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THe SOYO TV flat screen remains black when switched on, at a later time the sound was also permanently lost. When turning the set on one fast ficker is noticed over the bottom 1/5 of the screen. The 31 " set is approximately 3 - 4 years old. I am the original owner. the input goes through a fios box.

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\015\012Please provide the exact model number of your Soyo TV; to me, by Fixya. OK.

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THe SOYO TV flat screen remains black when switched on, at a later time the sound was also permanently lost. When turning the set on one fast ficker is noticed over the bottom 1/5 of the screen. The 31 " set is approximately 3 - 4 years old. I am the original owner. the input goes through a fios box.

Hello\015\012Please provide the exact model number of your Soyo TV; to me, by Fixya. OK. ... Soyo Flat Panel Televisions

My JVC GM-V42UG has an intemittant line in the screen about 2 inches wide going from top to bottom. This happened when the unit waas 6 years old. At that ime, I took it to a shop and they replaced the power supply and charged me $600. It took 4+ weeks to get it fixed. The set is not worth another $600 investment. And so, I thought if it a baord swap out and inexpensive, I would install it first before buying a new set. I am an EE and used to do all my own repairs 20 years ago so soldering

The power supply board should be too easy for you to replace considering your credentials. All I need is the part number for me to find you a replacement. You will need to remove the back cover of the tv and locate the board into which the power cord ... JVC GM-V42UG 42 in. Plasma EDTV

Toshiba 42H83 42 in. Rear Projection HDTV had the hyper module capacitor problem that Toshiba put notice out about. Changed those then plugged set in picture came in the three lamps noticably showed green,red, blue at the bottom of screen noticed grey static area because TV was not connected to cable or other device. Suddenly TV turns self off, now when plugged in to outlet power light blinks three times set turns off with speakers acknowlegement(sounded like speaker). I apparently have power d

If you bought a hypermodule rebuild kit from www.TvRepairKits.com go back to their site and ask for help. If you just bought parts off the web and winged the repair its hard to ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LG 50" 780P plasma tv. Approx 4 years old. Model- 50PQ30. The screen picture is cut in half the top half is normal but the bottom half is all distorted and has white horizontal lines going across the bottom half of the screen. What could this be? Is it worth getting it fixed?

... Flat Panel Televisions

In my tv is 10 years old and by the 2007 we replaced with new board(Only the CRT is the old one). Last day I was switched on my tv only sound only came and no picture. I can able to see the menu setting in TV live volume increase and decrease, Chanel nos etc. When I remove the external cable connection the display comes like blue screen(looks like the CRT is ok). When I inserted the cable the blue screen goes off and became black color during that time the audio of the tv is good. Pls help to s

Hello\015\012Your TV is fitted with Toshiba kit I understands from your description. There is a sub-brightness contorl on board [a small preset resistor, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver] fitted near to the LOT and towards its le ... Flat Panel Televisions

While watching TV - I heard a slight click noise in the remote and the screen color immediately changed color to predominately green ( still see blues and yellow) but red spectrum is not working ?? I have played with color/tint/contrast settings and still cannot get back to the red tones ??? Tv is maybe 5-7 years old ( not a flat screen) and it has never given us any trouble before this???

U have all the tools and can u also do basic soldering?Tv might have cold sodering joints on the CRT video board socket that connected video board and the CRT tube together.Must take tv aparts and resolders all the CRT holes sockets of the video boa ... Toshiba 32A33 32" TV

The flat screen display has a dark streak down the middle and out of focus on left half of screen, The set is 4 years old

What exactly do you mean by out of focus? Is it like blurry? Can you please upload an image so that I can see for myself? ... Toshiba REGZA 42 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

Faulty television Picture on my TWF Vision 32" television set, LCD3241ID breaking up. Screen now displays coloured bars and resembles noisy firework display. Set is about 3 years old. Can show neither satellite TV or DVD (latter in sound only)

... Projection Televisions

I have a JVC HD-ILA HD-61Z575. The color engine was replaced under warranty a few years ago. Recently, I started noticing some color artifacts in the picture... basically in a dark picture, you can notice red, green, or yellow stars randomly on the screen. If I turn the TV off and back on, they usually go away and don't come back until the set has been off for a while. I tried cleaning out the bulb area and that didn't affect the issue. I've also yet to have to replace the bulb in the tv,

I only have bad news for you. This tv uses an engine assembly. It is impossible to replace the color wheel only. The entire assembly is quite expensive and wouldn't be worth replacing for a tv of that age. (By expensive, I mean roughly $400-$600, bef ... JVC HD-56FB97 HDTV

I have a LA46A550P1F, On start up the LHS of the screen has two vertical gray bars, it then goes into a fuzz mode for a few seconds and all is ok with the picture. The set is just over 2 years old and I am worried that I am about to lose the screen altogether your assitance would be appricated Sal

It can be the screen or the T-CON board, you should check the ribbon cables between the screen and the T-CON board first but you must be real careful since they are ver delicate and hard to get to.\012See pictures in my troubleshooting guide. ... Samsung LA46A550 46 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I cannot access the "Tint" on the menu screen and therefore the colour is not working - I have looked at the set with color off to zero and still cannot cursor to the tint screen - what can I do - TV is only 2 years old

... Seiki SC221FS 22 Class LCD HDTV

I have a RDVR90VE Sylvania combo VCR/DVD player/recorder. It is presently set up with a CT-27HL14 Panasonic HDTV. When playing the VCR the picture comes through beautifully. When switching to DVD the picture initially comes on for approximately 5 seconds then a huge black box comes on in the middle of the screen with only the top, bottom and sides of screen showing image. What really makes this a mystery is that when the VCR/DVD were connected to a 19PFL3504D Philips TV the DVD worked fine. Do h

Hi -\015\012\015\012\015\012I hope you read my other message. You need to make sure closed captions / subtitles are switched off on both the your TV and the DVD/VCR. I'd suggest starting with the Panasonic TV.\015\012\015\012\ ... Flat Panel Televisions

My sony LCD tv bottom third of the screen is several shades darker the the rest of the screen. Also at time there are vertical lines in the shaded area of different colors.rn The TV is only 2 years old - what can I do, if anything? Model kdl32l4000

Sony is a great company. They care about their public image, which is more than I can say about most of the TV manufactures out there. The first thing you need to so is call them. The number is in your service manual.Your TV is an LCD ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40XBR2 40 in. LCD HDTV

Tv blinks a black screen off and on, and also getting a green line at top and bottom at times any suggestions? 10 years old

I have same problem, over 10 years old, only started when turned on, but does it @ anytime now . any solutions ? and this thing does weigh a ton. never had a problem ever, great tv, great picture, etc., anytime a function is initiated screen ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

TV picture suddenly shrunk to a thin horizontal line across the screen. Turning the set on and off doesn't help. It is a 8 year old Panasonic Model TAU54TS

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a five year old Vizio P50HDTV20. While watching it the other day the center 1/3 of the screen went black from top to bottom. The left third and right third are fine. This condition persists with all input devices. Any idea what part might be the culprit?

Generally speaking, though it may be possible to fix a broken screen, it's not cost effective and you'd be better off replacing the TV. ... Vizio P50HDTV20A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a 1 year old 50 inch plasma vizio flat screen that has a very thin red line that runs verticle and approximately down the middle (a little bit more on the left side as you view it).

Hi mtn9592,\015\012\015\012This kind of symptoms indicated of fault either in the power supply board, sustain board, and controller board. First, the unit must take apart and isolate from loose connections from the said boards because it will d ... Flat Panel Televisions

There is a pixilated line running across the top of the screen. The set is only two years old. Anything I can do?

... Magnavox 32MF369BF7 32 in. LCD TV

I have an LG 42PJ350 plasma TV which has suddenly developed a vertical green line around 1.5in wide from top to the bottom of the screen. It makes no difference whether watcing TV or using XBox. Is this a common fault. Less than 2 years old seems like a short life-cycle for this type of thing.

Yes, life span on Plasma and LCD sets is 3-5 years.The green line (or any line) can be a board (sustain types on Plasma or inverter on LCD) but can even be a control problem inside the set--area that controls scanning etc) and in worst case c ... LG 42PJ350 42 in. TV

My set is only 4 years old. when watching either a tv program or watching a movie from a dvd, the picture is like watching a very fast slides show. Instead of everything moving smoothly the movement is more frame to frame. the voices still match with what is being watched but its very choppy. That is the best way I can describe it. In addition every now and then when watching tv the screen goes black though you can still hear everything. the only way to get the program back in view is tapping th

Can you supply the model number of the TV? If it is a standard TV you have a bad connection in the vertical deflection circuit. If LCD then something more. Need Model number and Make. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have a Samsung HLN467W, a 46" DLP TV. And after 50-60 minutes, it starts to flicker white, like lightning flashes. But the whole screen is not blank white, it's more like the images are flickering white, like a film negative. There is also a noticeable high pitch noise coming from the TV. The TV is about 7 years old. And has never needed a repair. Thanks

Hi,It seems color wheel problem in your tv that gets problem after some time and you hear high pitch noise along with picture flicker.Color wheel need to be replaced to solve this issue. Required color wheel is available with ... Samsung HLN467W 46" Rear Projection HDTV

Samsung flatscreen tv model LN40B530P7FXZA Picture comes and goes . on for 2 seconds, off for 5 seconds. does this continuously. sound is fine. can change channels. same issues. Can this be fixed economically, or are there other issues to do with set up? Signal source is cable. Same issues in two different towns and different cable providers. TV is approximately two years old. It seems that quite a few people have similar experiences.

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Our tv is about 3 years old. We are a Time Warner cable customer. About 2 months ago we started to notice that the picture took a ong time to appear after turning on the set. The sound played for about 5 minutes before a picture appeared. Now the sound and picture are both gone--not sure if tv,s are repaired or thrown away these days as everything is designed to require quick replacement.

I'm sure this is fairly easy to repair. It sounds likely to be a power supply problem, possibly due to bad capacitors. Your original symptoms of no picture were likely to be the backlight controller not having sufficient power to operate correctly. I ... LG 32LC7D Television

I have a 73 inch mitsubishi tv . It is 1.5 years old . I noticed 1 white spot on screen . Is this a fix that is easy or does the tv have to go to shop . Also I bought it from costo . They do not carry this tv anymore .

... Mitsubishi WD-73827 73" HDTV DLP TV

My 12 year old Sony Trinitron KV-32XBR200 still works pretty well except that it cuts off about 25 - 30 scan lines at the bottom of the screen when cold, then gradually improves somewhat to missing only 15 - 20 lines when it warms up. Is there some sort of vertical size/shift adjustment to the CRT gun to correct for this?

No,tv have cold solders inside the tv like vertical IC or around the area.Have a soldering iron,a roll of solders,also know how to do basic soldering?Yes.Take the tv aparts,take a back plastic of the screw driver tabs all around the main pcb,will see ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

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