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\015 Conversation started September 22\012\0123:18am\012Richard Upton\012Hello Miss Kelly. I haven't seen your pretty face in a very long time. How the hell are you?\012\0123:30am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012IM good... What r I doing? How r I .\012U\012September 22\012\0129:05am\012Richard Upton\012I am bouncing back and forth between SeaTac and North Bend for the past month. It's fuckin irritating. Long story behind that. Anyways, I heard you ran into my sons mother at the lake. I wish I had been there or gotten to see ya. That would have been a trip.\012September 22\012\0122:46pm\012Richard Upton\012So what u up to?\012\0124:35pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012IM in Monroe visiting my mother for a few again. woooo hooo .. what r u guys doing?\012\0125:14pm\012Richard Upton\012I am by myself in SeaTac right now. About to head out to do something. I dont know what just yet, but Landis has jayden this weekend, so I need to take advantage of a kid-free weekend. Lol\012September 23\012\01211:02am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012What's up Richard? What are I doing today ?\012September 26\012\01212:22pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey you. I just got your message. A few days late. What are you doing? I am heading out to SeaTac around four today for a little bit.\012September 27\012\0123:30am\012Richard Upton\012What are you doing Saturday?\012September 28\012\0126:50pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey you. What's up? Whatcha doin?\012September 29\012\01211:27am\012Richard Upton\012I am in SeaTac today. What do you guys got going on?\012October 6\012\0125:19pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey you! Whatcha doin today?\012October 18\012\0121:49am\012Richard Upton\012Hi. You still alive?\012November 3\012\01212:39am\012Richard Upton\012Really though. Are you still alive and well?\012November 16\012\0125:43pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Alive and well.... how r u??? Sorry it took so long to let u reply... I do miss u guys... We need to make plans soon. Hit me bck .always kelmal\012November 18\012\0124:45pm\012Richard Upton\012Well good to hear from you. I am back and forth between NB and SeaTac. I hate it in NB. I may stay in SeaTac this week since there's no school. Do u gotta phone?\012\0124:47pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I do right now.. I've been im Monroe at my moms.now we r in auburn waiting on something. Drove anhour. What,u doing\012November 19\012\0127:22pm\012Richard Upton\012I am just sitting at my house in SeaTac right now with jayden. We are about to head to NB. I have a parent teacher conference tomorrow, then work up in Everett, then back to SeaTac to wait for my sister to come in from Florida. I do a lot of driving.\012November 20\012\0124:39am\012Richard Upton\012Hey you. Just thought I'd say hi. Hi\012November 20\012\0121:47pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Hi I'm driving riding actually.... thru puyallup. To Kent. alternator stop working on my Explorer. Going to Monroe.\012November 20\012\0128:19pm\012Richard Upton\012That sucks. I hate car problems. I just left Everett after working up there all day. Im pooped! Lol. Heading to SeaTac.\012November 21\012\0128:00am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012If u are working in Everett again anytime let me know I'm in Monroe... we should meet up? For sure..\012November 21\012\0127:02pm\012Richard Upton\012Ok. I am up north quite a bit. I will let ya know in advance if I can. That'd be cool to meet up.\012November 27\012\0125:35pm\012Richard Upton\012So I will be up north I think Thursday, fri and sat. Do you have anything going on?\012November 27\012\01210:43pm\012Richard Upton\012I should be off work around five on those days, so if the time works out please let me know. If it's easier you can text my cell. 206.369.4443\012November 30\012\0121:07am\012Richard Upton\012Haven't heard back from you. What's up? I am gonna be boooored the next couple of days. I dont have my son and my work got cancelled. Fuckin lame! So I wont be up north, but for maybe a hour or so tomorrow, but if it's something to do I would be willing to drive anyways. Just FYI. \012November 30\012\01211:29pm\012Richard Upton\012Well this night is suckin! Lol. I am at SeaTac house and bored. Obviously since im on Facebook. What you guys up to?\012\0121:43am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ohhh sweetie... I'm in Monroe with a couple of my friends... why is night suckin?\012.\012December 1\012\0129:21am\012Richard Upton\012Cause I was awake and alone and could not find anyone to kick it with. I tried for like eight hours! Lol. Oh well. I finally went to store and hot dog place and came back and had a restless sleep. Lol. Im not whining though.\012\01211:12am\012Richard Upton\012You probably won't see this, but what are you doing today? Im heading north right now\012\0121:20pm\012Richard Upton\012Brat! Anyways....are you a clean and sober jolly lil lady? I just curious. You dont have to answer that if you dont want, but you should figure shit out and fuckin text or call my phone. \012December 2\012\0128:37am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Just got ure msg... sorry it took so long to txt u back. I haven't been dosing mdone. No opiates.. hell no.. but I do alittle wakey wakey..anyways what u doing..\012\0128:38am\012Richard Upton\012Laying here and about to strangle my moms dog.\012\0128:41am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Right on I'm just getting my girls breakfast..\012\0128:54am\012Richard Upton\012That's a good mom. I have been child free for two days, but I need my lil buddy back.\012\0129:11am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I know how u feel .. wow a two whole days though wow.. how would that be...? The last time I was without both girls was when I had to spend three days ins nohomish county for driving on suspended.. lol. No fumny really. Anyways I'm going to shower maybe inthe next hour if im lucky;) txt me back ...\012\0129:13am\012Richard Upton\012You deserve a break from your kids every once in a while. No sitter?\012\0129:36am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012No sitter...\012\0129:37am\012Richard Upton\012Really? Never? How old are your girls\012I apologize for not asking sooner, but are you married or in a relationship?\012\0129:51am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Four and two and not married not a real relationship either. Girls dad and I are not working anything out..\012\0129:53am\012Richard Upton\012Sorry to hear. :-(and he doesn't take them on occasion?\012\01211:23am\012Richard Upton\012I know this doesn't help you to get a child free break, but I would be more than happy to pick you and your girls up to get you out of the house and do something. I would have jayden as well. It could be something as simple as getting ice cream, looking at Christmas lights, or anything for that matter.\012\01211:25am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Oh my gosh sure...\012\01211:26am\012Richard Upton\012Do you work during the week?\012[...]omething. I would have jayden as well. It could be something as simple as getting ice cream, looking at Christmas lights, or anything for that matter.\012\01211:46am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Anything sounds perfect.. I'm not working right now.. u working week? I have a zoo membership the woodland zoo Xmas are suppossed to be really cool. What do u think?\012\01212:02pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I just got in the car to auburn to pick up something..... so just let me know when u have time. I'm thinking later this wk or after that. both girls have a bad cold. A couple days they should be better.\012\01212:06pm\012Richard Upton\012I think zoo sounds great. My work week is never stable. I work one day and off the next or seven days straight and three off. I will know more about my work week tomorrow.\012You driving to auburn right now?\012\01212:07pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes\012To pick up some wakey\012\01212:08pm\012Richard Upton\012Damn! I am in NB. I had some last night/this morning. I am dragging ass now though. Lol.\012Slept for like two hours before dogs started barking.\012Now I am putting in hardwood floor in room where I stay in NB. Do you take I-5 all the way or do you come through valley?\012I wanna see you!\012\01212:16pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I'm taking 167 now. I can take 18 back u want me to call u after I pickup\012Wanna see u too.\012\01212:20pm\012Richard Upton\012Yes. Please do. Do you have my number?\012206.369.4443\012\0121:06pm\012Richard Upton\012Do you have your girls with ya?\012\0123:34pm\012Richard Upton\012Is that your phone number babe?\012December 2\012\0126:48pm\012Richard Upton\012Well I hope you check these often enough to communicate efficiently. Lol.\012\0127:06pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Im here... this is my moms cell number... bathing my princesses .. I will call u when they are done.. sorry about earlier\012\0127:08pm\012Richard Upton\012K\012\0127:10pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012U CAN call anytime..\012\0128:30pm\012Richard Upton\012ok. Thank you. Do we need to get you a phone? Lol.\012\0128:39pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes my last Ph went out the car window in spanaway lol\012\0128:40pm\012Richard Upton\012Nice! Been there. \012\0129:06pm\012Richard Upton\012good night babe. I am so tired.\012\0129:44pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012G night always kelmal\012December 3\012\0121:18pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey you. Whatcha doin? I gonna be finishing up in Lynnwood around four-ish. Lemme know if youre available to meet up. Hope to hear from you. Maybe I willgive that number a call.\012December 3\012\0124:46pm\012Richard Upton\012Finally just got on 522!\012\0124:56pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ok I'm leaving Dwn town monroe.... out to my moms. Call me when u pass the prison...:):)\012Ill give u directions\012\0125:29pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\01211809 205th drive s.e. snohomish.\012December 4\012\01210:07am\012Richard Upton\012Already done working. Damn.\012\01211:08am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Right on...\012Truth serum used at Shick shadle addiction therapy.\012Oops I was Google that question wow.... ???\012\01211:23am\012Richard Upton\012Sodium pentothal\012\01212:24pm\012Richard Upton\012I am so fucking miserable out here. I hate this.\012December 4\012\0127:22pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey babe. Did you guys figure it out today? Anyways. It was really cool hanging out. I wanna do it again.\012\0129:17pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes thanks for asking actually... I was thinking sometime again would be good. Zoo lights?? I would love to let my crazy wild girls hang with Jayden if u think that's cool idea? Long day super tired..\012\0129:53pm\012Richard Upton\012Goodnights toots.\012December 5\012\01210:12pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey you. So I wanna see if you and your girls are gonna be available Saturday late afternoon to see the zoo lights. I am working in Woodinville that dayand it would be easy to pick you guys up. After that I could bring you guys back or we could go to dinner or to my place in SeaTac and watch movies and get pizza. I am down for whatever. Friday night i may be available too if that's better.\012\01210:14pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Friday..Saturday. zoo lights kick sounsmds good.\012\01210:18pm\012Richard Upton\012So what youre saying is it doesn't matter what day? Buy youre down? Lol\012\01210:26pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes\012\01210:27pm\012Richard Upton\012lol. Ok\012December 6\012\0126:17pm\012Richard Upton\012Wassup wit you? I am kid free for the next two days, until Saturday when we go to see lights.\012\0126:25pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I'm at my moms trying to hang in there. My mom and stepdad are seriously hating me being here. No other way to put it. I'm not sure if ill make it to Xmas here. I don't know how to make it better right now.now now\012And that seems to be the one thing whatever "that" is that would help me them us\012Whatever however itgoes. Anyways what are u doing? Wow and I sometimes wonder why I feel the meed to be in drug induced haze. Anyways got some?\012\0126:31pm\012Richard Upton\012Sorry to hear, babe. Lemme know if there's anything I can do.\012I can get...\012But I do have very little. Anyways. I just finished working. Thinking I may head to SeaTac house. I not staying in NB I know that much.\012\0126:37pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Im in Monroe my tricking card is still broken. I get replacement card tomorrow. So anyways where u working at?\012U have very little what?\012\0126:39pm\012Richard Upton\012Seattle. I am going to pick up something now. Its clear, keeps you up, and it can be ingested many different ways. \012What is a tricking card?\012\0126:44pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ok I'm seriously so u are commingl to see me right .. hey I thought I'd ask? U know u want tlo.are u going to seatac to get or where u are\012(\012Ohh I get it I meant fricking. Fucking funny you know\012Tricking card wtf I don't know ... should I?\012Ure crazy... dude..\012Ingested is ingested... consumption is a better word how about use it many different ways. Get high.\012\0126:53pm\012Richard Upton\012I think you may be crazy chica.\012\0126:55pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Crazy to the end.... that's my story andiml I'm sticking to it.u know... sooo u didn't answer my question are u going to seatac now if u are still in Seattle u should pick up and drive out to see me. Please\012\0126:59pm\012Richard Upton\012Hmmm. That's a lot of driving in one night. I have to be in Redmond at 8:30. A lot of driving! Lol. \012I will think about it. Lol.\012\0127:01pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ohh Kay call me\012Lol what's funny? Are u driving now.\012\0127:03pm\012Richard Upton\012I will. But if the folks are irritated with you... I gonna call u in a sec.\012\0127:19pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012They r irritated with everything.. seriously I'm just here in the middle.. I guess I make them look bad. More or less I'm an easy target and? a reason being that my current situation is requiring alittle attention and understanding Postive support from parents which has never been a specialty from them;) what can I say IM BLESSED.. I'm here .. talk to soon.\012\0127:22pm\012Richard Upton\012damn! You need a hug!\012\0127:23pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012U think..\012\0127:23pm\012Richard Upton\012\0127:40pm\012Richard Upton\012Fuck. They are taking their sweet ass time getting here. I dont play that shit.\012I am too hungry to be patient.\012\0127:41pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Understanding u feel u..too. hey will be there soon.\012\0127:47pm\012Richard Upton\012Did you sleep last night?\012\0127:49pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes and and a super nap too. Still laying in bed and probably will be until u get here. Why did u get sleep last night.\012??\012\0127:51pm\012Richard Upton\012Not much. I have court tomorrow. I cant not sleep tonight. FYI.\012\0127:52pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ok bring your slip for meetings.\012\0127:55pm\012Richard Upton\012K. I wanna fall asleep now. Im bored. I need to entertain myself.\012\0127:56pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Fuck she. Ure frwiends going to be there?\012\0128:01pm\012Richard Upton\012They say so. They have become quite the flakes since getting their own vehicle though. They used to just rely on a few of us to get them around, otherwise they were always home. Made it easier. My other people's out here aren't answering.If I were in NB I could prob get as well. I dont usually have towait long.\012\0128:01pm\012Richard Upton\012I thought your text read "fuck sheep"\012\0128:10pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Fuck sheep's dogs wolves beast.. not really.. God bless us..lol\012\0128:32pm\012Richard Upton\012They went to fuckin maple valley. I doubt they will be coming by any time soon or at all. I will probably end up going to their house in auburn in like a hour.\012\0128:38pm\012Richard Upton\012What are we gonna do when I get there?\012\0128:44pm\012Richard Upton\012Cause I gonna prob be tired and you gonna be wired. Lol\012\0128:44pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Wow holy shit that's alot of driving.. e could hmmm let me think get high.. yah then I want to get. A Xmas tree. Hayward I don't know. What do uwant to do?\012\0128:55pm\012Richard Upton\012You are serious about that tree.\012\0129:03pm\012Richard Upton\012What if I just come tomorrow? I wanna see you now and I think you need company, but I am in conflict with myself over doing more or going to bed. \012I hate missing out on potential fun. Lol.\012I need help\012\0129:06pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012We don't have to cuts Xmas rtree.if u want to come tonight then u know u can sleep here. Or whatever u want to do.\012\0129:07pm\012Richard Upton\012Was your mom and stepdad upset that I stayed the other night or did they make comments?\012\0129:08pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I wish I could from here. Do u remember mark Parker from snoquamie.\012\0129:08pm\012Richard Upton\012Wish u could what? No I don't.\012You really want some shit, dont ya?\012\0129:13pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Of course I do but tomorrows another day... no worries let me know what u want to do.\012\0129:13pm\012Richard Upton\012Well im looking at what I got and if you are happy with a bowl all to yourself, then I will do a little shot and head there.\012\0129:15pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012If u want to head out here then cool. Im good with a bowl. I want a shot too.\012Or rather instead of abowl.\012Wow sounds fun really though I'm hella excited now u changed it all.\012\0129:17pm\012Richard Upton\012Do you have a clean one?\012\0129:17pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012No I have bleach\012If u think that's ok.\012Is it.?\012I'm going to put Bailey to sleep.\012When u get close txt me or call. I'm going upstairs. Lll\012\0129:21pm\012Richard Upton\012Well let me tell you what I did. I loaded the pipe and melted it before I saw your response of wanting a shot. However, I can still get it back and into a shot.\012Don't fall asleep!!! Please.\012\0129:22pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ok I want\012\0129:22pm\012Richard Upton\012I just did mine.\012\0129:22pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Im crazy I tell u this man.\012I wont u leaving... If I fall alseep I will wake for u.\012\0129:23pm\012Richard Upton\012On my way. Hopefully I wont have to pull over. Lol. J/k.\012\0129:31pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Let me know when ure close. I'm a mess I must get myself togetner alittle. I do care ...\012\0129:38pm\012Richard Upton\012That's good.\012\01210:00pm\012Richard Upton\012Damnit I wanted to bring shorts or sweats.!.\012\01210:02pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I can find somethimf\012Where r u\012\01210:03pm\012Richard Upton\012Getting on 522\012\01210:09pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Txt me when ure getting off to montoe\012\01210:11pm\012Richard Upton\012who's Monroe? Marilyn??\012When I get off to her?\012\01210:12pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Off Monroe exit u dirty slut\012\01210:13pm\012Richard Upton\012Wow! I no dirty slut. I am clean. Lol.\012Are you put together yet babe?\012\01210:18pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012I'm trying now\012\01210:20pm\012Richard Upton\012Trying? Like the kings horses and kings men with humpty Dumpty? I wish u better success than they had.\012Getting off now.\012Turning left at nursery now.\012Almost there. Come outside?\012\01210:30pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012K\012December 7\012\0129:49am\012Richard Upton\012I forgot to tell your mom goodbye.\012So tell her goodbye and thank you.\012\01210:01am\012Richard Upton\012So I get to job location on time and my partner just now informs me he is in Seattle running late. \012like wtf?\012\01210:05am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012happy day....\012December 7\012\0121:20pm\012Richard Upton\012Hey you. Are you gonna be able to break free and let me take you out? I gonna be off at like four and I will be in Kirkland.\012\0123:16pm\012Richard Upton\012Call me\012\0124:20pm\012Richard Upton\012You asked me to get extra for your mom, right? If so, how much?\012\0124:21pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Twenty\012How longer immmmmmm...\012\0124:22pm\012Richard Upton\012It'll be at least a hour.\012\0125:56pm\012Richard Upton\012On my way\012\0126:04pm\012Richard Upton\012My frozen food is there! Yay!\012\0126:18pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes where abouts are u.\012\0126:19pm\012Richard Upton\012Who wants to know?\012\0126:23pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Me Kelly my name NT name is kekly\012Kelly and this xanex I took earlier\012\0126:23pm\012Richard Upton\012You need time to get together again\012?\012\0126:24pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012No\012\0126:24pm\012Richard Upton\012I'm on 5:22.\012\0126:39pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Ok went did send 522\012\0126:40pm\012Richard Upton\012Almost there.\012\0126:45pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Cool I'm so excited\012Saturday\012\0122:26am\012Richard Upton\012Lets go!\012\0125:07am\012Richard Upton\012http://dw.courts.wa.gov/index.cfm?fa=home.casesummary&crt_itl_nu=S17&casenumber=05-3-05651-1&searchtype=sName&token=10DAFEA20CB9C90E188CCF501B07CF9A&dt=1589CB72AC9D43F88FB8C0C27AE70DA3&courtClassCode=S&casekey=6294715&courtname=KING CO SUPERIOR CT#top\012Saturday\012\0121:31pm\012Richard Upton\012How ya feeling?\012\0121:44pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Just groovier.. how r u?\012\0122:05pm\012Richard Upton\012a bit sleepy, but managing.\012\0122:09pm\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012Yes\012I am here for u\012\0123:28pm\012Richard Upton\012Are you still down to go? Call me.\012Thursday\012\01212:03am\012Kelly Mallory Schrader\012High sweetie.... thanks for being you.... I'm not sure but are u naked under there. I do.t know why but that's all Im thinking about right now.... sooooo\012\01212:05am\012Richard Upton\012You would have seen me jump a mile when sara got in bed if I was. I wish.\015

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... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

Black screen I have a Samsung un46d8000 flat screen TV which is about 8 months old. It has so far worked without problems but yesterday when switching on there is just a black screen. Sound from all inputs is fine and it looks like that there are 4 small lights in the back that you can see glowing through the screen. Its still under warranty if I can find the receipt!! If I dont find the receipt any ideas? I did have a peek in the back and there looks to be one big board that drives the Screen.

You are on the right track suspecting a power supply problem. If you are tehnically inclined you might be able to repair your TV, especially if a board swap seems feasible. As always you have to dtermine the cost of repairs vs replacement ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Have a JVC HD-Z886 61inch, there appears to be some black spots behind the screen. Looks like dust, most at top of screen, not a big problem. Is there any way to clean behind the screen? When new the TV arrived with the screen not secured at the top, later had to have repair correctly attach top of screen to back of unit, possible dust entered at that point???

The most severe problem dust can cause in an LCD TV is a short circuit. This occurs when dust enters the television's casing and settles on one or more of the internal circuit boards. Enough dust can cause a short circuit, which will ... Flat Panel Televisions

Color smeared I purchased this TV in 2004 and it has been great. It worked great last night but when I turned it on this morning there was a picture but there were large globs of color on the screen with a big purple one in the center of the screen. At the very left edge of the screen there was a thin vertical stripe that looked normal. There appeared to be a horizontal line through the middle of the screen. I assume that there is a technical problem. Thanks Tom - [email protected]

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I have a toshiba 46XV550A flat screen. I have previous been able to watch video from my laptop via HDMI, however now when I plug it in all I get is the TV going from blue to black screen. The laptop LCD screen also used to turn off and you could toggle between using it and the TV screen using Fn F8, however the laptop doesn't seem to recognise the TV anymore... it keeps the visual on the laptop even when I plug in the HDMI cable to to the TV and Fn F8 doen't seem to work any more - do you know

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 57H84 toshiba. My screen is dark. You can only watch it if he screen had been broken but was replaced. Except for the third screen which we did not realize there was. Is this a screen issue or something else?

Outer if 3 screens is just protective and inner two are critical----they focus and direct the light from the picture tubes to the front of the set---yes if missing one of the two inner (usually taped together) it will not be bright or look right and ... Toshiba Projection Televisions

I have a Toshiba model 36A42 TV. I do not have the original remote. It has been working fine with the universal cable tv remote, I can turn it on/off with that remote, I can hear sound, but can not change channels. The TV screen somehow got stuck on one of the menu screens. It is a blue screen and says System Information at the top. It lists some information: Model, region, s/w ver, sdk ver, etc. At the bottom of the screen, it says System Reset Done. At the bottom left it says checksum: 14

... Toshiba 36A42 36" TV

I have a toshiba regza 46xv645u lcd tv and the picture cuts out, screen goes black and no sound. The green led light stays green while this is happening and the toshiba letters on the front panel sta

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

What's your problem?Toshiba 40E220U has sound, no picture. stand by mode maybe? How is this reset? Worked fine, screen went black after 10 minutes. Blinks light on screen, at power up. Can see bac

... Toshiba 40E220U 40" Class LCD TV

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