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Have a lg tv, mod #21fj4rb,came in for repairs.found HOT shorted out,replaced it & HV started to come out at top of FBT ,replaced it & then tv starts up for about four seconds &then shuts down.cheeks where made & found that the screen resistor&diode were blown,also found a transistor&30 volt zener diode& ABL diode defective,replace all components & still tv shuts down, i'm at my wits as to know what is the problem?can anyone help?thanking you in advance! vic

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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Have a lg tv, mod #21fj4rb,came in for repairs.found HOT shorted out,replaced it & HV started to come out at top of FBT ,replaced it & then tv starts up for about four seconds &then shuts down.cheeks where made & found that the screen resistor&diode were blown,also found a transistor&30 volt zener diode& ABL diode defective,replace all components & still tv shuts down, i'm at my wits as to know what is the problem?can anyone help?thanking you in advance! vic

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hello, I have an Orion STV2763a with a solid line of white across the screen with about 2" of static below it. Found the LA78041 Vertical deflection IC to be bad, replaced it and d418 and d419, two 33 volt zener diodes and C414 [email protected] capacitor. still same issue, checked my voltages into the IC and are as follows. Pin 1 should be 3.9 v, varies from 2.4 to 4.6. Pin 2 should be 26v, is 29 to 31v. pin 3 should be 2.2v, is 2v to 3.2 v, pin 4 is ground, and has 0 v. pin 5 is vertical output, should

... Orion STV2763 27" TV

Power supply: 715T2432-2. Found 4 bad caps and 2 Zener diodes that was s/c. Diode No. LT7232, I need to know the value of the ZD.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I need schematic diagram of my SHARP APHRODY 21V-FR80M CTV. I found defective zener diode and I dont know the value from primary power supply block.

My sharp arphody flat tv is turning off by it self and the turn on and off button light goes red and green. I cant turn on tv unless I unplug and plug it into the socket then it turn on. What do u think is the problem? ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

My emerson DTV Model no. LC407EMI blow out the ceramic 8 amp. and the 3 amp. 600 v rectifier diode and the 3 amp.zener diode 3.4 volt. at 4.5 volt. can you tell me what it this cause. thank so much, aramos88........

If diodes are shorted and fuses blown you need to replace them (good luck getting parts for this brand) or locate another power supply board. ... Emerson Flat Panel Televisions

I have a hitachi 65swx20b projection tv. visual trouble diodes D964 SW+9v goes off immediatly when the set triggers protection. I have checked the voltage at PPS4 pin 1 and read 9.4 volts. all caps, diode, resistors check . Ic911 pin voltage good except pin 5 input is 12 volts not 10.4 .

After reading your entire problem, I clicked my "click here to unlock" option and it will not work. Please do not hold this against me- you obviously have a very strong knowledge of troubleshooting, and are an experienced tech who knows what they are ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

My hitachi 29in ctv power supply 110vac had a problem on zener diode will blown if we switch on the tv. what spare parts to change so that the power supply zener diode will not blown again and the supply voltage remain in normal condition.

The secondary output voltage comes out from is more than it should be there. That is why, the protection zener diode blows off, as soon as you switch ON the set. First find and repair the power supply regulator, for correct output voltage. Refer i ... Hitachi Standard (CRT) Televisions

Samsung hl-s5087w.... Tv is 4.5 years old, and is about 200 hours into its 3rd bulb. Yesterday, very similar to when the bulbs burnt out, it shut off. I thought that it may be getting too hot, so after it was off for a few hours and cooled down, I placed a small fan and aimed it into the back of the tv toward the light. I was able to watch tv for about an hour and I shut it off normal. Today I tried it without the fan and it lasted about 20 minutes before it shut off by itself. I will try wi

Above the light is a temp sensor with a blue and white wire plug. This sensor is the problem for all these shut downs in my opinion. Pull out plug and jump it with a wire or paper clip bypassing sensor. Tv should work now!!!! ... Samsung HL-S5087W DLP TV

I have a mitsubishi TV model WS-73411 , a month ago it shut off while I was watching it. Since then it has been shuting off more and more as time goes by. It shuts off an average of 4-5 times at nite while I watch it, after it shuts off, if I wait maybe 10-15 minutes I will be able to turn it back on again, please help before it feels the full force of a 10lb sledge hammer

The next time it shuts down (I presume the green power light goes off) do the self check this model has, on front of set press and hold both the menu and input buttons for at least five seconds and release both.Power light will blink a 2 ... Mitsubishi WS-73411 73" Rear Projection Television

What is the velud of these zener diodes Phillips 50" Model 50PF94310/37 Plasma

Try to download the service manual to this set by internet. It will have all details you want to know. ... Philips Magnavox 27MS343S 27" TV

I have an early ps3 with 4 usb slots, my problem is that when i power on by the front switch, it shuts off, i can repeat turning it back on and each time it stays on just a bit longer each time, i may do this 10 times before it comes on and stays on, and i am able to play any game with no problem until i shut it down, this only occurs when it has cooled down for a couple of hours.... any ideas or thoughts for fixing this problem?

Hi kennh06,\015\012\015\012If you can take it apart, concentrate in the power supply board, this is where the power cord connected because the fault is came from it. The caused of the symptom was the leaky/dried filter electrolytic ca ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

LG Plasma TV model 60pk250 shut off while watching and won't power back up. Found a blown 250amp/4.A and replaced it, but it just blew again when tried to power up. No blown capacitors found....Please help, I'm broke!

... Flat Panel Televisions

I want to know the especificacions of the 5 diodes and 10 mosfet from the samsung y sus board hps5033x/xaa I get the 10 mosfets but I dont know the 5 diodes or were can i get the kit the 10 mosfet are ta50n28t i just need the reference of the zeners

... Samsung HP-T5044 50 in. Plasma TV

I have a r52wm24 and have replaced the flyback. The main fuse continues to blow. I have replaced the two diodes on the MID (found faulty), Plugged everything in except the PSD board at MID powers ok. I have replaced many caps and some transistors to be sure they were new. I think the PSD have a direct to ground causing the diodes to fail. Im am at a lost, please help thanks.

Replace the deflection board you have the same deflection board as the R52WH74 model or the PSB-260 deflection board. You can get replacement deflection boards from www.tvrepairwo ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

Hitachi 32ld 380ta shuts down in few seconds . raster ok when on 24 volts line going to inverter board removed then power ok when connected just makes some sound and shuts down .

... Flat Panel Televisions

Boston Acoustic MCS-95 powered Sub Speaker - no power - no green indicater light. Checked and fuse is OK. Removed amp panel and removed the power circuit board and found the ZD3 diode was fried and has no reading on my meter. Do you know of a replacement part number of the ZD3 diode from Radio Shack?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Pioneer Elite PRO-720HD and it had been making a popping sound through the speakers. About a week ago it popped and shut off, I turned off the stand by for a couple of minutes and was able to get the TV back onn. It has popped every once in a while but todat it popped and shut down. I tried turning off the stand by for as much as an hour, I even unplugged it for 2o minutes but it still will not go past stand by. When I turn stand by back on it will click like it is going to go on but i

... Flat Panel Televisions

I needed to replace 2 of my 820mf 25volt capacitors in my Samsung LCD TV. Problem is that I cant find these capacitors anywhere. I did found 820uf instead of 820mf. Are they the same capacitors and would I be able to replace my mf with uf's. If not, where would I be able to get a pair of 820mf 25volt from. Thanks

Uf is for micro farad.we have the same problem.my 820uf/25v in my monitor need to replace but i didn't know where to buy this capacitor, so i try to replace it 1000uf/25vand the result is OK. my monitor is working again. as good as ... Flat Panel Televisions

Onida colour television model co29ox5350bl the b+ voltage should be 135 volts when i switch on the voltage 135 is for a few seconds and the voltage is droped to 95 volts can any body may help me

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Television is about 16 years old. It shuts itself off. We were able to turn it back on for quite a while but now it won't turn back on. Wondering if it would be worthwhile to fix? Thank you!

I personally would not invest money into a 16 year old projection tv. But I would check the AC fuse and put one in to see if it would come on if it was bad. ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

I found what looks like a card reader and an headphone input on the back of my t.v. (Toshiba REGZA 26HL47)by the power-cord and it was covered up by the manufacture... i was wondering if i up-grade the firmware would i be able to use them, and if not then why were they even put there?

Miner modification design adjustment for a mass products productions fixes.99% of the LCD or plasma tvs out in sale for the consumers in the markets are never have to be upgraded or reinstall main frame firmware software at all,if u don't mess around ... Toshiba REGZA 26HL47 TV

I have some problem with Power board from Sewing machine EX-660. The one of electrical component blown and I don?t know to identify it. On the board I found the sign it?s look like 2 diodes face to face with parallel line on back (maybe varistor) but that kind varistor I don?t know. Please help.

... Flat Panel Televisions

What is a value of zener diode on power supply circuit neg.going to pin 5 of ic str w6754?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Mitsubishi Model WS 55315 that I took the light box out to enable me to move to basement. Upon puting it back together I find that it will try to power on for a few seconds and then shut off. On another sife I found how to resd the code and it is 2-1. I am sure all connectors are hooked up correctly however there is a connector on the circuir marked RG with nothing plugged in it. I don't remember unplugging it and I can't find a connector to plug in it. Can anyone help?

2,1 is X-ray protection and usually means excessive high voltage.Pulling light box is fairly easy but the wires are bundled and ties secure them so I would look for that plug to have been pulled out---should be a bg and a gg near it.K ... Projection Televisions

Hey SD Tech, 1st of all thanks for your time. I saw this post... http://www.fixya.com/support/t7056157-sony_rear_projection_tv_three_images where you talked about replaceing the convergence chips in the Sony KP-51HW40 , This is where I am at. I found the parts in the tv after looking a bit and have seen the videos on youtube , but not too sure on getting the board out. I saw you had more instructions and pics you might be able to email? ANY help would be great. I think with a little reasearch t

Ok, problem here is two things, best way is unplug almost all the plugs except the large red wire from the high voltage transformer. you need get board up so bottom faces the back of the set.Next issue is when unsolder chips use wick and ... Sony KP-51HW40 51" Rear Projection Television

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