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Sony Bravia kdl-40m-4000 - turns off - timer light flashes - timer is turned off - Go to menu and it says timer off - but the timer doesnt seem to know this

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Sony Bravia kdl-40m-4000 - turns off - timer light flashes - timer is turned off - Go to menu and it says timer off - but the timer doesnt seem to know this

... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500 40 in. LCD HDTV

I have a sony kds50a2000 and it wont turn on at all. When i do try to turn on the green light blinks many times then its followed by the red lamp light blinking continuously and wont stop blinking unless i unplug it. what could it be. i know most people say it just blink a bit then pauses but mine doesnt pause its just repetitive

You should Google the model number with "problems" as there are several sites with good information on this set.I would suspect this model does not have a color wheel but if it does it would be suspect number one.Sets that use a wheel ... Sony KDS-50A2000 50" HDTV

I picked up a Mitsubishi Model No. WD- 62527. The guy said all it needed was the lamp replaced, I replaced it and the tv still doesn't turn on. Their is a green light that blinks were it says timer for about a minute then the orange light under lamp turns on. About a second later the green light under timer blinks three times then turns off and then the only light on is the lamp orange light. It will continue to do this hole scenario over and over again...HELP!

... Projection Televisions

Ok I have a Samsung SPK4215 42 in. Plasma TV, what happening is when I turn it on it won't come on, just green light come for 3 second and turn to flashing red light, then i use the Remote control, to turn it back on but and do the same again, please let me know what is the problem, so now i just say thanks in advance

The most common issue with these are the power supplies that were made with bad capacitors. All makes and most models are effected by this. Here is something to read on this issue.\015\012 ... Samsung SPK4215 42 in. Plasma Television

The Samsung HCM4215 Rear Projection TV was playing and all of a sudden the Picture disappeared but the audio kept on. Then I switched off the TV and tried to switch it on but the TV is not turning on. The tiny Timer light keeps on blinking and thats it. I have tried unpluging the TV from power for one week and then plugged it back t power, but still the same Timer light keeps on Blinking and won't let me do anything with the TV. By talking to friends it seems the DLP lamp has blown out but

First I need to clarify your tv. Your tv is not a DLP. It is a standard 3 CRT rear projection. So there is no Lamp/bulb to replace like you would find in a DLP. \015\012\015\012As for your problem. I would suspect a convergence failu ... Samsung HCM4215W 42" Rear Projection Television

I have a hyundai plasma tv 42 inches. Yesterday I unplugged the tv because i needed to use the socket it was plugged into, but when i plugged it back in, the usual red light on the main tv button wasn't on and it wouldn't turn on. I know it's not the fuse in the plug because I've tried swapping it with other things and they seem to be fine. I've had it for about 2-3 years and sometimes when there is a blackout down my street it takes a while for the tv to turn back on. do you know what the probl

... Hyundai ImageQuest HQP421SR 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I got tv from second hand store 2days ago worked just fine then it shut off by itsself and when i try to turn it on the green timer light is on and it doesnt turn on

Are you saying green light constantly blinks and will not stop? ws55807? ... Mitsubishi WS-55807 TV

I have a hyundai plasma tv 42 inches (HPT-4260) . Yesterday I unplugged the tv because i needed to use the socket it was plugged into, but when i plugged it back in, the usual red light on the main tv button wasn't on and it wouldn't turn on. I know it's not the fuse in the plug because I've tried swapping it with other things and they seem to be fine. I've had it for about 2-3 years and sometimes when there is a blackout down my street it takes a while for the tv to turn bac

... Hyundai ImageQuest HQP421SR 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I programmed my sudden link remote to my tv and turns my tv on an off, controls the volume, but when I try to change the channel of my television with the remote, the red cable light on the remote lights up as if it thinks I'm trying to tell it to change the channel on the sudden link channels and not the channels of my tv....help? (I know this sounds lazy because normally people would just say get up and change the channel but our tv buttons don't work and I don't have the original remote)

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have amitsubishi 65 inch rear projection diamond series. The timer green blinking light continues to blink. Book says topless reset button and should stop in about a minute then can turn tv on. Done it all and waited hours.. Still blinking and cannot turn tv on.

... Mitsubishi Diamond WD-65831 65" Projection HDTV

My HLN617W dlp will turn on with no picture (sound is OK), then will seem to turn off, then back on again without me doing anything. After this ritual being repeated, the timer and lamp lights will start to blink followed by lamp only blinking then tv powers off... any ideas?

Hi,\015\012 Check the lamp. possibility of lamp get damaged. check the lamp if possible try to replase it. you problem will be solved.\015\012ok ... Samsung HLN617W 61" Rear Projection HDTV

The remote wont and doesnt turn the tv on, go to turn on using the controls on the tv and read light flashes, informing that Child lock is on. Have tried the Menu botton on the remote many times with no luck !!!

Hello Ben,\015\012\015\012Please can you let me know the model number of the TV. The method for deactivating the child-lock varies on different models. I know on some, you need to use the MENU button on the front of the TV (not the ... Daewoo Standard (CRT) Televisions

Mitsubishi tv model vs-60111 will not turn on. The power comes on then turns off a few seconds later. I tried holding the input and menu button on the front of the console. The power LED light blinks once pause the blinks twice. Do you know what is wrong with the tv.

... Mitsubishi VS-60111 60" Rear Projection Television

When I turn on the unit the clock disappears and shows a power symbol but doesnt show the loading display. It use to say loading when i turned it on now it wont do anything. It sounds like it's on and the power light is on.

Please let me know the make and model of the set so that we can commence the diagnosis.Sai. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, we have a 52hmx95 for about 6 years with three bulb replacements the most recent being Nov2010. Noticed about a month ago incessant flickering and color fade ou(especially fleshtones) and color distortion AFTER 15minutes or so from the time it was originally turned on. Seems to be okay until its WARMED up then ...Now that I think of it seems also like the picture is much darker than it should be and it doesnt help when i make the adjustments via the menu. Do you think its a faulty lamp,co

... Toshiba 52HMX94 52" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a Mitsubishi WD-73737 and when I turn on the tv the power light flashes very fast for a minute then stays a steady green and the screen is a solid blue. There is no sound as well. I have tried the system reset and it didn't do anything. I was given this tv, so I don't know how old it is. The tv will occasionally work but that is very random. The only item I have plugged in is an Xbox 360 with the component cables. The menu button does work so I know the screen still works.

Do you have the input turned on that you use the xbox for? Try different inputs as well. If you are getting the menu to come up, the blue screen is telling you that you don't have a signal being run through that particular input. ... Projection Televisions

Powers on and off three times before saying off. Only way you know it is trying to turn on is you can hear the breif hum, and the green light flashes.

... RCA F35755MB 35" TV

My toshiba ct-90255 regza comes on when it's wants to when I turn it off it's wont comes back on for days and my red light just blinks where it says timer rec what does that mean

... Flat Panel Televisions

My emerson hdtv has fading problem in upper right hand corner. The colors are fading to white, seems to be three white lights shining down from upper plastic rim for tv face. I can see the horizontal lines from about center to right edge and the same going vertically. So, 25% of screen is fading to white. Cannot find any help from menu options on remote. Anyone, know how to fix this? I am using the tv as a monitor for my computer, it is on the PC Setting.

If you notice the same problem with different input devices, the TV needs servicing. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Im hoping someone will have the time to answer a question I have. I have a lg lh5000 that has stopped working. Screen doesnt switch on and standby light turns on and off intermittently. At the same time there is a hiss type sound that can be heard. No screen nor sound due to not switching on and tv stays this way no matter how many times I try. I dont want to damage the set so I not done anything to it for nearly 8 months. Does anyone know what is wrong with it and what the hiss sound is? P

It may have been a filter cap in the power supply going out---look inside for any caps that look like these--if found not a expensive repair. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv doesnt turn on!! It makes a extrange sound and there is a little red ligh that blinks and in one side of that light there are a letters that says "stand by/timer"

1st POSSIBILITY - usually after 4 or 5 yrs EHT ( transformer that supplies voltage to tube ) becomes weak - then TV won't get ON.. means no picture no sound ( in some TVs ''garrrr'' like sound comes - but it is rare) ..... but LED blinks - in some T ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

Panasonic power cut, i plugged in my digital box to the extension main whilst the tv was on. then my tv just blew. i just do not know what to do, and i have checked the fuse, and it seems fine. i tried turning it on ad connecting other sockets and extensions... yet nothing - not even a red light.

Powerboard should do the job.\012\012Found it here by searching the model :\012\012http://digipartsdirect.com/searchProduct.php?mainSearch=TC-P50XT50 ... Panasonic TC-P50XT50 50" Class Smart TV VIERA XT Series 3D Plasma HDTV

I have a urc 15in1 sas remote and a sharp tv but don,t know how to work the remote. my tv seems to be stuck on timer as the light is showing.

... Flat Panel Televisions

The t v keeps making a clicking sound. will not turn on . ared light will flash on front of tv that says timer. it has been off for hours

... Samsung PCK5315RX TV

I have the WD-65731 DLP HDTV. The tv will not turn on. Initially, it will power up, and you can here the fan running. The green "timer" light will blink for several seconds. Finally the fan will turn off and the blinking timer light will go out. I have tried resetting the TV, as well as unplugging the power cord and all input cords. After waiting 60 seconds, I reconnected all cables and tried again to turn it on, but the result was the same. No other indicator lights are on during ths process

Have you replaced the lamp?? You usually have to replace the lamps around every two to three years. The manufacturer has designed it so you the customer could change it yourself without a technicion. Hope this helps. ... Mitsubishi WD-65731 65" HDTV

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