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I am using my KDL40V5500 set up on UHF local digital channels. Tried to get results via satellite dish and set LNA on. Nothing coming through and checked to see if there was antenna voltage present at antenna connector but zero volts. Isn't there supoposed to be supply for dish preamp here? Tks Colin

Answers :

Antenna input on tv, KDL-40V5500 does not have or provide any volts to LNA etc. Antenna input is to receive RF signal (digital or analog) by Ariel / antenna located in open air for better performance.
Dish preamp gets volts from dish receiver that is specifically designed for that.
Hope this will help.

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I am using my KDL40V5500 set up on UHF local digital channels. Tried to get results via satellite dish and set LNA on. Nothing coming through and checked to see if there was antenna voltage present at antenna connector but zero volts. Isn't there supoposed to be supply for dish preamp here? Tks Colin

Hi,Antenna input on tv, KDL-40V5500 does not have or provide any volts to LNA etc. Antenna input is to receive RF signal (digital or analog) by Ariel / antenna located in open air for better performance.Dish preamp gets volts from dish r ... Sony BRAVIA KDL40V5500 40 in TV

RCA LCD X2620W TV no picture and possibly no sound. TV has no picture and cannot see if speakers are turned off as I cannot get see menu's. Set has 5v standby and 5v switched. I also have 12v switched. I also see 24v that is present with set on or off?. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Hi.The PSU looks OK. Double check that Volts are OK on all outputs.Check if there is DC out from main to inverter. If you have no back light: If there is no DC to inverter, then it is usually main board. If there is DC t ... Flat Panel Televisions

Signal problems set plays great even up to a week at a time but then start to see lines in screen followed by blue screen with no signal then set turns off by its self..happens with cable and antenna connections..turn set off and resets for a while..is their a board to replace..

... Vizio M260VA 26 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I have a 37" JVC LCD TV Model # T370HW02 and the left half of the picture if filled with vertical colored lines for approximately 30 minutes after the set is turned on then the picture clears up and stays stable. Once the set is turned off and cools down the process starts all over again when the set is turned on. Is this a capacitor gon bad? There are two 1000 micro farad 250 volt capacitors, one reads voltage (10.4 volts) and the other does not (zero volts) when the meter is in AC mode,

... JVC LT-37X776 37 in. LCD HDTV

I have a 2004 panasonic ct-27hl14j tv that has no gun voltage on any gun. HV is present as i can hear it. I have the back off and can see that none of the guns are on. where does the heater voltage come from and what pins do i check on the pic tube board. corkmiestr

Hi. The Heater voltage primarily comes from the LOPT, (Line Output Transformer). The pin on the transformer should be marked with a H. If there is voltage from that pin, follow the track from there checking for open circuit or out of value resist ... Panasonic CT-27HL14 27" TV

21pt2004 94r my tv is 21pt2004 94r,tv after 3 to seconds turns off but voltages remain present,eht drive becomes zero

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Vizio model e421vo how to set off air antenna, tried but when i scan it doesn't see any channels

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I have a Samsung LN40 b500 P3F. When I turn on the TV, the backlight flashes three times then goes dim. I know the TV still has a picture cause when I hold a flashlight to it I can still see the picture. I checked the connector on the powersupply that connects to main board and all voltages are there. I will load a video later. please. tell me what to check next.

... Samsung LN40B500 40 40" HDTV LCD TV

I purchased a power supply from a well known distributor online and it is for Polaroid FLM-373b lcd tv. part # MLT070AX- and possible <<DOA>> If it is pluged in and power is @ the board should I have my supply voltages ALL present @ the output feed connectors all I have is standby 5v ?? no 12v no 24v and tv still wont turn on ..fuses all good..

Yes , the SMPS unit will output the 5-Volt which is the feed to the main CPU- the processor. Now trace the +5 to the processor and check the oscillations on the processor. Only if the processor works and outputs to feedback ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have A Samsung 52 inch LCD TV model #LN52A580P6FXZA. The relay clicks at A random rate, there is A red light that flashes steady. It will not power up. All my standby voltages coming from the power supply are present as well as the run voltages. Power supply on voltage is present, inverter on voltage is present, occasionally, it will give A loud high pitched squeal. It never comes on. Any help would be appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

55HDS52 no picture no sound. no startup voltage on vsago and vcego connector on connector CN68 power supply and logic board was replaced and still no voltage. what create the 3.15 voltage on pin 2 and 3 for cn68 connector.

... Hitachi Flat Panel Televisions

I am having trouble recieving over the air digital signals. I have connected a 20 db amplified FM/UHF/VHF antenna to the cable/antenna coax connection, set the input to "TV", and set the TV to recieve signals over the air. When I go to setup, the "antenna setup- digital" selection is grayed out so I can't set it up. It seems like I have another setting incorrectly set. any suggestions?

Hi there,\015\012\015\012I believe you have probably selected the wrong TV mode. It seems that you have set the TV to analog mode. It is common for the digital tuning option to be greyed out in analog mode and only becomes available in di ... Sharp Aquos LC-46D62U 46 in. LCD HDTV

I need to know if my Samsung HDTV HLN5065WX/XAA needs a digial tv converter box for use with an antenna and how to set it all up?

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, i have a proscan tv that i recently bought from a someone and in the back theres two slots for antenna's. an antenna a, and an antenna b. when i bought it,the antenna a had been used, like the antenna was still in there but it was cut off like a few inches if that makes sense. someone told me that if i get a remote that specifially made for the tv then i can use that remote to change the antenna setting, so the cable comes through the antenna b instead of the a. and im 99 percent its the ant

... Proscan PS35130 TV

I have recently bought a sharp aquos lc 40 le811e tv set,im havin problems tuning it i have a new antenna installed and when i try and auto tune it says there is no signal,i have also tried 2 differant types of portable antenna made for digital tv and still nothin works,cos of this i have to continue using my digi box although the tv has built in freeview,also cos of this i cant use most of the features on the tv set,i have tried so many times to tune it but still nothing works,could u tell me w

Does it have a built in digital tuner? unplug wait 5 minutes hold power button while you plug it in you should get into a secret menu usd by techs look and see if you have a digital tuner hope that way works for that set ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

Wd65513 mitsubishi tv 65513 i have this tv the picture is good and clear but after 15 to 20 minute of operating the picture would goes off I adjust the volume control I can see the volume control indicator moving up or down I can see other function indicating the set is not dead but no picture.If I turn the set off and then on the video will show normal for the next 20 minute then gfoes off again I need your help with this problem

... Mitsubishi WD-62525 62" Rear Projection HDTV

Hi, I am from Adelaide, South Australia and I have a Panasonic 32" TV Model TH-L32X30M bought from Dubai and it worked perfectly untill we had the digital switchover today. I cannot get any signal. I have tried an indoor antenna, wall mounted antenna and neither work. I even restored to factory settings. I had borrowed a friends LG TV and that worked fine. Any ideas what settings in the Panasonic that I need to play with??

... Panasonic Projection Televisions

Trying to hook up to a new Dish network box that was sent as a replacement. Before I can go through the Dish set-up the TV picture blinks on and off constantly. I have replaced the HDMI cable, confirmed that the input setting is correct and cable are hooked correctly. Is there a resolution compatability issue?

I would try using a gold plated HDMI cable. Often the problem is that the cable is not capable of sending enough frames per second. I replaced mine with a slightly better quality cable I picked up at Sears for $25.00 and the issue was not only resolv ... LG 42LE5400 42 in. LCD TV

What is the manufacturers code to program the tv to dish network? No one is standing by the phones; we have called the numbers given and set up the tv. It works but we would like to set up dish network on to the tv.

Hi my nameis Mike Houston of DISH Network and I was going over your post and see you wantto set the DISH Network up to the TV. If you want the code to have the DISHremote to work the TV we have a Power Scan that finds the code for your TV tothe remot ... Supersonic SC-191 LCD TV

Voltage for DM-28880E Ergometric Bike replacement power connector

I have just brought this bike off trademe. It has a 230v 50Hz o/p D6v 1000mA. check out **** Smith http://www.dicksmith.co.nz/produ ... Projection Televisions

Input settings We hooked up a Wii and changed the input settings to play. Now we cannot get it set back to TV Setting, We have a fuzzy picture coming in from Dish. I have it set on Cable, Input is set on Channel 3

... Panasonic PT-47WX49 47" Rear Projection Television

Sound but no picture. No backlight present. No VLED_VCC Voltage from PSU

For sure is the power supply can you replace the module? ... Sony 46 KDL46EX720 3D LCD TV

I have a Digitor 51cm tv Model G2100 which has had little use over the last two or three years we have had it (at a bach, so only used occasionally). It has started switching itself off at random intervals while watching it. I have checked the timer setting menu to see if anything has accidentally been set but that is showing 0 for all settings. Any ideas please?

See if the manufactur has a bios flash and download it save it on a usb drive plug in in turn on your tv run setup and do updates ... Flat Panel Televisions

Rca hd52w59. Set tries to turn has sound for a moment on startup heater voltage pulses and the set cuts off goes into shutdown. All cold solder joints repaired and ok rectified bridge is at 330V measuring at hot ground. All fuses ok in set. Is the H.O.T pulling down under a load or is this a weak HV transformer? Tips greatly appreciative.

Have you ruled out the HV splitter block this set should have? ... Projection Televisions

Sir, i have onida 21ky thunder series color tv. the set is dead and i have checked the voltage on str 6456 driver voltage its ok , then opto coupler voltage its ok but it it has no output kindly help me

Check all the other components in the power supply section. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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