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We purchased a Samsung LN46C630 less than a year ago. Within four months we noticed that the speakers would fade away and return at sporadic intervals, some quite long. Since then it seems to getting worse. As well, within the last month we've noticed that the picture gets darker briefly on some channels and lightens again. Any one have some suggestions.

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We purchased a Samsung LN46C630 less than a year ago. Within four months we noticed that the speakers would fade away and return at sporadic intervals, some quite long. Since then it seems to getting worse. As well, within the last month we've noticed that the picture gets darker briefly on some channels and lightens again. Any one have some suggestions.


I have an Expressvu 4100. Within the last month my receiver is not picking up the signal of the remote unless the remote is directly in front of the receiver in front of the infrared reader. I have changed the batteries out twice, reset the receiver several times, unplugged the unit, waiting 5+ minutes and still no luck. As an added note, a couple of times within that same period, the remote did work as it should for an evening but it would not last for the following evening. Any suggestions?

Sorry,sound like ur remote control CPU is dying and shorting out.That why is only work sometimes.Try website like Remotes.com to buy an exact remote or very close to it. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo DP42410 I went to turn my Sanyo DP42410 on and I get a green status light. I also see that the light inverter lights up but no GUI whatsoever. I press every button on the TV and remote yet no luck. I noticed this about 6 months ago. I had it put away for the last 5. Went to turn it on and same thing. Checked the power board in the back and no puffed capacitors.

... Flat Panel Televisions

We have an LG 47LBX. Recently we have notice that the right side of screen (The right 1/3 of the screen) doesn't seem to refresh as fast. The images are slow moving and sometimes several seconds behind. It will also get lines running inch from the bottom. It usually fixes itself within a minute. This is becoming more frequent, almost every time Its turned on. HELP!!!! Please.

Hi,Usually it is problem of lcd panel (screen) of tv but some times T-Con board replacement solved this issue. T-Con board is also part of lcd panel but some spare parts shop sell it as individual board to reduce repair cost.If t-con boar ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Zenith console TV bought in 1996 model # SY2722RK. While watching the last time it just went blank like someone had truned it off ( no picture and no sound ). I have done some work trying to figure out what it might be. The fuses are good and the power HOT section is working. The on/off relay is working correctly, but there seems to be no power getting to the flyback transformer or the rest of the tv's circuits. I did notice that the power transistor in the area of the flyback tran

... Zenith SY2722RK TV

Our LG tv has started making a vibrating whistling noise when you first cut it on, you can hear it get faster and faster, then slowly goes away. Also, I've notices over the past few months the picture seems to be darker.. Help!?

It sounds that the horizontal output section circuit to your TV is to be checked. It is really a skilled work. Contact any service technician. ... Projection Televisions

I have had this TV 6 months. Got it from a friend. The set worked perfectly in my house for 3 months. The color seems to have suddenly changed giving a gold tint to all cable channels, dvd's etc. I have reset the colors factory setting, adjusted the 6 tints, auto color balance, and everything having to do with color. Can't seem to get a true or close to RED color and facial tones have a yellowish tint at all settings. I have the owners manual and the service manual (but have not opened the box)

I don't want to seem condescending in anyway but i would try checking all your cables to see if they are plugged in properly and if that doesn't help id suggest buying new cables and testing those to see if your old ones have died out. If it isn't th ... Mitsubishi WS-55411 55" Rear Projection Television

Samsung DLP Model HL-S6767W Picture brightness is fading in and out. Replaced lamp within the last 8 months

Color wheel ... Samsung HL-S6767W DLP TV

When I switch the tv on I get a multi coloured screen with sound. Colours vary from reds to greens/ blues and black and white.. This lasts for around 20 minutes before picture comes on. Seems ok from

You capacitor is weak try to replace it it will be ok ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

All 3 HDMI ports aren't working showing "no signal" (my main problem), but only port(input/source) on whole tv that works is RCA input/source(A-V,Y-R-W cords)

... Curtis LCD3227A 32-inch LCD TV

Hi, i have a 32' LCD goodmans tv LD3261HDFVT. Had it about one and a half years now. Last few weeks when i switched it on the picture/sound would appear for 2 secs and then it switched itself off going back to standby. The last few days it's doing it everytime. as soon as i press the remote control i can hear the tv clicking and within 1 or 2 secs it switches off again. so i basically am unable to watch tv at all. Checked few sites and this seems a common problem. Can it be easily fixed by mysel

... Goodmans 257NS 20" TV

Hello, we have a 52hmx95 for about 6 years with three bulb replacements the most recent being Nov2010. Noticed about a month ago incessant flickering and color fade ou(especially fleshtones) and color distortion AFTER 15minutes or so from the time it was originally turned on. Seems to be okay until its WARMED up then ...Now that I think of it seems also like the picture is much darker than it should be and it doesnt help when i make the adjustments via the menu. Do you think its a faulty lamp,co

... Toshiba 52HMX94 52" Rear Projection HDTV

I bought an AVF AH080 Media Player and tried to connect it to my TOSHIBA REGZA 24PB1E, but it seems that it can only display the welcoming screen. I tried the same media player on some other monitors, and my AVF AH080 Media Player did its job well. So, the only safest conclusion that came from my mind is that it seems like the problem lies within the Toshiba Regza itself and not the media player. Maybe the monitor needs certain setup, but how do I do that? What I'm asking is how to m

... Flat Panel Televisions

TV powers on and the LAMP light blinks. There is no picture no sound. This problem arose randomly and out of the blue. Some sources as well as other answers here recommend to replace the lamp, but the lamp glows bright. As well, I removed the lamp from the housing and everything appears to be intact. The blink codes for this unit only indicate that the unit is powering on and will be ready in 15 seconds. Other sources I have read also suggest the digital main board is toast. Seems to be quite a

... Samsung HLR5667W 56" Rear Projection HDTV

I have an LG 50PS8000 plasma tv which is nearly 2 years old. For the last few months its has occassionally been getting a red haze over the entire screen which either dissapeared on its own or went if you turned the tv off and on again. However recently the screen has started to go completely white and the tv turns itself off. If you try and unplug it and then turn it back on you get the white screen first then the picture starts coming through and then it turns itself off. If you leave it unplu

I've also had a popping noise on our 50" LG plasma TV, however the picture has not gone, but has turned grainy and colors are weird. Can this also be a blown fuse or a more severe problem (ysus board or similar)? ... LG 42LC2D 42 in. LCD HDTV

Having a problem with a Mitsubishi WD-73831 DLP TV, 4 years old this month. Over the past month the picture quality has deteriorated significantly. Any areas of solid color are blotchy, highlights are completely blown out and often faces have bright highlighted areas. Darker colors and black areas have red/pink or greenish splotches. It gets worse the longer the TV is on starting after about 10 - 20 minutes. Within 1 - 2 hours it has deteriorated so badly that it isn't worth watching. Th

... Mitsubishi WD-73831 73" HDTV

When I turn on the tv I get a hissing sound coming from within the unit but no picture is displayed. Sound comes through speakers but that's all I get. I can't seem to find any relevant info regarding the components causing this issue. I hope someone out there has been able to remedy this issue.

It is a bad power supply for the backlight. That is the only section capable of such a noise. Good luck i hope this helps. I know i have heard similar sound from a laptop with similar issues! Prodzilla ... Hitachi L32H01 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

I have samsung 40 inch lcd from past last couple of weeks I have noticed a green/ black horizontal line on the screen and its increasing in size. Last week it was around half an inch but right now its around 1 and half inch I spoke to one of the samsung technicians he says , the whole monitor has to be replaced which will cost about 80% of TV's cost. I don't know what to do ?. We bought it in 2007 so, its aprrox 3 and years. Please suggest Regards Laxmi

The technician was correct.This problem is generally considered to not be economically feasible to repair. Your best bet would be to shop for a new TV.Good luck. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My flatron m1910a lg monitor /tv will not display anything. it seems to lightly flash the screen but then goes black right away. If I power it off with the power button it seems to want to power itself back on without my help. I have tryied to unplug it and plug it back in. It is now currently working for me but it did the same thing yesterday morning as well. can you suggest anything or need more information

... LG M1910A 19 in. LCD Television

I have an Acer AL2416W monitor which is playing up. When switched on it gets very bright after around 20sec and develops bright vertical lines. The images is frozen and the whole monitor goes dark (but backlight still on) within a minute. Seems like the t-con board? Has been serviced before with the same problem, but am not keen to put too much money in again. Likely to be the t-con, how much is it and where do I get it?

... Acer AL2416W 24 in. LCD Television

White dots appearing on the screen, they are increasing in number, I now have thirteen prominent ones and many more little flashes of light looking like they are going to become white spots, after researching the problem on the internet seems I may have a white tv screen in six months time. This is a sixty five inch screen purchased approx 3 and a half years ago for 3000.00, this is an investment that should lasts for many years. I am very dissapointed as I thought that Toshiba was a top of the

Have you spoken to Toshiba? It may be well worth while as their screens normally last a very long time.Hope you get a result. ... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

The picture on my Panasonic PT-61LCX65 has gradually been getting darker for the last several months. I bought this TV in 2005. Will replacing the lamp in the TV remedy this problem?

... Panasonic PT-61LCX65 61" Rear Projection HDTV

I can't seem to find the right code to program into my illico to get the dynex tv 32" to work. The tv has a blue screen that says no signal. Illico is RT-U49C-15+ and the dynex is DX-32L152A11. I've tried all the codes that are suggested on the dynex website and the codes on the vidoetron website. I've also used the CH+ and CH- buttons. Thanks Donna

... Flat Panel Televisions

I AM USING SAMSUNG C370 DVD PLAYER.IT HAS USB PORT TOO. I AM COPYING MOVIES FROM MY PC TO PEN DRIVE AND PLAYING THEM IN MY DVD PLAYER. it plays well. BUT THE PLAYER SKIPS THE MOVIE WHICH IS ABOUT TO FINISH WITHIN IN FEW MINUTES and returns to the disc menu again. this happens in all most every time. I am able to see the whole movie but i am missing last few minutes approxiamately 10-20 min. I am using the same format movie files. but i am able to see few movies till the end and few creates the

... Flat Panel Televisions

TV turns on but no picture no sound. Turn power button on but only the green power button located on lower right flashes on. For the last couple of months prior the picture would "skip" and I would have to turn it off then back on to get full picture. Less than 4 yrs old. Please help. Thank you.

If u are a electronics repairer,remove the power smps sectoion and replace the 820 or 1000 or 1500 MFd capacitor.it will be bluged.thank u ... Insignia IS-LCDTV32 32 in. Television

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