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I have a cornea 47" tv that wont' switch on only the standby light remains on

\015 The standby light remains on and it won't power up, I checked the output voltages on the MLT199TL power supply and the secondary voltages are not present only the 5v standby voltage so i ordered a used tested power supply and the fault remains the same, does anyone have any suggestions what to try? is there someway I can switch in the secondary voltages to test the rest of the tv set?\012\012so to conclude, tv in standby, 5v present but 12v & 24v not present so set is showing no sign of life, thanks.\015

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I have a cornea 47" tv that wont' switch on only the standby light remains on

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My Hisense HSLC2629HDI wont turn on, i will turn it on at the power switch and the red standby light comes on, i press the "on" button and the light flashes blue about 10 times then the TV looses all power and everything gets switched off, even the standby light. Help please?

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I Have A .AWA MHDV2411-03 When I Turn On The Mains Power Switch On The Tv - To On . The Red Stanby Led Lights Up As Normal Then I'll Press The Power Button On The Remote The Standby Led Lights Changes From Red To Green As Normal And The Tv Works Fine.When I Switch The Tv Off From The Remote Or The Mains Switch The Tv Switches Off As Normal. Now When I Go To Turn It Back On Again The Green Led Is On All The Time And The Tv Wont Work . When I Leave The Tv Switched Off And Disconected For Sev

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My LG 52sz8r tv wont turn on. It suddenly stopped working. I presumed the bulb needed replacing as the bulb light was on before it stopped working, but did not come back on. however after replacing the bulb the problem remains. After pressing the power button the red standby light comes on, but when i try to operate the tv the standby light turns green and blinks about every second and nothing happens. I can hear a small click in the unit a few seconds after trying to turn it on. any suggestions

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My lg plasma tv 50pq60d wont switch on ... standby lights goes off makes a click but nothing in minute or so it goes back to the red standby light ..

Set is in protective shutdown--best thing is to take to a shop and get an estimate. ... Flat Panel Televisions

TV WONT SWITCH ON LE26A456C2D standby light blinks 5 times, 1 long, 4 short then goes out and tv wont come out of standby. You then have to remove the power. PSU capacitors do not show obvious signs of failure. Are these obvious signs of PSU failure or could it be the main board

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Standby blue light wont stay on.... when hitting switch, light blinks but wont stay on. could this be the fuse or the power pack?

Thats almost always going to be a power supply issue, You should be able to get a replacement power supply from www.tvrepairworld.com they have many which arent listed so cal ... Olevia 227-S11 27 in. LCD TV

Acer lcd tv al2671w. This LCD TV does not switch on and remains in the standby mode.( showing the yellow light) have to toggle the switch on-off switch at the back for 2-3 mins to make it work. The Picture is also a litte darker. Pls suggest solution.

This is a common fault solution which can be checked and corrected by you assuming that there is no component failure . There is a high possibility that the components over a period of heating and cooling, tend to bring on a problem of dry s ... Acer Flat Panel Televisions

I have an nec pxt42 xd2 and when I plug it in the red standby light comes on. When I turn on tv blue light comes on but there is no picture or sound. So I turn off switch on side of tv and blue light remains on. What is wrong with it? And is it worth repairing?

I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... NEC Flat Panel Televisions

Tecnika 32 switchs on to standby but wont turn on fully blue light flashes and goes back to standby

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My lcd tv is about 2 years old my tv wont switch on, standby light wont come on. i looked around and it says heat back of the tv with a hair dryer! this works for bout 2 hours than the tv will go of again. can you please help me thanks sean

Look for bad caps with domed top, you may have bad caps with high ESR when it is cold, when it is heated up the ESR will go down so the power supply will start working again, I use hair dryer and heat source and cold spray to troubleshoot the problem ... Flat Panel Televisions

Dual DRF2810 wont switch on I have a Dual TV, the standby light comes on for a few seconds then goes off and won't switch on. You suggested checking that the 'sleep' mode was not set but h

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Alba lcd42880f1080p tv wont switch on from standby the light just flickers and then goes back to standby

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Hello,Clicking and not switched on because capacitors on pcb power have damage.open and change the capacitors can solved your problem.if any problem after replacing capaditors, let me know . thanks ... Samsung LCD-TV LE40S81B 40 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Standby light flashing but wont switch on - Bush Industries IDLCD26TV16HD LCD TV

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Bush bu10fvzs wont switch on - stays in standby with red light on

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I have a soniq tv qv420ph3 the standby light is purple and the tv wont switch on, and solutions?

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Digihome 16822 hd digital tv blue standby light flashing and wont switch on

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Cornea 47" Flatscreen won't power on, red standby light lit

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I use this Alba television in my bedroom and usually watch it for a little while before I go to sleep. Due to the fact that it cannot be turned off completely (always on standby unless the plug is pulled out) I have connected it to a time switch. When I switch off it goes onto standby and shows a steady blue light. However, I have woken up again before the time switch has cut the power and found that the blue light is flashing. This can be cured by switching the television on and off again. Howe

If the tv is not a plasma unit which are expensive to run I would not be bothered completely turning off the power. I have a power supply readout connected in the mains power and Like you I believed the hype about switching every thing off but I lear ... Flat Panel Televisions

Wont come out of standby its a sanyo ce32ld47 -b i had my xbox in it and my xbox is now broke with red ring but 2day my tv wont come out of standby and the xbox is not pluged in i press the power light the standby light goes off like its going to turn on but then goes back into standby

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Vpw 425 viewsonic, have owned this Plasma, for several years, has always operated fine. Today it won't turn on. Main power switch is on. Standby switch is red. When I push the standby power button, it changes from red to green, I hear a click, then within 2-3 seconds the standby light turns back to red. I removed the back panel and tried to start again, after several tries there is a red indicator light (inside the panel) labeled "main power" that comes on and stays on.

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I own a Olevia LCD tv- model number 242-S11. I have had the tv for several years with no problems. As I was watching a show today- it shut down. No picture, no sound, no blue standby light. I flipped the switch on the back of the tv off, unplugged it from the power source and waited several minutes. When I plugged it back in and flipped the switch, i seen the blue standby light flicker on and then back off. Still no picture, sound, lights, nothing. Repeated the switch/plug again, but disco

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Hello my name is Corey, I own a LG SL80 47in LCD. On thanksgiving I come home and my TV don't have the red standby light on so I checked my surge protected where it's plugged in. I have a PS3 and surround sound that is also pluged in the surge protector, the other two electronics have the red standby light on, so I switched the plugs around , unplug from the back of the tv, and tried the wall and still no red standby light on my TV!!! any suggestions?

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Hi. Hope you can help.. About an hour ago I tried to switch on the tv. the standby light was on but when I tried to switch it on the light just disappeared as if all the power had gone. About 5 mins later the red light comes back on. This just keeps happening when ever I try to switch it on. Yours Gratefully Adam

Sounds as if the power supply has gone. Usually when that happens with no other problems piror it is the capactors in the power supply.If your tech savy you could look at the caps to see if they are swelling.If some are you need to replace them.My 52 ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

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