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Moved tv to another room, it was connected to a cable box. Now it is just connect to regular cable but the remote do not work. How can I program it to get more channels (it only get 2 channels since I moved it) without the remote.

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Moved tv to another room, it was connected to a cable box. Now it is just connect to regular cable but the remote do not work. How can I program it to get more channels (it only get 2 channels since I moved it) without the remote.

... SNK Magnavox 42MF438B/27 42 in. LCD TV

I have lost the remote for the tv. Some how the channel that Verizon FIOS needs for the cable hookup has moved therefore I get no cable. I just have a fuzzy picture. How can I get the channel on the TV to change without the remote? John

... Toshiba CZ32T31 TV

I programmed my sudden link remote to my tv and turns my tv on an off, controls the volume, but when I try to change the channel of my television with the remote, the red cable light on the remote lights up as if it thinks I'm trying to tell it to change the channel on the sudden link channels and not the channels of my tv....help? (I know this sounds lazy because normally people would just say get up and change the channel but our tv buttons don't work and I don't have the original remote)

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi! My mother gave me an Insignia HDMI TV, and I can't figure out how to hook either my Wii console or Sony DVD player to the TV. I transfered all of the audio/visual cables from the old TV to the new TV in the same way, but can't get the Insignia TV to move off channel 3 (where it connects to the cable box) to any of the input channels, and similarly have been unable to program additional channels in the menu settings. I believe the Insignia TV is the "audyssey" model if that helps. Any advic

Hey there!\015\012\015\012Is there a button on the set or remote that says "input" or "source"?\015\012That will change the input settings from cable, to HDMI or RCA (aux). ... Flat Panel Televisions

The TV works however I cannot get the set to read the channels. I have cable but no cable box. Have tried to program it for over 3 hours. I've tried it using ch.3 and ch.4. through the remote. After I scan the channels, it tells me none were read. My other TV's work, so it's not the cable company. I even plugged the plug for about 30 minutes.

Check you cable or air settings. I would try cable setting first then scan channels, if that doesn't work I would try air and scan.I am not sure cable setup.\015\012also check tv input settings. the lcd's have an input selection button. it will ... Flat Panel Televisions

LD-3237 The TV was connected to the cable box and worked fine. We then accidently tried to change channels with the TV remote rather than the cable remote and we have not gotten any picture since. Tried everything but still get the No Signal message. What do I need to do?

... Westinghouse 32in LED HDTV - Black LD-3237

I canceled my cable and cant find any of the local channels. how do I get my local channels to start showing? Do i need a converter? And think i locked one of the channels and now its asking me for a code, whats the code and how do I enter it since my remote is broken?

Sounds like easiest option get another t.v ... JVC AV-27F475 27" TV

Lost my remote this weekend, during a move. I have a cox cable and two other remotes. Could I get the code to program a universal remote

... Sylvania 6419 Combo

Lost my remote for my TCL, it is now stuck in USB input and will not let me get out of it without a remote. Can't change the channel, volume or bring up the Menu. I have Comcast basic cable hooked

... TCL L40FHDM12 40 Class LCD HDTV - 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 16:9, 60Hz, 8ms,

I have just recieved froma friend a Toshiba MW20FN1 (-R) Television and there is no remote with it. I have purchased a universal remote. My problem is I can't get the tv to switch from TV to Cable so as to search or set up all of the channels. It will not go over 20 channels. What is the universal remote code for this TV and how do I get the tv to correctly go up and down to all of the cable channels. Thanks.

... Toshiba MW20FN1 20 in. TV/VCR/DVD Combo

Can u get to the menu on a memorex DVD /VCR /combo TV without a remote manually by the tv. Buttons to auto program channel search?

No,most require the remote to navigate the menu and enter changes with. ... Memorex Combination Televisions

I have a Septre TV and Mediacom Digital Box. Having difficulty programming the Mediacom remote. To control the Off/On and volume control you have to push the TV button and then to turn channels you have to pushed the cable button. Any way to resolve this without having to go back and forth?

... Sceptre X405BV-FHD3 40 in. LCD HDTV

Have a Craig CLC501 - how can I get it to scan for channels without the remote control (lost in move)?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I cannot get the TV or the remote to move to channel 3 to access cable, any ideas? The menu screen will not come on.

You are using the tv original tv remote?Yes,push the buttons on the remote that said like VIDEO or INPUT see if u can get in a tv screen like video 1 or 2.Yes,than you can get your pay cable tv go through video outputs 1 or 2.By using a RCA cable Y, ... RCA G35831AT 35" TV

I don't have a remote control for my RCA TV and it's on channel 2. It needs to be on channel 3 so that It's compatible with my cable box. How do I change the channel without a remote to channel 3. It

U should have a menu button on your tv.If so try to find the channel setup option if you find this you should b able to manually go through your channels to add & delete the channels you want.If not you will have to go out a buy a universal remote.Ma ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have an nice tel pm-rc4 universal remote that i would like to use on my admiral tv so i can get to the menu to put on the closed captions on the screen since i since become hearing depaired. i do not have the original remote for the television and there isn't a control panel on the tv to get to the menu screen. could you please help me get the code and instuctions to program the remote. thank u so much!!!!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Can't get a lot of channels our cable tv has -when we run the channel search program - we get channels like 50.1, etc but nothing comes up and we don't get a just 50#. Happens on over 20 of our regular channels. Just bought the tv today, and have 3 others that we've never had this problem with.

Eqwe ... Insignia Flat Panel Televisions

I was given a tv with no remote. I have cable and a dvd player. I can not watch movies on my tv because I no remote. I have not been able to find a code so u can program my tv to my cable remote so I.can change the channel and be able to watch dvd's. Can u help me? My tv looks a lot Luke this one, its gray speakers on the side with a place to connect dvd cable chords to it and the serial number is F321CF0N2.

No INPUT or VIDEO manual buttons on the tv bazel frame to push to get into VIDEO 1 or 2 input to used.U must buy the tv original remote to used.Because if u want to tries to find the wright program ables codes to make this tv to work by the tv cable ... RCA TruFlat 27F520T 27" TV

I have the RCA F27351WN and cannot turn to the input channel. I have tried channels 91-99 and I am unable to get to channel 00. How can I change to the input. I just bought a universal RCA remote and programmed it to the TV but it still will not change the channel and when I push input on the remote it changes to channel 3. How can I fix this?

Try by pressing "0, 0" by remote control. If it do not changes, there is no other way with select it by universal remote control. ... RCA F27450 27" TV

I recent purchased a 23" full HD LED TV from The Source. I have it hooked up to a Shaw PVR and have programmed the Shaw remote to access more channels and be able to program taping. When I first turned on the TV and was about to do the initail setup, it went from the Welcome screen to Channel Scan and despite my best effort I cannot get it to scan the channels. I tried pressing OK and then pushed the channel button but nothing happen. I then pushed Menu, scrolled down to TV and then channel

Hi there,\015\012\015\012There is always a possibility of getting a lemon when you buy any new electronic device, but I hope this is not the case here. From what you describe, it would appear that the channel scan is not finding anything ... Flat Panel Televisions

How do i get the channel back to 3 without a remote

Try channel 4. ... Recoton Advent Advent Q2035A 20" TV

I have a 27N-S100 TV. It was given to me with no remote. The Cable plug thing in the back is completely broken off, but I was told the TV could work perfectly by using the 3 colored cables (I believe they are called A/V cables: yellow, red and white?) and going through a VCR. I have tried endlessly to hook these cables up with my VCR and I am getting nowhere. Not having the remote, I downloaded the owners manual and read through it and it showed how to access the menu through the two channel bu

What you're trying to do shouldn't work unless the VCR has a digital tuner in it or your cable company still hasn't converted over to digital as of yet. You will need to get a digital cable box from your cable company.Connect the av cabl ... Sharp 27N-S100 27" TV

No cable My TV will not access the cable. I have a TV fuRther in sequence and the cable works fine. All I get on the Truflat is snow on all channels. I can't program the channels.

Does the set have audio/video input jacks on it? ... RCA TruFlat 27F520T 27" TV

I have a Phillips TV and can't get any channels on it all other TVA in house are working fine when I try the auto programming and try to select cable it says indicator is available for diigital b

First thing to do is see if a DVD etc. hooked to a rear input works.If it does you may have to go into the menu of the set and set it back to regular cable to be able to program it.If a cable box is used here you could also connect fr ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have timewarner and I can't get my 2nd tv to get all the cable channels with auniversal remote. It won't receive the higher channels

Channels above 99 require the set to have a digital tuner built into them. ... Sharp 13N-M100 13" TV

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