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I got a jvc rm-c253 tv that has been work great until today..my problem is im trying to watch a movie/show i have black square blocking most of the picture how do i solve it

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Hi -

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\015\012If your problem has not been solved, please let me know. In short, you need to switch off closed-captions (AKA CC / subtitles) on either your TV or cable/satellite receiver.


Using your remote........press menu you need to scroll to setup / CC and switch to off

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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I got a jvc rm-c253 tv that has been work great until today..my problem is im trying to watch a movie/show i have black square blocking most of the picture how do i solve it

Hi -\015\012Your comment suggests that your problem has been solved. However, as you only left a comment and did not accept the solution, your question has been returned to FixYa's unsolved problems list. ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

No Signal Watched a DVD, when we switched back to watch TV there was no picture and it said no signal. I tried another TV to make sure the problem was not the antenea or the cable. All checked out fine. It did this once before and we found all the stations were one point off, for example 10.1 was now 10.2. We manually restored all stations and all has been well until now. I have tried many things and I can not get a picture back. In diagnostics it says my signal strength is zero. Thank you, Greg

Have you checked on all inputs including the rear audio and video jacks? ... Sony KDF-50E2000 50" HDTV

I was watching something which I had recorded on my SKY+ box. It came to the adverts and I fast forwarded. When I stopped the rewind to play again, the picture became all jumpy. I tried to fast forward and back but still the picture jumped. I tried to play another recording but the same thing happened. I then went back to the "live" TV programs and selected BBC1, but again the picture jumped. It iis also as if there are 2 different frames ( one top of screen and one at bottom) and out of synch w

... Sony FD Trinitron KD-36XS955 36" TV

My LG 42LM620T Led tv has sound but no picture, what could be wrong.? One day, while watching TV suddenly the picture went off, but there was still sound. Thought I might have pressed some thing remote, tried all options but nothing worked. Switched off, removed the plug but still no change. When switched on I get LG log and picture for a second and then goes off, only sound stays. Tried with different inputs still the same. When flashed light on the screen I could see faint images. Opened up th

... LG 42LM6200 42 in. 3D LCD HD Cinema Smart TV

We tried to watch a basketball game on the projector. We used a vcr player, and had it switched to t.v. for the receiver. The picture was not good at all, it could be focused in, but the contrast and color did not seem to help much. The room was dark. We could not make out the images very well, and thus watched the game on regular t.v. the vcr player did work well, and we even slipped in a vcr tape, and it was much better. How can we have a good tv picture.

Try running a picture streaming from laptop or desktop / tower pc. use a 15 pin din connector (monitor cable) to achieve this and your picture on your projector will be much better. HDTV quality. any other questions email me back at ... Flat Panel Televisions

No matter which picture size I select, I cannot ever seem to get the picture from the DVD to fit the screen. For instance, I am watching a DVD right now that is in wide screen, and when in "Normal" size, the picture is sitting at the very bottom of the screen... and some of the picture is missing. However, if I change to other sizes, large parts of the picture are cut off. Is there any way to fix this? I have tried different things in the Menu... nothing seems to adjust where the picture sit

U tries used the DVD player remote to fix this problems,could be the DVD movie?Have the same problems,with the regular tv incomming broadcasting signal?Yes,than the tv Tuner signal board is the problems and the causes it dying and shorted.Tries websi ... Sansui SLED2280 22 in. LCD TV

Today, while watching tv on the Dish, tv suddenly started powercycling. I unplugged it, waited, and then tried a DVD -- worked fine. Tried Dish again, power cycled again -- on off on off, 1/2 second of picture, no sound, struggles until I unplug her. It's an LG 47LD520 5 months old. Dish network through HDMI, DVD through red / white / yellow. Tried Dish though component cable, still power cycles. Tried all HDMI ports, too, same thing. Brought in my old tv and hooked to Dish thou

If you are using a powerstrip may not be supplying enough power to run the LG HDTV and your HD receiver. If you are using a powerstrip make sure the receiver is plugged directly into the wall. Otherwise this may be a grounding issue please reply if t ... LG 47LD520 47 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Have a 36 inch vizio flat screen it started about four days ago.When i switch from watching a movie on DVd back to regular picture on component 2 no picture is coming up tried chanel 3 an d4 still no picture...any solutions..

It sounds like you aren't cycling fully.It sounds like you are on the TV (RF/Cable) input, then you switch input to Component 1 (for your DVD) and watch the DVD, then hit the input selector again, switching it to Component 2...you need to keep ... Flat Panel Televisions

When I view the tv over the cable the picture has a green tint, I can't get any true reds or proper flesh tones; however when I play a dvd the picture is fine. I've tried to correct the problem using the picture settings but can't get the color right when watching cable. What can I do?

Check the connection of your cable wire and the plug. It seems that you have a loose/bad connection either on the cable box or from the cable wire itself. First you have to confirm a good signal from your cable provider.\012Thanks for using fixya. ... Sony KDF46E2000 46" Projection HDTV

I just bought a westinghouse VR-6025Z and i am having an issue getting the picture to take up the whole screen with out it cutting off part of the picture while watching tv with at&t uverse. I have tried all of the zoom settings on the television itself and all of the picture settings on the uverse.

... Westinghouse LVM-42w2 Television

We lost remote control on Emerson HDTV. Picture format doesn't fill the entire screen. We scrolled thru the menu using buttons along the bottom of tv, and tried going to "picture" and scrolled through each option including personal, standard, movie and game. None of these filled the screen. There are big gaps on either side of the picture. We just want to watch tv with the entire screen filled.

One of the options of neu should be change the aspect ratio on the set.. If you have manual access to the menu, look for picture.\012Maybe the best options should be to look for original remote or get a GOOD universal remote (ask for best at your ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung big screen tv model # hlt5676sx/xaa picture and sound went blank while watching it now when i try to turn it on the fans run for about 5 seconds or so then shut off no picture or soun

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Picture problems My 4 year-old Panasonic VIERA TX-32LZD80 32 in. LCD TV is becoming unwatchable. The main problem is the picture keeps distorting and jumping along with a 'zip' sound or distortion to the sound at the same time. The distortions are horizontal and getting so bad I switch it off and give up trying to watch. I had a similar problem quite a while ago, then it got better and now its back - but much worse. Some channels just produce the odd small distortion,whilst others are unwatc

... Panasonic VIERA TX-32LZD80 32 in. LCD TV TV/HD Combo

Vizio E370VL doesn't turns on. I was watching it and suddenly te picture crashed and turned off. The vizio logo lights in orange, tried to tourn it on an nothing happend, also tried the hard reset

... Vizio E370VL 37 in. LCD HDTV

I own a BPL TV (Quadra Point Focus). During rains it catches moisture, and gradually the picture starts diminishing. Now it has totally lost the picture. I have to keep the TV on atleast 4 hrs. bfore, in order to watch a prog.. Last year I paid 1200 rs. to get this prob. solved, but come rain and the prob. is back... Can somebody help me..COZ.. i dont wanna spend thousands every year on repair ...

Replace the CRT base socket!!! ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Cs-21Z57ML samsung TV some problem in this TV all the component it work normal,sound and tuning search system it work in normal condition but not display picture,I am try by changing the tuning system but not solve the problem.please how to solve this problem?

... Samsung Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a lg 47le5500 i was watching tv and it started to beep then lost picture and sound. when i tried to turn it on it has a long power on sound but still no picture or sound. i have done all the resets but no luck. thanks

... LG 47LE5500 TV

Cs-21Z57ML samsung TV some problem in this TV all the component it work normal,sound and tuning search system it work in normal condition but not display picture,I am try by changing the tuning system but not solve the problem.please how to solve this problem?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Your website said free to ask but if i want an answer i have to pay ya im not giving my card number over this site solve it and i do have a phone you may contact me on i have an rca 52 hdtv the picture has double images blurry looks like it is round or curved at top and bottm of screen was watching tv last night heard a small snap of a noise and the picture looked like that is this a piece i can replace myself or need a pro and approximate cost of part

Press menu and then scroll down to setup and then enter setup and see if the Auto convergence option has disapeared from the setup menu. If so you may only need to replace the FL231 fuse and then resolder the flyback. I a, pasting apicture of where ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

I have a LG 47SL8 TV. As I was watching the picture and sound went out. I've tried to unplug the TV for 30min. still the same. I played a DVD and the sound went on but no picture. Please advice.

... LG 47SL80 LCD TV

When I plug in my JVC LT-24DK3BJ television, the blue power light comes on and remains solid, but there is no picture or sound. I have tried all sorts of things to try and solve the problem, but nothing has any effect whatsoever. Is there a way to reset the tv or anything like that?

... JVC DT-V24L3DU 24 in. LCD TV

I have an ORION TV82332 and the hdmi stopped working on it with my playstation 3. I tried reseting the picture settings on the playstation but that didnt work so i tried the playstation on another TV and it worked fine. I have sky+hd now and i cant watch any HD channels because of this. Can you help me please?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi-rn Thank you for being here- We were watching our Sharp Flat Screened TV, beautiful nice picture. We noticed when we hooked the cable up for Direct TV in our new home, the input connection point was bent and slightly loose. We attached the cable and everything seemed fine. Tried to move it back to the wall and the picture became distored w/ snow and it's saying 'analog' on the screen. Is there another way to connect it to the cable other than that particular connection point until we ca

With Direct TV, you should use the video input (composite video- yellow/picture, red/right stereo, white/left stereo)ORcomponent video- (green/video, blue/video,red/video white/left channel stereo, red/right channel stereo)t ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

My picture is too big for the screen, you cannot see top of peoples heads or the very bottom part of the picture. It is like watching a movie that wasn' formated to fit your screen. I have tried to adjust it, but nothing. seems to make any difference!??

Change the aspect ratio on the set. If this does not work, change the aspect ratio on your cable or sat box. ... Vizio E320VL 32 in. HD Ready LCD TV

My RCA flat screen was working just fine and than as I was watching TV the screen flickered off and the it started flashing unusable signal. I did a rescan of the channels a couple come back that I have never had before. The sound doesnt work on the few channels that I do get and the picture and sound doesnt work on the ones I use to get. I also tried to put a dvd in. The sound works but not the picture doesnt. What do I do

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

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