like this. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a JVC AV-48P777 and I lost the remote I'm trying to program the channels but dont know how to select the start button

... JVC AV48P777 Television

Hi, so I was told to replace my psu by a tech because of what the service manual said. I replaced it and its doing the samething. No picture but sound. All of the readings are coming out correct. I tried to do a reset on the logic but but nothing happens. I can do a reset on the main input board but nothing happens after it resets the TV. The fan on the main input board does not come on at all. Please help. I can control channel, source and volume but still no picture.

This no picture but sound issue is not caused due to power supply. The loic control board is also ruled out because all the other functions are operational. That leaves us with two possibilities 1) Sustain board(S) or 2)Buffer BoardsIt is not p ... Samsung HP-R5052 50 in. Plasma HDTV

MITSUBISHI VS-60705 Comcast related. Power went off, TV was not showing comcast anymore, I tried installing Channel Plus + and now cannot abort the message. The message has been on TV for 3 days already. 1. how to get out of this installation 2. how to program to watch comcast THank you.

Check with comcast but have you tried to remove power from all units involved here for a while, then power back to see if the reboot will help or not. ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Hi, I have a Sony RDR-HDC300 high def digital recorder. When I select a program from the Guide and hit the Red Record button, the program begins to record & then stops after a few minutes (anywhere between 2 & 10mins). It does this regardless of whether I'm watching another channel or if the TV is off. It is plugged in, has enough space (43 hours free) & no power cut was applied to the appliance. This is very frustrating.

I have the same problem. I think disabling the auto power off in settings may fix it .Really annoying though. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have Protron PLTV-3250 TV and I was told the power supply board was bad. All indications concluded this was the problem. Replaced the power supply board (FSP194-3F01 power supply) and turned the TV on. It has power, but I have no picture. I can hear the sound from each channel, but that is it. I can change the different sources using the remote control and when I come back to TV, the picture (white fuzz or blue screen) will flash for a moment, then it goes black. If I select a source that

... Spectroniq PLTV3250 32 in. LCD TV

I just bought a Samsun Series 4+ / 440 / 450 (on the users manual lol) but when i try to hook up my DTV or PS3 using an AV cable, nothing shows up. In the Sources, it shows "AV" but when i select it, it says no signal. The AV cable is plugged into the channel 1 slot and it is on channel 1 when i switch to AV. Please help.

Is that the av channel? if so, how do you know your getting a signal from the ps3? try hooking the ps3 up to something else to make sure you have a signal coming out of that cable (this is where you have to start) if you have another device like a DV ... Samsung LN-T4053H 40 in. LCD Television

The TV remote doesn't work at all (not even the on/off button). I have even changed the batteries. The cable remote works partially. I can change channels with it but I cannot change the volume. The mute button doesn't work either, nor the TV on/off button. I can turn on/off the tv from the tv's own power button but when I press either the up or down volume button of the TV (not the remote) or the up or down channel button on the tv I getthe "Video Selection" window. The main problem, it seems,

The problem does not seem to be that of the remote more so coz the front panel controls are not working either. I really believe that this is an issue related to faulty microprocessor circuits which means that we have to replace the main A/V board to ... Toshiba REGZA 42 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

My tv brand is Vivo I got it from Australia about a month ago. Its 50" Plasma tv with HD Tuner. The menu setting and the source selection menu keep popping up on the screen and then it just change to different channels by itself like someone is controlling the remote control. This has been happening for almost weeks now. I turned off the power and unplugged the tv from the power source for a day and turned it on again but it gets normal for about 10 minutes and then the problem starts to occur

... Philips 50PF7320A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a vivid 81 cm lcd tv purchased from aldi and have lost the operators manual. I had a smart meter installed the other day and the tv upset itself the next evening. I can only get 12 channels (digital) 7,9,1,& 10 and their hanger on channels. Can't get 2 and sbs or 31 or the fm radio stations. Part of the prob may be that it searches for croatia - I can't change the country selection and was hopeing to find a solution in the manual - but can't find the blessed thing.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Well here is the problem I have Hitachi rear projection TV model # 50EX12BA V5K02256 the TV turns on and changes channels. When I go to the menu items (to program the channels for example) via the remote. None of the menu options work. the remote works I can scroll to and select an option and press the enter button (as per the manual instructions) but nothing happens. Is there a way to do a hard reset to return the tv back to factory settings?

Looking for a RF in cable for model 50EX12BA ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I purchased a Toshiba LCD TV/DVD 22 DV500B for our great grand daughter in setting it up, I went through the auto set up, then it asked annolog yes or no I pressed yes thinking I would get a few extra annolog channels for her, all I ended up with was 4 good annolog channels and one not so good. To retune the manual states. Press MENU on the remote. Select SETUP and then INSTALLATION. I press menu but only get picture/sound quality changes. 6 different areas of change but no SETUP

Hey, i had this exact problem, made the same mistake with selecting yes. Worked out the solution is to press the source button, then scroll down one to DTV/USB, and this will be the free view. Hope it helps, Ben ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have a TCL L32E77D LCD TV it wont let me go into the channel installation section in the main menu. i cant get any digital tv channels i can only use dvds.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Phillips TV and can't get any channels on it all other TVA in house are working fine when I try the auto programming and try to select cable it says indicator is available for diigital b

First thing to do is see if a DVD etc. hooked to a rear input works.If it does you may have to go into the menu of the set and set it back to regular cable to be able to program it.If a cable box is used here you could also connect fr ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi Folks, I have exactly the same problem with my Grundig GULENAR26HDIP as @apetonyevans: http://www.fixya.com/support/t8806101-watching_ch5_yesterday_about_3pm_when The problem started this week, as did his. I have reset the digital program table and rescanned all channels but the problem persists. I have looked on the Grundig (Harvard) web site but there is no mention of TV's or TV firmware upgrades (Only STBs etc). I have also checked the DTG website for OAD firmware upgrades but there

... Grundig Lenaro 26 in. LCD TV

The install option isnt highlighted on my Phillips v320b1-lo5 lcd tv.im tryin retune it because i have channels missing but im unable to select the option.

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

M160I Steam Shower Unit. Just installing and tv won't come on. Checked connections and electricity all properly connected and electricity running through. Also on display board inside unit after turning to radio selection on. After few minutes of radio playing a "radio" icon starts flashing on display board. Then everything freezes up. Display board controller doesn't work, remotes do not work. Have to shut of circuit breaker at main to shut entire unit down then switch circuit breaker back on.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Toshiba 52hm95 dlp needs color wheel. is it true that color wheel is no longer available as standalne part and entire liight engine has to be purchased? anyone know the approx cost of this part and source of cheap labor to install? tv purchased 5 years ago and bulb has been replaced three times,under extended warraanty. not sure if its wise to invest any more $$ LOve the design and the table?stand can only be used with this model

No it is not true that color wheels for this model aren't sold as stand alone you can find one on E-bay.The color wheel is approx $259.59 US.sorry don't know of a cheap place to install.Hope this helps yo ... Toshiba 52HM95 52" HDTV Projection Television

Hi, my Phillips was hooked up and working fine directly to the DISH receiver using the HDMI 1. I moved and had to put the DISH receiver in another room and ran a coax cable to where the TV is now using the ANT in spot. I select TV as the source and choose channel 60 and no signal. I hooked up another TV and it works OK. Any ideas?

Hey, I'm Seth. I work as a sub contractor for dish network. I am picking up that your problems are on TV 2? If so, you will need to go into the menu on the TV itself and look for, "channel scan" or "auto memory". Run a scan. If there are no channe ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

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