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My 32 LCD sony bravia tv now already 1 year and has shaking problem after exactly its finish the 1 year warranty... I seldom switch on my sony tv. can say once in 3-4 days.. One day I watched a movie using my sony tv...at first its its goes well but after 1-2 hour the tv starting to shaking... so can you tell me what exactly the shaking problem in my sony tv since I dont want to pay double for the repair.. the price for the repair is just same like the new one!!!... can you please tell me which

Answers :

If you were to contact Sony they are very helpful and if it is on the brink of warranty, you may have a pleasant surprise.
Good luck.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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My 32 LCD sony bravia tv now already 1 year and has shaking problem after exactly its finish the 1 year warranty... I seldom switch on my sony tv. can say once in 3-4 days.. One day I watched a movie using my sony tv...at first its its goes well but after 1-2 hour the tv starting to shaking... so can you tell me what exactly the shaking problem in my sony tv since I dont want to pay double for the repair.. the price for the repair is just same like the new one!!!... can you please tell me which

If you were to contact Sony they are very helpful and if it is on the brink of warranty, you may have a pleasant surprise.Good luck. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-46S2000 46 in. LCD HDTV

I have a Sony Grand Wega Projection TV model KF-WS60A1 which I bought several years ago in the Philippines. It was working perfectly then just one day, there was no power. I brought it to the Sony Service Center in the Philippines and they tried to source this part-- Parts no.: a-1077-026-a Parts descrption: MCB- F However, they said that they could no longer supply the part. I love this tv and would like to have this repaired. Would you know where I can buy this part. Hoping for your assi

Hi,Part number A1077026A seems invalid/ incorrect, please reconfirm part number.Thanks. ... Sony Grand WEGA KF60XBR800 60" Rear Projection Television

My sony kdl-60nx720 just one year old, turn on for 3 seccond and turn off by itself, red led light blinking 3 times. Can you tell what is the problem?

... Sony KDL60NX720 3D LCD TV

I have a Sony model KV-32S26 that will not turn on, been sitting for about 2 years. Had a tv repair guy tell me it was the flyback transformer. If that's the case, can I replace it myself?

1) You must test the a) fuse b) c.breaker inside c) diode, d) rectifier e) transformer f) filter. g) IC. regulator voltage and test it. If the problem persist you must go to the horizontal problem by lack of RASTER, now you test the transistor hori ... Sony KV-32S26 32" TV

Th p42a20m My new plasma TV does not work. I had kept my TV after i bought it for more than one year and when i try to fix it after one year it is not working. Since it out of warranty i had to repair it my self but the total cost much higher i can buy a new one by adding little more. I got to know the faulty unit is main PCB (TNPH0842MW) and i suspect its a Software issue not a hardware issue since the power light blink on green for while very fast and stop blinking. Can anyone help me to rest

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I just bought a Mitsubishi WD-60738 everthing works on the tv with one problem my Sony BDV-E370 Sony 5.1 Blu-ray Disc System also new sometimes does not display a picture when i use my hdmi going to the tv. This is what i have been doing to get it to work i going into the tv and hard rest the thing and when it comes but up the hdmi works and then it goes out again causing me to rest and setup all over again. Can you tell me how to fix this with out resting or tell whats causing this.

The handshake between the two devices is being lost. Sometimes it takes going into the television's service menu for an industry initialization to remedy this problem. However the hard reset you have been completing is what is recommended first befor ... Mitsubishi WD-60738 TV

We bought a Sony Bravia LCD 37" TV in August of 2008 for just under $900. Last week the picture went fuzzy and then disappeared. The sound remained. We took the TV to a local TV repair shop and have been told that the repair would cost about $1000 and the TV is not worth repairing. Are we stuck with a 2 and a half year old broken TV, or are there any affordable options?

Check ebay............could get s/h panels or tv with busted screen........\015\012\015\012cheers ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

Hi i have a sony wega kf-ea50a10, have been using for over 5 years. Have a the replacement bulb go once, and installed a new one 3 years ago. The screen is suddenly now only displaying purplish pink a

... Sony Grand WEGA KFE50A10 50" SDTV LCD Projection TV

Main Board? Had issues for years, where I had to unplug once in order to get the tv to turn on. Then one day, it would not turn on. The TV shows a quick lightening of the screen like it is going to turn on, but nothing appears. It also clicks once or twice. Took to a repair shop and they diagnosed with main board failure and refused to fix due to lack of parts. Do you think it is the main board and where would I find one? I am pretty handy, do you think I could DIYthis job?

The fault must be due to a main board fault. Generally, it will be impossible to get this board repaired. A replacement must be done. Most of the parts in this board are not available by local electronic spare part market. After power ON, there sh ... Proscan 47LB45H 47 in. LCD TV

Our old ( I mean old ) Sony Trinitron (Which the remote was broken one day and my younger brother aged 4 at the time threw it in the fire while the fireguard was off when my mum was throwing coal into it ) Well our old Sony Trinitron displays AV3 and the other channel names in the top right corner constantly. A babysitter we had years ago could remove it by some of the buttons beside the on switch but he has since moved away and we have no idea how to remove this , Can you help ?

Maybe- If you know where the buttons are located, press them and look for 'Setup' or 'OSD' (on-screen display). You shuld be able to find the off-on setting that way.\012Also, the best remote I've ever owned (there have been many 'universal') is a Ch ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony KF 50 WE 610 projection screen TV. It has worked perfectly since I bought it six or seven years ago. This morning I turned it on and the sound came on for a second, but then the sound went off and nothing else happened for about one minute. At the one minute mark it turned off by itself and the red indicator light blinked 5 times in a row... paused... blinked 5 times in a row... paused... and then blinked 5 times in a row again. When I powered it up again, the indicator light blink

Hello\015\012Five consicutive blinks at a time and the stops and again blinks five; is its self diagonosis procedure. All modern Sony sets has this function included in its circuits. If the system control IC inside it detect any fatal fault ... Sony Grand WEGA KF50WE610 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Tvhelpdave--i have a mitsubishi vs-45607 that it to will not hold vertical,you said to replace the two capacitors. i looked at your diagram and i have a couple of questions.are these plluged in to the board or do they need soldered.would you have these two items or can you tell me where to find them,as you can tell i am no tv repair guy buy i will try anything to make this ladys tv work-it would mean a lot to her.The year of the tv is 2000.Thankyou very much for your time---tom patrick 717-421-

That happen to my TV before I just replace the board to where the RGB input is connected it is a board that is screwed at the side of the cabinet at the4 bottom of the cabinet is the main deflection board at the side is the I/o board you can replace ... Flat Panel Televisions

There is a red, green or black band going down the T.V. when it has been on for several hours. Have had a repair man clean and reset the robbon for $200.00. It lasted for about one year.

That will be a matter of preference but I would replace it. The problem itself is caused by a lack of voltage, when the system gets hot the contacts separate decreasing the voltage in the case the ribbon as the repair man said to you above. not the r ... Hitachi 42 in. Plasma TV

KDS 50A2020, Green Screen, took in to a Sony shop, they tell me it needs a new Wega Engine, cost is over $1000, is it worth it??? Do these go out in 4 years ?

Yes i have seen this a few times at the shop. Sometimes its a lose dvi cable. but 98 percent of the time a green screen like you describe is a faulty engine. I have seen this happen with less than a year. but the good thing then was the warrenty wa ... Sony KDS-50A2020 Television

The TV will not power on? I can not find a reset button. I tried unplugging it, etc. What else can I try. It is exactly one year old Donald 401-741-2083.

This is more than likely a capacitor problem on the power supply. Please use caution when checking on the power supply as it can stil remain charged even when unplugged. Check for bulged/busted or leaky caps and replace as necessary - put it back t ... Philips 42PFL5332D 42 in. LCD Television

I have a Hitachi L42VP01U that ive owned for about one year. The screen currently comes on with the remote but shows black for 30 seconds then shows vertical white/grey/black lines like barcodes throughout the monitor for 30 minutes - sometimes 4 hours, then when the montior eventually responds to the remote the following message is always shown: 'Please ensure aerial is plugged in - do you want to start automatic search?' New to electronics and would like to try to repair myself if possible - e

... Flat Panel Televisions

For a yamaha clp 860 keyboard can you tell me how the pedals are wired (order of colors)? Mine came apart when I was trying to repair one of the connections and now I don't know how make the connections. there are 5 wires and i need to know what contacts they go to.

... Flat Panel Televisions

We had lightening today and after one strike, my tv went off. It will come back on but only the sound. The standby light on the front of the tv is flashing and after about 10 seconds the tv shuts itself off. It is a Sony 52" HD TV. We have had it for not quite 7 years.

Tries tv unplug,replug it back like about an hour later.For the tv,to do a resetting itself.It is an auto detection mechanism to protected itself circuitries for not letting more power than it need for damaging itself.This disconnection and reconnect ... Sony KP-46WT500 46" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hello, I bought an LG 47LH50 HDTV exactly 1 1/2 years ago. Black horizontal lines suddenly appeared one night after getting home from work. Over the past two weeks I've seen it go from 3 lines, to 4 and now I have at least 5 horizontal lines...some more prominent than others. They are darker on the right and fade as they go across the screen to the left....almost like dead rows of pixels that come back to life as you go left. They do not fliker or move. For my first HDTV I have to say I

Hi, I purchased the same model in November 2009. About 2 weeks ago a single horizontal line appeared. Each day another appeared until today when the video went out. Now it displays bands of vertical colored lines like a pastel colored rainbow. Did ... LG 47LH50 47 in. HDTV LCD

My sony trinitron color tv (model KV-XA21 M83) has been having a problem over the last one year. The TV mechanic on his last visit was unable to diagnose the problem as it started working when he was present to check the problem. Now it blinks 2 times (red color) and does not turn on. I would be very grateful if you could suggest what needs to be done.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Our HP5060N/ HP PL4260N Plasma HDTV made a loud pop sound and then we lost the picture - still have sound. My son was playing Playstation at the time. Any idea what the cause is? Is it worth the cost of repair or should we just consider a new one. Our set is 4 years old.

Hi, I have just experienced the exact same loud pop sound. Then no picture or sound. Just died. Spoke with a rep at HP and was told that this (having owned for 4 years) is out of warranty and the "main board" has died. It will cost $629.00 plus ... HP PL4245N 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Our 2 year old Prima TV quit working. The power comes on, then as soon as picture tries to come on, the TV goes off. Called a repair man and is one of the parts for power, but Prima has gone out of business. Does anyone know how to get Prima parts or can generic be used?

Gerneric should be able to be used as i had to work on a customers old prima and used some generic parts. ill try and find the link for you for the parts ... Prima CV2011 TV

I am getting blue dots on my Sony LCD Projection TV. What can I do? I dont want to replace it as its only 6 years old and dont want to spend too much on repairs.

I have the same problem called sony tech support and after a hour on the phone with them they determined that the optical drive is going bad. they have a known issue with this and offered me a discount on a new tv, they gave me three options a 55inch ... Sony KDF-42WE655 Television

Kpfw51m31 sony rear projection, hi there just wondering if u are able to send or tell me where to find a d board on my tv..(above) it says to check solder and for leakage, just wanting to know what one it is so i can have a look.. thanks

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Model #HT32744 HDTV and have a blown speaker on one side of the unit. Can you please tell me if I can order a replacement speaker on line. I am able to replace it myself if I can locate the part. The TV is a 32" and very heavy I have no way to take it to a repair shop. Thanks Jeff

... Sanyo HT32744 32" TV

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