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I have same sony model, I have problem with vertical lines on LCD Screen, When i power recyle and switch on the TV, i can see the clear image , After on mintue and half the image fade and i can not see any image , some time the white background and some time i see the vertical lines, Can any body tell us whats the problem , how can it be fixed, Any help is really appreciated.

Answers :

Unless you are really good in TV electronics, there is really no simple solution...the transformer for the video screen is heating and shorting out. I hope you have a warantee or guarantee on it!

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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I have same sony model, I have problem with vertical lines on LCD Screen, When i power recyle and switch on the TV, i can see the clear image , After on mintue and half the image fade and i can not see any image , some time the white background and some time i see the vertical lines, Can any body tell us whats the problem , how can it be fixed, Any help is really appreciated.

Unless you are really good in TV electronics, there is really no simple solution...the transformer for the video screen is heating and shorting out. I hope you have a warantee or guarantee on it! ... Sony 46 KDL46EX520 LCD TV

Hi. Lately my tv is turning on but once the video signal is recognized, the screen goes green with vertical lines. Then the set turns off, turns back on, and then I may see a picture but the colors and images are all distorted. After about 5 min of off and on, it would finally correct itself. It does this with any input such as my xbox and dtv. Now it is at the point where it keeps trying to turn itself on and off to seemingly correct the input signal. Each time I may get a green screen, blac

This is a foreign voltage issue. It's very high voltage with minimal current. Milliamps to say the least. It is not dangerous. The only way to test for this voltage is with a foreign voltage tester that low volt techs and electricians use to iden ... Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV

Hi. I have an LG 47LB9DF-UA LCD TV with a video problem. Originally, I had problem with horizontal lines, accompanied with a lag. After a short time the screen would then get multi-colored vertical lines. If I turned the tv off, then back on, the lines would be gone. If I left it on, the process would start over again. I opened the tv and found two connectors from the power supply board to the main board loose. After removing then reconnecting them several times, the problem cleared up. I l

... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I am having problems with my Sony Bravia LCD tv model KDL-32L4010. When first turned on the picture looks good for about 30 seconds, then develops white vertical lines. After about 3 minutes, the lines fade slightly and the picture becomes more washed out. There is about 1/2 inch of good picture at the top. After, about 12 minutes the picture is no longer washed out but seem to have low definition. After about 20 minutes the picture begins to jitter vertically creating a double image. The menu

... Flat Panel Televisions

As I switch on my TV LCD Samsung (model LE37A656A1FXXC), some vertical coloured lines (semi-transparent though) appears in the left-center of the screen. After more than 30 mins they disappear and they come back from time to time. Unfortunately my warranty has expired. Someone says it's a problem with the T-CON Board. Could you help me find a new one or suggest me how to fix the problem? These are the numbers I've found on the board: 72.37T04.003-O-JC1 Rev. N.: 2007-08-23 Code.no: BN41-0944A

... Samsung LN52A650A LCD TV

I have a Vizio TV VO320E model that I bought with a bad image problem. I have sound and it responds to the remote. The image is white with vertical lines that move across the screen. The T-con board is attached to the LCD panel, it is a small card measuring 1 "x 16", Two flat cable going to the LCD. I do not know if the problem comes from the main board or the T-con board (attached to the LCD)? There are several main board for sale on Ebay. Can you help me determine which one is failing.

Hi.based on my experience in repairing LCD TV's according to what you describe the problem must be on the T-con board however do first some re soldering on the t-con board and re tighten all the connectors on it.A loose cable connectors could result ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, my tv have multi color picture, started last night and changes to rainbow colors also you can see duplicate copy of a person head the time the channel, can you advise what is the problem, it is a Mitibushi tv 1080 and some time at the bottom of the tv they are bow shape color lines Thanks, Praaksh

Hi The problem is in the color convergence power supply. With the back cover off you'll notice a set of boards on the bottom of the TV and a pair of boards sitting up over the two bottom boards. The convergence p ... Mitsubishi WS-55809 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a Sony Bravia KDL40S5100 that's a little over a year old. I've been having an intermittent problem where the TV image switches to a slow refresh orange tint. Audio is fine, but the display is orange and there are trails and artifacts. I'm seeing this problem several times a week - not sure what triggers it. I don't think this is the HDMI signal from the DVR (Comcast Moto) - turning of the DVR and TV and just bringing back the TV shows the display slowness in the startup page and the

... Sony Bravia KDL-40S51009 40 in. TV

My LG led has had several problems, it started out with the left half of the screen flipping as if viewed from a mirror with the right part of the screen normal. After that, it displayed vertical colored lines (blue, yellow, black, white, etc) which went away and now it shows a vertical bar about 4 inches across that looks darker than the rest of the picture. I also noticed images burning in everywhere except that bar. I know it's a lot of issues but any help would be appreciated.

This problems are a very tipical of the coded pixels on the LCD screen panel passes through the board that call the T-CON decoder board to causing this problems.Vertical colors lines display on the LCD screen panel happen by itself.Yes.The T-CON deco ... LG 32LE5300 Widescreen 32 in. HDTV

I changed my two IC chips and three resistances on my Hitachi TV to fix color alignments. Now the problems is that yellow and blue double image are seen at the bottom of my screen with no much effect on the rest of screen. Manual convergence show a white horizontal and vertical lines with focal right horizontal end with red line no aligned, but if I fix this side, the left side is disaligned. So, I am lost. What can I do?, what is wrong?

Ur tv still have dead resistors parts,test all 12 resistors parts around the 2 STK convergence ICS and changes some more dead resistors parts or changes all 12 resistors parts for sure.If tv still have the same problems after tested and replaces more ... Hitachi 43FDX01B TV

My tv has white vertical lines on the left side of the screen. The tv powers on and there is a picture on the screen that I can see, but on the left side there is no clear picture because there are thick white lines on the left side of the screen. Is this fixable? What could be possible problems?

Hey Carson, Without seeing the set, it is hard to pin down the problem. But I would guess you have a problem with either the t-con board, t-con ribbon connection problem, or a failing LCD panel. Samsungs are known for premature panel failures ... Samsung LN32D450G1D 32 LCD TV

Kdl-52W5100 The TV gets many vertical lines on start. I let it work for half hour and then turn it off and back on and it's almost ok. there's still a horizontal line in the firts top quater generate a difference on image quality on top. Can somebody help me find the solution. I changed the LCD controler but was not solution the problem.

... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 2007 Mitsubishi WD-65731 LCD TV. I have relpaced the bulb for the third time, and now I have numerous black and white vertical lines, and sometimes just a total white screen. When it powers down the lamp button will bink green numerous times before shutting down completely. Does anyone know the problem? Please help.

... Mitsubishi WD-65731 65" HDTV

My Tv screen of samsung LA32C450 model is covered with white vertical lines and it started at the right edge and slowly covers the whole screen though I can see the TV program inside but with blurred

There are defects in the board due to leaky or dry capacitors. This might need attention by a qualified service technician. ... Samsung LA32A450 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Blurry image, flickering and 6 inch vertical green lines on the bottom of the screen. ... Problem with the HP Md6580n 65 in. HDTV Television ...

It is the convergence module that is bad, need to change the convergence IC's, or the buy a new convergence module at www.partsore.com ... HP Md6580n 65 in. HDTV

Samsung la46m8 lcd tv when switched on keeps going on off continuously. Also the screen that one sees for a few secs in between has vertical lines. what could be the problem? it is a 3.5 years old tv and before yesterday was working fine

Some tv's switch of when the signal is too weak (check your cables or arial reception) ... Samsung LA46M81BDX 46 in. LCD TV

My Mitsubishi television has vertical and horizontal 6 inch lines and ghosting when you turn it on. It slowly improves eventually but it's taking longer each time. What's the problem?

Do you know how old your Mistsubishi TV is?. I know my folks had a Mitsubishi TV for over 15-20 years and near the end of it's life it started doing what your TV is doing. So just want to clarify the age of your TV?If it is the same age as what I hav ... Flat Panel Televisions

My emerson hdtv has fading problem in upper right hand corner. The colors are fading to white, seems to be three white lights shining down from upper plastic rim for tv face. I can see the horizontal lines from about center to right edge and the same going vertically. So, 25% of screen is fading to white. Cannot find any help from menu options on remote. Anyone, know how to fix this? I am using the tv as a monitor for my computer, it is on the PC Setting.

If you notice the same problem with different input devices, the TV needs servicing. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My picture starts to flicker from dark to light when I turn it on. Eventually it brightens up after 30 mins on, but there is a vertical dark line through the middle of the screen and also color background is all messed up. I can see a faded image at the top that says TV Guide. Any help? ProScan 47 LCD Flatscreen.

... Proscan 47LB45H 47 in. LCD TV

My Sony KDL 46XBR4 when first turned on has vertical lines, or sometimes very dark picture for about half an hour, then the picture clears up fine, as long as I keep the tv on. Now, it is dark, almost "tie dye" looking all the time. Is it true Sony has extended its warrenty till 2012 for such a problem? Is it worth fixing, or should I just get a new set? Thanks.

That is correct. Sony has extended their warranty on panels for this model until Oct. 31st 2012. Just give Sony a call or simply take your set to an authorized service center and you will get your set fixed for free. ... Sony KDL-46XBR4 46 in. LCD Television

I just purchased a brand new M420nv 42 HDTV LCD LED and turned it on for the first time & the screen was white with blue vertical lines (very similar to a UPC bar code) on the left side of the screen. I tried to turn the tv off using the rotation dial on the side as the instructions state (for 3 seconds) & that doesn't even work. What is the problem with the tv? Is it a defect?

For sure a defect. You are looking at a T-con board that is faulty. Return immediately and get a different one. If it's within 30 days just swap out and avoid having to wait for a warranty repair!\015\012\015\012\015\012Please rate ... Vizio m420nv 42 in. LCD HDTV

Samsung LN46A550 LCD power on/off problem again. Red light blinks then clicks on and off and then repeats the cycle. Only way to turn off is to unplug the set. When tv has eventually come on after a long time and I turn on my dtv component, I get a picture for like 4 seconds and then the screen goes all green or rainbow vertical lines and the tv starts to cycle on and off again. It will cycle on and off until I turn the dtv component off. Once I do that it will cycle of then onf again and the

It is the Main A/V board that is faulty, not the power supply. The rainbow screen that you are seeing and the searching for signal message before it shuts off confirms this. It is the large board at the center of the tv. If you can get me the part nu ... Samsung LN46A650 46 in. LCD HDTV

AKAI pdp4206em Replaced the Z Sustainer board which returned the picture but have a 2" wide vertical black line 9" from left of screen. Could this be a defective replacement board or another one? It did not have this problem at time of failure.

... Akai PDP4206EM Television

Multi-colored vertical lines fade in and out, sometimes with image ghosting on my Samsung LN46B650. Is this a T-Con board or TAB problem? Thanks.

Tab Bonding Issue. I too have had this problem with the very same model, it is most often \012improperly diagnosed as a t-con board issue by most who just want to \012provide an answer for the sake of there own ego at various forums. This \012is ... Samsung LN46B650 46/49.5 in. LCD HDTV

I have a sharp 32sh12u that has a problem where sometimes i would be watching something the image stand stills then fades to sync with current frame then eventually show vertical lines. The picture will eventually stablize within 20-30 mins or reboot (power cord out). I'm assuming its the tcon board or the tuner board that needs to be replaced. Any insight would be great. some pics http://i.imgur.com/gvC6y.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4DygR.jpg http://i.imgur.com/kykpe.jpg

I don't yet have a solution for this problem, As I to have the Sharp model LC 32SH12U 32 inch LCD Tv. From what I have seen and read in searching for a relatively cheaper fix than just tossing out this $600.00 Tv,I have heard T-CON Board MANY MANY ti ... Sharp LC-32SH12U TV

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