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Hi, I have a Sanyo 50" DP50740 and need a dual voltage power supply put in or at least a 220volt power supply. What power supply do recommend and where can i get it since Sanyo only sells to authorized repair shops. thanks.

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Hi, I have a Sanyo 50" DP50740 and need a dual voltage power supply put in or at least a 220volt power supply. What power supply do recommend and where can i get it since Sanyo only sells to authorized repair shops. thanks.

... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

I have a Sanyo DP50747.. a friend of mine, who repairs electronics has looked at it and said that the power supply needs to be replaced. I was wondering if there's any way to repair a power supply? OR if there's any way I could use a power suppy from a different Sanyo model?

Check the fuse as described at the following web page:\015\012http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Repair/Repairing-Sa ... Flat Panel Televisions

My JVC GM-V42UG has an intemittant line in the screen about 2 inches wide going from top to bottom. This happened when the unit waas 6 years old. At that ime, I took it to a shop and they replaced the power supply and charged me $600. It took 4+ weeks to get it fixed. The set is not worth another $600 investment. And so, I thought if it a baord swap out and inexpensive, I would install it first before buying a new set. I am an EE and used to do all my own repairs 20 years ago so soldering

The power supply board should be too easy for you to replace considering your credentials. All I need is the part number for me to find you a replacement. You will need to remove the back cover of the tv and locate the board into which the power cord ... JVC GM-V42UG 42 in. Plasma EDTV

I was just given an Element Electronics FLX-3711B 37" wide screen tv but there is no power supply. Is it a specific power supply or will a computers power cord work since they have the same style ends? If specific what are the specs I need to get? Thank you

You will need the power specs of each unit, look on the tv and computer near where they plug in, should be tagged right there or somewhere close. by law it has to be tagged. if not right there keep looking . and yes it is specific. ... Element Electronics FLX3711B 37 in. LCD TV

Failed Repair Job. A friend of mine called a loocal repair shop to fix their LG50PC3D 9 x 10V 3300uf 105c Capacitors on the Power Board were swollen 1 x 50v 680uf 105c Capacitor on the Power board was swollen. He replaced them with the following. 8 x 16v 3300uf 105c 1 x 25v 3300uf 105c 1 x 50v 1000uf 105c The replacement of the capacitors didn't help and he simply left the tv unrepaired. My question is, can you get away replaced the 10v 3300uf with 25v 3300uf? and the 50v 680uf with a 50v 10

Replacing the 10V caps with 25V caps is perfectly fine. In fact, if it was manufactured like that, those caps may not have blown.Replacing a 680uF with a 1000uF could be problematic depending on it's function.680uF is pretty specific when ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

Hi mate tv died a few weeks ago and took it down the shop to get fixed they said i need new power supply and new main board do u know where i could get these parts from and how much???????

Go to Shopjimmy.com type in your model number.\012PTS 1-800-844-7871 this company rebuilds boards\012also Look on EBay under Electronics TV/Parts ... LG 50PQ20D 50 in. HD-Ready Plasma TV

When I press the power button, the power on light on the TV lights up 3 times followed by a weird sound and nothing else happens. The TV repair shop says I need all of the following: Deflection board: 18405415652866 HV Board: 18606432212450 CRT Board: 184184372415 for a total of $500, can I trust his recommendation and where I can get these parts with free installation instructions?

That seems the whole lot of the set and it is not wise to spend this sum for a suspected complaint. if you are able to track the board and get to component level diagonises it will save a whole deal than to spend this sum. I think you need to che ... GE D52GW12 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a samsung HP-T5054 plasma tv the tv powers up and the samsung tone is audable but i get no picture on the screen the screen is not broken the power light flashes 5 times then is steadily lit on the digital board in the back of the set led 2000 and 2001 stay lit led 2003 light for 2 seconds then goes out but led 2002 flashes every second I had a shop test my Y main and buffers with a set that they have and those parts test out I am a electronis tech with 12 years in the A/V repair field

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have my 32LG70 LCD tv since 2009 and it has been perfect, but this morning i was watching it and it just shut off by itself. Everything else is still on, tried switching outlets, reset, but theres no lights or anything to indicate its getting power. Typical day nothing out of the ordinary that would cause this. I called LG the tv is out of warranty and its discontinued. I really dont want to pay an arm and a leg for repair id rather get a new one but im open to suggestions. I don't know anythi

Try to pull out some cable connected on it just leave the power cord and cable connection then try to power it on again. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

My toshiba 42hl196 popped when I turned it on last month. 3 blinking lights. Brought to tv repair - they say it was the power supply and tried replacing the ICs with a kit - did not work. Said coul

... Toshiba 42HL196 42 in. LCD HDTV

My one year old LCD TV was accidentally hit on the screen with a heating blanket controller while my wife was fluffing the covers, from that point on the TV went right to standby with the red light and will only flash green for a second whether I turn it on manually or with the remote. I was told by another Fixya employee that it was the capacitors on the power supply board which frustrates me a bit because I will have to take it to a repair shop regardless now and pay the same amount even with

Hello; If you hit the screen with something , you probably cracked it. The set will likely not power up with a cracked screen, This has nothing to do with bad capacitors. John ... Emerson LC320EM8 32 in. LCD TV

I have a Sanyo DP50747 (May 2007) it has worked perfectly fine for 4 yrs and then one day while on it shut off and will not power back on. No light - no nothing - as if it is unplugged. Any ideas? I am afraid to call the repair guy because we really can't afford to have them come out and with my back being bad there is no way I can lift this to get it into the vehicle to bring it somewhere.

Tries tv unplug,replug it back like about an hour later.The tv should resetting itself back to the factory setting.Now,the tv should be working again.If tv have the same result,the tv power supply board is the causes and the problems.That the board,w ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

Hi my name is Eric and i have a medion md 81888 hd/dvd recorder and last week i had an explosion in it i opened it and found out that the power supply was destroyed is the somewere a shop in kiev were i can get a new powersupply for my md 81888

... Medion Flat Panel Televisions

I have a LG37LF65 LCD TV. Several month ago it broke down, at that time power supply was repaired. After a while after switching it on picture started to shake and then totally disintegrated. I have taken it back to service they said this is main board failure but since I cannot find proper board. Is It sure that is main board fault or can it be anyithing else? Can I check anything to be sure?

Check the power supply voltages to make sure you don't have another capacitor going out (the first one replaced is probably OK). Poor filtering on a supply voltage could cause the main board to misbehave. If the voltages are good, the shop tech is ve ... Flat Panel Televisions

I think I shorted out the power supply board on my Onkyo HT-R667. I was replacing some the capacitors to repair a hdmi switching issue. I was testing the repair with the top cover off. While it was powered on I accidentally touched the metal top to the top of the power supply board CMKM-P3X. There was a spark and the unit turned off. It won't turn back on. No lights. Can it be fixed or can I purchase a replacement board if this is even the issue. Thanks

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo 1AV4U20C41501 power supply broken - Sanyo 1AV4U20C41501 Power Supply

... Sanyo 1AV4U20C41501 Power Supply

Sanyo DP50747-00 (Samsung Power Board LJ44-00132A) wont turn on ..

While I am afraid i can not say what is wrong with the board if only because I do not know with certainty I hope I can offer two possible solutions to anyone having a similar problem:\015\012 \015\012Here is an option to buy an alrea ... Projection Televisions

When I turn the TV on, the green power light comes on, then it turns red and finally begins to flash. There is no picture at all. I can get into the service codes via holding Volume down and input while clicking main power and get the "K" indication and can get menus with VOl up and Channel down. This should confirm backlight and power supply. Could there be a synch error?

Your TV will need to go to service agent for repair. ... Sharp Aquos LC-32G4U 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Hey,trying to determine which is main and which is the sub power supply in my Sanyo It died and was diag with a bad power supply. I want to fix myself,not seeing any bad caps ,but do suspect the power supply is bad.

Main power supply unithttp://www.shopjimmy.com/samsung-lj44-00092f-power-supply.htm \015\012\015\012\015\012Sub power board\015\01 ... Sanyo DP42746 42 in. Plasma Television

My tv just stopped working. When i felt the power supply box it was very hot. I unplugged the tv and after half an hour turned it back on when the power supply cooled down. The tv worked again but only for about half an hour and turned off again. The standby lights are on but i cannot get the tv to go on. What could this ba...maybe the power supply? Please help. Thank you

Hello,It's the problem of overheating in the power supply board of the Television.on the power supply board of the Television there are few capacitors and IC.any of this IC is got short or may be weak.so due to this when you start the Tel ... Flat Panel Televisions

Why won't my Sanyo DP42841 power up?

... Sanyo DP42841 42 in. LCD HDTV

Power Supply Issue.

Hello,Either one will work for you but you should be able to repair your board for much less than that price. The usual problem with TV and monitor power supplies is a failure of the capacitors on the power supply board. Here is a link to an ... Philips 26MF605W/17 Television

Vizio VP322. Replaced 3 bulging capacitors on power supply. TV worked great for about 2 days. Now it wont turn on. The Vizio is lit up orange on the bottom but thats it. If I unplug the wiring harness going to the input board the screen will light up black but goes back out as soon as plugged back in. If I unplug all but the AC power cord I get 5V off power supply on one and 200 on both VS and VA. I'm not detecting power at those when all harness are plugged back in.

... Vizio VP322 32 in. Plasma TV

Hi I have an LG 32lx28ZE television, excellent up till last weekend when it just died, power in is ok, but will not power up, think its the power supply board, is there anything else I should do before I get a new power supply?

Hi,Your power supply board is dead, do you know basic electronics' and soldering? Most of the times, the power supply board just have dead leakages gases capacitors.These capacitors always bulges up on it top,or puff up on it top.Replaced ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

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