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My Sansui HDLCD3250 will not let me watch regular tv with my Dish Network. I can hook up my dvd player and picture and sound is great. Does anyone know how i can get my Sansui HDLCD3250 fixed to watch my dish network?

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Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Standard (CRT) Televisions
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My Sansui HDLCD3250 will not let me watch regular tv with my Dish Network. I can hook up my dvd player and picture and sound is great. Does anyone know how i can get my Sansui HDLCD3250 fixed to watch my dish network?

... Sansui 32" TV

I want to watch my dish network and there is nothing but a black screen!! Its a 32 inch HDLCD3250 Sansui

Have you considered since you pay for Dish Network calling them? ... Sansui 32" TV

While watching my LNs4051Dx TV the screen goes black but sound is still on. I power off and on the cable box and TV and picture comes back but only for 30 minutes or so. Three years ago I repaired the capacitors on this TV with great success. Anyone have a fix for this problem?

Replace CM807 and CM808 1000uf 25V in the power supply section. ... Samsung LN-S4051D 40 in. LCD Television

Today, while watching tv on the Dish, tv suddenly started powercycling. I unplugged it, waited, and then tried a DVD -- worked fine. Tried Dish again, power cycled again -- on off on off, 1/2 second of picture, no sound, struggles until I unplug her. It's an LG 47LD520 5 months old. Dish network through HDMI, DVD through red / white / yellow. Tried Dish though component cable, still power cycles. Tried all HDMI ports, too, same thing. Brought in my old tv and hooked to Dish thou

If you are using a powerstrip may not be supplying enough power to run the LG HDTV and your HD receiver. If you are using a powerstrip make sure the receiver is plugged directly into the wall. Otherwise this may be a grounding issue please reply if t ... LG 47LD520 47 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Code fix on dish network remote

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have Dish Network Sattellite TV. I have a Toshiba 55" LED TV. My HD picture is too big and extends beyond the viewing area. It is not adjustable using the TV settings.How do I fix this? Could Dish Nework HD have changed something on their end?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a VP50HDTV20A, was watching tv this past Sunday and all of a sudden it shut off. Tried to manually turn it on and then noticed that the yellow/green light was off....acts like there isn't any power getting to it. Checked all outlets, they work with other electrical cords, un-plugged tv and plugged in again....nothing? I wonder if this is something that can be fixed or if anyone else has encountered this problem? I don't want to have a tech come to fix it and spend the money to do it i

Could be the fuse? try replacing the fuse.\015\012http://www.diyfixit.co.uk/electrics/fuse-changing-1.html\015\012\015\012Adam ... Vizio P50HDTV20A 50 in. Plasma HDTV

Hi my name is Beatrice I have sansui its having sound problems while I'm watching it just switch off the sound , help me how I can fix it or sansui contacts

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a 52 inch RCA rear projection TV and have had it for nearly 5 years without any issues. Now when I turn the TV on, the button lights up green on the front as normal, but after about 5-10 seconds, the button and tv turn off? It all started when I was watching TV one day and about 30 or 40 minutes into the show, the TV turned it's self off...I turned it right back on and this is what it is currently doing...? What can I do to hopefully fix this issue because the TV is a great TV and I wo

I would try resoldering the flyback terminals thats a component thats prone to have solder issues and it will cause those same symptoms. ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Overscanning Issue I'm not sure how long my grandma's had this tv, but it was here and ready for me when I moved in a while back. It works fine. Great, actually. But there's one little issue I'm currently having with it, and that's a little thing called overscanning; when the image is too big for the TV itself. This wasn't really a problem until recently, when grandma had decided to switch from Direct TV to Dish Network. The first thing I tried was the TV menu, obvio

Hi, I am sorry you are having a problem with the video being zoomed in on your TV. If your DISH remote works the volume and power on the TV then try selecting the "*" (star) button under the number 7 on the remote. This is a format button that will r ... Sanyo DP32647 32 in. LCD TV

I have dish tv and just had it hooked to the internet via a slinglink turbo w1. Is it possible now to be able to watch movies on a tv connected to this network from the computer? If not, what additional connections would I need.

... Slingbox Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter


I see so many here with no sound/nopicture issues:ISSUES: 1. IF sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby check main fuse, standby power supply and any signsof damage you can see---burnt parts etc.3. almost all thes ... Sansui 19 in. LCD TV

Our Hitachi hd1080 ph41211 has stoped working. Yesterday as I was watching t.v. I heard a noise which kind of sounded like a cross between a snap and a lightbulb going out, anyhow at that moment the tv went out. From that moment on the t.v. won't work it just blinks the blue "power light." Does anyone have any suggestions or answers they'd be greatly appreciated!!

... Projection Televisions

It has worked great since we got it like 15 years ago! watching it last week and it just popped off and will not turn back on. I unpluged it and took off back panel. plugged it back in to see if any lights came on. 2 small green lights came on and 2 seconds later 1 more came on, but then ALL three popped off. Is this something I can fix?

Very common problem on this model and a failry easy DIY fix. Goto www.TvRepairKits.com and get their kit + instructions for this model. Its an easy fix ... Hitachi 55UX58B 55" Rear Projection Television

I have pluged the white yellow and red video cords core4ctly from DVD player to TV. I have excellent video but no sound. I have replaced the cables to no avail. I have plugged the tV into our DISH network usingt the 3 cables and I have great sound and picture.

Hi - There's a good chance that you have the player setup for digital audio. I don't know what player you have so I can't take you through the menu.\015\012\015\012Bring up the menu with your remote and look for anything related to audio and th ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Samsung LCD TV - Model number LE37B679, which is great, but I'm having and issue with it. I can be watching ok for a while and then the picture goes & I'm left with a black screen. The sound remains. I find I have to turn the power off for 30 minutes or so then I get the picture back. Does anyone have any idea as to what might be wrong. I read something about a T-CON Video board issue, but I'm not technically expert enough to know if this is a red herring or not. Please help

... Flat Panel Televisions

I need tv code for a dish network remote - Sansui Flat Panel Televisions

Have you tried 135, & 136 ... Sansui Flat Panel Televisions

Okay, well I have a JVC AV 32120 and it will run DVDs and all fine. That's great and all but when we plug the cable into the back and go to watch tv, we won't get anything coming through, just a blue screen. I've tried going into the menu and adding the channels individually, then the auto programing mode as well, I've gone as far as resetting all the v chip codes and still nothing! I'm desperate, please anyone?!

I would check and make sure you are connected properly in the back of the unit. Sometimes people put them in a little back ward and while they will allow you to watch a show they will not let the tv pass threw. the other would be making sure to selec ... JVC Standard (CRT) Televisions

Three blinking light on the front of my samsung DLP flashed and TV would not turn on. I replaced the Lamp($154) and now the picture is great. worked the night before 3hrs, and the next mourning if turns off 5 min when watching the news. Any ideal on how to fix this problem??rn Frank Pangelinan

... Samsung HL-R5656W 56" DLP HDTV

I won a rca scenium 52 inch hd tv.. i hit somthing on my remote and now i have a fuzzy scree. and dont know how to fix it.. i trouble shooted with dish network. they say it is my tv. but the dvd player is still working can u help ?

Hello. I do hope that you have gotten this resolved. But if not, here are some simple steps. \015\012\015\012If you are at TV1, where the receiver box is located, the tv needs to be on channel 3 or 4. Depending on the cable t ... RCA Scenium M50WH187 50" HDTV

I can not seem to be able to change the inputs to watch my dish network

Hi my name is Mike Houston of DISH Network and I see the Hitachi TV willnot change inputs. The first thing you will want to do is make sure the DISHremote is programmed to the TV, and if it already is please put the remote inTV mode and select Input ... Hitachi 53UDX10B 53" Rear Projection Television

How do you change pixel? i have dish network. HD channel is perfect but when i see regular channel, picture is cut off from the bottom and top. its very irritating when you see game. i tried changing the aspect ratio but it only have 3 options: 6:9 standard and extended and zoom. can anyone help me?

You will want to keep your aspect ratio on 16x9. On your DISH Network remote press the format button on your remote it will have an asterisk (*) on it. Also, try the page up and page down buttons right of the volume. If that fails take the factory re ... Hitachi 50V500 50 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

We have a 42 LCD. We're using the Dish Network and it works great until night time. After a dozen attempts last night we've determined that the remote only works during daylight hours or at night with the light on in the room. Any thoughts?

It sounds like there is an interference issue, we can change your remote to a UHF frequency to resolve this. Feel free to reply to me for more assistance!Daniel BusaDISH Network Customer Service ... Vizio 42 in. LCD TV

My 2004 samsung self focus bbe digital tv had a normal picture, but recently the screen started producing yellow images. Everything we watch is in yellow tint. The model number is HC-P4741W. If anyone can tell me what I can do to fix this it would be very much appreciated. My email is flynntimothy90yahoo.com

Check and make sure that you still have your red component cable hooked up and it is tight on both ends of cable. If cable is tight, try another cable to make sure the one you are using isn't bad. If you still have a yellow picture, stick your head i ... Samsung HC-P4741W 47" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a Sylvania 6842PE 42 in. I was watching TV and then there was a loud pop. The TV turned off and then I turned it back on, but there is no picture only sound. Does anyone know the problem and how to fix it?

Plasma and LCD TV sets are prone to having capacitors in the power supply section fail. This is the most likely cause for the probem you describe. When capacitors fail your will commonly see one or more of the following symptoms. ... Sylvania 6842PE 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

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