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The remote doesnt work with the tv at all. and when i try to change the channel manually with the button it says no input availiable. but the volume button works just the channel button that doesnt. I trried hitting menu on the remote nothing works

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UNPLUG THE SET FOR A WHILE AND PLUG IT BACK IN TO SEE IF IT WILL REBOOT-sounds like a microprocessor problem and could have been caused by a power outage etc.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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The remote doesnt work with the tv at all. and when i try to change the channel manually with the button it says no input availiable. but the volume button works just the channel button that doesnt. I trried hitting menu on the remote nothing works

UNPLUG THE SET FOR A WHILE AND PLUG IT BACK IN TO SEE IF IT WILL REBOOT-sounds like a microprocessor problem and could have been caused by a power outage etc. ... Sharp Aquos LC-42D62U 42 in. LCD HDTV

Toshiba 32AF44. While watching a baseball game yesterday, the volume bar appeared by itself and scrolled down to zero. The bar will not disappear. It's like someone is holding the down button. Tried using the TV remote to raise the volume, change channels, turn TV off. The remote changes nothing. So, I took batteries out of remote to isolate the problem to the TV. Using only the buttons on front of TV: On-off button will not turn off the TV. Volume-up button works until I release, and then

... Toshiba 32AF44 32" TV

Not all of the buttons on my remote for my Celestial G6C52H-C1 work and I have accidently selected panal lock on the tv. Now I can't use the buttons on my tv and the broken buttons on my remote wont allow me to scroll down the menu to unlock it. Please help because I can only watch a few channels and that is it. I can't even change volume or put it on av to watch a DVD. The enter button on the remote doesn't work either. Thank you. Liz.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Well here is the problem I have Hitachi rear projection TV model # 50EX12BA V5K02256 the TV turns on and changes channels. When I go to the menu items (to program the channels for example) via the remote. None of the menu options work. the remote works I can scroll to and select an option and press the enter button (as per the manual instructions) but nothing happens. Is there a way to do a hard reset to return the tv back to factory settings?

Looking for a RF in cable for model 50EX12BA ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

On Mitsubishi DLP TV MITS-WD-52631 the buttons on the front panel of the TV will not work and the functions on the remote will not work either - whenever you push a button on the remote, the buttons on the middle part of the remote flash red, and nothing happens with the TV - cannot adjust volume, change the channel, or enter the set up or format menus.

Replace the front key board panel. You should be able to get one at www.tvrepairworld.com just hit the contact button on the right and enter the model number and symptom they ... Mitsubishi WD-62525 62" Rear Projection HDTV

I have an AVoL TV and I cant get the menu button to work..When you press the menu button some arabic writing comes up..The channels will not change, the TVAV button doesnt work as well as the volume button..Thanks SGT Davis US Army..

... Flat Panel Televisions

My UNIVERSAL REMOTE (from shaw cable company) won't respond to my TV: LG 32LG30 . Got another universal remote, same problem. Can't use power button or volume on the UNIVERSAL remote but it will change channels through the digital box but nothing else will work. Have sought help from shaw to program remote to no avail. Is this a common problem with remotes? The remote that came with the TV doesn't work either. According to the shaw service this TV remote should turn the TV on &

... LG 32LG30 32 in. LCD HDTV

The TV remote doesn't work at all (not even the on/off button). I have even changed the batteries. The cable remote works partially. I can change channels with it but I cannot change the volume. The mute button doesn't work either, nor the TV on/off button. I can turn on/off the tv from the tv's own power button but when I press either the up or down volume button of the TV (not the remote) or the up or down channel button on the tv I getthe "Video Selection" window. The main problem, it seems,

The problem does not seem to be that of the remote more so coz the front panel controls are not working either. I really believe that this is an issue related to faulty microprocessor circuits which means that we have to replace the main A/V board to ... Toshiba REGZA 42 in. Flat-Panel LCD HDTV

The remote quit working and the only thing working manually is the off-on on the tv, no others on the tv, no sound, no channels etc.still have a picture and only low volume, will not adjust-NOTHING on the remote works and only the on off button on the tv manuallyworks

Can you get the menu to come up on the screen? If not it sounds like you have a bad av main board.Open it up first to make sure all connections are good before though. If they are good check th epart number on it and google it to see how much ... iLO 3200 32 in. LCD Television

My Magnavox TV is locked on one channel. I cannot get it to change channels, volume, menu - nothing on the TV or using the remote. Just Power works on the TV and the remote.

... Magnavox 17MF200V 17 in TV

I have a vizio m 470nv when I hit the menu button, it locks up the remote and it will not do anything. the only way to get remote to work is to unplug set, wait a bit, and plug in, then I get back remote function.power, volume, channel select only.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips 26pfl5522d/05 turn the tv on, blue screen once warmed up and DIGITAL TV the only menu option that works from the remote is the volume bar. Cannot Factory Reset as cannot access menu. Turned on tried once on holding and releasing MENU (on TV control panel button) nothing. Cannot select HDMI source (cross in grey square displayed), the tv has locked me out!! Please Help

... Flat Panel Televisions

Volume button on tv doesnt work no remote

Two choices, get the keyboard on the set repaired or get an original sharp remote which among remotes is not too expensive. ... Sharp 32U-S610 32" TV

I have a JVC av32d201 and i came home tonight and the volume is acting up. It will go to 50 and then to 0 and then back to 50 and then 1/2 way throught it will do the reverse. this has been going on for the past two hours. I have tried to unplugged it, i have tried to mess with the menu but nothing will work and none of the buttons are working either; i have also taken the batteries out of the remote and disconnected all other devices to the tv. what do i do to either reset my tv or stop the

Tienes que llevarlo a un tecnico en television.- puesto que el defecto que tiene tu tv es probocado por la epron.- lo que significa que tinen que canbiarsela y eso solo lo puede realizar una persona con conocimiento de electronica.\015\012 ... Flat Panel Televisions

The power went out for a few days due to inclement weather. When the power came back on the volume and channel buttons did not work on the TV itself and the remote no longer does anything, Tried to recode satellite remote also nothing. Is this fixable.

Sounds like the main board has an issue. I would try replaceing the main board. You can get a replacement main board from www.tvcircuitboards.com ... Flat Panel Televisions

Pioneer PDP-5010FD 50-IN 1080P Plasma HDTV; The power comes on but the screen remains blank and no volume. Able to use MENU and DISPLAY buttons on remote control, as well as change the INPUT channel.

... Pioneer PDP-5010FD 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Philips 42pfl5522 LCD TV. Digital channels no longer work, when i select the digital channels with the remote either with the Digital MENU button or the EPG button I just get a small blue cross appearing in a box in the top left of the screen. Using the A/D button or the AV selection button simply takes me to a blue screen. It's the first time the TV has been used for a few months (having been to Australia for a while) but it did work when we got back for about a day. I'm not sure if

... Flat Panel Televisions

I programmed my sudden link remote to my tv and turns my tv on an off, controls the volume, but when I try to change the channel of my television with the remote, the red cable light on the remote lights up as if it thinks I'm trying to tell it to change the channel on the sudden link channels and not the channels of my tv....help? (I know this sounds lazy because normally people would just say get up and change the channel but our tv buttons don't work and I don't have the original remote)

... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung TV Have a Samsung LN32A450 TV that the other night switched from component 1 to channel 3. Channel 3 has snow and the message "weak or no signal" in the middle of screen. Tried resetting cable box which didn't work. Called cable provider and was told it was the TV not cable. Have 2 other TVs in house that are unaffected. Tried unplugging TV for 5 mins which corrects problem but for only 30 mins or so. Last night volume on remote stopped working,all other buttons on remote work,and vo

Based on the information you described you may have a tuner circuit problem or power intermitent faikure fron the power supply module. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Just bought a used 1998 20 inch tv vcr combo with no remote. I ndde to adjust the color and cannot find a menu button on the front of the tv to bring up color or brightness or sound balance. it has buttons for night/game, fm/tv and vjolume and channels. nothing i push will bring up a menu. how do i find the menu ? it is hooked up to cable tv right now. also, where could i purchase a remote for this tv?

I should think most any universal remote will operate it.\012You can look here for a user guide, but you'll need the model number off the back of it.\012 ... Panasonic Combination Televisions

I Have a Samsung TV Model#LN40B500P3FXZA, Version SQ01 the volume is at 100% and can not be changed using the remote or the volume control button on the TV. In fact, the remote can not control anything and the volume control button on the TV will sometimes change the channel. Ive tried unplugging the TV and restarting it after an hour but this does not work. Please help. Thanks

Check its front panel switches for damage. If any one among them has got strucked, this type of fault can occur. ... Samsung TXN1430F 14" TV

I have a sharp aquos LC-C3242U i lost the remote so i bought a one for all urc-7931 universal remote but i find codes that work the volume and power etc but none of the codes will work for the menu which sucks cause i need to scan the channels or it will just stay on one channel

Http://www.2instructions.com/search.php?cmarque=CREST&modele=URC-11-4130%20B01This may help ... Flat Panel Televisions

PHILIPS Software /Hardware problem 32pfl5522d blue screen nothing works Checked the basics holding menu , Connecting av source i get nothing Just blue screen, psu looks ok. I also noticed the blue led flashes when pressing menue or program keys Only buttons what work are power and volume keys Any knowlege of this uncommon problem would be ace :D thanks !!

... Philips Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sharp LC-32av22u. It's about 4 yrs old. Suddenly the controls stopped working. the remote doesn't affect the volume or channels nor will it turn the tv off. our tv is stuck on. the buttons on the tv do not work either. the volume is stuck at one level, the tv is on one channel, and the power is on.

... Sharp LC32A37ME 32 in TV

My tv seems like a button is stuck or something? my remote stopped working too! When I push button on remote red light works on t.v. but no volume or channel change happens?

... Samsung LT-P326W 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

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