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I have a Sony Grand Wega Projection TV model KF-WS60A1 which I bought several years ago in the Philippines. It was working perfectly then just one day, there was no power. I brought it to the Sony Service Center in the Philippines and they tried to source this part-- Parts no.: a-1077-026-a Parts descrption: MCB- F However, they said that they could no longer supply the part. I love this tv and would like to have this repaired. Would you know where I can buy this part. Hoping for your assi

Answers :

Part number A1077026A seems invalid/ incorrect, please reconfirm part number.

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I have a Sony Grand Wega Projection TV model KF-WS60A1 which I bought several years ago in the Philippines. It was working perfectly then just one day, there was no power. I brought it to the Sony Service Center in the Philippines and they tried to source this part-- Parts no.: a-1077-026-a Parts descrption: MCB- F However, they said that they could no longer supply the part. I love this tv and would like to have this repaired. Would you know where I can buy this part. Hoping for your assi

Hi,Part number A1077026A seems invalid/ incorrect, please reconfirm part number.Thanks. ... Sony Grand WEGA KF60XBR800 60" Rear Projection Television

I have a vizio vp50 hdtv20a. A while back we turned it on no picture and it started to smoke. After reading a little about it I decided to take off back panel and see if I could locate burnt part. Could not locate burnt part so repair man came and we plugged in set with back off and turned set on. Resisters on y main board started to get red and start to smoke. So we figured it was a bad y main board. Repair man said he would order part and get back with us in couple days. Three weeks later

That board directly connects to the display panel---you may have a bad display panel which if is the case is fatal---panel alone will cost more than the set did when new----seen this before in the shop where I repair sets. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Sony Bravia Model KDL-40EX400 turns on then appears to reset a few times then off- red light blinking six times. Called Sony- said something about circuit board- and balancer. Called Service guy and said with labor and parts 300 - no. I'll do it myself. Can any give me info on this? Thanks.

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Hi My sony wega KF-E50A10 Lcd projection TV turn purplish ) Purple) when on . What could be the problem and it is due to lamp that need to replace. Id the part no for the lamp F9308-750-0(XL 2400) from pfillips is the correct part no to purchase. Please advice and what could be the other related problem.

Michaeltong8,\012\012Your problem is with the TFT panels in the optical engine and is an expensive fix. The KF series has a documented problem with the panels but the time to get relief from Sony has passed. Your only option now is to rep ... Sony Grand WEGA KFE50A10 50" SDTV LCD Projection TV

I have vertical lines...7 on them on my tv screen...4 inches apart from each other. At one point when you tapped it ...it would go away...but not anymore. I googled it myself and found 3 things it could be. Called a guy and described it over the phone to him. He told me he would call back after he looked it up on the computer.( I could do that. )

... Samsung LN-T4071F 40 in. LCD HDTV

I have a baird x47dtv and we turned it on today but had no picture or sound. the blue power light comes on and flickers as it should on startup of tv,however we are still not recieving a picture. i have replaced the psu's approx 6 months ago so i know theres no problems there,but am unsure which part i need to replace as it could be 1 of three things. 1 it could be the main board, 2 it could be the power invertors or 3 the screen. any tips would be helpful

Tried to disconnect first the supply voltage of the inverter board and then turn on the tv. if the indicator stay which mean the inverter board would be the cause of shut off or the tv turn to safety mode. ... Flat Panel Televisions

The picture on the screen is flickering white. It happens on all inputs. I called support and they said the light engine was going and the part was L1798-60003. This part is anywhere from $900-2600. I did find a light engine w/Color wheel Part 00.L6101G001 for $330. Would that be enough or is the whole engine assembly needed?

... HP Md5880n 58 in. HDTV

I have a Panasonic Viera 65" P65S2. After a month and a week the tv shut off, and when i tried to turn it on all i got was 7 blinking lights. I contacted Panasonic and a service tech was sent out to my home. The service tech said that i needed a SC board and he would order it immediately. It is now over a week and my brand new tv is still not working. I am now told that the part is on backorder for 2-3 weeks. I find this totally unacceptable and would like to get your view. Thank you.

I agree, this is not a good thing. A brand new TV should not fail 5 weeks into its life. Unfortunately, since the store won't take it back, you're stuck dealing with Panasonic's warranty group.Having to wait 2 - 3 weeks for a part is cr ... Panasonic VIERA TH-65PV500 65 in. Plasma Television

Samsung tv's The picture started going cloudy and grey so we turned the tv off for half an hour .When we turned it back on it was ok for 20 minutes and then it went grey and cloudy again. You could still make out the programme images behind the cloudy screen but when we turned off and on the cloudyness happened quicker. I was told by my local tv shop that the repair and part needed to fix the problem would be around 400 pounds and that it would make more sense to buy a new set.What is your opi

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have an element TV with a MLT070A power supply board. I'm not an electrical guy, but a technician came out and showed me the bulged caps and said that was what's wrong with the TV. He said he couldn't get replacement parts (I think the whole circuit board)but maybe the bulged cap components could be replaced by someone. I don't want to junk this TV and wonder what I should/could do. They're going to send me a $350.00 check for the extended warranty I paid 650 for the TV and 150 for the Cir

Hello,power supply board is dead, if you know basic electronics' and soldering you can handle it ? Most of the times, the power supply board just have dead leakages gases capacitors.These capacitors always bulges up on it top,or puff up o ... Flat Panel Televisions

Main Board? Had issues for years, where I had to unplug once in order to get the tv to turn on. Then one day, it would not turn on. The TV shows a quick lightening of the screen like it is going to turn on, but nothing appears. It also clicks once or twice. Took to a repair shop and they diagnosed with main board failure and refused to fix due to lack of parts. Do you think it is the main board and where would I find one? I am pretty handy, do you think I could DIYthis job?

The fault must be due to a main board fault. Generally, it will be impossible to get this board repaired. A replacement must be done. Most of the parts in this board are not available by local electronic spare part market. After power ON, there sh ... Proscan 47LB45H 47 in. LCD TV

Panasonic TH-50PV80H A little more than half the screen is blue, the other section is multicolored. took it to a repairman and he said I needed pn tnph0713 (not nn) but that he could not get the part so sent us home with the television. How can I find this part?

It will be best to contact the authorized service center for Panasonic at your town. Some critical parts to Plasma displays will be very difficult to get by open electronic spare part market. ... Panasonic TH-50PV80H 50 inch Multi-System Plasma TV

My sony big screne started shutting itself off and wouldnt come back on for several hours. Then it would power up and standby flash 7 times and after a few mins the picture would be gone but the sound stayed on then a few minutes later it completely goes off. When I push power on it blinks 11 times and does not come back on for sdeveral hours. What could be wrong?

On your tv you have cooling fans on the back side you will need to check to make sure that they are running. Lay your tv on the bed take off back cover (it's not hard) and used some air-in-the- can to remove dust from the back! If you need a fa ... Sony Standard (CRT) Televisions

Sony KS-60R200A Bravia SXRD not switching on. the standby red led light blinking in intervals of 4. initially it would switch on after you switched it off and left it for a while, now it refused. Please assist what could be the problem. I have replaced the light but unfortunately with a fake could this be the reason???

... Sony KDSR50XBR1 50" Projection HDTV

After being an avid Sony owner for year..... I would no longer recommend them any longer...this is not to say all Sony's are bad but my recent experience has really turned me off.....a little over 2 yrs into the ownership of my 52'XBR5 i started having issues with ghost images...after my extended warranty sent out a tech they said it was a bad LCD. they offered me 1900 or a KDL52EX series...the person I spoke with told me to check out Samsung.....I paid a little over 3500 for it.....not to men

... Sony KDL-52XBR5 52 in. LCD HDTV

We have just bought a Panasonic Viera TXL37E30B television with a Sony blu-ray player. I was wondering if you could please advise us on which piece of equipment we should plug a dongle in - in the tv itself on in the dvd-player? I know the telly is wi-fi ready so would have thought a dongle should go in there (an ethernet cable would run through the house, hence we prefer a dongle!). My son feels we should have the dongle plugged into the dvd player. Please can you help? Many thanks Alba R

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

Replacing light fan on Mitsubishi WD-Y65 after getting error code 42. I had gotten the good old "TV will shut down in a few seconds. Please check if the air flow is blocked," message a few weeks back and the TV shut down. Called Mitsubishi and they sent out a replacement thermal sensor under the recall. A week later a tech showed up, replaced the part, and the TV would not fire back up. The tech left saying he needed to check some things back at the office and would get back with us. He could n

... Mitsubishi WD-Y65 65" HDTV

Sony KP-57 WS 520 has 10 blinks. An "expert" said it was a part number MCZ3001db that included two chips;IC6400 and IC8002. In other places it is only one; http://www.tvrepairkits.com/xcart/mcz3001db-

The 10 blink issue in the ws520 and wt520 Models it is almost always caused by one of 4 items they are Q8013, Q8014, IC805 & R8051 all located on the D Board. You can get the repair kit for the 10 Blink issue at the following link ... Projection Televisions

Sony KDL-40Z4100 standby light solid red, orange blinks every 4 sec, What part may have gone bad?

The red stand by indicates the set is in PC stand by the blinking orange timer is indicating the timer has been set or has an issue ... Sony Bravia KDL-40V4100 40 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, I was given a 2005 Sony WEGA model e50a10, with no remote. It hasn't been abused, or left outside. It is very dusty inside, and the former owner said it keeps turning off. I tried it and it comes on briefly and then shuts off. It is a beautiful unit, and the ones i have seen had a great picture, so I hope it can be cleaned and given new life. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

You clean it with High presure Air blower.\012\012Clean with White petrol or any other solution all over the PCB\012\012Desolder the point which you fell dry or loose contact\012\012Keep it for dry out.\012 ... Sony Projection Televisions

We have just opened up our new Sony dvd player, which we bought a year ago but never got round to setting it up. We have connected it up only to find that it turns on, takes the DVD, but only displays 'loading' and thats it. Any advice as to how we could get the DVD player up and running would be gratefully received as we cannot take it back as it was a gift from someone. Thank you, Bethan

I don't suppose there is a transit screw underneath it holding the mechanism?Worth a thought perhaps. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi mate tv died a few weeks ago and took it down the shop to get fixed they said i need new power supply and new main board do u know where i could get these parts from and how much???????

Go to Shopjimmy.com type in your model number.\012PTS 1-800-844-7871 this company rebuilds boards\012also Look on EBay under Electronics TV/Parts ... LG 50PQ20D 50 in. HD-Ready Plasma TV

Have samsung hcm4216 w/ model code hcm4216wx/xaa that has convergence problemn would like to know correct current complete convergence board part and where i could purchase( I need to simply be able to replace entire component no soldering etc.

Try Partsstore.com for a whole board...\012 \012 ... Samsung HCM4216W 42" Rear Projection Television

After putting a DVD in to watch, the player could not read the disk. Then when I tried to eject the disc, it would not eject and it said, blocked. Nothing seems to work to eject the disk.

Hello\015\012According to specifications from Philips, your Philips Magnavox 50ML8105 is a 50"DLP projection TV only, and not a TV DVD combo. You are using an external DVD player with it, I thinks. Is it correct? If so, what is the brand name ... Philips Magnavox 50ML8105D 50" HDTV DLP TV

Dear welcomejee, I have a Sony Grand Wega 60" LCD, owned since June 2004. Model # KF-60WE610; Date of manufacture- April 2004. Recently while watching TV, the screen turned black. No picture. No sound. Presuming it may be the XL-2100U lamp, I took apart the TV to check and found that the filament inside the lamp had exploded. Thus, I ordered a new lamp. But, here's my main question. If in fact the problem is the lamp, then why would the sound NOT work? Or is there a safety cutoff on

The lamp is an arc type lamp an as such has no filament.Look again as I expect there will be a different reason for you lack of sound/vision. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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