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What's your problem?I have Samsung CS-29Z57MQ (29in CRT Slim TV) and due to curverd corners I tried to set using service menu (info - menu - mute - power). While setting I accidently pressed INFO button again and it auto changed some G2-Adjustment values. I switched off the TV. From after that TV is not turning on, its on standby mode and when I press power button or service menu button I only can hear the click but again no picture comes and it goes to standby again.

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What's your problem?I have Samsung CS-29Z57MQ (29in CRT Slim TV) and due to curverd corners I tried to set using service menu (info - menu - mute - power). While setting I accidently pressed INFO button again and it auto changed some G2-Adjustment values. I switched off the TV. From after that TV is not turning on, its on standby mode and when I press power button or service menu button I only can hear the click but again no picture comes and it goes to standby again.

... Samsung Standard (CRT) Televisions

Hi, i have a Sharp LC65D90U lcd tv and when i turn it on the backlights come on but not picture, i can get into the service menu screen and do stuff but otherwise if i just power up only the backlights come on with the blue light on but i cannot turn it off with the remote or buttons on the tv until it goes on for about 45 secs and then turns itself off and comes on for about 30 secs then and then turns off and stays off. Now in this off mode the opc light blinks once every 2 secs and the sta

Hi Starcruzer,\015\012\015\012You didn't confirmed yet the output voltages of the power supply, If so, you must check this. Your output voltage may have an unregulated supply which caused by bad filter capacitor in that area and trigger an erro ... Flat Panel Televisions

Lnt3232hx xaa When tv is powered on standby light blinks 3 times slowly,does the start music but then standby light goes and set is dead pushing the power button again makes the tv cue the turn off music and standby light goes back to solid

... Projection Televisions

I have akai CT 2579 model TV. After 5 or 6 minutes my TV automatically goes into standby mode. After 4 or 5 seconds, when i press power button from remote control or press main power switch from the main board, it starts working and again after 4 or 5 minutes, it goes again into standby mode.

... Flat Panel Televisions

What do I do? My lcd 32" emerson tv won't turn on it flashes green then goes back to red, regardless wether I hold the power button down it goes back to standby mode

... Emerson Lc320em1 TV

I appeal to you in a Grundig T 51-640 OIRT type device connection. The Act enabled the children because something may not be enough volume to a low (low) level be displayed in the dialog bar is moved to the lower left corner of the screen. Internet forums were advised that the device in the power switch on it and switched I hold the button and the service mode menu, choose the hotel but this did not help because I can not get the service menu, because when I turn in vain to hold the first It

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sylvania LC320SLX that will not turn on. When I hit the power button, the power on light blinks about 15 times then goes back to standby. I disconnected the cable input and unplugged the power cord for a minute, but had the same results. Any suggestions?

This is a common problem an a failry easy DIY fix. \012\012Plasma and LCD TV sets are prone to having capacitors in the power supply section fail. This is the most likely cause for the probem you describe. When capacitors fail your ... Sylvania LC320SLX 32 in. LCD TV

My TV will not switch on, power is being applied into the TV, but it will not properly turn on, the red standby light stays on, but when the standby button is pushed on the control and on the tv, the light blonks for a few seconds and then goes off completely, without activating the screen.

Many of the later model Sony TV's have a built in self-diagnosis function. If the timer/standby indicator is blinking, this could be an indication of a problem with the unit. The diagnostic blinking will occur automatically with no action required by ... Flat Panel Televisions

White Screen When plugged in yellow standby light turns on but when the power button is pressed the light does not turn blue it just shuts off completely. If repeated the TV will eventually power on BUT goes straight to a White Screen and remains there. Don't know what would cause this so in turn I don't know what to do to fix it. Any ideas?

Look for loose contacts in power outlet, input RC cables or such other devices, connect a different input device and see. Switch off TV manually, switch off power outlet, remove plug and cool it off for 48 hours. If problem persists, it might need ... Polaroid Flat Panel Televisions

I have a pioneer elite television. The red standby light is on, everytime I push power button it goes off. Cant get the blue light on for the tv to work. Think its stuck on standby mode. tried unplugging but did nothing.

In most cases the standby light might blink with different rapidity to indicate a fault relevant to the processor. It is possible that most of these indicate that there are errors in the processing section . Since there is a possible short o ... Flat Panel Televisions

My lg tv is stuck on standby if you press the power button standby light changes to green for a second then goes back to red

... Flat Panel Televisions

Lcdx37whd88 when power button is pressed at side on tv it comes on to standby.a blue light is lit on front of tv. when you press remote to turn tv on,light goes off but screen is black and goes back to standby

Sounds like your power supply capacitors have failed. Google for Z1234TV and see if you can locate a power supply capacitor repair kit for your model. ... Projection Televisions

TV staying on one channel only. Tried info, menu, mute power off. When it turned back on it showed the menu and option to reset, as per advice i have read on here. However the select / ok button on the remote does not seem to select the option, from what i read it is then supposed to switch itself off, when turned back on, it should then allow me to plug and play and start from the beginning as i did when it was first purchased. But it does not? :0( any advise welcome. Thanks in advance

Try to enter auto scan.. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Mine stays in standby mode. When I press the power button it goes green for a half second and goes back with a loud clck from the Speakers. Please tell me its just soldering work.

Hi Brian,\015\012\015\012Bad solder joints will affect the performance of the power supply and may cause a subsequent shutdown but that's is only one of the factors. I've suspected that you have a leaky capacitor in that section or a faul ... Pioneer PRO-200 60" Rear Projection Television

Using Info - Menu - Mute - Power for Samsung LE40R74BD does not work. TV turns on, turns back off again, and turns on again but with no service menu, any advice?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Vizio VT470M no picture, no sound, no backlight. Power supply board looks good all voltages appear correct (24V, 5V, and 3.7V) and no "bulged" capacitors . When I unplug unit for two hours, the screen comes on normally backlight comes back up and picture is normal, but changing the channel causes it to go dead again. Bringing up menu with remote is really sluggish and when attempting factory reset, it goes black. Vizio light on the front of the TV comes on and off when pressing power button,

Im having similar problem and with my limited knowledge of lcd tvs and the voltages ALL being good except the pwr on or sw on voltage from the main board to the power supply which tells it to switch everything on Im guessing that something is going w ... Vizio VT470M 47 in. TV

I have a warfedale lcd26hd tv and am having a problem with it powering up, wether I use the remote or the button on the tv, when I try to turn it on it seems likes it's going to power up and sometimes gets as far as seeing the tuner symbol in the top corner but then just switches off and goes back to standby mode. Any ideas?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Emerson 32" LC 320 EM1F, When I press power button, green light flashes 12 times then red light comes on and goes to standby. What seems to be the problem? How can I fix it?

It sounds that the main digital board has damaged. 12 blinks indicates it. if you wish to know more check this link for more details about 12 blinks to Emerson ... Emerson Lc320em1f TV


First of all, I'm so sorry you are in this situation. This is a story I'm hearing all too often. Did you have the set on a surge protector? What you are describing sounds like a main board failure but the set will need to be diagnosed to be sure. Pla ... LG 55LD520 55 in. HD Ready LCD TV

My tv dvd 37"neon combi comes back on when the green power off button is used. it goes back onto standby and then the telly comes back on. any ideas?

It sounds like the main board which controls everything may be bad--not a do it yourself repair---please consider having a tech or a shop look at the set and give you an estimate. ... Sharp Aquos LC-22SV2U 22 in. LCD Television

Problem on Tv with universal board. A television with universal board go standby within 20minutes and if i use remote or program button to power it again it goes again stndby within 2minutes. What is the problem. Can i fix it?

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a SOYO Atlas Series DYLTO32C. The power light goes on and I did have sound until I pressed the button on the remote that would change the input. The screen is black. The menu does not come up.The tv was purchased in August 2006

... Soyo DYLTO32C 32 in. LCD HDTV

The standby light on our tv is on and when we push the power button it comes on for a few seconds and goes out then won't come back on unless we unplug it and plug it back in don't know what to do please help

... Memorex MLT1912 19 in. LCD TV

Have a 32 inch emerson flat screen tv that will not turn on when you touch the power button it flashes a few times and then goes directly to standby. the tv was bought the day after Thanksgiving at Wal-mart. I have heard that alot of people are having the same problem what can I do?

Tries tv unplug,replug it back like an hour later.For the tv to do a resetting it back to the tv factory setting.The tv should be working again now,if not.Tv have power supply board problems,that the board where the power a/c cord plug into it.Tries ... Flat Panel Televisions

My lg 50pc1d is stuck on standby, press power , button and led goes from red to blue then back to red,

... Flat Panel Televisions

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