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I'm running dual Samsung 305T monitors and one of them has been flickering from time to time. It just starts to flash and flicker. Now, it's all green and fuzzy. Still can see everything, but it's got a green hue and bad resolution. I swapped the cables on the two monitors, but the right side one is still green, so not a cable or connection issue. Thanks!

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The flickering problem you have is caused by the monitor's t-con board, The Altera chip on the T-con board is having a bad connection because of dead soldering points or cracked soldering joints, the solution for this problem is to have the T-con board Altera chip reballed, its a very advanced repair , only one place will fix it for you and I will add a link for it, you won't easily find a replacement T-con board for this monitor and Samsung is no longer supporting your monitor so that place is your only hope. 7f514c27-5c9c-4e70-b50a-29505054d67b.jpg b5ec5af6-395e-4533-b5ea-9ca10c5ae592.jpg SAMSUNG MONITOR 305T REBALLING REPAIR 728a6cd3-2218-4f75-8f0c-7348e47d15f4.jpg

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I'm running dual Samsung 305T monitors and one of them has been flickering from time to time. It just starts to flash and flicker. Now, it's all green and fuzzy. Still can see everything, but it's got a green hue and bad resolution. I swapped the cables on the two monitors, but the right side one is still green, so not a cable or connection issue. Thanks!

The flickering problem you have is caused by the monitor's t-con board, The Altera chip on the T-con board is having a bad connection because of dead soldering points or cracked soldering joints, the solution for this problem is to have the T-con boa ... Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30 in. LCD Television

I have had my samsung LN40B530 for 2 days now (got it used) BAD IDEA I Know I just dont have the $ for a new one anyway... everything was fine worked perfect and all of the sudden the picture almost paused it was moving very slowly and the colors were blending strangely I turned off the tv and turned it back on. All i have now on the screen is vertical lines white, blue, red and green. no picture sound is still there as well as all of the buttons being functional. Just vertical lines. I am a ver

The T-CON board is the place to start. If everything else is working (i.e. change channels, sound, etc) then this is almost certainly the problem.\012It's possible the problem is the connector(s) to the T-CON board. Over time the co ... Samsung LN40B530 40 in. LCD HDTV

Have a mitsubishi 65 inch flat screen model 65735, I replaced the dlp chip because it went bad. I put it back together and now the screen stays dark blue with the timer light on green. I can still hear sound but my screen is so dark blue i can bearly tell its not a black screen. I rearranged the connectors and got different results, one time the lamp light was flashing orange, the other time when i turned the tv on it would turn right back off instantly with the lmap light orange and timer ligh

... Mitsubishi WD-65732 65" Projection HDTV

Mitsabishi televisions we have an old big flat box television but when I turned it on everything was outlined pink and green around it and the picture is distorted a little. it has had a yellow line in the top left for awhile but we could still watch the television. is it time for a new one

Its a convergence problem. Its one of the common problems and about the only one these have--note its long life so far.If you are handy it can be a do it yourself repair. It requires getting at the parts---set uses either one or two chips f ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

Dsconverter my dsconverter stop working only has green light tryed unpluging it still just green light try it in other plugs and still dose not work need new one but i need the fax number to send recite with info

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hitachi 57swx20b color bad, all 3 lamps are still working, bringing tint control all the way over to the left (max red) helps a little but still to much green in picture. picture is still sharp and cl

... Hitachi 57SWX20B 57" Rear Projection Television

KDF E50 A12U LCD TV we have recently replaced our second bulb after a year or so since the last one went however it still has one red and one green light flashing, ive cleaned out the fan also what else could it be ?

How many times red light is flashing after 3 seconds long pause?This info will help me to sort out problem.Thanks. ... Sony KDF-E50A12U 50" LCD HDTV

Have a PT50DL-54J . Just changed the lamp and it will not start back up.Just a blinking green light. For the past while theTV has been displaying "replace lamp" but I couls still watch it. Then one day it would not turn on at all. Same green blinking light. I thought it was the bulb because of the error message saying so. I changed the bulb and its THE SAME PRWhat's wrong. Does it need to be reset somehow or something or am I SOL

... Panasonic PT50LCX63 50" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a Nec Plasma Sync 42vp4g/s Monitor. I have connected only a video RCA on VIDEO 2, but the monitor is turning to black ( the stand-by light is still green ). Sometimes it makes some flashing showing only pixels, not a whole picture. Can somebody help me?

Your video input on VIDEO 2 via the RCA jack is most likely composite analog signal (good oldobsolete NTSC), and the Television may be in High-Def mode, therefore not looking for, andnot understanding anything but an HDTV (digital, ATSC) ... NEC PlasmaSync 42VP4D 42 in. HD-Ready Television

BLANC SCREEN My 42" RCA LED47A55RS just went puff.. when I was watching a video. I don't get any picture. The screen is blank. If I leave it on for while it gets about 6 vertical white lines for about 1 minute and then its blank again. No sound either. Check for bad or burnt capacitors and other parts but everything looks good. The only board that smells bad is one near the speakers, lower part, a small boatd that has to connections going to the LCD screen. I checked for the part number but

... RCA Projection Televisions

Hi, I have an Acer AL2416W, I turn on my screen and the light goes green and everything is fine for one secomd then the whole screen turns black and my computer stays as normal and the green light stays on but i have a black screen

Change the serial cord or the videocard. if not work your Acer AL2416W i think your lcd have a problem? ... Acer AL2416W 24 in. LCD Television

Picture with no sound on Samsung LNS-4692DX. Samsung was of NO help. I followed the excellent instructions posted by fun2 and Ida2 but I did not prepoerly remove one of two orange ribbons on the T-Conn board and when I installed the new Tconn, the right half side of the screen has a green tint that distorts the picture badly. The left side is fine. My questions is does anyone know if I need a new orange ribbon and if so, how do I replace the old one at both ends? Otherwise, is the ribbon fixable

... Samsung LN-S4692D 46 in. LCD HDTV

No picture no chirping i can hear the speakers come on though. i can see the bulbs 2 of them have a pink strip and one has a grey strip does this mean the one is bad? would the other 2 still b lighting up?

... Philips 60PP9202 60" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

Hello...do hdmi slots eventually wear out? I have the samsung S40510 which I think is about 6 years old. It was working earlier today, but when I went to swap my FiOS HDMI for DVD HDMI everything quit working; this was a work around for me because appeared one slot was went bad when I replaced one blue ray dvd player for another.

... Samsung LN-S4051D 40 in. LCD Television

HI, I have no picture of sound. When I turn the TV on I get a series of clicks then the light turns from red to green and flashes green 3 times. I checked the power board and found 9 bad caps and replaced them but still no picture and the TV does not come on. Please help.

3 blinks indicate a failure in the power source. \012\012\012You will need to test it, identify the failed output line (most likely it's the 3,3 v one) and replace the failed parts - most likely the rectifier.Use this manual for a more pr ... LG 50PC3D 50 in. Plasma Television

Hi, i got samsung dlp tv m# HL-P5063W.i changed lamp,ballest,collerwheel,and lamp door cover sensor. but tv still doesnt come on.once you plug in the power cord green lamp sign blinks 35 times then cutts off and one time stand by red light blinks,then green lamp starts blinking again. lamp never gets come on. please help.

Seemed like it is a problem with the power supply circuit. Check the circuit where the power chord is connected internally to the TV. You should see capacitors. Check for swollen or leaking ones that may need replacing. Check also for burnt compo ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Hitachi 43FWX20B. I can see the red is not lined up with the blue and green on the far left side of the screen. Only the red and only on the far left side of the screen. Blue and Green are OK. I tried the Magic Focus, I get a error code 5. I tried manual Focus of the red on the far left of the screen. I can ont move the red. Do I need to replace the Convergence Chips? Or could this be a bad resistor? If so, witch one. Please Help..............

Please do us a favor and rate this by cliking the thumps up icon located here >>>>>>Projection TV sets have ... Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear Projection Television

Hi, I have a lg 37lc2d. I turn on the tv, the green power blinks for about 5 seconds. Then all I get is a black screen and no sound. I unpluged the tv from the bluray player and the directv box, and plugged in again, and still the same issue. Why did I unplug everything? To see if i could get the "blue screen" or at least the menu, but no, that did not happen, still black screen, and no sound. Any suggestions? This product has been discontinued, and I have done searches to find that I am not the

Wow I have the same problem! Just happened today same model & everything.This stinks! ... LG 37LC2D Television

I have tow SONY projections TVs (KP-51HW40 - w/bad Red CRT & KP-65WV600 - with bad Green CRT). In both of them I have a defective CRT tube. Can I use the good CRT from one to fix the other?

... Sony Projection Televisions

LG tv picture was grainy, blurry, and the picture would come in and out. The sound still works just fine. I took the back panel off to check it out and i seen that 8 capacitors were bad on one of the

Thats just normal take the tv to a tv shop and have those capacitors replaced and you should be fine ... LG Flat Panel Televisions


The green screen suggests a problem or bad Optical engine. Most Sony sets have a self check for error codes---set off: with remote: Display, 5, vol down, power(hit the power button) ... Projection Televisions

I replaced the ws-65513 capacitors, however it still flashes green. Tv dept guy said probably messed up the DM board. Where can i get a replacement? thank you,

First disconnect the front keyboard which has the reset switch--the switch can fail and cause this exact issue. ... Mitsubishi WS-65513 65" Rear Projection HDTV

My samsung TV #ln32c350 picture suddenly turned mostly green. It is only 14 months old. We reset everything- still greenish

... Samsung LN32C350 32 in. TV

Green Hue on VGA Input on Sony KDF-E50A10

There is some color format mismatch. Look for settings and try to correct it. You may go through the operation manuals of both step by step. Also check whether the frequency of the device is same like both are of 50Hz or 60Hz. ... Sony KDF-E42A10 42 in. LCD Television

I have samsung 40 inch lcd from past last couple of weeks I have noticed a green/ black horizontal line on the screen and its increasing in size. Last week it was around half an inch but right now its around 1 and half inch I spoke to one of the samsung technicians he says , the whole monitor has to be replaced which will cost about 80% of TV's cost. I don't know what to do ?. We bought it in 2007 so, its aprrox 3 and years. Please suggest Regards Laxmi

The technician was correct.This problem is generally considered to not be economically feasible to repair. Your best bet would be to shop for a new TV.Good luck. ... Flat Panel Televisions

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