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Sony kv-21mf, no vidio.RGB out voltage at TDA8375 pins are 1volt.No blanking pulse on pin26 of jungle ic. Vertical pluse on pin17 of CPU is present, but no pluse on pin12 of CPU.CPU tested OK .

\015 Sony crt tv .Program no appears on corner of crt,but no picture appears.screen remains dark.Increaseing G2 voltage light appears,but it is blank.No blanking pluse at pin26 of TDA8375.vertical pluse on pin 17 of cpu is present.No pluse at pin 12 of cpu. RGB out voltage at jungle ic is 1volt.CPU tested on another board and found OK.\015

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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Sony kv-21mf, no vidio.RGB out voltage at TDA8375 pins are 1volt.No blanking pulse on pin26 of jungle ic. Vertical pluse on pin17 of CPU is present, but no pluse on pin12 of CPU.CPU tested OK .

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Good day everyone i am hoping that you can help fix my problem with my sharp tv.the 150v was standby the vertical IC fbt and 5v to the jungle is okey.

What is the problem you face with this TV? Provide more details please. If you wish to get more details, check this site. Pull up older posts there. Check ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

El 16 del actual mes, les pedi asistencia porque razón mi pantalla que es: modelo KDL-40SL140, número de serie:8401871, versión de soflware:ER2.3F-B103F, del porque tienen unicamente sonido los siguientes canales: vertice, neox, cdena 3, az mix, zala, azt 13-2, frizbee, aym, azt nov, ntn, pmania, tv mex, (12 canales que unicamente en mi pantalla se escuchan pero no se ven) (me harian el favor de responder este segundo correo que les envio. por su atención al presente, mil gr

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500 40 in. LCD HDTV

Samsung 46" LCD takes a long time to start, goes on and off, green vertical lines and noise, before producing a good picture. I replaced the power board, but the same problem is present. What else ca

... Samsung LN46B650 46/49.5 in. LCD HDTV

Vestel 11ak36a15 no vertical deflection

Check the track for any brake. Check the resistance between 10pin and 6pin. If IC is short, you can determine it by this check. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Vertical white lines appear on the screen. Samsung provides the following information but doesn't say what circuitry they are referring to. Samsung says: DLP TV: I Have Vertical White Lines Appearing On The Screen When I Watch Video, TV, Cable And DVD. If you see vertical lines on the screen of your DLP TV similar or identical to the pictures below, the circuitry controlling the vertical hold has failed, and you need to get your TV serviced. Please click here to go to our online service r

That answer I agree makes no sense.Most of these sets have NO vertical hold and if did it will not cause the lines.A brief educated guess:Set has a main board that communicates and controls the screen--tests for that are not s ... Samsung HL-S6187W 61 in. HDTV

Vertical line i own a toshiba tv when powering up only vertical line appearing on the screen, i try to rectify by doing some resoldering on the pcb and replacing the vertical ic ta8403k and several electrolytic capacitors but nothing change,the sound and channels are fine the dc supply for the ic is 25vdc and i think its normal,are their any solutions to rectify this problem on my tv set.i need suggestion thank you

Check the deflection yoke connection cable for any loose contact at its connection socket at main board side. Unplug the connector out from the socket, and re-plug it back for at least tow times. Check the solder terminals of all connections to hor ... Toshiba 32A43 32" TV

1991 CS3515R has vertical instability. (picture often flips vertically. Seems worse when there is more light color on the screen. I remember old sets that had horrizontal and vertical stability controls. This does not. Anything I can do that would be cost effective? Otherwise it gets a beautiful picture.

By stability control do you mean the V-hold knob inside the tv? If not then the only way to fix this is to find the source of the fault in the deflection circuits. Be wary that this is a high voltage circuit and should not be handled unless you have ... Mitsubishi CS-35503 TV

I have A Samsung 52 inch LCD TV model #LN52A580P6FXZA. The relay clicks at A random rate, there is A red light that flashes steady. It will not power up. All my standby voltages coming from the power supply are present as well as the run voltages. Power supply on voltage is present, inverter on voltage is present, occasionally, it will give A loud high pitched squeal. It never comes on. Any help would be appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv is sonystar 25 inches.if i power it,white vertical lines from top of the screen(4 white vertical lines)but when white picture is on the screen,the vertical lines will full screen.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sony kv-32fx60b only horizontal line no vertical ,(vertical ic (stv 9379)all ready replaced,problem same,ic voltage ok ,how to check vertical saw signal coming or not?

A smarter way is look for the source voltage--if the chip failed it got a resistor between it and the FLYBACK which is where the approx 30 volt source comes from for vertical---follow it to the xfmr.--there will be a open resistor in that line. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My sony tv model no. kv-ha21m80 is on standby mode & its LED is blinking four times that means it has some problem in vertical section.But when I tried to check voltages of its vertical IC AN5522

Disconnect Vertical supply and so that your Horizontal system run check all voltages before connecting vertical again ...should the protection come in again when vertical connected ...replace Vertical Ic and safety resistor in line ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Tv sony trinitron kv-hw21l80a ecran noir , son present, et osd est present

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

My Toshiba 24PB1E LCD TV now have a few white dots vertical line, first theres is only one line, after a month now there is 5 vertical lines scaterred on the screen, why is this happen ? and what can

... Toshiba 24pb1e 24" Pal/ntsc Multi-system Lcd Tv

Tv sony kdlv40xbr1 stable vertical lines, no resonse from control except power buttum, plays only through hdmi input. no other inputs working. has vertical lines covering entire screen. could this pro

The T'Con board should be checked and replaced. Before replacing it check all connections comes to it and go out from it. Re-seat all flat cables connected to it. Check ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40S2010 40 in. LCD Television

Our LED TV displays vertical lines. How do you resolve vertical lines on the screen of a Samsung UN46B6000VF?

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-V32XBR1 32 in. LCD HDTV

My LG led has had several problems, it started out with the left half of the screen flipping as if viewed from a mirror with the right part of the screen normal. After that, it displayed vertical colored lines (blue, yellow, black, white, etc) which went away and now it shows a vertical bar about 4 inches across that looks darker than the rest of the picture. I also noticed images burning in everywhere except that bar. I know it's a lot of issues but any help would be appreciated.

This problems are a very tipical of the coded pixels on the LCD screen panel passes through the board that call the T-CON decoder board to causing this problems.Vertical colors lines display on the LCD screen panel happen by itself.Yes.The T-CON deco ... LG 32LE5300 Widescreen 32 in. HDTV

At first it had no heaters, which i fixed. now it has a vertical line (vertical collapse

Hi:\015\012you did not mention what type of television but from your complaint i am assuming its a Crt or Crt rear projection, In which case check the vertical IC for deftects and replace also check the capacitors in the vertical section of the ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have a Samsung LNS4041DX. When I turn it on, just get black screen with vertical colored lines. Happens when I put in dvd/vcr also. Hit menu, to try to adjust picture, same thing. Just black screen with colored vertical lines.

Defective panel, or bad ribbon cable that is associated with the color lines. ribbon cables are at the bottom, or th sides and will be in line with the color lines on the p ... Samsung LN-S4041D 40 in. LCD HDTV

Hello, I have an Orion STV2763a with a solid line of white across the screen with about 2" of static below it. Found the LA78041 Vertical deflection IC to be bad, replaced it and d418 and d419, two 33 volt zener diodes and C414 [email protected] capacitor. still same issue, checked my voltages into the IC and are as follows. Pin 1 should be 3.9 v, varies from 2.4 to 4.6. Pin 2 should be 26v, is 29 to 31v. pin 3 should be 2.2v, is 2v to 3.2 v, pin 4 is ground, and has 0 v. pin 5 is vertical output, should

... Orion STV2763 27" TV

Vertical collapse. Only have several Horizontal lines on screen. I need a layout of components for PC board to locate the vertical components on the board so I can check for cold solder joints.

... RCA F27443 27" TV

I have vertical lines on the entire right side of the screen on my Olevia 242-S11. I've replaced the t-conn board three times, the first and third gave me a black screen, the second gave me less vertical lines with the rest of the right side blurry. The t-conn boards were from ShopJimmy.com they said I might need to have my panel tested.

Most of the stuff from jimmy's its second hand ( not good working or working maybe) first and the last i suppose you got a problem with the power supply on the T con on the second i suppose you have a problem with the big chip in the middle the scali ... Syntax Olevia 527-S11 Television

About 8 months ago, every time I turned on the TV (SK-26H590D), only vertical lines would appears... almost like watercolor: green, orange, etc. However, you could hear the channels and change them as well... but still no picture at first. The the channel would come on after about 5-10 minutes. This has gone on since then. Almost as if the TV needs to "warm up." Today, only the vertical lines appeared but the tv never came on all day... just the voice. And the channels can be changed, but no pic

Hello\015\012Get into Menu Operations and come to the window video reset. You can get this in its manual section [1-6]. Reset all video sub menu items to factory reset. Check out after this reset process whether the problem solves or not. If ... Westinghouse SK-26H590D Television

Our Vizeo P42 purchased in July 2005 has had a red vertical bar on the left side for about two months. About a week ago it developed vertical lines across the left half of the screen with no picture behind them that we can see. The right side of the screen is normal and sound is normal. Is it worth taking in to be fixed? AL

Sadly no.either your panel has been hit and damaged or the panel itself is failing.without some sort of warranty coverage, your repair cost would exceed the price of replacement. ... Vizio P42HD Television

I have a LG 42lh30 that gets a distinct vertical bar, about six inches from the left hand edge of the screen. Occasionally the area between the vertical bar and the edge will be filled with small horizontal bars that flash. Sometimes after an hour or so, the bar and discoloration on that side goes away and sometimes it doesn't... sometimes turning the tv and jiggling the wires on the Aux. AV port will make the line go away, sometimes it doesn't. Is it fixable?

Hello\015\012The fault is due to its horizontal sync-seperator and horizontal phase detector section, and it is not user servicable. If you want to do it by yoursef, you must have thorugh knoledge in both digital and analogue electroncis, and ... LG 42LG30 42 in. LCD HDTV

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