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My Toshiba 40rv52u is freezing and fading out. It has had problems in the past where the screen would suddenly start going dark, but we could just turn it off and then on and it would be fine. That

\015 We've had it for about 4 years, bought at BJ's Wholesale Club. It's hooked up to multiple gaming systems as well as a BluRay and a stereo system.\015

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My Toshiba 40rv52u is freezing and fading out. It has had problems in the past where the screen would suddenly start going dark, but we could just turn it off and then on and it would be fine. That

... Toshiba 40RV525U 40 in. LCD TV

I have a Vizio VO47L and at first when I would turn it on the picture would be really dark and the TV would make a bad buzzing noise for a few minuets then it would go back to normal. Now the picture just stays dark and the TV continues to make a bad buzzing noise

Your power board is bad it about 35-40 dollars at shopjimmy.com have a handy person install it be sure to unplug the tv first ... Vizio VO47LF 47" TV

Hello, I have a Toshiba 57H84R rear projection tv that has developed a problem. Occasionally the screen would turn bright blue for a couple of seconds and then go blank (dark screen, like it had shut off). The red power button would go from a steady red light to blinking continuously and would have to be unplugged, then plugged back in to get it to come on again. One time it did this, there was a bright blue circle in the center of the screen and now there is a permanent yellow spot in the cente

I am 100% sure that this is not an issue with the CRT board(the tiny board attached behind the CRT's in this case the blue CRT). The problem is usually caused due to failure of high value resistors 500K-ohm or higher. Do you have an ohom-meter and kn ... Toshiba 57H84 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Main Board? Had issues for years, where I had to unplug once in order to get the tv to turn on. Then one day, it would not turn on. The TV shows a quick lightening of the screen like it is going to turn on, but nothing appears. It also clicks once or twice. Took to a repair shop and they diagnosed with main board failure and refused to fix due to lack of parts. Do you think it is the main board and where would I find one? I am pretty handy, do you think I could DIYthis job?

The fault must be due to a main board fault. Generally, it will be impossible to get this board repaired. A replacement must be done. Most of the parts in this board are not available by local electronic spare part market. After power ON, there sh ... Proscan 47LB45H 47 in. LCD TV

Samsung tv's The picture started going cloudy and grey so we turned the tv off for half an hour .When we turned it back on it was ok for 20 minutes and then it went grey and cloudy again. You could still make out the programme images behind the cloudy screen but when we turned off and on the cloudyness happened quicker. I was told by my local tv shop that the repair and part needed to fix the problem would be around 400 pounds and that it would make more sense to buy a new set.What is your opi

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LC320M1f 32in tv . this has a green light and a red light when i try to turn the tv on the green light will blink several times after that it will go to red light again it wont turn on I have to repeatitly keep pushing the on button until the tv would turn on after that it works just fine, only when i have to try to turn it back on . give me some hints i have some hands on electronics repair. thanks

Hi,It seems power supply board or inverter board is not working and causing problem. Please check above said boards for leaky/ top puffed capacitors and replace them with same ratings OR replace complete board that is available with ShopJ ... Emerson LC320EM8 32 in. LCD TV

Picture on my Hitachi 50vs810 was fuzzy or distorted when I first turn the tv on. After it warmed up for a few mintues, it would work fine with a good picture. Finally I turned on and I get nothing on the screen although it seems as though there is a dim light on. When turning on the red lights come on like the tv is coming on and hey go out quickly and nothing. I replaced the lamp but not the issue. Any ideas

... Hitachi 50VS810 50" Rear Projection HDTV

I have an AOC LCD tv when I hit the power button the light turns blue and then right back to orange, at first it would eventually come on after pressing the power button several dozen times and work fine until it was turned off, now it just goes from orange to blue and back to orange or the light goes out completely. I saw a video that said when it does that it could be the power supply or the main av board, what do you think?

Hi there , sound like it may need output caps replaced in the power supply . ... AOC L26W861 26 in. LCD TV

CC was always on and working fine then yesterday everything worked fine on our Sony Wega Trinton 27" square TV and all of a sudden it does not work on any channel. We go through a box with our cable co. Comcast and they said its not them. Everything is checked off right and turned on. So what could have happened? Can you tell us whatt it is and how to fix it?

I recommend turning on the cc "on" in the cable box and see if that helps you out. Let me know if that works for you... Good luck... HDTV GURU JAY. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a ten year old 37" Sony XBR TV that works fine until you turn it off and then go to turn it back on. The picture does not come back, but sound does. The only way to solve this is leave it off for 30-45 minutes, although this time period seems to be getting longer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Most likely it needs repiars, (replacement of capacitors in the power-supply.)primary and secondary side.\012Or loose conections (dry joints) ... Sony KV-27V22 TV

I have a few year old 47LG50 and the other day I turn the tv on and there was just dark color on the screen. I tried to turn the tv off from the remote and the tv power button but had to unplug the tv. It was fine after plugging it back in, what is going wrong with the tv? thank you.

Good day!That problem is usually happen when the power supply got partially defects.Follow this simple procedure on how to repair it on your own:\012\012Open the back cover of your TV by ... Flat Panel Televisions

We push the power button on the tv, it blinks blue then red, as if its loading up, and yet nothing happens.We have a black screen -no picture, it was okay the night before, turned it on the next day, black screen, no picture. We have unplugged it, just plugged the power chord into it a few days later, still no picture. Could it be the bulb, what is this cost going to be? Could it be the pannel? what would the cost be? Our issue is, we have had it for 4 years, warrenty completed, is the co

Parts for LCD TV's are quite cheap its just the labor that is the issue.\015\012\015\012It could be either the PSU or the Main board that is the issue.\015\012\015\012Try a mains reset. Unplug from the wall, press and hold the ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

The picture will come on when you first turn it on but after 15 minutes or so it fades away. The sound still comes out but no picture. Sometimes it will come back on on its own after a while and then go out again. If you turn it back off for 15 minutes or so it usually comes back on. We already bought a new tv and that one works fine so its not the cable box but I would like to put the old tv in my room.

... Sharp 32L-S400 32" TV

Hi i have a 42 in samsung plasma tv. it turns on and the sound is fine but the picture is very dark and is also a little off center, any help would be much appreciated.

... Samsung PS42A410 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma TV

My kdl55nx810 screen is blinking. While watching TV, the screen will go black for about 2 seconds, then come back on. It appears to happen intermittenly, every 15, 30, or 60 seconds. TV was working fine, when I went into the menu and adjusted the motionflow. I ended up returning TV to the original setting. When I started watching TV (after returning to original setting), the problem started. The TV does not turn off, but the screen goes black temporarily. Any help would be appreciated, thank

This problems,it can't be repair.The tv Tuner signal board is problems and the the causes.The tv Tuner signal board have intermittent problems.That the board,where the tv incomming signal cable plug into it.Tv is still useable wright?Use it the tv as ... Sony Kdl-55hx701 54.6 in. HDTV LCD TV

Samsung dlp made a popping sound now only have sound and tv turns itself on and off. All 3 lights on front were flashing. I took out lamp...it looks fine....thought I would put it back in when I noticed pieces of glass in the tv directly in front of where the bulb faces. Is this the color wheel? Could it of shattered?

You have a good eye, that would be the color wheel. You can call samsung at 1-800-samsung to find a repair center, it is not an easy job to replace it yourself. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a sanyo dp46848 46 inch lcd flat screen. It started messing up by half the screen having a dark tint. I was told it was the main board. I ordered one and told them it was a 1AA4B10N21300 with N6EE on the tuner. once I receved the new board and installed it the tv would not even come on, I then noticed the number on the tuner was N6ME. This new board also has a place for a plug the old one dont. could this be why it will not turn on? And yes i can put the old board back in and it will come

Yes, you need the proper board. the n6me is a different out put than the N6EE ... Sanyo DP46848 LCD TV

I have a Samsung LN-s2651d LCD tv that black screened on me and I don't know if the sound works because I have the internal speakers turned off... I use 5.1. I have been told that it is the t-con board and would like to know if there was any way to determine this with some certainty before I go buy the part. Or, could it be something else besides the t-con board?

... Samsung LN-S2651D 26 in. LCD Television

I have a 9 yr old D52W20 RCA tv. It turns on and is fine for about 35 minutes. Then it turns off and then right back on again. it takes about 15 seconds from the time it turns off for the picture to reappear. It will stay on anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds before turning off and back on again. I had a repairman come in and he said it was not the capacitors but said he needed more information. At that time the unit would be fine for a couple of hours before it would start acting up. Any thoughts

Try resoldering the flyback transofrmer the pins tend to develope solder cracks and can cause that symptom. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hi, my 32' Vizio won't turn on and the orange idle light does not come on either. Before this happened I would have to turn it on 3 - 7 times before it stayed, meaning I would turn it on then it would turn off etc. When it was on though it stayed fine. I know I can't fix this myself but how much would a typical repair cost?

I had a problem with a Vizio L32 not turning on. I found a solution at http://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-video/429280.html provided by Daniel Powell. The solution for me was to locate the part U26 on the video processing board, and to ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

We bought this tv an Olevia 542- b11 Syntax brillian lcd hdtv, back in 2009 and have not had any issues with it other then every now and then the volume would go out. we would just have to turn the tv on then off again and we would have volume.But last night b4 we went to bed we turned off the tv and now the standby light is not on. So we un plugged it put it back in flipped the switch in the back of the tv and the blue light turns on for half a second then turns back off.So what has happened to

... Olevia LT42HVi 42 in. LCD Television

We own a Sony FWD-50PX2 television. A few weeks ago it would not turn on. The power is going to the television. When you try to turn the tv on you can hear it pop and the red light showing it is off will flip to green and then turn back to red. We would like to just repair the TV as it is a very nice television set. We thought possible power supply, but it is trying to turn on. Any help you can give to help correct the problem would be great.

... Sony FWD50PX2/S 50 in. Plasma Television

Samsung plasma PN42A410, First my tv would turn on for only about 10 seconds, the screen would turn grey as if starting then it would turn black and the set would shut itself off,2 days later it stays on, the sound works fine, but the picture looks like moving Monet master piece, mostly black and white and few colors, very psycadelic but not what I want. what's the problem

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

TV power wont turn on. At first I would turn it on and I would get the light to come on but no picture, just sound. So I would turn it off then back on again and it would work fine. Now I am not getting any power what so ever.

This sound like the power supply board is failing. The electrolytic capacitors on the board may need to be replaced.\015\012IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH ELECTRONICS REPAIR(soldering ) or have a friend with knowledge/skill you can fix it ... Polaroid FLM-2625 26 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I have a Samsung HLP 4674w DLP. The picture started to lose color and look like a negative image. Then it would get scrambled and eventually go out. Powering on and off sometimes fixed it, but only temporarily. Sometimes it would also turn off and on by itself. I thought it may be the lamp so I replaced it, but it did not fix the problem. Next I thought it may be the color wheel so I replaced that, but the problem did not go away. Also when this happens the Power switch will not turn the TV off.

You need to change the lamp out, it builds up a internal resistance, and pulls your voltaged down, it will get to the point where you TV will not come on at all. Replace your lamp, you can get one at ... Samsung HLP4674W 46" Rear Projection HDTV

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