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No picture on Samsung plasma (audio present, remote works) green LED flashing on back

\015 While watching TV the screen suddenly went off. I could still hear the audio on my receiver, so not totally dead.\012\012Unplugged for overnight, did not help. The TV responds to remote when I try to change the channels, power it on, change sources etc I can hear the audio changing.\012\012There is a green LED (LED2000) flashing on the back. Another LED (LED5001) is steady. What could be the problem? This is Samsung PN50B860. Thanks.\015

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No picture on Samsung plasma (audio present, remote works) green LED flashing on back

... Samsung PN50B860 Plasma TV

I have the Samsung LED DLP Model number HLT6187SAX/XAA, Version RE01, Awhile ago while i was watching a movie the tv went black with just the audio still working. I turned off the tv than turned it back on, it came back on but with a blue green tint, it kept flashing blue. I took it apart and cleaned the heat sinks on the LED's as they were very dusty. Now it works fine but with out any red colors. I believe the red LED burnt out. Is there only one light engine for all the LED's or does each LED

... Samsung Projection Televisions

I Have A .AWA MHDV2411-03 When I Turn On The Mains Power Switch On The Tv - To On . The Red Stanby Led Lights Up As Normal Then I'll Press The Power Button On The Remote The Standby Led Lights Changes From Red To Green As Normal And The Tv Works Fine.When I Switch The Tv Off From The Remote Or The Mains Switch The Tv Switches Off As Normal. Now When I Go To Turn It Back On Again The Green Led Is On All The Time And The Tv Wont Work . When I Leave The Tv Switched Off And Disconected For Sev

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Ok I have a Samsung SPK4215 42 in. Plasma TV, what happening is when I turn it on it won't come on, just green light come for 3 second and turn to flashing red light, then i use the Remote control, to turn it back on but and do the same again, please let me know what is the problem, so now i just say thanks in advance

The most common issue with these are the power supplies that were made with bad capacitors. All makes and most models are effected by this. Here is something to read on this issue.\015\012 ... Samsung SPK4215 42 in. Plasma Television

I have a samsung HP-T5054 plasma tv the tv powers up and the samsung tone is audable but i get no picture on the screen the screen is not broken the power light flashes 5 times then is steadily lit on the digital board in the back of the set led 2000 and 2001 stay lit led 2003 light for 2 seconds then goes out but led 2002 flashes every second I had a shop test my Y main and buffers with a set that they have and those parts test out I am a electronis tech with 12 years in the A/V repair field

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I am presently working on a Samsung HLN437W. The unit will turn on and all controls on the set or remote work, after a short while all the controls freeze up and do not work. The only way to turn off the unit is to pull the plug. Sometimes it seems to work properly but if you shut it off with the controls and leave it plug in after awhile you cannot turn it back on, you have to unplug it for awhile before plugging it back in. Peter Ache [email protected]

Ok, if this were me I would suggest a thermal issue, some component(s)? are heating up, and the system is then hanging up? This can be in one of many places, however the most likely candidate is the switched mode power supply, either this is, or it ... Samsung HLN437W 43" Rear Projection HDTV

Samsung PN50B450B1DXZA will not power up. When I try to power it on, it makes a clicking sound and then nothing for 10-15 seconds and another clicking sound. The Red LED on the front flashes when it clicks but nothing ever appears on the screen. I removed the back of the TV and inspected Capacitors but do not see any that look to be bulging. When I try to power it on with the back off, I see a green light quickly flash on a logic board just below the power supply board. Are these clues helpful

... Samsung HP-R4262 42 in. Plasma Television

LC320ss8 shut down Red led lit - turn on - green led flashes 2 times - goes back to red led - power company had been working in area and power would ramdomly go out. At first would power up after unplugging and pluging in. no obvious burnt parts no caps appear to be bulging or leaking really need info on where to check for what voltages. schematic would be even better

... Sylvania LC320SS8 32 in. LCD Television

No sound coming out of Bose Solo. It worked for month and then I went out of town came back and it wasn't working. The green light comes on and it flashes when you press the buttons on a remote but no sound comes out. All the connections are good. Any idea what the problem could be?

... Flat Panel Televisions

The power on/off mechanism does not work (on box or remote) properly. Started with having to press button many times -- green light goes on 2 sec then goes back to red -- before the screen would come on. Now the green just flashes but screen never comes on.

U have all the tools and understanding basic electronic also can do soldering work?Take the tv aparts.Tv have power supply board problems issues.That the board where the power a/c cord plug into it.Check the power supply board carefully for dying com ... Coby TF-TV1913 LCD TV

My panasonic 1080i will not turn on. Hit the power button and the light starts flashing green but nothing happens. After about 20 seconds or so the light goes back to red and flashes. Nothing works on the remote now. I bought this from Sams club as a close out as it was the last one (floor model) and did not have the manual. Have not seen any solutions to this problem as of yet. Please Help! W have not TV and are paying for service now.

... Panasonic PT-50LC14 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

My samsung plasma tv shut off and wont power back on. when i unplug and plug back in it will click 5-6 times like its trying to turn on while the red led flashes then it stops until you unplug and re

... Samsung PN51D530A3FXZA - 51inch 0pdp Hdtv & 1080p

While watching a dvd on the Q2035a I was using a seperate dvd player and I use a universal remote for both the dvd player and Q2035a. I began to adjust settings for the dvd player using the univ. remote. I noticed that I was in Tv mode instead of dvd mode and then the tv just went of all by itsself. The manual power button no longer works on the Q2035a. I unpluged the tv and pluged it back in and the tv automatically turned on to a black screen but you can hear it as being on and the green led

Hello, It sounds like when you pressed the remote you inadvertently changed the scan on the ctv. This can cause the ctv ( colour tv ) to change from say ntsc to pal or similar. Even a reset button wouldnt help as it sounds like it is within the setu ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have an LG 62DC1D-AB rear projection TV that has troubles during power up and intermitantly for about an hour after turning on. When the TV is turned on it might work for a while then the picture disappears except for about 4 inches at the bottom of the screen. The TV is then locked and you cannot do anything with the remote at all. If i turn the power off then back on, all that will happen is the yellow led at the front will flash. This can stay like that for five minutes to an hour. It o

Hi.If the picture gets squeezed in a narrow band, then the problem is the alignment circuit. The two power amp ICs in the convergence board must be replaced.If you see only part of the picture, then it is no common fault. Prob ... Flat Panel Televisions

I purchased a Panasonic TX - L42USB today; everything was working fine until I put the memory stick in. The picture frooze and after switching it off then on the light flashes green then the tv switches itself on and off a few times then the screen has no picture. The remote is not doing anything and when it was fist switched back on a message came up saying 'trying to retrieve data' but I am unable to select the USB option. Any suggestions?

... Panasonic Viera TX-32LX70 32 in. LCD TV

Samsung PS42D7HD plasma TV has no pic no sound. Vs, Vg, Ve, Vscan, Vset volts are all correct. Heat sinks on X & Y boards are warm to the touch. RF In source and A/V In source have no output sound or pic. Remote Control buttons are detected by the TV as the blue LED flashes to each button press.

Take your scope and see if you have any activity on the LVDS cable on the main digital board as you press the menu button or the menu on the remote. If you do not see anything then replace the main board. If you do then the plasma displa ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung ps43d450 make a bang and then turned off I unplugged it left for a minute and plugged back in all I hear is a clicking noise and the led flashes 3 times and then repeats I thought it was the power board so I put it in the tv down stairs as I have two the same but the power board worked fine so now I am stuck as I have no clue wot is wrong.

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi i have an 50 inch LG 50PG20D it can be turned on but it has no picture and no back light . the red light comes on and it changes when pressed power button . It seams that i can use all functions with frame buttons and my remote ( green light flashing). Im not sure if it has sound is on ,you can hear some noise but not sure if its audio or just tv buzzing . Please help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have A Hitachi 42In Plasma Tv model # 42HDT79 The blue light is blinking continuously and in the back of the set on 5 error code lights the third is lit green the 4th is lit orange screen is lit but no video or audio. Ithink it is probably the main board. I would just like to hear some iodeas or opinions. Also, none of the buttons on the side of the Tv work.The 2nd error code light will occasionally come on and when it comes on the blue power light will stop flashing but then it goes right b

Main board is possible but power supply board should first be tested. ... Hitachi 42HDT79 42 in. Plasma Television

Philips plasma flat screen red standby light does not come on, green LED flashes screen does not work

... Philips 42PF5521D 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Samsung TV LN40B500P3f - No Picture ; just audio Hello, Our Samsung LN40B500P3f TV audio display is black; audio works fine. If I turn TV off and then back on the picture does display for a few secon

The set will need to be properly diagnosed to narrow down the problem. You could be looking at a bad inverter, bad CCFL lamp, fault in power supply or main board. ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, i have a sanyo dp 19648 that was working perfectly when last used, i have been away on a trip & turned all electric power right off from the mains & when i got back, the tv will not come on now, the green light just flashes a few times then goes off, i can do this 3 or 4 times then have to unplug it & plug it back in before the green light will flash again, this is just repeatedly all it does, have any ideas please

Power supply in set has a standby the runs 7/24 (all sets do and computers also) and the loss of power when restored may have damaged something there---a fuse is possible and should be looked at first---the Standby provides voltage for the remote to ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

Turn on tv and it starts to come on than shut off the led flashes in a series I waited 4 days and turned it back on and it worked for a week now it back to led flashing

Hi,\015\012 Check for any dry soldering in its main board. Just open the tv and check the soldering of the components lead in the soldering side. If you have a dryer just warm up ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

Hi I have an Akai 42 in. LCD TV Model# LCT42Z5TAP,when I try to turn on the TV the green LED light comes on but the screen does not ,then i try to turn it off but it does not comes off the green LED light remains,so i have to unplug the TV in order to turn it off then turn it back on the problem remains the same as before, so I leave it on for 10 mins unplug it again then turn it back on and only then it comes on and works proper.It seem the Tv now needs to be warmed up for 10 mins or more for

... Akai 42 in. LCD TV

I've a problem with a LG MS09AH.N40. About 3 minute of working the unit turn off and flashing 5 times green led and 2 times red led. Can you help me? What does it mean the flashing led? Thanks

... Projection Televisions

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