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Database empty Sharp Aquos LC-42XD1EA showing database empty, even after constantly retuning. Analogue signal supplied by powered distribution system in house loft, and all televisions supplied by this (including other flat screens) work fine. Tried it on other ariel leads in different rooms with same result. Tried Factory Reset function, and still no change. It will play from DVD recorder, and have tried connecting to old freeview box (it gets signal and displays picture but is very gray). Any

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Database empty Sharp Aquos LC-42XD1EA showing database empty, even after constantly retuning. Analogue signal supplied by powered distribution system in house loft, and all televisions supplied by this (including other flat screens) work fine. Tried it on other ariel leads in different rooms with same result. Tried Factory Reset function, and still no change. It will play from DVD recorder, and have tried connecting to old freeview box (it gets signal and displays picture but is very gray). Any

... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LG 37LC7D tv that just started displaying "no signal" It will turn off and on from the remote and change channells. It still displays no signal when trying to play a dvd. When plugged directly into the aerial socket stil displays no signal. Is it repairable and where in Perth

Hi Divad,\012\012Your problem is the main tuner board. You may visit the link below for the replacement.\012\012 ... LG 37LC7D 37 in. LCD HDTV

When I try to play a DVD through the player the on screen picture has a scrambled look sort of like when your DIrectv signal begins to go due to a storm. I changed players and tried a different

A few questions for you that might narrow down the issue.Where is DVD connected at?Have you tried it on all rear inputs?Where is Direct Tv connected to at the set and does it work normally?If input it (the player) work ... Toshiba 53HX71 53" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

- My yamaha DVD player (mini home theatre, about 7 yrs. used) now can play MP3 and VCD but can not play DVD, when I try, it shows "NO PLAY" - what is the cause, and what to fix it. may I have to change its head ?

Contact yamaha with this problem, they may have a firmwar upgrade you can get Have you tried any DVD's that you have from 5 to 7 years ago, if they used to play and don't now then the problem is with the unit and not the firmware. It may not be cos ... Yamaha Flat Panel Televisions

I cannot record from a Daewoo DVD recorder ( 8150P) through my Viera TV ( model TX-L32S20B ). The screen says No Signal and instructs me to check inputs. I've tried using all cominations of AV1 and AV2 scart connections between the DVD recorder and TV without effect. We don't have a satellite connection as well. Any ideas ??

If you want to record from the TV to the DVD recorder you have to first select a channel on the TV that you want to record and then take an AV cable ( Yellow / Red / White ) and connect from the Monitor out socket of the TV to the AV in of the Daewoo ... Panasonic Viera TH-42PZ80U Plasma TV

Ok, i have a SONIQ plasma tv that wont show the full Wii picture wen i change it to AV, the picture all zoomed up, it only show the top left corner n its in black n white, so i hooked up my VCR to the tv n tried to do the wii on that but wen i change it to the AV channel the screen flickers, then i tried it with our DVD RECORDER which has 3 AV inputs, n it show a black screen with the bottem of the screen flickering, seriouly, wussup with the SONIQ tv? N DONT say its the Wii, coz it not, the Wii

... ViewSonic Flat Panel Televisions

My Emerson TV-DVD combo powers on and runs a channel search or tries to change settings on its own. It also over-rides signals from the remote. It switchhes modes so that I cannot watch DVDs. Occurrences of the problem are random day and night.. I have tried covering the sensor with aluminum fois and by hanging a CD in front of it. I have changed it's position in the room and the direction it faces three times. Nothing works! It is not connected to any input media, I only use it for watc

I think problem not from remocon.\015\012Switches on front may cause it.\015\012Open than replace switch may solve this problem. ... Emerson EWC13D4 13 in. TV/DVD Combo

I have a General Electric tv that someone gave me. I hooked up my dvd player and programmed it play on channel 3. I says no signal when I try to play a dvd on channel 3

There may be a chance you have hooked it up to play on AV3, as opposed to CH3. There should be an AV button on your remote or the TV. Press it a few times and see the channel flicks through the AV channels. They are usually AV1, AV2, AV25, AV3, AV35. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG VCR/DVD unit model RC389H purchased in 2010 When I try to play a DVD from France (Region2) I get the message "Incorrect region code. Can't play back" There doesn't seem to be a way of changing region even though the website http://www.220-electronics.com/dvdrecorders/lg-RC389H-region-free-dvd-recorder.htm claims it can play from all regions. I'm confused! Norman Inglis

Take a look at the back of the unit. You'll either have one of these:\015\012 ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

We purchased our DVD player about 3 mths ago and everything was fine, then about a week ago after the kids were watching TV and went to record a show the DVD turned itself off. Now when we turn on our DVD player we get the welcome note on the display window and as soon as the welcome has disappeared the whole thing automatically switches itself off. We cannot do a thing with it! I have even tried unplugging it overnight and then connecting in the morning and nothing changed. Any ideas

If you only purchased it 3 months ago it should still be under warranty.\015\012\015\012Just bring it back to your place of purchase for a refund or exchange. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have an LG HR558D 3d recorder & blu-ray player set in region 4. Tried to play a region 1 dvd but it wouldn't play. How do I unlock the region code so that it plays all regions?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Proview PA-32JK1A replaced power supply now I have a blue screen with pink vertical lines on the right side. When i hook up a dvd player the sound works and the screen changes like it is playing but u

... Proview PA-32JK1A 32 in. LCD Television

Hi I have a ferguson Lcd t v and DVD combo but when I try playing a DVD a little box comes on with the blue screen saying no signal,if you have any ideas what the problem could be I would very grateful

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I recently tried to change the region code by opening the tray of the DVD and typing in a sequence of codes I found online. Now I am unable to play any DVD's it just gives me a blank blue screen.

You may have been "pranked" into wiping your DVD players EEPROM, making it unusable.\015\012\015\012A factory repair center might be able to fix it, unless you intentionally changed your region code more than twice, or were pranked into d ... Flat Panel Televisions

Trying to record from Sky+ box to a DVD, the display screen shows 'RECP' when it should show 'REC', how do we change this and take it off 'record pause'?

... Daewoo Flat Panel Televisions

I borrowed a used TT 320 Progressive Scan Video Trutech DVD player from my neighbor today.I plugged it in &connected the color cables &everything.The DVD player turned on, but when I tried to play a DVD it wouldn't seem to play it &then after that I pressed the eject button to try to take the disc out,but the disc drive wouldnt open.I use an old I Insignia tv.It doesn't have cable I switch it to video on the tv to play DVDs.I basically need help getting my DVD player to work &play DVDs so Im abl

... TruTech Flat Panel Televisions

No sound after watching advd the other day i turned off the tv and cambe back to it later to watch another dvd but when it plays it now has no sound. Ive tried normal tv, changing the volume and sound dettings, and also using headphones but can get any sound at all please help!

Sound issues and answersA VERY SHORT LIST OF ISSUES AND ANSWERS-sound on set or a box muted or turned down?speakers inside the set (see menu) switchedon or off? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi there I have recently bought a Panasonic Viera 32", I have installed the Sky Box and Bush VCR/DVD Recorder Combi correctly but when I turn onto AV2 and switch on the DVD player the screen comes on but is bright green! I have tried all suitable tuning methods and have been through the installtions time and again and checked all cabling but it will not change, it can't be the Bush Combi as it worked perfectly with my previous Samsung set, this is really frustrating, I can't see that it is a fau

... Panasonic TH-37PX50U 37 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Was watching a movie and our cat stepped on the power strip and turned it off. I turned the power strip back on, but tv says I have no signal. Changed to different inputs and even tried another dvd player. Still the same.. What's next???

... Flat Panel Televisions

My 36' Philips Magnavox Smart Plus Series television always shows up so dim whenever I change it to the "AUX" ch when playing PS3. It will be normal for a second on that ch, but I notice it will get dim after a few seconds. I've tried messing with the brightness and all that stuff, nothing seemed to work. It's driving me crazy because whenever I watch a DVD it just shows up way too dark and dull. I got the TV as a hand me down from a friend of mine, and he's had it for awhile. When watching

... Flat Panel Televisions

I plug the white, yellow and red cables from the dvd player into the back of the tv but it says "no signal". I changed the input to Component 1 then I tried the other plugs too but still get the same thing.

Please check DVD output pin TV input pin ---red to red,white to white,yellow to yellow ... Apex Digital LD4088 LCD TV

The dvd player won't work. Tried the memorex opti cleanser & that played through the steps. Also it will play cds, but just says loading & no disk when try to play a dvd.

The dvd laser is probably faulty. The CD laser is still working. The complete laser unit will need to be replaced. ... Memorex MLTD2622 26 in. LCD TV

I was watching something which I had recorded on my SKY+ box. It came to the adverts and I fast forwarded. When I stopped the rewind to play again, the picture became all jumpy. I tried to fast forward and back but still the picture jumped. I tried to play another recording but the same thing happened. I then went back to the "live" TV programs and selected BBC1, but again the picture jumped. It iis also as if there are 2 different frames ( one top of screen and one at bottom) and out of synch w

... Sony FD Trinitron KD-36XS955 36" TV

I have the samsung LN52A550. When I turn the tv on a blue screen appears. I tried changing the source with the menu button but does not display anything. The TV is about 2 years old. The sound works. When I try a different input(dvd player) same results(althoug I cannot change ths source because the menu does not display). The dvd is attached via a three cable. The directtv is attached via hdmi cable.

Try thisMethod one- with set on, hold down the exit button on the remote for 10 seconds. It will bring up the warning it will reset to the defaults it had when removed from the box and powered up initially. in the warning box it will show the c ... Samsung LN52A550 LCD TV

Dvd connection we have our direct tv cables hooked up correctly we believe, because we get the signal just fine. When hooking up the A/V cables from the DVD player to the other ports available however, it doesnt pick up the signal after we change the Source on the TV. So basically, everytime we want to watch a dvd, I have to unhook the direct tv a/v cables and hook up the dvd av cables in the same ports. It works just fine then. But we would love to not have to go thru that process everytime.

Check the connection wire for any internal conductor break. Check it with a multimeter. ... Sceptre X400BV-FHD 40 in. LCD TV

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