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We own a Sony FWD-50PX2 television. A few weeks ago it would not turn on. The power is going to the television. When you try to turn the tv on you can hear it pop and the red light showing it is off will flip to green and then turn back to red. We would like to just repair the TV as it is a very nice television set. We thought possible power supply, but it is trying to turn on. Any help you can give to help correct the problem would be great.

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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We own a Sony FWD-50PX2 television. A few weeks ago it would not turn on. The power is going to the television. When you try to turn the tv on you can hear it pop and the red light showing it is off will flip to green and then turn back to red. We would like to just repair the TV as it is a very nice television set. We thought possible power supply, but it is trying to turn on. Any help you can give to help correct the problem would be great.

... Sony FWD50PX2/S 50 in. Plasma Television

Panasonic PT-47WX53 47 in. Rear Projection HDTV Television and the power will not turn on it just worked last night. I left it unplugged for an hour and tried to turn it back on and it stayed on for a minut and then turned off and the power light blinks several times like a code or something. Is this tv saveable i don't mind trying to fix it because it has been a great tv but just don't went to spend a lot on a old tv. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

... Panasonic PT-47WX53 47" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a Sharp LS-26SB24U that has a white screen when turned on. I tested main fuse and F404 fuse both were good. I tested power going from F404 to ground and it was 13v on both sides. I guess my next step is to see if the T-con board is getting power but I'm not sure how. I tried following a white line that said power and along is was a hole and I went from there to ground but got nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

... Sharp LC26SB24U 26 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

Got an TFT-LCD television Haier L42T1 .. when i want to turn it on, it won't neither by remot. Power on led .. keep flashing .. i open it and no part are deffected. Would check power supply card. And woul get help, pls.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My TV will turn on for approx 5 seconds. During this time no picture is displayed. The TV will then turn itself off and then will not power on. I can unplug the TV for a few minutes and then it will repeat the symptoms described above Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Gian,\012\012This is an indication that you have a problem on the power\012supply section or on the load because of the following reasons :\012\0121. Over Voltage - the regulator\012might be cycling on over voltage due to lack of load ... Panasonic PT-47WX53 47" Rear Projection HDTV

My Sony Bravia NX711 LED 3D tv keeps shutting off and resetting itself Turns back on for 4-5 seconds and just keeps repeating the same thing over and over unless I power the tv off. Just randomly happened while watching television.. After shutting off I kept hearing a clicking noise and the red indicator light would go on and off so I unplugged it. Need help please tv was purchase less than a year ago

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

20 inch rca colortrak plus wont turn on.trying to figure out where power relay is on board. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks kris

Dear Kris\012\012You check the out put voltage of SMPS \012\012If OK then check the Horz. out put Transistor / MOSFET\012\012Check the Horz. driver TR. ... RCA 20" TV

I have an Akai / Scott LCT32SHA LCD television. When I turn it on I get a blue screen and nothing else I have tried changing inputs and unplugging it, but nothing seems to work. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

Try and see if the AUX input works if you apply a signal to the input - DVD- and select LINE IN /AUX.\012If so the TV mains sections are in good condition as the suspected area of fault can be in the front end RF section , possible in the tuner ... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips MatchLine 42FD9944/01S Television problem - i have just setup the tv and brought a new remote i turn the tv on and press the on button on the remote then a light comes on then after a few seconds the light starts flashing i also hear a clicking sound at the back of the tv whne the blinking light starts any help would be great at this moment.

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic PT-56LCZ70 56 in. LIFI HDTV Television Green Light Flashing and won't turn on. Out of warranty. Any help as to what might be the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advanc

... Projection Televisions

TV turns on but no picture no sound. Turn power button on but only the green power button located on lower right flashes on. For the last couple of months prior the picture would "skip" and I would have to turn it off then back on to get full picture. Less than 4 yrs old. Please help. Thank you.

If u are a electronics repairer,remove the power smps sectoion and replace the 820 or 1000 or 1500 MFd capacitor.it will be bluged.thank u ... Insignia IS-LCDTV32 32 in. Television

I have a Gateway p46m103 flat screen television that will only turn on after plugging and unplugging the power cord many times. It would eventually turn on each time I tried this. Now, however, the green power light comes on, and I can hear it is on, but the screen is all black. I even tried pressing the Input button on the front of the television, to see if I had accidentally changed it, and even the icon on the screen will not show, to see if I am seeing the cable box, or the dvd player, etc.

... Gateway PLSM46TV 46 in. Television

I have a 13 inch Craig LCD TV. I turned off my tv, at first it would not go off when I pushed the power button. I pushed the button again and I no longer had sound, but I still had a picture. I pulled the plug on the tv to turn it off. Now sometime later I have pushed the power button to turn on the TV. I have a picture, but no sound. Can you help me?

Your problem has been caused by the cables getting displaced when you were pulling out the power cord.\015\012The simple and easiest solution to your audio problem is to switch off the TV. Disconnect all the cables. Wait for sometime. Reconnect the c ... Flat Panel Televisions

My zenith 36 inch tube tv turns purple we would tap it in back and it has a great picture, also we could turn it off and on and it would return to the normal color, however it has been turning purple and the tapping and the on and off will not work all the time......my son gave it to us since he had to transfer to another town and this tv is really heavy to move to his two story appartment....HELP

This problem is from soldier joints enless you have worked on tv, you can take it to an electronics shop where they can repair it for you. ... Zenith Projection Televisions

TV not turning on. When trying to switch on TV - light on power button on TV goes green; hear buzzing noise over speaker for few seconds and the green light on power button goes away. TV not turning on. Any help is greatly appreciated

Replace the deflection board. You can get deflection boards from www.tvrepairworld.com for your model. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Dead RCA TV model # P60752EB. My TV would make a click sound and the picture would flash like it was going out about once a week. It went off for good and now won't turn on at all. Someone suggested a power supply problem. I'm sitting here staring at the power supply board :( please help! I love this TV!

The PS suggestion is likely on the money.\012You have a couple of choices-\012- Buy a new board from RCA\012- Buy a used or repaired board; one source is:\012 Jimmy's Parts ... RCA Projection Televisions

I have a question about plasma T.V.'s. I have a panasonic plasma model#th50pz80u.when ever I turn it on the power led light flashes x2, and the television never turns on.I replaced both power supply circuit boards, but no power.Can you help me with a solution?

Hi,\015\012\015\012This is a very COMMON problem on this set. Let me post you the diagnostics steps :-\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

TV worked great last night, turned it on this morning and the power came on, but I got nothing but a dark screen. No sound either and then remote or manual power button would not turn if off. I unplugged it for an hour, but it did the same thing. What do you think? Zack

... Vizio GV46L 46 in. LCD Television

Philips 42PFP5332D 42 in. Plasma Television wont turn on , flashes 1 long and 2 short red lights and on the power board a green light flashes 6 times continuosly

... Philips 42PFP5332D 42 in. Plasma Television

Power coming in to television, but when I push the power button to turn the tv on; it does not come on.

You may have what I call the hard to turn on issue, look again in the power supply inside the set--follow power cord that goes to it and look for puffy filter caps: ... Projection Televisions

I have a Hitachi 51F510. When I power it up it clicks like it always has and the power indicator light in the front comes on but it has no picture or sound. The remote will power the unit on but after a few seconds it wont power the unit off. I opened the rear panel and only saw a green light on, dont know if there is suppose to be more than one light inside. Any help on where to start would be greatly appreciated. the internals are filthy, going to get a can of compressed air while I wait a rep

You need to follow power cord inside the set; should be a board on right side it goes to----this set uses up to 3 small black relays---one or more is bad---tap on each until power light goes out.if questions let me know. ... Hitachi 51F500 51" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Help I turned on my TV and there was an hour glass looking picture, is was also blurry. I turned the TV off unplugged it from the wall for about ten minutes. When I plugged it back in there was a pop, and now It won't even turn on. Any suggestions would be great.

You had at first either a power supply or pincussion circuit problem.Going to likely be a shop repair unless you can find a schematic and know what to look for.A good idea would be with set unplugged take a look inside for anything po ... RCA P52926 52" Rear Projection Television

I have a samsung syncmaster 320p and my screen would just flash and flash with the blue light you could change it to component and all that except it would still just flash. now it will not even turn on it does not have the power light even come on when we plug it in. if you could help me i would appreciate it thanks.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Television would not power on one day. no sign of any problem previous to this-it just wouldn't turn on . I started troubleshooting by confirming voltage present at the outlet it was plugged in to , then checked continuity across the power cord and from the power port on the unit to the first fuse(f1) and across the fuse itself. all checked out ok. what should i do from here? tv is a SOYO DYL032D LCD

Next is check the power supply section/board replace all bulging capacitors from the power supply.use the same value and rating of capacitor.Resolder also all the components from the power supply.re tighten all the connectors..you can also replace th ... Soyo DYLT032D 32 in. LCD Television

Akai pt50dl24 Having problem with the tv not turning on I just installed a new lamp but I keep getting the same error message on power button (lamp/standby) blinking. The tv turns on and turns right off. Any tips would be helpful !!!!

... Akai PT50DL24 Television

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