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How do i unlock the screen with no remote....trying to get signal from laptop to screen

\015 IVe plugged in all the appropriate wire, the screen only says digital signal weak. then i was asked for a new password but i have no remote to enter numbers with\015

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Click here to download the user manual to your TV. It has all details.

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How do i unlock the screen with no remote....trying to get signal from laptop to screen

Click here to download the user manual to your TV. It has all details. ... Sansui HDLCD-1900 19 in. LCD Television

I have connected my laptop to an 50 inch LG tv through a hmdi port. I can detect the tv on the laptop but get a no signal message on the tv screen. What am I doing wrong?

Make sure the "source" or "input" on the tv is set to the hdmi port you connected the computer to. ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

When i connect my HP laptop to the tv using a HDMI cable, it says no signal, but occasionally the screen does briefly appear on the tv display. how can i get it to display properly?

... LG 32LG30 32 in. LCD HDTV

Attempting to connect the HDMI cable from the computer to the TV ( model LC320SL8) I'm not getting a signal or any sort of feedback. just a black screen. i once had the tv hooked up to my laptop a

HDMI can be flaky and does not like things to be connected while units are powered up---tv or the unit being connected.If you hooked up with set on etc the set may not of "seen" this event and refuses to function. I know it sounds odd but I ... Sylvania LC320SL8 Television

I have a toshiba 46XV550A flat screen. I have previous been able to watch video from my laptop via HDMI, however now when I plug it in all I get is the TV going from blue to black screen. The laptop LCD screen also used to turn off and you could toggle between using it and the TV screen using Fn F8, however the laptop doesn't seem to recognise the TV anymore... it keeps the visual on the laptop even when I plug in the HDMI cable to to the TV and Fn F8 doen't seem to work any more - do you know

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Polaroid TLX-04240B It comes on and Displays the Polaroid logo, then it goes to a black screen with the HDMI1 input box on the top right hand corner. THis box eventually disappears, leaving me with a black screen. The menus seem to work. But the signal only dispalys a black screen. When no source is connected, it will display the blue screen stating no signal. Apparently it is getting the HDMI signal but unable to display it? I have taken it apart and inspected the capaci

Buy another HDMI cable.Try another HDMI cable with another HDMI hub on the tv port.If u still have the same problems,mean the whole main tv Tuner signal board have problems and the caused.Tries websites like Shopjimmy.com,Ebay.com to buy a whole new ... Polaroid TDA-03211C 32 in. LCD HDTV

I have a weird problem with my samsung 933sn monitor. It was working great for two years, but now it works only in DynamicContrast mode,every other setting gets me a very dark screen, i have connected It to my laptop, same thing. My graphic card is ok, it is just weird. The screen gets so dark, i use my flashlight to open OSD menu and somehow i get it to DynamicContrast mode,turn it off, then turn it on, it works. When i unplug it from power source and from computer, I get

... Samsung SyncMaster 933SN 18.5in. Widescreen LCD Monitor

My Durabrand dwt1304 was hooked up to cable. I now have relocated the TV into my workshop and am attempting to hook it up to a digital converter and an antenna. Turning the TV on, I am getting a "Helpful Hints" message on the screen that asks if I have performed an "AUTO PRESET CH". I found this on the remote's menu and ran it, after which the screen gets the message, "NO TV SIGNALS". At that point, I can get the TV to do nothing else. Trying to run through setup with the digital converter

I suggest to go back to the menu and make sure in the connection or signal type to select antenna.. Since you had it hooked up to cable it may not have been selected to go back to antenna. Hope this helps you out. ... Durabrand DWT1304 13" TV

My RCA flat screen was working just fine and than as I was watching TV the screen flickered off and the it started flashing unusable signal. I did a rescan of the channels a couple come back that I have never had before. The sound doesnt work on the few channels that I do get and the picture and sound doesnt work on the ones I use to get. I also tried to put a dvd in. The sound works but not the picture doesnt. What do I do

... RCA Flat Panel Televisions

Bush bu11fsrhd32 when i go to record i get a message on the screen saying. "unable to record not recieving a signal" then i attempts to get a signal from around the country and its a pain trying to stop it

... Bush Flat Panel Televisions

Hi. Lately my tv is turning on but once the video signal is recognized, the screen goes green with vertical lines. Then the set turns off, turns back on, and then I may see a picture but the colors and images are all distorted. After about 5 min of off and on, it would finally correct itself. It does this with any input such as my xbox and dtv. Now it is at the point where it keeps trying to turn itself on and off to seemingly correct the input signal. Each time I may get a green screen, blac

This is a foreign voltage issue. It's very high voltage with minimal current. Milliamps to say the least. It is not dangerous. The only way to test for this voltage is with a foreign voltage tester that low volt techs and electricians use to iden ... Samsung LN46A550 LCD TV

My Sceptre X37SV-Komodo LCD TV has dark spots, kind of feather shaped, with indistinct edges, several inches by an inch or so. They are neither vertical nor horizontal and are not like the bright/dark areas you sometimes see near the edges of a laptop screen which are caused by backlight problems. They show up when I have any input signal (NTSC, VGA, Composite, or HDMI), but not when there is no signal and just a blue (TV generated) screen. They are most visible when the image is blue or g

... Sceptre Komodo X37SV 37 in. LCD Television

I have an Insignia NS-LCD42HD-09 42 inch flat screen tv. The HDMI input works, but the component cable says no signal, and I only get cable on two channels. All other channels say no signal. The two channels I get have both picture and sound, and it is not my cable company because I plugged in another tv to the same cable, and everything works fine. I've had this TV for almost three years.

... Insignia NS-LCD42HD-09 42 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

This RCA L26HD31 TV has always worked fine in other respects... but when I try to connect my pc's hdmi cable to it for use as a monitor, I just get "unusable signal". When this TV was made, hdmi outputs on laptops was not the norm - it was vga. Can this TV use an hdmi signal from a dell laptop? Yes, I'm using the correct input for the TV and have tried hdmi1 & 2 ports. - Thx

Make sure you have set the laptop's display properties to as low a resolution as possible (also make sure the screen refresh rate is 60 hertz) and turned it off before connecting it to the television. Turn the television on first and set to the corre ... RCA L26HD31 26 in. LCD HDTV

ComI have connected my laptop to Sansui 32 inch LCD through VGA cable but the i am not getting the notebook screen displayed on tv continuously. the screen gets displayed for a second and goes off, it is happening constantly

To connect a computer to a Sansui HD tv you need to change the refresh rate of your computer to 60hertz. You will also need to apply one of the monitor display modes listed in the tv manual to your computer. If you need a manual for your Sansui tv ca ... Sansui HDLCD3210 32 in. LCD TV

I have Vizio I changed cable from Dish Network to a Local Co. now I can't get cable or sound, although the cable box is all lit up. I get a blue screen with no signal running across it and I have

Check with whoever is your current signal provider---paying for service they will usually come out and make sure it is working either via the coax fitting or via the audio/video jacks ... Vizio Flat Panel Televisions

I have a sanyo flat screen HDTV. It was working fine, and now it isnt working at all. It says no signal on every channel, so I did a channel search, and it found some channels, and it only lasted approximatley 20mintues before it went back to no signal. Now every time I do a channel search it only finds channel 68. This TV was bought as a christmas gift, so its still new. Whats wrong with it? What can I do to get a signal?

It might be wrong in your TV settings. try to set in PAL or NTSC, once you search a channel ... Sanyo DS31520 31" TV

I bought a JVC Screen 48inch used now I am locked out of sound on menu sound like treble and bass is dull how can I get code to unlock I need to unlock code to a used Jvc tv so I ca hear sound, sound on mene is dull I m Locked Out

Hello\015\012To set Lock and unlock proceeding are give here:\015\012\015\012Channel guard and V-Chip settings are protected by a four-digit lock code. Your TV comes\015\012pre-set with a lock code of "0000". You may cha ... JVC Projection Televisions

Sony KV- 20FV12 get no signal on screen. Same cable outlet works on other TV as a test. Cable ON in menu. Auto Set search produces search but still no signal.

Hello\015\012\015\012If auto search is going on smoothly, and there is no stations on air is memorized, and display no signal, there are tow possibilities. The first one is antenna is not connected properly. Check the antenna connection ... Sony KV-20FV12 20" TV

I have a sansui 19inch tv. i plug the hdmi cord into my mac and turn the input to pc and/or hdmi but i either get no signal or just a blue screen. does anyone know a way i can get it to work?

... Sansui 19 in. LCD TV

Rear projection 65 inch.. Powers up, gets set up screen, doesn't get signal from cable box, DVD player, xbox, or whatever. I assume it's something that has to do with a burned out diode or som

What is the model number: most have 3 hidden menus and one is option menu--can do a hard reset of entire set. ... Projection Televisions

Hi there I have a 6 year old Philips TV (LC4.3EAA) that i'm trying to connect to my Apple power book as an external monitor. I can see the laptop on the screen but I can't seem to be able to get it to fill the full screen, can you help? ps I don't have the remote anymore so am trying to navigate using the tv's own menu!!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have an LG 42" plasma about 2.5 years old. When watching late at night with low sound so as not to disturb the household the screen buzzes when a bright screen/white sky or even with no signal and just the screen savor comes on and moves a round. Is this the power supply getting ready to pack up as is very annoying.

I do not think the buzzing is coming from the screen itself. It is either coming from the transformer on the power supply or the Sustain boards(labelled X-main and Y-main). My money would be on the sustain boards. Please remve the back cover and veri ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a brand new Philips LED TV Model #32PFL4505 f7 On the screen it says "no signal" and on top right hand side is a box and in it is the #1. Don't know how to get signal back??

... Flat Panel Televisions

Im trying to hook up my first gen 60g ps3 to my sharp lcd monitor, pn-455. im using hdmi for my ps3 - dvi for the monitor. all i get is a black screen. i've tried doing a hard reset and still nothing. if i use the component cables for the monitor it works but the picture is not 1080i. if i hook up the monitor to my laptop with the same hdmi-dvi it works with my laptop. why doesnt it work with the ps3?

... Sharp PN-455 45 in. LCD Television

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