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We have a Sony Bravia XBR and when we connect wireless headset and mute the TV, there's no sound through the headset. With the sound up on the TV there's reception with the headset, but it has a lot of static. We have an Audio out on the back of the TV. The same make of headset (Radio Shack) works well with our Samsung TV and there was no problem installing it. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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We have a Sony Bravia XBR and when we connect wireless headset and mute the TV, there's no sound through the headset. With the sound up on the TV there's reception with the headset, but it has a lot of static. We have an Audio out on the back of the TV. The same make of headset (Radio Shack) works well with our Samsung TV and there was no problem installing it. Any advice would be appreciated.


Stereo 25ZT120 My dad listens to record albums on this stereo all the time. One day he said he heard an "explosion" and then no more sound. The record player still works - the turntable still turns- but the volume is very, very low and cannot be adjusted. The radio does not work at all - cannot be tuned into a station - no volume at all. He seldom uses the radio, but he misses the turntable. Any troubleshooting advice you can give would be appreciated.

... Zenith Standard (CRT) Televisions

Have a 2000 Toshiba TN50x50. This tv has been great up until now. All of a sudden when the tv is turned on the screen is black / no screen. The strange thing is I have sound and all the other functions seem to work as well ie volume, channel, ant/video. Now when I turn the tv off I get a muti-colored flash which is about 4 Vertical inches wide and extends horizontally across the screen. If anyone has any ideas for me it would be much appreciated. Thanks

... Toshiba TN50X81 50" Rear Projection Television

I have a humax lgb-22dzt television with built in dab radio. the problem i have is, after it has been switched on the sound dissapears after about 30 seconds. picture etc... is working ok. any ideas appreciated.

... Humax 22 in. LCD TV

Having an issue with the sound on an LG TV 47LH55. All of a sudden one day i turned on my Xbox and there was no sound. Sound works perfectly from directv box in all HDMI slots. However no sound coming from Xbox in all HDMI slots but video works fine. I have sound and video when Xbox is plugged into a different tv so nothing is wrong with the Xbox. Any help is appreciated

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a cable running from my set top box to another tv. Although i have a good picture there is not enough volume on the sound. It has worked perfectly well until I had to dismantle everything . I have a video recorder and a DVD attached. they are both working perfectly well.

Hello,\012\012This is not how you explain your problems to others. It should be precise. In this case, you could have said that you connected the cable between the RF out put of set-top box and RF input TV. Or Audio/video output of set-t ... Sharp 25N-M100 25" TV

Vizio e420vse It has worked fine for just short of a month with great picture and sound. Now I moved back to school, plugged it in, and it has worked well for almost a week. This morning when I powered on my tv I received audio but no video picture. Powered on and off multiple times, same thing. Now I just have a short blink of the white indicator light, no display, no sound. It appears to not power on at all. Any advice?

Its the led driver board in upper left corner. Replacement board hard to find ... Vizio E420VSE 42" 1080p 60Hz LED LCD 2.4" ultra-slim HDTV

Toshiba Regza 42XV500C - Sound work well, but Picture not works.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Moxi remote (rt-moxi-8x) and found 6 codes that can turn my Sony Bravia on and off, but won't work for the volume. I've tried all codes that Charter Communications provided, but only those 6 work. The codes that work are 020, 774, 804, 824, 827, and 828. If anybody knows of any others that work on volume as well, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

... Flat Panel Televisions

How do u turn wired headset off on lg tv when theres no wired headset and when it wont let me go into the sound menu.

... LG 42LH20 42 in. HDTV LCD TV

I have a Mitsubishi WD-73737 and when I turn on the tv the power light flashes very fast for a minute then stays a steady green and the screen is a solid blue. There is no sound as well. I have tried the system reset and it didn't do anything. I was given this tv, so I don't know how old it is. The tv will occasionally work but that is very random. The only item I have plugged in is an Xbox 360 with the component cables. The menu button does work so I know the screen still works.

Do you have the input turned on that you use the xbox for? Try different inputs as well. If you are getting the menu to come up, the blue screen is telling you that you don't have a signal being run through that particular input. ... Projection Televisions

My problem is: samsung hl-p5063w. I have a new lamp and it works fine. The fans work all right. The color wheel works well. But no picture, only the screen is black. Low light without image. The timer light blinks only when changing channels. The sound is good. Spleaker

I'm not a tech person, but from what I have learned it sounds like your digital board (input) connections. Try diffrent connections to see if you get a picture. \015\012\015\012If you are using a coax cable for your input, try the rca typ ... Samsung HL-P5063W 50" Rear Projection HDTV

Sharp 27sc26b crt tv has good sound but no video , however the on screen display works , therefore no video for a movie or add , but great sound , any suggestiond highly appreciated

Check the system settings. It sounds that video is muted. Enter into its Service Menu and check whether video is muted in its settings. Really this is a very skilled work, as knowledge about all function you see there. So be careful before changi ... Sharp 27SC26B 27" TV

My mitsubishi tv has a blue screen. The sound works perfectly all the lamps are working as well

... Projection Televisions

Tv was working fine then the screen just blacked out.( no picture) still had sound though. i can hear a humming sound from tv when it is on. just wondering if theres an easy fix or part i can get to fix it or if it is junk now. thanx michael

This is usually due to a fault with the backlight controller. It could be due to bad capacitors, which is easy to fix, or the inverter transformers may require replacement, which is not as easy to fix. The backlight controller board can be replaced i ... Flat Panel Televisions

My 50inch vizio p50hdtv20a that was bought in 2008 is no longer working. It has no picture, but does have sound and obviously still has power. I need to know how i can fix this myself. If its a fuse thats gone out or what i need in order to make the picture come back on. Has there been any recalls on this exact model tv i have possibly? This is the second problem i've had with a 3yo tv set that should be in perfect working conditions. Theres a green light on the back of the set that reads LED+20

How much time does it blink?it can be your video model.i am not too familiar with that set.but the module is on the right side of the set as you open the back.the whole of the module has to be replaced. ... Vizio P50HDTV20A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Hi I have an LG 37LC55 which works fine with scart no problem but when I am using hdmi after about 5-10mins the screen scrambles and goes green, purple, yellow but sound still works when I switch it off and back on again it happens quicker but if left to cool down happens after 5-10 mins again . Its just strange that it doesn't happen on scart any advice would be appreciated on what it could be and if it's possible to repair at a low cost

My freind i think it is not a problem.maybe it is from the device connected with tv hdmi try another device or go to system setting of the device to change the video format(try 1080i) ... Flat Panel Televisions

Our Hitachi hd1080 ph41211 has stoped working. Yesterday as I was watching t.v. I heard a noise which kind of sounded like a cross between a snap and a lightbulb going out, anyhow at that moment the tv went out. From that moment on the t.v. won't work it just blinks the blue "power light." Does anyone have any suggestions or answers they'd be greatly appreciated!!

... Projection Televisions

PLEASE HELP! I awoke this morning to find that some how half of my tv doesn't work. The left side of the screen is red and blinks on and off, while the right side works perfect. The sound is still fine, just seems to be the picture. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank You for your time.

Check the screen back light as will as the inveter board which have loose contact or dry joints. ... Samsung LN46C530 TV

46" Lost Picture then when I attempted to change channels lost sound as well. Green light on tv is on and Verizon FIOS box appears to be working. Other tv on system works

Hi!That's a clear indication that you have a bad power supply in your TV.If\012 you know how to DiY...I suggest you open your TV. Locate the power \012supply section, it is where the end of the power plug is connected. \012Replace all blown o ... Toshiba REGZA 47HL167 TV

I have a Bell & Howell tv headset XL. The radio signal lights have stopped working. The power light is on and the charge light is green, but the headset will not pick up signal. Got any suggestions?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony KDL-46S4100 LCD that was given to me that doesn't work. It powers on and the power LED is green and the backlight to the tv works and stays on as well but I get no picture or on screen display such as the menu. I can hear sound from the speakers when the input is set to the correct one. I purchased a replacement T-CON board but the problem persists. If I do the LVDS cable wiggle test I can see noise come up on the panel. It varies from vertical lines of different colors to whe

... Sony KDL-46S4100 46 in. LCD TV

I have a Toshiba 44NHM84 DLP TV. I just bought a Panasonic Blu-ray player. I hooked it up with HDMI to DVI cable and I get no sound. With component cables the sound works but the picture is severely degraded. Is this a problem with the cables, the Blu-ray player or the TV? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks

Check the conection properly ... Toshiba 44NHM84 TV

I have samsung lcd tv LA32B. A couple months ago, the tv worked well. Then something went wrong. I had to wait 5 minutes to see channels appeared in the screen. A month ago, my tv could not display all channels. I have tried it to re-setting channel, but it did not work. What should i do? I appreciate any help and assistance from you.

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

We have a Samsung flat screen tv hooked up to a V20 Bose system as well as Xbox ,Wii, and DVD player. When the buttons are pushed on the remote to activate the game systems, only the sound works, the game does not come up on the TV. Had been working fine.

Hello,I suspect the video cord (wire). There is every tendency that the video wire is failing. Check the video input on the TV and make sure the cord is firmly positioned and not shaking. Also, check other devices and make sure all connec ... Flat Panel Televisions

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