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Onida colour television model co29ox5350bl the b+ voltage should be 135 volts when i switch on the voltage 135 is for a few seconds and the voltage is droped to 95 volts can any body may help me

\015 Sir i have changed diode in 4148 and 6.2volts zener and 63v 1mfd i have tried level best to repair i have changed smd ox80t the power supply is str x6757 and voltage of 9v and 5 v regulator is correct (due to high voltege 440 input was given to the tv by the customer ) but also the problem is same i dont have circuit diagram of onida 29 inches so if any can solve the problem\015

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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Onida colour television model co29ox5350bl the b+ voltage should be 135 volts when i switch on the voltage 135 is for a few seconds and the voltage is droped to 95 volts can any body may help me

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have hitachi t.v. model p50s601 when i turn it on the picture appeares about 1 second imeddietly turns off when it turns off no audio and no picture. already changed the capacitors on the power board c553-c552 = to 3300uf to 100 volts. checked xbus/xsus apperantly no problem. on the power board there is a voltage of vs=88.3v appeares in seconds then imediatly goes to 0. my question is what else can i check? or what could be the problem? thank you for your assistence.

The main rail voltage is not building up and so there is a possibility of a high drain on the output sections. The +B voltage seems to come up and then flatter off as there is a negative feedback to the processor to cut off ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have a TH50PZ80U that is flashing two red lights when I plug it in. If i press the power button for 5 seconeds it will flash 10 times. When applying power the AC relays click, after pressing the power button the fans turn on and the optical audio port is red. It will stay 'on' for 3 seconds and then the relays will click on turn off. No red optical light. If I test the P25 connector pin 1 voltage it will go to 15 Volts for about a seconed and then 0. This is only achieved by plugg

I'm 100% confident that a D-board replacement will fix this issue. I've worked on 8 of these and a D-board replacement fixed the issue you are having now. I had all the same problems with them but it is all related to the D-board (from previous exper ... Flat Panel Televisions

RCA TV 32V434T. F 800 was blown. IC 801 pin 1 and 3 was short. I changed IC 801. Then the red lamp in front blinks about 28 sec. Then a click and TV turns off. Have to unplug the TV to start again. IC 860: pin 2 to 8 = 169.3 volts, pin1 to 2 = 8.7 volts (this voltages even after the TV turned off) pin2 to 4 = 2.69 volts (after TV turned off 0 volt). IC 801: pin 4 to minus C 806 = 16 v; after click goes to 4,1 v.Pin 1 to minus C 806 = 160 v; after click goes to 4,8 v. D 869 c = 2,39 v. D 868 c =

... RCA 32V420T 32" TV

Hi guys am Suteka from Leeukop I have a Sansui TV model no:SV2918 The output voltage is 143V it keeps blowing the Horizontal transistor, How can I reduce this voltages I checked dry joints as well as swollen capacitors and some diodes all seems to be just fine. I will greatly appreciate if you may help me

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a pt21 surface mount when i swich on its going off after just seconds and have measured voltage on lineout transistor there is 120 volts is it the collect voltage

1) you have a SHORT CIRCUIT in the power supply., some capacitor, resistor, c. breaker , fuse, or diode. replace or repair.2) test the main switch, can be in short toosee the block diagramGod bless you ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Model-LA32A330J1 When it switch on only display is coming but no pictures.Display also gone after few seconds. Pls any body can help with this?

Colour wheel issues its worn out need a tech to replace the light engine ... Projection Televisions

Have a lg tv, mod #21fj4rb,came in for repairs.found HOT shorted out,replaced it & HV started to come out at top of FBT ,replaced it & then tv starts up for about four seconds &then shuts down.cheeks where made & found that the screen resistor&diode were blown,also found a transistor&30 volt zener diode& ABL diode defective,replace all components & still tv shuts down, i'm at my wits as to know what is the problem?can anyone help?thanking you in advance! vic

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a sharp lc-19dv27ut tv that is 110 volt. My daughter plugged it into a 220 plug (with the adapter on the end of the power supply cord) but without the voltage converter. She said nothing happened but now the tv will not turn on. No red or greed LED light on the TV. Is the fuse blown or is it TV spent? If it is just a fuse, where can they be purchased and how do I replace them. Thanks for the help.

Sometimes replacing the fuse alone fix the problem,you can buy it at your local electronics supply,it is cheaper than the next parts i'm going to explain.However if you replaced the fuse and nothing happen then you might have an open fusible resistor ... Sharp LC19DV27UT 18.5 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

I have Mitsubishi wt-42315, I have looked up how to do the self check to determine what may be wrong. It will cut on and a second later it cuts off. I did the self check and it does 2 blink 2 blink. I know 2 blink-then 2 blink-------SHORT PROTECTION** **2, then 2 is most common---usually means one of the fuses that protectthe Convergence IC or IC's is blown---set will detect no voltage to convergenceIC and shut down. How do we determine which IC fuse it is?

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for more details. Check this ... Mitsubishi WT-42315 42" TV

Electro help green light indicator on for a second the supply board is on for output 12v 6v with backlight,then turn to red light blinking then the voltage supply is off with backlight.

It sounds that the back-light inverter has the fault. If there is any winding short [cannot detected by measuring with an Ohmmeter], this type of fault can occur. The only thing to do is replace the back-light inverter board. The LED blinks indica ... Sony Bravia Klv 46X300A 40X300A Multisystem Flat Tv

Hello, I have an Orion STV2763a with a solid line of white across the screen with about 2" of static below it. Found the LA78041 Vertical deflection IC to be bad, replaced it and d418 and d419, two 33 volt zener diodes and C414 [email protected] capacitor. still same issue, checked my voltages into the IC and are as follows. Pin 1 should be 3.9 v, varies from 2.4 to 4.6. Pin 2 should be 26v, is 29 to 31v. pin 3 should be 2.2v, is 2v to 3.2 v, pin 4 is ground, and has 0 v. pin 5 is vertical output, should

... Orion STV2763 27" TV

Mine is a 29 inch onida oxygen television i have a problem with my flyback transformer and i replaced it with a new one the kit came up and my got an horizontal line in the center of the display for 40 to 50 seconds and that too disappeared and now the horizontal ic got shorted and there is a sound like tic tic in my kit what may be the problem please help me.

... RCA Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have my lg ultra slim flat tv model 21sa1rl. the problem is shut off the power supply swut off a second only it will not work properly.. i change the power ic to get the trouble but it did not click my idea ... so pls every body help my problem....

... Flat Panel Televisions

RCA 32LA30RQ power light red at plugin , No function after that, dead, no key function. all supply voltages 2 volts under normal. Uses IPB733 inverter supply board RE46DZ1202. A schmatic would be a great help! Been a master bench tech for 30 years ,Still building my data base of new Bad designs.. Never ending fail by design.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have not serviced one of these models before, 26XR9DA. The problem is no Picture Sound OK. The Bachlights come on for about 3 Seconds with Sanyo LOGO visible then go off with the High Voltage inverters powering down. 5 12 and 22 V lines are clean and steady I have changed a few electro caps but this TV seems too new for the common caps problems The B ON pin sits at 3.2 Vs and never changes during startup etc. Im hoping there is a common fault for this symptom. Any help is most welcome

Hi mroulston,\015\012\015\012First check the brightness of the logo when it's first come on, you will notice that there was a slight changed in brightness if the one of the backlights was already busted. This is the very common fault I've encou ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sylvania ld320ss8a power up problem.It goes on stand by after 6 or 7 blinks of the green power on light and back to red 5-6 seconds There is no sign of bad capacitors on the inverter CBA.after unplugging power from inverter CBA to the power supply CBA what should the power read under normal conditions coming out of the inverter? I am getting a pulsating reading of 0-117 volts about every 2 seconds.Any advice as to the problem??

... Sylvania LC370SL8 37 in. LCD Television

The volume on my TV keeps going down to 0. I put it back to the desired level then it goes down again after a few seconds. I changed the batteries in the remote but still get the same problem. The TV is a Samsung, LCD TV series 5. Can you help?

Dear user,ur tv side button are rusty.kindly hit the side buttons with hard thing bt slowly..i hope this will help ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung s5053, will not turn on. clicking noise inside, screen comes on and goes off. No picture. checked voltage on pin 10 get 5 volts connector cn804-1. research on internet seems to point at main power board, but some think its standby power board. I was going to replace the PSPF501A01A board. But don't want to spend $100.00 on wrong board. Any advice will be helpful. Thank-You Ken

Ken, did you ever find out what was wrong with your set and have it repaired?I have the same "clicking" problem when first turn on the TV. First, it took about 30 secs clicking (came from the relay) then came on ok. The wait time gradua ... Samsung HP-S5053 Television

I have a Samsung DLP HLT6176SX/XAA model and the 1st and third light are blinking and the tv turns off by itself. I tryt to turn it on and then after seconds, it turns off again. I think this may be related to a fan not cooling correctly? Is this the problem, what can I do to fix this, do i need to replace the fan, can you help with part and directions on fixing this? Thanks

... Samsung HLT6176S Television

Sony KP-57WV700 adjusted voltage, didn't help

... Sony KP-57WV600 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television


... RCA Morelli Cinema Hdx-44 Tv Projector

I have a hitachi 65swx20b projection tv. visual trouble diodes D964 SW+9v goes off immediatly when the set triggers protection. I have checked the voltage at PPS4 pin 1 and read 9.4 volts. all caps, diode, resistors check . Ic911 pin voltage good except pin 5 input is 12 volts not 10.4 .

After reading your entire problem, I clicked my "click here to unlock" option and it will not work. Please do not hold this against me- you obviously have a very strong knowledge of troubleshooting, and are an experienced tech who knows what they are ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Mitsubishi ws65819 shut down in 3 second

The 23 error is horizontal deflection failure thats usually caused by one of the items shown in the following illustration thats highlighted in yellow. ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I have A Samsung 52 inch LCD TV model #LN52A580P6FXZA. The relay clicks at A random rate, there is A red light that flashes steady. It will not power up. All my standby voltages coming from the power supply are present as well as the run voltages. Power supply on voltage is present, inverter on voltage is present, occasionally, it will give A loud high pitched squeal. It never comes on. Any help would be appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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