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Inverter My SP R-4232 plasma tv would not switch on. The blue light blinks 4 times then stays dark but I can hear something like a relay clicking in and out.I replaced the mainboard and the TV was fine for 3 days after which the original problem returned. Please help!

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The blinking blue light are fault indications. From the number of blinks that occurs at one time switch ON, you can get an idea about the faulty circuit section inside it. Even though you've got this idea, service to Plasma TVs are somewhat difficult one for a user, who do not have any knowledge in electronics. If you wish to get more details, surf the following\012link. There are over two thousand and\012four hundred posts. All are related to\012television and other domestic electronic equipment service help. You can get a solution there. More than Nine Lakh viewers cannot be wrong. Blinking codes to Samsung Plasma Displays are described in detail by one among the posts. Pull up older posts.

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Inverter My SP R-4232 plasma tv would not switch on. The blue light blinks 4 times then stays dark but I can hear something like a relay clicking in and out.I replaced the mainboard and the TV was fine for 3 days after which the original problem returned. Please help!

The blinking blue light are fault indications. From the number of blinks that occurs at one time switch ON, you can get an idea about the faulty circuit section inside it. Even though you've got this idea, service to Plasma TVs are somewhat difficu ... Samsung SP-R4232 42 in. Plasma HDTV

JVC I'Art Pro the color's don't line up in the corners its like the red has a concave shape so there is a perfect picture in the middle but the corners are off, anyway what i need to know is how i can adjust this? the menu is not a lot of help." the normal adj. brightness etc..." i figure this is something i need to do mechanically in the rear of the unit or maybe replace something.any help would be great help. btw..... i did not get a remote with the TV. i will have it in a few days i

All projection TV sets have two very common problems. One is convergence ( 3D/Warped video or dead set) the other is CRT fluid ( Dull Video). Here are more details and solutions for both. ... JVC AV-56WP30 56" Rear Projection Television

Samsung lnt4665fx xaa video prolbem apperas main board has been zapped visible burn marks on hdmi port 2 blue light under samsung still comes on and red light flashes and relay clicks but no audio or video replaced caps in power supply did not help should the main board be replaced? should the main board be replace any suggestions would be helpfull thanks

... Projection Televisions

I have a compaq w185q lcd monitor for pc.I have got a tv card with it so i can also watch tv with it.But today while watching tv on it i changed its input signal to something like 1600x..the screen suddenly black out with error message input signal out of range change to 1300 x..like this.and to change the setting i clicked menu from remote but menu doesnt appear so i couldnt reset it.it works fine when i switch to pc side but on tv side i get this error message.what to do please help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

In my tv is 10 years old and by the 2007 we replaced with new board(Only the CRT is the old one). Last day I was switched on my tv only sound only came and no picture. I can able to see the menu setting in TV live volume increase and decrease, Chanel nos etc. When I remove the external cable connection the display comes like blue screen(looks like the CRT is ok). When I inserted the cable the blue screen goes off and became black color during that time the audio of the tv is good. Pls help to s

Hello\015\012Your TV is fitted with Toshiba kit I understands from your description. There is a sub-brightness contorl on board [a small preset resistor, which can be adjusted with a small screwdriver] fitted near to the LOT and towards its le ... Flat Panel Televisions

TV has worked just great since purchased in 04. Sat down this morning, grabbed the remote and nothing happened. I replaced the batteries in the remote, tried it again and nothing. I tried the manual power button on the front of the TV and still nothing. I tested the power outlet and it works fine. As I plug the TV in, I hear a soft click as if it is trying to power on but still nothing happens. I pushed the reset and it makes a soft click but still no picture or sound. Could you possibly help

Hi. This is an all too often occurrence. The TV's manufactured in the earlt to mid 1990s relied on an inferior set of capacitors in the power supply and mainboard components. They should have lasted about 25 to 30 years, but most are on ... Hitachi 57F500 57" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My 2.5ton mini tracked Pel Job digger just will not start. After ignition and the relays click in for the fuel pump and the pre-ignition she turns over but just will not fire up. Previously she was always a good starter and I never needed EasyStart products. I have replaced the Stop solenoid still nothing. As a last resort I put on a new battery, sprayed EasyStart into the air intake and turned her over - nothing. I am now at the end of my experience, anyone can help me I would be overj

... Projection Televisions

Hi, I have Sony Bravia KLV-32S400A Couple of months ago suddenly get switch off after I switch on standby light(Red) gets blink. I unplug the power code and switch on the LCD after 3 hours it works fine. I happens occasionally. Couple of days ago I'm unable to power on the LCD. When I plug the power code I can here a sound like cutout gets on off (tick tick) nothing happens no indicating lights, no display and no sound. Please help me to solve this problem

Dear User,in your case there is a supply fault..capacitor of power board is weak .kindly change the capacitor ..the sign of capacitor faulty is that capacitor is blow up like oil is coming out form upper side..kindly do the need ful.dnt ... Sony Flat Panel Televisions

I have a samsung LNT4071FX/AA.2 wks ago had the power supply replaced by samsung due to a clicking noise when i turned it on. Now the screen flickering for like 1-2 mins every time I turn it . would this be inverter issue or the lcd itself. Please help!!AAAP

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a zenith rear projection tv model r56w36. It won't turn on. When I remove the back panel and turn it on, I see a bright flash coming from the middle bulb on the right side of it where it looks like a wire is connected and then I hear a click from the power board. All the conductors appear to be fine. No bulging or anything but it won't stay on. Please help

... Projection Televisions

My panasonic hdtv 1080i model PT-47WX49E wont turn on. it was working perfectly fine...suddenly turned off..and wont turn back on. i can hear it 'clicking' like its trying to turn on...?? (the noise u hear when any tv turns on and starts to boot up)..or possibly IS turning on.. but the screen is still black.. im not super savvy at this tech stuff.. but i can follow directions.. help ??

Does the power indicator blink? If so thats an error code let me know how many time it blinks ... Panasonic PT-47WX49 47" Rear Projection Television

I have a samsung 55" model LNT4671fx/xaa -- When I turn it on it clicks over and over about 8 times ( sounds like a relay opening and closing ) then comes on and runs great. If I turn it off and right back on the thing occurs. help please

... Samsung LNT4669 TV

My sansung plasma pn51 model is not turning on, it was working just fine and then next day it would not turn on, there is only one click and 5 red blinks from the standby botton,does someone know what this means, any help would be appreciated ,thanks

5 blinks 5v SOS D Board is the fault. Means, 5V supply line is either absent, or this line is shorted. You have to check it. If you wish to get more details about the blinking codes to Plasma Displays, check this link. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Power on is there a "reset" button that can be pressed for this tv. I've had mine for about 3yrs and haven't had a problem with it. Now when I attempt to cut it back on after a very small storm it won't come back on. But everything else is working just fine. I click the power button and it acts like it wants to come on but doesn't. HELP!

What make and model is "this tv"? ... Flat Panel Televisions

37 wlt66s, keeps clicking on ana doff. more frequently. sometimes stays off for a day then clicks back on, then off. please help

There must be some loose solder terminals at its main power supply board. Check and re solder all suspected solder terminals. If it do not help you, replace the power board as card basis. ... Toshiba 37WLT66 37 in. LCD Television

I have an RCA DLP tv model HP50LPW52. the sound was there with no picture. since it is 5 years old I replaced the lamp for the first time. got it all hooked up, turned it on and the tv slowly came on. shortly after that it started to squeal like a dry bearing sound.rnI thought cooling fan and pulled them out to check, they seem fine. got online started to read about the color engine or color wheel? I just paid $106 to replace the lamp. Now what should I do? I feel like its gonna cost as much

That is your Color Wheel that is bad. I wish you would have posted the problem before buying a lamp. I would have told you to treat yourself to a new set instead of putting good money into a DLP set that is 5 years old. ... RCA Projection Televisions

Hi I have an NEC PXT 42XD2s plasma tv that has trouble turning on from remote or tv. Sometimes it will turn on from the unit and works fine then the next day it wont turn on at all, afew days later it works fine can you help thanks frustrated

... NEC PXT-42SX1B 42 in. Plasma TV

I replaced my lamp cartridge in my mitsubishi tv (915P043010). TV worked fine, I shut it off the next day when I turned it on, got only sound. Turned it off took the lamp out of the cartridge and replaced it in the old cartridge, turned it on and it worked fine. Today I turned it on and there was only sound, no picture. What do you think is wrong with it?

... Mitsubishi WD-62327 62" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

ILO p42bskh-us2 has standby power, powers on, but no sound or picture. there are two green leds on the mainboard. after about 1.5 seconds relay8001 on the mainboard visibly sparks, the relay(s?) click off, and led8001 turns from green to red. i've located the voltage values that should be tested for, but i'm not sure where to test as i can't locate ANY information on these sets. it has the samsung 42sd v3.1 common to norcent, tatung, and many other noname plasma panels. mainboard is samsung

... Tatung P42BSKH Television

Visio VP504 fhdtv10a - When I plug it in, it has an amber logo light and makes a click noise (like a relay). When I press the power button nothing happens.

These are problems gradually developed in TV over the years. You may have to look for any dry solder, change the capacitors that look 'puffy' and try. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung HL-S4266W says to Check fan #1. I replaced it and it is running fine, but it still says it. Help!

Either something has to be done to clear that error or the set is detecting something.I have a comment/suggestion here. that error may be misleading you, when you replaced the fan was there a noticeable amount of dust in the set---not like ... Samsung HL-S4266W 42" HDTV

My panasonic th-50px75x no power on , when I turn on the tv on red light but nothing else , no blinking red light only stay on and sound relay click but not picture ,no sound please help me

... Panasonic TH-50PX75U Plasma HDTV

My Polaroid TV is connected to Virgin yet most channels are pixelated and the tv looks like it needs fine tuning, but i can't. Any help?

... Polaroid 4241-TLXB 42 in. LCD Television

My Samsung LNS4051 has sound but no picture. I replaced 2 bulging capacitors (CM807 and 808), and it worked for less than 1 day. The other 4 caps frequently mentioned on this site appear to be good, but i plan to change these out also just to be sure. Could the issue be the inverter board? If so, any help in identifying / removing would be helpful.

I replaced just four (mentioned elsewhere) and the problem only got a little better. I went back and did the remaining 2 and now it's working great. So it's probably a good idea to always replace all 6 of them, they're cheap and it's easy to do. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Doesn't power up. Relay clicks several times, several seconds apart. After third click, power LED blinks three times. The OPC LED blinks once when the power LED blinks the first time. LED blinking pattern repeats every couple of seconds. Opened up TV to check capacitors. All look good. Purchased service manual, but there weren't troubleshooting steps for the power board. Any suggestions as to which board should be replaced first?

First of all you should weight the cost benefit of repairing the set versus purchasing a new one.\015\012\015\012Depending on the size and model of tv, it may be more prudent to simply cut your losses and buy a new tv rather than spend mo ... Sharp Flat Panel Televisions

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