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I am thinking it might be the Volume + button is stuck, but I can't seems to press just fine. I know it isn't the remote either because the batteries are not even in it at this point. I unplugged it and left it like that for a while thinking it might reset something but still nothing. If it is in fact the physical button how can I go about fixing it?

Answers :

If its the button the front keyboard will need replacement. You can check the tact switch on that board. If the switch is working then the main board would be suspect.

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I am thinking it might be the Volume + button is stuck, but I can't seems to press just fine. I know it isn't the remote either because the batteries are not even in it at this point. I unplugged it and left it like that for a while thinking it might reset something but still nothing. If it is in fact the physical button how can I go about fixing it?

If its the button the front keyboard will need replacement. You can check the tact switch on that board. If the switch is working then the main board would be suspect. ... Seiki SC323FI 32"lcd hdtv,720p,60hz,3-hdmi,1-usb,pc,1-component,1-comp

Hi I have a Mitsubishi HDTV 1080 Integrated and when I try to turn it on I get nothing except a green timer button that flashes. I have tried unplugging then plugging back in with no results I have also tried pushing the reset button also with no results, do you think you may know what the problem may be?

Trinz73,\012\012You did not mention the model number. If your unit begins with WS-xxxxx see my tip at http://www.fixya.com/support/r7065 ... Projection Televisions

I have a mitsubishi WS 65711, we were watching a dvd and the tv shut itself off and wont turn back on now. When u press the power put it acts like it will turn on then a second or 2 later will shut itself right back off. The green light doesnt blink or anything. We tried unplugging it for a while then plugging it back in. We also tried resetting it but that didnt work either. Can u give us any possibilities as to what to check for, like a fuse. Or what u think it could be. Thanks for the help.

Hello,It's the problem of overheating in the power supply board of the TV.on the power supply board of the TV there are few capacitors and IC.any of this IC is got short or may be weak.so due to this when you start the TV the current pass ... Flat Panel Televisions

WS-65807 quit working. We only had it connected to DirectTV via the DTV connection. Now when I turn it on I just get three color lines on the screen. When I push the reset button I get no change. When I adjust any of the top three adjusters at the front I do see a change to each line. If I turn one of these all the way left, the TV turns off. I have tried unplugging, waiting and then plugging back in, but never see any codes being flashed. What are my options?

If you move the convergence too far the set will shut down.Have you done the self check this model does have? ... Mitsubishi WS-65807 65" Rear Projection Television

Just like the owner of the Bush VCR, I have a Sony VCR which also keeps reverting back to 27th March at some point during the day. I keep resetting the date but it still reverts back to the BST change-over date. I've tried leaving the machine unplugged all day but the error still happened. Is there anything which I can do to stop this? Many thanks, Sarah

Hello\015\012Waht is the model number of your Sony VCR? Inform me about it by Fixya. OK. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Trinitron Wega 32HS510 that sometimes will not turn on. It sounds like it is going to turn on but shuts down immediately. The red light fast blinks either 6 or 7 times over and over again - usually 7 times. I have tried the recommended power reset (hold the up arrow button down while turning on TV), but that hasn't worked. Unplugging the power sometimes works...for a while. Later, the symptoms return. Any inexpensive ideas? I love the 170 pound TV but not enough to spend as much

... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32HS510 32" TV

The reset light is blinking continuously. Unplug the TV for 10 minutes, didn't fix problem. Power button at front of TV cannot turn TV on/off - it's frozen. At this point, the remote control doesn't help.

My first move would be to inspect the power supply board for bad capacitors. look for a bulged or skinned capacitor. Even if these capacitors look good, they may be failing. You will need an ESR meter to check for current. You will need an ESR meter ... Mitsubishi Flat Panel Televisions

I have just re-installed my pdp5071 after it being in storage for a few years.. the unit will not power up . at plug-in several clicks at upper left rear of unit ( click - stand by red light on-off, pause then click blue power light on, click blue power light out, pause click, click ) unit then is dead .. i have tried the unplug reset operation several hundered times same result. i have tried the mechanical power button a few hunderd times - randomely at plug-in i get a single click and red stan

There are two power buttons on this TV. One on the lower left front and one on the right side. make sure they are both on. During storage it may have deactivated both of them. ... Pioneer PDP-5071HD 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a problem with my Toshiba CT-90295 remote. The upper left switch where the TV, Regza-Link, DVD mode is located is loose. I cannot switch to TV mode. i was thinking of getting a universal remote but then it might not pick up the correct signal or code for TV . Right now the volume controls and mute buttons are the only ones working. I would appreciate a speedy advice. Thanks!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Ld320ssx When I turn on my Sylvania TV model number LD320SSX, it just flashes various colors: white, Blue, Black, Red, Green. It wont turn off either. I have to unplug it to turn it off. I have left it off for several days now and it is still doing the same thing. Do you know is wrong? Optional Information: Make: sylvania Model: LD320SSX Already Tried: Leaving it unplugged. pressing up and down buttons, volume buttons, menu button, set up button...but I have a funai remote co

... Funai LD320SSX 32 in. LCD TV/DVD Combo

My Fujitsu Plasmavision W has voice but no picture. Would like to press a reset button to see if that will help. Need to know where the reset button is.

... Fujitsu Plasmavision P42HHA30WS Television

Turned off cable box but did not turn off tv. storm came throuht last night green light next to reset button flashing. tv want turn off or on. tried to reset want reset. unplug tv for a while pluged in tried reset again still want go off or on and want stop blinking

Rforester,\012\012This model Mitsubishi has some capacitor problems with the DM board and the power supply. See my tip at http://www.fix ... Mitsubishi WS-55511 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a mitsubishi model WS-55511. The green light keeps blinking. Have reset by unpluging and then pluging back in and holding the reset but for 5 seconds and press the power button. worked once, but know the green light is back on. And will not reset again. what seems to be the problem

TWO possible reasons for the blinking light:1. The DM unit (caps and or fuses) are bad---no longer made and only (to my knowledge) PTS electronics repairs/rebuilds them.2.\012 Less likely but Possible: remove front speak ... Mitsubishi WS-55511 55" Rear Projection Television


Hi, you tv have bad epprom. replace it in same #. good luck!! ... GE 31GT660 TV

Mitsubishi CS-31205 TV Never had a remote for this great TV, but, accidentally pushed a button on my Comcast Cable remote and the TV is now in "Mute" mode. Not the Comcast box 'Mute' . Have tried pushing the "Reset AV" button on the front to no avail: Does TV have to be 'Off', 'On', or unplugged? Can I access this feature, to turn it off, without a Mitsubishi remote? Is there some combination of front buttons to undo this?

You are supposed to be able to switch the Comcast Remote to TV mode and switch Mute on that remote to change back to standard volume. If that doesn't work try volume up on the TV. Otherwise if neither of those work then check Remotes.com for a repla ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

DLP Model WD-57734.Timer light blinks continuously after electric turned off while bulb still hot. Resetting system using system reset button does not cure problem. Unplugging and replugging electric cord does not cure problem.

... Mitsubishi WD-65838 DLP TV

The light on the tv is on, when you press the button the tv should come on but it doesnt. I used to have to unplug the tv then press the button for it to come on. Now it doesnt come on at all? Do you think this is would be cheap to repair?

\012Hi lady_dancer,This is an indication ofout-of-regulationin the power supply section. This was cause byleaky/dried electrolytic capacitorin that section. It willdropped ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Sanyo AVL 209 t.v. is only working on one channel. It shows the channel at the top but if I try to chage it stays on the same channel but goes fuzzy. This all started with a broken remote. I am now ttrying to do in by the t.v buttons. I think Source is the problem. I put t.v. as the source but think I have the wrong input. How do I change it. I am connected to a HD box and am totally confused. I have tried unplugging for an hour. No luck . Unable to change to another channel.

... Sanyo AVL-209 LCD TV monitor power supply ac adapter cord charger

I need to reset my LG PQ3000 TV but the menu button does not work, I have tried unplugging it and pressing all the buttons on the remote.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Have mitsubishi vs-5042 was watching tv then just went black no sound. would like to fix. but nothingwhen power button is pushed it sounds like it might start.

Hi,VS-5042 is VZ2 chassis tv and sold in 1995 approx 16 years old.I do not think spare parts would be available for this tv so buy new one as this tv does not worth to spend your money or time.Thanks. ... Flat Panel Televisions

The past week the memory stick menu flickers or stays on for secs and now is on one half the time. If I change a channel or press the memory stick button, it will correct itself for a while and then return to the menu once again. I do not have a reset button on my remote, but I have unplugged the set overnight without benefit. I have never used a memory stick either. Any ideas?

... Sony FD Trinitron KD-36XS955 36" TV

I have a Mitsubishi WS-55909 projection TV. There was a power outage and when the power came back on, the TV won.t turn back on again. There is this light (Timer) that keeps on blinking on the front panel of the TV. I tried unplugging the Unit and waited for about 15 to 20 minutes before turning it back on , still won't work. I tried using the original remote for the TV to try to turn the power on, still doesn't work. There is a reset button beside the timer light, and I tried to reset the unit

Unplug,replug the tv back like 24 hrs later.That the whole tv is resetting itself everythings.Tv now should be working again.If still have the same problems,than ur tv DM power supply board is have dying parts,must repair the tv DM power supply board ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

When I turn on the power button, the Vizio logo turns from orange to white. Then the screen goes from black to blue. But the blue screen only stays on for 1 second, pops twice and the screen goes back to black again. The logo also returns to orange. I already unplugged the TV, reset the power button for a minute.

... Vizio VX32L Television

Hey, i did as you said to replace the bulging capacitor. the 2200uF 10v. now the board next to it, has a small encased section where there is a high pitch noise every 3-5 seconds, like it is trying to start up. just to the top left of that there is a small button that makes a high pitch noise when pressed. when released the tv immediately tries to fire up, no matter how long the button is held. i am currently waiting for the tv to discharge, but i plan on pulling the other board, the one that ha

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC AV-56P575. The problem is while watching the TV I left the room for several minutes and when I returned it was off. I tried the power button and it would not turn on. I unplugged it then plugged it back in and pushed the power button. It came on briefly then shut off again. Now it will not power up at all. I have noticed recently that it took longer to power up than usual before this issue. Any suggestions?

Tv DM power supply board might have dying parts like capacitors are bulging or puffing up on it tops.U have tools like a soldering iron,a desoldering pump or a roll desoldering braids and can u also do basic soldering too?Yes.Tries websites like Tvre ... JVC AV-56P575 56" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

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