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Hi guys am Suteka from Leeukop I have a Sansui TV model no:SV2918 The output voltage is 143V it keeps blowing the Horizontal transistor, How can I reduce this voltages I checked dry joints as well as swollen capacitors and some diodes all seems to be just fine. I will greatly appreciate if you may help me

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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Hi guys am Suteka from Leeukop I have a Sansui TV model no:SV2918 The output voltage is 143V it keeps blowing the Horizontal transistor, How can I reduce this voltages I checked dry joints as well as swollen capacitors and some diodes all seems to be just fine. I will greatly appreciate if you may help me

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have 26LG30 LG tv Takes a while finally powers up backlight is on but no picture or sound I opened the tv All the capacitors seems good i checked all the diodes they all seem good Next i checked a

... LG 26LG30 26 in. LCD TV

Samsung TV won't turn on. Red light is solid, won't blink when pressed. All capacitors seem fine (none swollen or vented).

That model is covered under a class actions lawsuit settlement over bad power supply boards. You need to contact Samsung about this and get a warranty claim started, even if the original warranty is over the settlement terms will cover parts and la ... Samsung LN32A330 32 in. LCD TV

Our olevia 42"tv has a blue light that blinks on the front but will not power up also cs21 and cs22 seem slightly swollen and have a slight redish dried substance on the top of them

... Olevia LT42HVi 42 in. LCD Television

Failed Repair Job. A friend of mine called a loocal repair shop to fix their LG50PC3D 9 x 10V 3300uf 105c Capacitors on the Power Board were swollen 1 x 50v 680uf 105c Capacitor on the Power board was swollen. He replaced them with the following. 8 x 16v 3300uf 105c 1 x 25v 3300uf 105c 1 x 50v 1000uf 105c The replacement of the capacitors didn't help and he simply left the tv unrepaired. My question is, can you get away replaced the 10v 3300uf with 25v 3300uf? and the 50v 680uf with a 50v 10

Replacing the 10V caps with 25V caps is perfectly fine. In fact, if it was manufactured like that, those caps may not have blown.Replacing a 680uF with a 1000uF could be problematic depending on it's function.680uF is pretty specific when ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

I have had this model for over three years without any trouble. I recently added an LG Blu-ray player via HDMI connection. AlI seemed well for a couple of weeks, then one evening while watching a DVD the screen displayed multi colour narrow vertical pinstripes. I turned the television off and on and all seemed well. The next day when I turned the television on the same problem occured, now the set just just starts with this problem and the screen fades to a dark colour. The audio is fine

Hi William,\015\012\015\012Vertical colored lines is very common problem in plasma tv. Plasma is the most hard working type of tv nowadays and most of them encountered problem after 3 years of service which is caused by overheating of the board ... Flat Panel Televisions

Dx-lcd-19- power supply failure....leaking caps off the capacitors....have the spare parts in hand uF..5 capacitors ....Now How hard is it supposed to be to remove a single capacitor from the PSB board...attempting...seems difficult to remove...is that normal?.

The trick is to try and melt the solder holding both leads at the same time by quickly switching the soldering iron back and forth from one to the other and a bit of wiggling the capacitor from the top.\015\012\015\012There is often also ... LG 50PG20 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Hi, my name is Martin, i have a singer (t v) the serial # on the circuit board is 286044. the (t v) was on ,working very well, it stay just like that & went off, i turn it on again, but it shout off back right away.i open the (t v) to fine capacitor # 821 suolen, i toke it out & went to buy one ,but i mist place the capacitor. can u place assist me with the value of the capacitor so i can buy one & replace it. i thank u in anticipation. love Martin.

Can you post the picture of the board, then I may be able to help you?\012There are usually at least two caps in each power supply section, one cap is right after the rectifier Diode and one after the Inductor.\012If you do not know how t ... Flat Panel Televisions

No power I have a LG 50PG20 Plasma. It does not have any power. I changed 5 capacitors that were bulging on the power supply board 10v and 50v. I tried to power it on with no results. I looked at all the capacitors on the other boards and they seem to be fine. Is there anything else I can look for that can solve this issue. Thanks

When the caps got real bad they may have taken another part on the power board---also see if any of the foil traces on the bottom of the board were damaged by the caps---some will actually leak a material that can eat the board foil off.Short ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Ln40a500t1f capacitors Screen images recently went crazy, with ghost images and wild colors on all channels and inputs. After turning off overnight, it now seems to be working OK. Is this a capacitor problem or something else? And is it worth fixing or just replacing the TV?

It might be the T-Con board - there is a repair service for this board at ... Samsung LN40A550 LCD TV

I have a chefmate mini fridge that stopped working fuse blew and capacitor was swollen need to no what replacement I can use for the circuit board the capacitors are 120uf 200v any ideas please reply johnny

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have a LG 50pq30c-ua. it has no picture or sound. the blue light clicks and sounds like it wants to come on. i looked at the main power board and i dont see any breaks, cracks, or burns. the capacitors arent swollen or leaking. i swap out the capacitors if i knew which ones to change. should i change them all?

... Flat Panel Televisions

My LCT27HA36 had a power supply issue. I replaced 5 bulging capacitors and it worked well for a few months. It stopped working again. This time I replaced 2 bulging capacitors but it's still not working. Suggestions?

You have developed a problem in the integrated circuits and I suggest replacing the entire power supply. Do a search with your model number on Google, Ebay, or Shopjimmy.com for price and availability. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I wonder if you can give some advice. Please. I have a Samsung DLP HLT5076S that is 3 1/2 years old. I replaced the lamp in November 2010 from a bulb site on line because I had no picture and three flashing lights. After reading several forums this seemed the solution. After that seemed to work well. However, shortly thereafter I began to hear a very slight buzzing noise. So I researched that and most things pointed to color wheel. I didn't hear the high pitch whining though just a slight buzz.

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both - either can cause transformer buzz and / or inability to power up.Any caps in these sections (or any other section for t ... Flat Panel Televisions

We tried to watch a basketball game on the projector. We used a vcr player, and had it switched to t.v. for the receiver. The picture was not good at all, it could be focused in, but the contrast and color did not seem to help much. The room was dark. We could not make out the images very well, and thus watched the game on regular t.v. the vcr player did work well, and we even slipped in a vcr tape, and it was much better. How can we have a good tv picture.

Try running a picture streaming from laptop or desktop / tower pc. use a 15 pin din connector (monitor cable) to achieve this and your picture on your projector will be much better. HDTV quality. any other questions email me back at ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LCD Television set Model number LNS3238DX and the picture quality seems to be grainy and poor. When the menu button is pushed, that picture of the menu screen comes in just fine. I noticed that one of the capcitors was bubbled up, so I replaced all of the capacitors on the power supply, but it didn't solve the problem. So I am now wondering if the STP03 is defective and maybe I should change that out because everything in the power supply seems to be running just fine. Please let me kn

If you had a bad cap in the power supply you probably have some more caps that are bad, but may look good, and also change the bridge rectifier, it probably is leaky, and that should take care of the noise problem, if that d ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

TV powers on and the LAMP light blinks. There is no picture no sound. This problem arose randomly and out of the blue. Some sources as well as other answers here recommend to replace the lamp, but the lamp glows bright. As well, I removed the lamp from the housing and everything appears to be intact. The blink codes for this unit only indicate that the unit is powering on and will be ready in 15 seconds. Other sources I have read also suggest the digital main board is toast. Seems to be quite a

... Samsung HLR5667W 56" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a Sharp LC-19DV12U with a defective D501 labeled 10E241. It is located on the power supply pcb connected across the 120v input to the board. The board does appear to use conventional identifiers (c=capacitor, r=resistor, t=transformer) so I would expect it to be a diode although in fact it looks like a ceramic disc capacitor. Unfortunately, I don't have a tech manual or a parts list. Can anyone help with a part number?

... Sharp LC19DV27UT 18.5 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

My flatron m1910a lg monitor /tv will not display anything. it seems to lightly flash the screen but then goes black right away. If I power it off with the power button it seems to want to power itself back on without my help. I have tryied to unplug it and plug it back in. It is now currently working for me but it did the same thing yesterday morning as well. can you suggest anything or need more information

... LG M1910A 19 in. LCD Television

I bought an AVF AH080 Media Player and tried to connect it to my TOSHIBA REGZA 24PB1E, but it seems that it can only display the welcoming screen. I tried the same media player on some other monitors, and my AVF AH080 Media Player did its job well. So, the only safest conclusion that came from my mind is that it seems like the problem lies within the Toshiba Regza itself and not the media player. Maybe the monitor needs certain setup, but how do I do that? What I'm asking is how to m

... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung 940N , picture OK, backlight goes of after 1-2 seconds. Opened the monitor ,all capacitors seem to be OK, (no blowouts). This part (AP4525GEH) - N AND P-CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE POWER MOSFET , seemd to neated the board on the other side since the board is darkened(not a lot).Found it on www.alldatasheet.com , measured it and seems to be ok. Surfing the web for a the problem found ot a "solution" for this "2second" backlight problem and they said if you have this "2 second" backlight i

... Flat Panel Televisions

The TV seems to take ages to turn on, the red on/off light flashes and then goes off completely and the screen stays blank. It then switches on again and after a few seconds/minutes will switch back off. Eventually it seems to warm up and stay on. On occasion it will take up to 10 minutes for the TV to warm up and switch on. Once on there is no problems. I have not tried fixing this as I feel it may well be a job for a qualified technician. Please advise if the TV is safe to use, and what's need

Hi,\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very common caused of this fault is the leaky electrolytic capacitor in that section. It will drop the supply from no ... Samsung LE32A457 32 in. LCD TV

42lc46 int no picture but sound I have repaced faulty caps and resoldered dry joints

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

TV won't power up, but the capacitors seem fine....

Hello,The "rust" you are seeing is actually dried chemical fro the inside of the capacitor which does indicate the capacitors have bulged and blown. Even one or two bad capacitors will keep the power supply from starting up correctly. You need to ... Digital Lifestyle Flat Panel Televisions

Swollen capacitors on panasonic tx-l42s10b main board

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

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