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I have a Toshiba model 36A42 TV. I do not have the original remote. It has been working fine with the universal cable tv remote, I can turn it on/off with that remote, I can hear sound, but can not change channels. The TV screen somehow got stuck on one of the menu screens. It is a blue screen and says System Information at the top. It lists some information: Model, region, s/w ver, sdk ver, etc. At the bottom of the screen, it says System Reset Done. At the bottom left it says checksum: 14

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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I have a Toshiba model 36A42 TV. I do not have the original remote. It has been working fine with the universal cable tv remote, I can turn it on/off with that remote, I can hear sound, but can not change channels. The TV screen somehow got stuck on one of the menu screens. It is a blue screen and says System Information at the top. It lists some information: Model, region, s/w ver, sdk ver, etc. At the bottom of the screen, it says System Reset Done. At the bottom left it says checksum: 14

... Toshiba 36A42 36" TV

Dark screen husband rolled over on the remote, have directtv all other tvs work well just this one dirrct tv says its the tv not them scsreen is dark can see red green and blue thats all the light it puts out also it seems to be in analog mode and I can't see the screen to try using system setup I tried going to tv mode and changing the channel to line one to or aux/ but can't get it to go there any ifeas

... Sansui TVS2750 27"

My tv picture comes on bright and clear--within a few seconds, 1/3 of the bottom screen is blacked out and on top of the rectangular black out is writing including the date and time and other lines of information that makes no sense to me. When I hit the volume button on the remote to increase or decrease the volume, the rectangular block disappears and the whole picture is there again. As soon as I remove my finger from the volume button, I lose the picture again.

Whats the model and make of the tv that is having this issue? LCD or plasma?thanks,michael ... Flat Panel Televisions

After punching some of the buttons in the pip row (bottom of the remote control) a message that says "no signal" appeared on the screen and within a few seconds, the tv set turned off. After several seconds, I can again turn on the tv, but before I can attempt to change anything, the "no signal" message appears and the tv turns itself off. Any suggestions???????????

You'll need to do a master reset of the devicecheck link --> www.retrevo.com/support/Vizio-L32-TVs-manual/id/512dj084/t/2 ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have the 40in hitachi lcd tv and somehow my son has hit something on the remote so i keep getting a pop up on the bottom of my screen that kind of looks like a tool bar but its not it says like hdmi, dolby, ok sleep timer, ect... how do i get this off? i have tried powering off and on and unplugging and reseting and none of it is taking it off. please help!...

Do a factory reset to this set. Refer its user manual for details.Just unplug the TV from AC mains wall socket, and re-plug it after 10 minutes or so. This must make your TV a hard reset. Do this first. If it do not help you, make a factory re ... Flat Panel Televisions

Screen that says screen that says "first please connect cable system or an antenna to the terminal on the back then press the menu key."

... Sanyo DS20930 20" TV

I'm not sure of the model # but I have a 42" lg flat screen hdtv. Just recently the screen went blank. By blank I mean the tv is on, the power light says so, but the screen is a cloudy blue and the remote control will not function. I cannot shut off or turn it on with the remote and the channel do not work with the remote or directly on the console. It's like it just froze. Is this common? is there anything I am missing( reset button? a restart sequence?) Please help. This tv is only 4 yrs old

Well first 4 yaers old is sadly quite old these days.The first thing to do is to contact the LG support service. It might be difficult to find someone really competent on the phone, but if you do find one, they are usually helpfull. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Akai PDP5016H television recently it will not power on , I have to push power button several times before it comes on , no picture and no sound , Occasional lly it will stay on with the AKAI logo blue screen and then the screen will change to gray or scramble gray. On the upper right corner it it will say" AIR 8" and at the bottom right corner it will say " fill screen" I looked at the power supply for any bad caps but did not see any visibly. I even check the power supply board f

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced, and in your ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hi. I have a 5 and1/2 year old 42" Hitatchi Ultravision rear projection LCD T.V. Model 42V525. It has served us well all these years without needing a replacement bulb yet. (Touch wood). I haven't touched the remote other than turning the screen on and off. The remote is in no way connected to the Cable receiver or sound system (I use separate remotes for them). Anyway, lately, the Hitachi menu has started to appear on the screen, off and on by itself. And now it is flickering on and off re

That is common problem with this model, it is the processor, that has garbage in it and if you unplug the set for 40 Min., it will rest back to normal. ... Hitachi UltraVision CineForm 55VG825 55" HDTV

Vertical white lines appear on the screen. Samsung provides the following information but doesn't say what circuitry they are referring to. Samsung says: DLP TV: I Have Vertical White Lines Appearing On The Screen When I Watch Video, TV, Cable And DVD. If you see vertical lines on the screen of your DLP TV similar or identical to the pictures below, the circuitry controlling the vertical hold has failed, and you need to get your TV serviced. Please click here to go to our online service r

That answer I agree makes no sense.Most of these sets have NO vertical hold and if did it will not cause the lines.A brief educated guess:Set has a main board that communicates and controls the screen--tests for that are not s ... Samsung HL-S6187W 61 in. HDTV

Well l just ordered the original remote for the Polaroid FLM-323B tv and I need to program that remote to the TV so that I can change the viewing size because it looks like its set on full screen instead of wide screen because the top and bottom of the screen is cut off. Can you help me with both of these issues?

No need to program any original remote, it works right out the box with batteries of course. ... Polaroid FLM-323B Television

I have a 19 inch toshiba tv 19A21 but no remote for it. I'm trying to hook up a dvd player to it to play through the tv. All the cables are set up correctly, but I can't find the input channel on the tv that will let me play it. I read the manual for this tv and it says you use the remote to access the input screen, but I do not have a remote. Is there a way to do it through the buttons on the tv? Pressing the volume buttons at the same time got me to a menu screen but I didn't see an optio

Most analog tv,u just reqiure pushing the tv manual button channel up a few times,tv will go into video modes like 1 or 2 for play video devices.If this doen't work,try website like Remotes.com to buy an original remote. ... Toshiba 19A21 19" TV

My 2 year old got hold of the remote and now I can't get the cc1 off my screen. The closed caption option is in grey, so it's not accessible. It also says "off" yet it says cc1 in the top right hand of my screen. Please help.

Do you have a cable box or sat reciever. Is it connected to your tv in an input other than the rf input. I ask because your cc my not be from your tv but rather you cable box. The cc in your tv only works when your using the rf input. It does not wor ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Vizio TV that is stuck on RGB mode. This TV has been terrible since the first day. I can't reset it because the power button and the input button on the side have never worked properly and the remote we use to change to AV and HDMI isn't working for some reason and never turns on te TV. We usually have to turn on our TV with the DirecTV remote. The RGB mode has a blue screen that says "no signal" in yellow text at the top of the screen and turns off after five seconds. It's impossible t

... Flat Panel Televisions

Remote sensor on tv not responding I,have to turn on tv manually. change input manually,tv reception is ok. Volume cannot be controlled,it will lock in at full volume or drift back & forth,mostley full volume. If I use volume buttons on tv , it changes input (video 1 pc hdmi & so on) Once in a while setup screen will appear then disappear. I have changed batteries in the remote, I don't believe this is the problem.When tv is first turned on the volume icon at bottom off screen will go from 0-60

Have you checked your remote to see if its working? If you have a digital camera or camera phone, point the remote at the lense and see if it shows up on camera screen. If it is working then the IR sensor on the tv could be bad. ... Sylvania LC420SS8 LCD TV

I have a KLH tv and and AT&T Uverse remote control. I see a red key on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The screen is blue.How do I get that key off?I saw replies for people that have KLH remotes but I have AT&T

I just had this issue and nothing worked! Then I pressed the "on demand" button on the ATT remote and the tv turned back on!! Hope that helps! ... KLH 13" TV

My remote will not allow the tv to come on and stay on. screen says digital television and goes off. why?on. the tv will say ditigal television and the go off. why?

Do a factory reset to this TV. Refer its user manual for details. Just do a hard rest too. To make it hard reset, unplug the TV from AC mains wall outlet, and re-plug it after 10 minutes or so. ... Philips Magnavox 13MT143S 13" TV

Upon my return from being out of town yesterday, when I turned on the Phillips 50PF9830A flat screen TV (circa 2005, but has worked perfectly all this time), the settings MENU popped onto the screen, and will not go away. The TV is connected to a Comcast cable box and BOSE surround sound system. The only way to move through the MENU screen (with all the settings options) is to use the original Phillips remote. But, there is NO way to get the menu to disappear from the screen. If you navigate

... Philips 50PF9830A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Blank Screen I can turn the tv on and off using the power button or the remote. Other than that, the screen is completely blank. When the tv is on, the lights at the bottom light up but the screen is blank, and therefore, nothing works. When the tv is off, only the power button is lit up and the tv screen is still blank. Any suggestions?

... Vizio vm190xvt 19 in. TV

Coby tft dvd 1973 - multiple problems. dvd player stopped playing disks soon after purchase. remote control stopped working soon after purchase. some buttons work on remote while most do not. station information stays up on screen with previous station id even though switched channels. bought a universal remote (rca) to replace remote but not all functions work and can't find code to make all functions work.

... Coby TF-DVD1540 15 in. TV/DVD Combo

My new travel trailer has a Jensen TV and Jensen Entertainment center. The DVD plays and I can hear the sound, but the TV screen says No Input Signal. Did they forget to connect something? Or am I not pushing all the right buttons on the two remote controls? I have a remote for the entertainment center and a second remote for the TV.

... Jensen 19 inch LCD TV Wallmount 12V DC Only With Stand, JE1909RTL

We lost remote control on Emerson HDTV. Picture format doesn't fill the entire screen. We scrolled thru the menu using buttons along the bottom of tv, and tried going to "picture" and scrolled through each option including personal, standard, movie and game. None of these filled the screen. There are big gaps on either side of the picture. We just want to watch tv with the entire screen filled.

One of the options of neu should be change the aspect ratio on the set.. If you have manual access to the menu, look for picture.\012Maybe the best options should be to look for original remote or get a GOOD universal remote (ask for best at your ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I have a panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX78. It has just started flashing error U61 and U88.The system seems to be making loading noises from the disc drive area and the system recovery message on the tv screen says it is complete, yet the system still shuts itself down and then repeats the errors when started up again.The whole time this happens the tray is closed and does not open at all and there is no disc in machine.The LCD display also goes dull and then dissapears, as if in a safe mo

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung Rear Projection TV model HL-R5087W. It gets a horizontal blue bar that rolls particularly when a commercial is on or an information bar shows up on the bottom of the screen. When I look at a program guide the screen jitters. Sometimes the screen goes blank but audio stays remains. I've tried switching Dish Network receivers but this doesn't resolve the problem.

You have some electrolytic caps that are going bad, you might want to take the back off and look around for bulged caps, that need replace, check near the power board section. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Was messing with Karaoke system remote control AND Sponge Bob tv remote control. Now I can't get karaoke graphics off of the Sponge Bob TV screen. I was getting graphics before I messed with the remote contols. I GET Karaoke graphics when I use other home tv's. What should I do? It is a SpongeBob Squarepants model SB314,suffix c,S/N51106218sl. Thanks. Mr.Torres, phone 956-262-4207

Hit the A/V button and take the TV off of the input for the Karaoke Machine and switch it to the input for the TV. You switched the input device from TV to the port on the front of the TV, which must have your Karaoke machine connected to it. That is ... Emerson SpongeBob SquarePants TV

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