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Sony Wega KDF-A50E10 will power on normal then after five minutes the green light will flash about 50 times then the screen and sound will come back on. It does continuously throughout the day. Sometimes it will stay on all day with no problem. Replaced the bulb one moth ago, and problem started 2 weeks ago.

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Sony Wega KDF-A50E10 will power on normal then after five minutes the green light will flash about 50 times then the screen and sound will come back on. It does continuously throughout the day. Sometimes it will stay on all day with no problem. Replaced the bulb one moth ago, and problem started 2 weeks ago.

... Sony Projection Televisions

Two days ago-My Samsung HLT 5075sx started to make cracking noises then it shut off. I just replaced the lamp 4 months ago so i don't think that is the problem. Yesterday- i tried unplugging it and plugged it back in. It worked and appears the lamp will flicker, then the crackling noise, then the tv will click off and the three lights will blink continuously. Does anyone know what could be wrong??

Hi allenax,\015\012\015\012I think cracking noise come from the color wheel, read this solution too: \015\012http://www.fixya.com/sup ... Samsung HL-S5087W DLP TV

My Hitachi Mod # 50FX19K, Ser # V6H000056 Man Aug 1996 has a power problem. About a month ago it started turning off for no apparent reason after I was watching for an hour or so. I could turn it back on with no problem. That time period kept getting shorter and sometimes it would take 2 or 3 tries to get it to come on. Once back on it would play until I turned it off. Now it only stays on for about 30 seconds and I can't get it to restart. If I wait and hour or two it will come back on but only

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced.If you ... Hitachi 50FX18B/19K 50" Rear Projection Television

I have purchased a Palsonic 81cm wide screen LCD TV/Monitor TV Model No: TFTV321FHD 2 Years ago. For the past 2 months my TV for unknown reasons will not start when I turn it on This can sometimes go on for hours if not the whole night into the next day. Then it can go great for some time if not months then the same thing happens all over again. I thought it may have been the batteries but I change them when they are due to be changed, but still have this problem. I have even turned the

Take the tv back cover apart,check the tv power supply board,that the board where the power a/c cord plug into it.Check all over the power supply board,for dying parts call capacitors.The dying capacitors are alway bulging or puffing ups on it tops.U ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sharp LC-42SB45U. A few days ago the picture started to flicker a little just at the bottom of the screen. Now it's starting to flicker a little throughout the entire screen. Could this be a problem with the HDMI cable or the cable box?

... Sharp LC42SB45U 42 in. LCD TV

For a while when I turned on my T V it would click on and off 3 0 4 times before it stay on; a couple of days ago I tried to turn it on and nothing happens; what's the problem?

You may hvae dying power supply due to bad DC filter caps that finally gave up.\012You need to open it up and inspect the power supply module.\012\012If you are going to DIY and have proper tools, electronics knowledge, and ... Vizio L32 32 in. LCD HDTV


... Initial HDTV-320 32 in. LCD TV

I acquired this toshiba 27d46 tv from my daughter 2 days ago and she never had any problems with it. Now I have it just 24 hours after plugging it in and setting it up for digital channels it lost all channels. And would not scan for them. So I unpluged it for a while and then it would scan for them and it worked. Now this the second day I had it the channels I deleted are added and I'm waiting for the channels to go away again. Is there any fix to this problem or a battery that holds the

Maybe I didn't understand your question but you said it is working now? (Just a thought, it may have just become confused because all the channel allocations changed as you were in a different location to your daughter?)Leave it on standb ... Toshiba 27D46 27" TV

The tv in question is 18 years old and always performed great consistently the same as the day it was purchased never any problems until 5 days ago the sound went on a "mute" mode we would appreciate finding a solution to thiis problem thanks much for your assistance.

You'll have to supply a make and model number for the TV please. The one thing to consider is that manufacturers normally only support their electronic goods for a period of 7-10 years at the very outside of the range. It may be difficult, even impos ... Philips Standard (CRT) Televisions

RCA L32HD41 LCD TV. I had purchased this Tv about two years ago. Now there are white lines going down the tv sometimes they come and go, and sometimes it stays in the middle then moves to either side of the screen. There is also a green type line going accross the screen which stay always on.

... RCA L32HD41 LCD TV

Our Toshiba Regza 32HL67 sometimes when turning on our set the picture will appear for a second and go off but we still have sound. It may stay like this for an entire day or sometimes a couple of days. Then there are times you can turn it on and everything is fine. we have tried turning it off and back on but always get the same thing a picture for a second then just sound

... Toshiba 32HL67 32 in. LCD Television

This is a problem with my Vizio 19 inch LCD TV. I bought it about a year ago. This didn't start happening until about half a year ago. One day the problem started while I was sitting there playing some video games (the fact it's a game instead of a over-the-air TV signal shouldn't make a difference though, I don't think). All of a sudden the screen went black, but the power indicator light did NOT change to yellow (as it would have if the TV was in the off state). The remote control wouldn't tur

Sorry to hear what your going through the issue is with your main board ,there is no troubleshooting for This issue , you would have to take it into a electronic shop for repairs sorry ... Vizio VA19LHDTV10T 19 in. LCD TV

Common tv problems:I have a Samsung Led TV of model UA40C5000 and I have been sufferening a problem since I bought it 2 years ago. The problem is that sometimes I can not change the channel or siganal

... Samsung UA40C5000 40 LED TV

I have a LG 37LC2D that from past 2-3 days started behaving crazy.. It seems to respond very slowly to the remote and blank screen after the green light blinks for at least 15 times... Sometimes when I keep it turned on.. after sometime the picture and sound appear and when it appears its not a problem at all... Also, sometimes, after a few seconds, it flickers and then goes back blank... This would sometime occur only after an hour of two of watching... I read your forum and see that people

Yes that creamy liquid is called electrolyte. Capacitors with leaky electrolyte take longer to reach a proper charge/dsicharge cycle. they also tend to over heat after a while which is why it will shut off. As for calling a tech he will probably char ... LG 37LC2D Television

37 wlt66s, keeps clicking on ana doff. more frequently. sometimes stays off for a day then clicks back on, then off. please help

There must be some loose solder terminals at its main power supply board. Check and re solder all suspected solder terminals. If it do not help you, replace the power board as card basis. ... Toshiba 37WLT66 37 in. LCD Television

Hi. My Sony KDL32EX400 started to have unusual problems few months ago. Channel, volume, menu, setting, controls stop functioning. (The little green led is flashing when trying to switch channels or control volume, but nothing else happens.) The only function works is the power. After I turn it off it shuts off but sound remains for another 30-40 seconds. Also sometimes display info remains on screen after TV turned on then the same problem happens, as mentioned above. I have to note that it do

Hi,Does Standby light flash/ blink on tv when it does not show picture or any display in screen?If standby light blinks, please count how many times it blinks after three seconds long pause to diagnose possible problem in tv.And if ... Flat Panel Televisions

The audio and picture on my vizio vt470m are scrambling and then the whole tv locks up and turns itself off. tried fixing with the "unplug everything, hold power button for 30 sec, and turn back on fix" that the vizio customer service people suggested but that is no longer working. this problem first appeared about two months ago and was fine until a few days ago. now the tv is turning istelf off and back on and there is no picture or sound. what do i need to do to fix it? or should i just

You could have Bad Capacitors on the Power supply board they will be vented or swollow on Top\0121000uf 16v 2200uf 10v 3300uf 10v.\012PTS they rebuilt boards 1-800-844-7871 ... Vizio VT470M 47 in. TV

Hi, I have Sony Bravia KLV-32S400A Couple of months ago suddenly get switch off after I switch on standby light(Red) gets blink. I unplug the power code and switch on the LCD after 3 hours it works fine. I happens occasionally. Couple of days ago I'm unable to power on the LCD. When I plug the power code I can here a sound like cutout gets on off (tick tick) nothing happens no indicating lights, no display and no sound. Please help me to solve this problem

Dear User,in your case there is a supply fault..capacitor of power board is weak .kindly change the capacitor ..the sign of capacitor faulty is that capacitor is blow up like oil is coming out form upper side..kindly do the need ful.dnt ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Olevia 242-T11 won't power up. A few days before, it started by just not having sound. Continual off and on finally got sound, but after a couple of days of that, it won't come on at all. Unplugged for reset - when plug back in, blue light comes on for just a second and goes out. I'm suspecting the power supply. Is that a common problem?

Go to Amazon the kid for repair is less 20 usd Olivia 242fhd-t11 ... Olevia LT42HVi 42 in. LCD Television

Magnavox model MS3252S431 (chassis L01-1UAC-7638) 32-inch TV goes blank with a clicking sound. The green power light stays on. If I power off the TV and then power on again everything is fine.... sometimes for a few hours, sometimes the problem occurs again in a minute

Hello,The issue you describe is consistent with a power supply board issue. This is the board where the AC goes to. This problem may have occurred as a result of irregular power supply, or excess power supply or power surge.Th ... Philips Standard (CRT) Televisions

I purchased an LCD Projection TV in November of 2007. Model no#KDF-50E3000, Serial No 8701626. I started having problems with it recently. It wont stay on. It turns itself off and then on again(the process takes about 30 seconds or more every time.)Does it every few minutes now. I have plugged it into a different socket and tried a brand new surge protector but nothing changed. This has been going on for 5 days now. I was hoping you might be able to help me with this problem. Have you heard

You have problem on power supply section.In most cases regulator ic and ic Mcz3001 is faulty. you need to replace these ic. ... Sony Projection Televisions

I have a 42 inch Sanyo LCD dp42840. I have had it for about 8 months and it was working fine until a few days ago it keeps on turning off by itself. Sometimes it wont turn on at all, then I'll try a couple of hours later then it works fine for a minutes sometimes hours. The T.V has not been moved or gotten wet, just out of no were can u help

... Sanyo DP42848 LCD TV

My screen won't come on, however the blue light does come on to show it has power. Sometimes the screen just stays black, other times it seems like it's going to turn on but doesn't, meaning the screen lightens a little but it never fully comes on. This happens intermittently; when I unplug the power source for a small amount of time it sometimes fixes the problem and the screen comes on, however it often takes several tries. Periodically it just comes on right away. Also the remote frequently s

Mi tv no tiene imagen ni aparese el menud esta blanca sonido tiene y se escucha bien. ... Element Electronics FLX-2610 26 in. LCD HDTV

Hi I purchased a Panasonic Viera Plasma TV approximately 15 months ago. The model is a TXP 42 G10B. Two days ago we lost the picture and sound i.e basically it will not switch on despite trying to do this maually and switching on and off at the mains. All we get is a red right which flickers on and off for a few seconds at a time. Fortunately it is still under warrantly. However, I have heard that this type of problem is a common one and that the TV cannot be repaired. If that is the

Hello\015\012This type of failure are very rare cases to Panasonic Viera. Anyway, it have so in your case. The video DAC damage is the case. A board replacement should be needed. You have warranty, and get it repaired by the authorised serv ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

When I turn the TV on the first time for the day, it will stay on for 15 minutes and turn off. Sometimes it will just come back on and sometimes it does not, without me turning it off and back on. I've searched the troubleshooting manual, and I know it sounds like a timer, but the only timer I can find is the sleep timer and it is "OFF".

\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 Hi,\015\012\015\012 this could be a problem with the power supply in the tv, it is common especially on so ... LG 47LE5400 47 in. TV

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