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My tv will not retain the input 4 setting to receive the signal from my cable box. When you turn the TV on it would say please wait and then the Input 4 box would appear ont he screen and then the picture would appear. The tv now flashes please wait and then goes black. When you press input on the remote, nothing happens.

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My tv will not retain the input 4 setting to receive the signal from my cable box. When you turn the TV on it would say please wait and then the Input 4 box would appear ont he screen and then the picture would appear. The tv now flashes please wait and then goes black. When you press input on the remote, nothing happens.

... Sharp LC40E77U LCD TV

TV turns on but no picture no sound. Turn power button on but only the green power button located on lower right flashes on. For the last couple of months prior the picture would "skip" and I would have to turn it off then back on to get full picture. Less than 4 yrs old. Please help. Thank you.

If u are a electronics repairer,remove the power smps sectoion and replace the 820 or 1000 or 1500 MFd capacitor.it will be bluged.thank u ... Insignia IS-LCDTV32 32 in. Television

Power Surge After house power went out and came on 20 seconds later, my Pioneer would not power back up. It has two LEDs - the blue "on" LED flashes 12 times on, pauses, and repeats the sequence over and over. I tried powering down from the switch and even removing AC power entirely for a couple minutes. The best it would do is to go thru it's normal power up sequence, show a "starting up - please wait" screen for a couple minutes, and then shutting back down with the blue LED flashing.

Charlie the proble has something to do with the tv guide here is a response from an older post\012Un plug the power to the Plasma Screen and also to the Media Receiver for ten minutes. Disconnect the off the air antennas both A and B. After ten minut ... Pioneer PDP-6010FD 60 in. Plasma HDTV

Black sreen The sound is always fine and the picture will be fine to but then it will start flashing and we will loose picture, can sometimes fix by jiggling around but would like a long term solution. please help

Check and replace its CCFL back-light lamps and back-light inverter board. ... Konka KDL32AT23U 32 in. LCD Television

Error 33 How do I resolve error 33? I had to take the screen off and disconnect a few things to move it up some stairs. After putting it back together and reconnecting everything all that happened was the power light came on for a second then flashed 3 times and then nothing else. I ran the diagnostic test and it flashed 3 times with a pause then 3 times, 33. That is code 33, Air Filter is Open. I just need to find the Air Filter. Please just a picture or small diagram would be great. I've s

... Mitsubishi VS-50111 50" Rear Projection Television

Dead RCA TV model # P60752EB. My TV would make a click sound and the picture would flash like it was going out about once a week. It went off for good and now won't turn on at all. Someone suggested a power supply problem. I'm sitting here staring at the power supply board :( please help! I love this TV!

The PS suggestion is likely on the money.\012You have a couple of choices-\012- Buy a new board from RCA\012- Buy a used or repaired board; one source is:\012 Jimmy's Parts ... RCA Projection Televisions

Sony trinitron kv-32s66, picture flashes, removed back, looking for G2 control (?) supposed to be a black box, I see red wire but no black box or G2 or knobs to adjust. Please help, and a picture or diagram would be great! Thanks!

The red wire on the top of the tube will be connected to l.o.t ..inthat lot u can find g2 below screw....& focus upper screw... ... Sony KV-32S66 32" TV

Phillips 47 great pic for the 1st few minutes then starts flashing quickly on and off. Still has sound and when the picture is stable the left side (about 4" wide) is slightly darker than the rest of the screen. Could it be a bulb or dirty input ports? Got it for free so if its cheap to fix that would be awesome.

The reason the set was given away is the boards for this model are rather expensive and unless you have a meter and other equipment you likely will not fix it.As to the other comment, power supply is possible and caps are also possible, I wil ... Philips 47PFL7403D 47 in. LCD TV

I have a Westinghouse LTV-32w6HD that has no picture but faint multicolor vertical lines that change according to the input (the lines change as the picture would normally change). I'm on HDMI input but have tried other INPUTs as well with no differences between them. Sound is OK. Remote works. Set powers up normally- just no picture. Where do I start? A schematic with voltages would be nice!

Two possible causes for that problem..1- T-Con board that drives lcd panel (screen) is bad and need to be replaced.2- LCD Panel (screen) itself is bad and replacement may cost you more than tv worth.Schematics in service manua ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sharp AQUOS LC-26DV22U 26 in. LCD TV with a built in DVD. When I turn the TV on it will come on as it usually does (the please wait appears in the lower left corner and moments later in the right hand corner the channel box appears and then the picture comes on) and after about 30 - 45 seconds the screen goes blank, the audio stays on and I can change the channels with no picture. When I turn the TV off and wait a couple seconds and turn it back on the "please wait" that appears in the

... Sharp AQUOS LC-26DV22U 26" LCD TV

I have a Samsung LN40A550P3FXZA that is giving me problems. When I first started noticing problems I would turn the TV on and I would hear the power-up sound, the backlight would come on and then the red LED would flash a few times then the backlight would go off and it would repeat (power-up sound---backlight on---LED flash---backlight off). It would do this several times. Sometimes I would be able to get picture if I hit the source button on the side of the TV when the backlight first came

Try Samsung parts. They will almost always have the parts. As for the price. Its either 175$ for the board or a new tv. You have no other option ... Samsung LN40A550 LCD TV

I have a 2004 Sony Trinitron KV-HX32 that has progressively (over the last few weeks) been difficult to turn on Red light flashes 10 times. To start with sound would come on and then a flash and the picture would come on, it would take 2 starts, then all ok for viewing. Today tried multiple restarts,, now won't go on at all. Would be grateful for help.

Hi,10 times error indicates high voltage stop problem and possible cause is IC8002 and/or IC6501 on D board of tv, replace both ICs to solve this issue. IC replacement good soldering skills and prior experience of electronics stuff repair so ca ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-XR29M80 TV

Hyundai lcd tv model E320D picture is only green, white, and black. Picture is distorted as well, and on all sources and inputs (hdmi, cable, dvd via svideo). Sound is working OK. I would like to k

... Hyundai Electronics E320D 32 in. LCD Television

While watching the T.V. I started experiencing a random of two to ten second very loud static, popping sounds then it would go to a green then a digit scene then a gray w/loud sounds the popping sounds the the picture will freeze. I will wait a few minutes and the picture would return. this last time it did the same thing but the T.V. went off and would not power on.

Your set has a problem with its power supply. If it is under warranty, have it replaced ASAP. If your warranty has expired, you can take the set to any good repair shop - ask for an estimate before having any work done to it. ... Element Electronics FLX3711B 37 in. LCD TV

Have 55" LED Insignia Ns- 55e560a11 TV. It turns itsel off and on with no picture. Just a deep dark blue screen. No menu or input button graphics either. Please help?!?!?!?!!'

... Flat Panel Televisions

Please wait I turned TV on for 1 hour this AM, no problems Tried 2 hours later no picture or sound and all it has is "Please wait"

... Sharp LC-32GA5U/LC-32GA5E 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

The tv goes into standby (picture goes black) the standby light flashes many times then the picture comes back on . it will do this repeatidly . some days it works fine . not today though ! UGH! lol . Help please ! Im please tell me how to fix it myself,im' mechanically inclined , and poor. thank you .

... Sony KDFE50A10 50" HDTV

I have no picture but have audio. Problem occurs AFTER playing games on a Sony Playstation. After you get done and switch from the Input from the Playstation to Digital TV you get a blank screen. If you do not change inputs and just watch TV the problem does not occur. When this first started happening if you hit the side of the TV the picture would come back. Now its gone for good. TV is only a few years old.

Hi jgslote,\015\012\015\012This is an indication of bad solder joints in the I/O board section where the DTV cable connected. You have to re-solder this cold/dry/crack solder to cure the symptom. This is hard to spot, I would advice you to work ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40V2500 40 in. LCD HDTV

Hi, so I was told to replace my psu by a tech because of what the service manual said. I replaced it and its doing the samething. No picture but sound. All of the readings are coming out correct. I tried to do a reset on the logic but but nothing happens. I can do a reset on the main input board but nothing happens after it resets the TV. The fan on the main input board does not come on at all. Please help. I can control channel, source and volume but still no picture.

This no picture but sound issue is not caused due to power supply. The loic control board is also ruled out because all the other functions are operational. That leaves us with two possibilities 1) Sustain board(S) or 2)Buffer BoardsIt is not p ... Samsung HP-R5052 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a Sony KDS-55A2020 DLP TV. The lamp recently was replaced due to picture cycling off every 30 seconds. Two weeks later I have no sound or picture. When I turn on the power button the green light flashes 50 times then the red light flashes. Please advise.

You still have problems with the power supply ... Sony KDS-55A2020 55" Television

I just got this TV used and for free and im not sure if i have the original remote but right now the only input that works is the rear input 2, none of the other ones work. In fact i cant even switch to any of the other ones so im not sure if its cause it cant see the other inputs or just that im unable to switch to them. The TV is in great condition and the picture on the Antenna and Input-2 look great so i cant understand why the Input-1, YpbPr and the front input do not work, please help me.

Hi,Click this LINK to view the original remo ... Mitsubishi WS-55809 55" Rear Projection Television

My Samsung T220HD was having problems turning on. The red light would flash once instead of 3 times, there would be an odd sound, and the screen would look a little weird. I would have to wait a few minutes and then it turned on. Now, a week or two later, it won't turn on at all. It's completely dead.

... Samsung T220HD 22 in. LCD TV

My tv works OK except after switching on it takes 30 minutes before a picture arrives e.g. the green light flashes for 30 minutes before the picture comes on. Sometimes when the picture does arrive there is no sound but that is easily fixed by switching the set off and on when picture and sound are restored immediately. Any ideas what repair is required and what it would cost?

There are two most common causes of this problem, and it's accross the board for all types of TVs: faulty electrolytic capacitors in the power board or BGA processor solder failure on the main board.\012\012Of course there are other possi ... Philips 15PF4121 15 in. LCD Television

I have problems with my picture. It looks zoomed in and is very poor. The picture looks like it changes colors and has shadows throughout the picture. Whats wrong with it. Is it a DMD board, DMD chip or is it the main input board. Please help..

Before I can suggest anything its best if you can get me an image of the screen with the tv on so that I can see for myself. ... Samsung HL-S5679W 56" HDTV

My child messed with the buttons and now there is no picture. I have managed to bring the sound back, but then looae it again while trying to fix picture. I do not have a remote, b So I was hoping that someone could instruct me as to which menu and input button srquence would bring back the picture.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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