Having problems with your Flat Panel Televisions ?

Cold power up, colored vert lines, (rainbow) audio perfect. When warms up, pix returns, slight black horizontal lines in top forth of screen which go away when warmer.

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All Plasma and LCD ts have boards that control vertical and horizontal output to their respective areas. They are connected to the screen by ribbon cables. If one of these boards fails all together, has a failed chip, a bad connection, or a bad ground somewhere it will result in a black line in the area of that board. A bad ribbon cable connection on the bottom will result in a vertical black bar though the screen. Many times resetting the connection will fix it, if the ribbon cable has been nicked there could be a severed connection. They an sometimes be fixed, but it is a pain. An yes I have done it, but the bar is gone. The same will happen if the chip that outputs to that area opens. The connectors are the first place to look paying close attention to the cable, they are extremely delicate so great care must be taken if you decide to tinker with em, the usually have lift locks that release them, Good luck in rectifying the problem.....

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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Cold power up, colored vert lines, (rainbow) audio perfect. When warms up, pix returns, slight black horizontal lines in top forth of screen which go away when warmer.

Hi,All Plasma and LCD ts have boards that control vertical and horizontal output to their respective areas. They are connected to the screen by ribbon cables. If one of these boards fails all together, has a failed chip, a bad connection, ... Sanyo DP46848 LCD TV

I have a single line that is aprox. 1.5 inches in on the edge of the screen. The line mainly is black but also appears red. It is a vetical line and to top it off it goes away once in awhile just to make my day complete. This Tv has been flawless till this point and on HD or Blueray blows away higher priced units. The tv is a kdl46w4100 lcd 120 hz . I'm On Bell sat and all my hdmi are top end monster cables. There is a well used Wi connected to it any help would be great ..........Thanks Shane

You probably have a bad solder joint on one of the matrix controllers.Below is an example on a smaller LCD, but it will give you an idea what you are looking for.As you can see, there are several controllers and each controls a "strip" of ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40S2010 40 in. LCD Television

Samsung hp-r4252 Pictures appeared to be broken. Black horizontal lines all over the screen (top to bottom) About 3 inches height (or thick) of black lines across the screen. All above problems suddenly appeared when I tried to change channels.


Toshiba 50A62 50-Inch Projection TV displays black lines across screen running from top-to-bottom and the resolution goes off the screen. When I apply force to the top of the television and or back of the television where the connections are made from my DVD Player, Xbox 360, etc. the lines go away for awhile and then come back. I read somewhere that, to fix this, I would need to do something to the area that makes the connection between the projection and the actual input. I am horrible with

Wadasdasdasdasdasdaw ... Toshiba 50A62 50" Rear Projection Television

50 tv that was working well when an object hit the screen and made a large black area which I tapped out but now has an 8" deep horizontal lines running across the entire top of screen (they are black and white lines) which i can see through, any idea on whats faulty??

... Philips 50PF9630A 50 in. Plasma Television

My zenith lcd tv has horizontal black lines whih form a band about 3 inches wide across the screen, sometimes the band looks more like a dark shadow than lines other times the right side of the screen looks like a dark shadow from top to bottom but fades as it reaches the center of the screen .is this a fixable problem

... Zenith Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung DLP HLN 5065W and recently the TV started to get Horizontal Lines in it with a 2 inch black horizontal line across the TV and the bottom half you could see the picture and the top half would look like it was rolling. Occassionly, you would see some very light yellow patches on the screen. Any ideas what this could be?

If your TV looks 3D, warped, or distorted it likely has a convergenge problem. If however it just looks dull, washed out, redish, greenish, or blueish or if it looks like objects on the screen have halos the fluid in the lens has soured.Y ... Samsung HL-R6168W 61" HDTV

When turned on there are the three color lines in the top of the screen running horizontal. The rest of the screen is black. When you adjust the audio the bar comes up on the screen but is out of focus. Same when you pull up the menu screen. Is it a dead soldier?

Thats a convergence issue which is actually a easy repair on that model. You can get the convergence repair kits from www.tvrepairworld.com which also includes repair instruc ... RCA D52W23 52" HDTV CRT TV

My hitachi plasma 1080 tv has black horizontal lines on the top half of the screen

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for more\012details. Click this link. View it in \012"Timeslide" option, which can be selected from the dro ... Hitachi P50H401 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Tn61x81 My screen has a horizontal black arcing line across the top and bottom of he screen. The bottom is worse. It almost covers 1/2 the screen. I changed the convergence chips with no luck. I can tap on the side of the set and it works for about an hour, then it comes right back. Also, I have tried to get a service manual for this tv and cannot find one, any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

... Toshiba TN61X81 61" Rear Projection Television

Samsung TSL2793HF - Slight Right Side Pincushion and Horz Line Bottom to Top Until the TV Warms up

Yes, this is rare but I have seen it before--not fixable if it is what I think it is----It is what is called a Dome effect---the shadow mask in the picture tube is actually contracting and or expanding depending on temperature---Directly behi ... Combination Televisions

2 black horizontal lines on top of the screen. Phillips 42 inch plasma. Is it burn out line of pixels or....Please answer. Does it make sense to repair or too expensive

Is expensive to fix , tv need the upper buffer boars normally cost about $125 plus labor , may be about $300 to fix it ... Philips 42FD9954 42 in. Plasma HDTV

Sony HX750 has green line running vertically all the way down left hand side and black line running horizontally across top of screen

The fault is with its main power regulator section circuit itself. Check all the electrolytic capacitors there. Replace them. Replace the main filter capacitor too. ... Sony 46 " Bravia Hx750 Series 3d Led Black Lcd Flat Panel Hdtv -

The screen is black with 4 verticle bars going top to bottom of TV and several horizontal faint white lines going side to side. There is no sound either.

... LG 47LH50 47 in. HDTV LCD

When I turn on my TV, the screen seems to have four horizontal lines breaking the picture into 4 sections, with a slight double image. After about 10-15 minutes, it goes away. Any idea what is happening and how to troubleshoot what to do about it?

... Sony KDL-52XBR9 52 in. LCD HDTV

Left side black shadow. tap screen, goes away for a while also get top quater horizantal dark line , tap sometimes works.i want to try to diy

... Sanyo DP46848 LCD TV

LG 42le5300. when turned on has a thin black line 2/3rds the way on screen top to bottom , go's away after a minute or so

... LG 42SL9000 42 in. HD-Ready LED TV

My LG lcd tv internittenly shows black horizontal lines across the top 6 inches of my screen. The rest of the picture is unaffected but it is very annoying. It seems cheaper to replace the tv rather than fix it. I've only had just over a year which was when the warranty expired. I want to fix it rather than replace it. What cost effective measure can be taken to fix this problem?

Hello Gary,\015\012\015\012Sorry for the delay in replying to you, but there has been a technical fault and we have not been able to answer questions.\015\012\015\012The most economical way to have your TV fixed is by the manu ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung 50b550 has many thin black lines across the top of the screen

... Samsung PN50B550 50 in. Plasma HDTV

I have a SANYO DP46848, 46 inch flat screen hdtv purchased about 2 - 3 years ago. The screen goes dark on the left side (top .25% is ok). It sometimes fixes itself after an hour or so. Sometimes you can fix it by placing your hand on the dark spot for 10-15 seconds. There is a thin horizontal line about 1/4th of the way down from the top with the top of line ok when the bottom of line area goes dark. LCD Controller? or Main Board? or Power Supply or the Panel itself? I have a picture if that

Ray I have just about the same issue . But my only problem is the thin black lines. Do you think cleaning the flex cables coming off the Tcon will help at all? This is the same model DP46848 ... Flat Panel Televisions

Gateway lp 2407 monitor boots,but goes black with horizontal lines across screen

... Gateway FPD2185W 21 in. LCD Television

Will a bad Back light Inverter board make horizontal lines all the way across the top of the screen after it warms up ?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Started with one thin horizontal black line, then 3 shades over screen, now only static picture

Check and replace its back light CCFL lamps. If these are faulty, this kind of fault can occur. When replace it, replace all. None one or two. If you wish to get more details about the back light CCFL lamps and its working, check this link. Pull ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

I have a slightly arched pink & green line accross the top of the screen.

I am wondering if we have the correct model number listed here? If so with the model listed either something is inside like a spider web or that model uses a optical light engine which "might" be able to do this if bad. ... Mitsubishi WD-60735 Projection Television

I have a samsung ln32b360 with a red horizontal line about an inch below center. when it first powers up the screen turns gray above the line then images start freezing on the screen then going away quicker and quicker until the gray goes away but the line stays.

... Flat Panel Televisions

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