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Good afternoon, Sirs! I bought an LCD TV Sony KLV-32S200A four years ago. Yesterday the TV didn't turn on. The standby light blinks 5 times and pauses for 2-3 seconds, then blinks 5 times again. Could you please let me know what the problem is and whether it is possible to solve the problem without fixing. Thanks for your help in advance!!!

Answers :

\015\012Blinking of standby light is Sony TVs are fault indication. Five blinks denotes

AKB circuit (AKB), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about

30 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. Something is wrong with
\015\012the video. You must have some knoledge in electronics and ability to follow the schematic diagram of TV otherwise called as circuit. Must have a high quality digital multimeter, soldering iron and a concept of soldering. I'll assist you. Must have confidence and more patience. If you have these, inform me by Fixya. I'm happy to assist you. If not, get it repaired by Sony Authorised service center. Any service center, who takes this set for repair, must have all the testing equipemets like oscilloscopes, clour analiser, pattern generator and AVO meter. Without these testing equpments, trying to repair this set will make things mor worse. OK.

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Good afternoon, Sirs! I bought an LCD TV Sony KLV-32S200A four years ago. Yesterday the TV didn't turn on. The standby light blinks 5 times and pauses for 2-3 seconds, then blinks 5 times again. Could you please let me know what the problem is and whether it is possible to solve the problem without fixing. Thanks for your help in advance!!!

Hello\015\012Blinking of standby light is Sony TVs are fault indication. Five blinks denotes \015\012AKB circuit (AKB), the timer/standby indicator blinks for about\015\01230 seconds then goes to the self-diagnosis function. ... Sony KLV32S200 Television

I replace the bulb on my sony kdf-e55 2000 but when i try to turn it on green lights blinks 4 times then turn to red blinks 3 times and not power on can someone please let me know how to fix this problem thanks in advance

... Sony Grand WEGA KDF55E2000 55" Projection HDTV

HI; This is Mike , I have a plasma tv about 6 years old and recently I see ghosting from time to time or should I say every 10 to 15 seconds. I've tried to re-connect all the cables but it still does the same thing. Could you let me know what is the problem please?

... LG RU-42PX11 42 in. EDTV-Ready Plasma Television

Recently I started to have a problem with turninig the TV on. Sometimes I have to try many times and it does not work anyway. Then I try again and it work on the second or third try. When I do that I can hear that it clicks but the TV does not starts up. The little light on the front of the TV (stand by) blinks not sure why? Please let me know how this can be corrected.

Hi,may i know the brand and model of your TV also a brief description of it like an LCD,CRT DLP.PLASMA,etc please post back..thank you! ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an 11 year old Toshiba DVD player. The last 2 times I rented a disk I had problems. Everything seems to be fine through the previews. When the movie starts to play, the screen goes green. The audio is fine. The video is there, but everything is green. I try the DVD in another player and it worked fine. I tried it in my laptop and it worked fine. Has anyone had a sinillar problem as this? Is there a solution to this issue? Please let me know

This is usually an issue with the component cables running to the TV. Remove the cables and retry with different component cables. If this doesn't fix the issue, its a problem with the DVD player itself.As far as DVD players go, you've do ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have anew Sony 40 inch EX 520 series Led warranty not valid in India since purchased in Bangkok. The power standby light goes of very often and the Tv goes dead. If I switch off the power supply for couple of minutes and switch it on again the stand by light comes back on and TV functions normally. The TV is also very sensitive to voltage fluctuations and on Inverter power supply. Please let me know what could be wrong and how to solve this problem. Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

KDL40XBR7 Hi everyone. I have a Sony KDL40XBR7.BUT when I watch the tv for 30~40 min after then it turn off by itself to standby and red blank 6 times. Can I fix it by myself?? would you please let me know what kind part problem is. Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony triton xbr. Not sure how old it is but it won't turn on. It acts like it's going to, it clicks and the lights blink a few times. It will then blink 6 times in a row. When I push power again it acts like It's going to come on again but then starts blinking 7 times in a row. Does anyone know what the problem is?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

The Panasonic plasma model I have is th-50phd6. It links 7 times. How much to fix, you know labor, parts and time. I would like to see ido can repair it. I bought the tv for the stand...do you know how hard it was to find a Ty-st05-k? Good lord... any ways found a deal for 100 I got a th-50phd6 and the stand. The gentleman that sold it to me gave me the 7 time red light blinking scenario. So if I were to fix it for minimal cost not only would this have been a deal but more of a steal. Please

The problem is most likely a bad SC board, if you can find the board online it will probably run you between $250 - $300 for the part. A repair facility will charge you between $400 - $500 total to fix the unit if that is all that is wrong with it. ... Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Plasma Panasonic I have a TV Panasonic model th-42pz8e bought 4 years ago. Everything went well until yesterday. When i tried to turn it on the red led start to blink 10 times then stop them start blinking again. Since that i could never turn on the TV. Could you please help me with a solution?

Replace the Power supply board very common issue with that chassis. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a sony kds50a2000 and it wont turn on at all. When i do try to turn on the green light blinks many times then its followed by the red lamp light blinking continuously and wont stop blinking unless i unplug it. what could it be. i know most people say it just blink a bit then pauses but mine doesnt pause its just repetitive

You should Google the model number with "problems" as there are several sites with good information on this set.I would suspect this model does not have a color wheel but if it does it would be suspect number one.Sets that use a wheel ... Sony KDS-50A2000 50" HDTV

I have the Sony WE655 and I heard a "POP" sound and the TV went off? The RED light POWER/STANDBY blinks 5 times. I replaced the Optical Block & lamp about 2 years ago. What could be the problem

... Sony KDF-42WE655 Television

When I turn my tv on, it takes any where from 7 to 15 times before it will stay on. When it shuts itself off, the amber light blinks one long blink and six short blinks... don't know if that could be an error code or not...

Hi:\012This is an indication of faulty capacitors on the power sugpply, check the power supply for puffy top capacitors that look like they are about to burst on their tops, ... RCA L32HD31 32 in. LCD HDTV

My sony trinitron color tv (model KV-XA21 M83) has been having a problem over the last one year. The TV mechanic on his last visit was unable to diagnose the problem as it started working when he was present to check the problem. Now it blinks 2 times (red color) and does not turn on. I would be very grateful if you could suggest what needs to be done.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Could you please let me know the tv code for my sky tv to be tuned in

... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

When I try to turn it on, the power light blinks 5 times, then 9 times. No sounds, no picture, nothing. What could the problem be, and how much would it cost to repair? Thanks!

Bulb is bad, and about $200.00 ... RCA R52WM24 52" HDTV Projection Television

SONY TRINITON KV-32XBR15 The picture has collapsed on the left and right horizontal plane. This problem causes an " Horu-Glass" picture/raster display. I have checked for cold solder joints in the Horizontal and Flyback transformer areas. I resoldered every suspected joints. The problem still exists. The Flyback transformer shows a low voltage of 21VDC, it must be 28VDC. Please let me know any sugestions, tks

From your description it sounds like a yoke problem, you describe an hour glass picture which is a classic symptom of the horizontal sector of the yoke is at fault. The easiest way to test for this is a ringer tester, chances are it will show a short ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KD-34XBR2 34" TV

Hi...I have a Sony WEGA KV-29M91 that is very difficult to turn on. When I try to power it on the stand by timer light blinks 6 times then stops the repeat for another 6 times. Aventunally the TV does come on after repeated pushs of the power button. What's problem? Can some please tell it this something that I can repair or do I need a service person...Thank you in advance...Amir

... Sony WEGA® KV-XR25M80 TV

Good afternoon, I have a Sony TV KDF-LSD E50A11E overhead projector, a few months now I've changed the bulb and turn on the TV and some time it turns itself off and the red light blinks 2 times, after a few minutes and switch back on when the image appears again off and only last one hour it is back to work, have already taken a technician and continues in the same Someone help me please My email is [email protected] Thank you very much Lurdes

It could be a cooling fan or power supply problem or a switch on the saftey inter;lock on the lamp door \015\012it will require some trouble shooting if your having problems finding some one in your area contact sony for a referal to a ... Sony KDF-E50A11E TV

Hi, I have searched all over internet and I think you are the only one who may exactly know whats the problem. I have a Toshiba Regza 37" which has no picture but sounds works perfect. The thing is if you really focus the picture is there but its too dull and dark to see it properly. Ive heard something about switching T-Con board.. please let me know which one of the boards is that(any sign or specific connection?) and where can I buy one? Thank you very much and best regards kamran

If you can see an image and it's OK - no distortions or corruption - then it's not an image problem, it's a backlighting problem. This means that the faulty part is not the T-con or any other board that works on the image, it's the inverter - the bo ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have had my Hyundai Q321 32 in. tv for a while now and is giving me a problem now. The issue is every time i turn on my tv, the screen starts flashing for about 10 min. and goes fine after that. Does anyone know what could be the problem.... Do i have to buy a new tv...

... Hyundai Q321 32 in. LCD Television

Hi i hane got a sony tv with code kv-29ls60e . the problem that i have got is that the tv stop and swithc off . the led is open and close for three times and i have to swithc it on again . this could be happens for more than three times per day . and some timew the tv isn't s open again. please tell me what i haave to do .

... Sony KV-29LS60 29" TV

Hi, my problem with our Samsung HLP5063 WX / XAA is that ever so often it decides to buzz. The buzzing sound is coming from the back of the tv and happens at different times. Sometimes the buzzing starts after 5 minutes and sometimes after 30 minutes after starting up the tv. After the buzzing starts we just turn it off for about 5-10 minutes and turn it back on, just to here the buzzing start all over again. Can you please give me some insight on what the problem could be? Less than a year a

Bryce. \015\012\015\012 My experiance with what you are talking about is sounding like the color wheel going bad. Same thing happened to mine and it was the color wheel. Right around 120.00 and is a easy do-it-yourself job. ... Samsung HL-P5063W 50" Rear Projection HDTV

I have problem with my LCD Model 318GL-70TV I keep it for a time after i take it back it could not power on. Do any friends know how to solve this problem. Thanks with regard Pharith

This portable tv used a litium battery?Tries websites like Ebay.com or Amazon.com to buy an replacement litium battery or the a/c adaptor charger to recharge the litium battery. ... Lilliput 318GL-70TV 7 in. Portable Television

I have a 2007 Mitsubishi WD-65731 LCD TV. I have relpaced the bulb for the third time, and now I have numerous black and white vertical lines, and sometimes just a total white screen. When it powers down the lamp button will bink green numerous times before shutting down completely. Does anyone know the problem? Please help.

... Mitsubishi WD-65731 65" HDTV

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