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I have a samsung projector tv model # hly5676sx/xaa tv turnes on fans run for 3 seconds then tv shuts off no picture or sound and the standby and lamp light blink on and off its been suggested lamp cover not properly closed but thats not the case is lamp bad or do i have some other problem

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I have a samsung projector tv model # hly5676sx/xaa tv turnes on fans run for 3 seconds then tv shuts off no picture or sound and the standby and lamp light blink on and off its been suggested lamp cover not properly closed but thats not the case is lamp bad or do i have some other problem

... Samsung LN46B650 46/49.5 in. LCD HDTV

Replaced lamp in sony sxrd 50 inch rear projection and getting 3 red blinks for lamp door not closed ..have taken off and put on several times with same results..any suggestions?

Please help NTT DoCoMo lynx 3d sho3c unlock passwords ... Sony KDS-60A2000 60" HDTV

I removed the lamp cartridge from the back of my WD -62628 just fine, but cannot insert the new cartridge, not aligning properly and won't go all the way in. Even the old cartridge won't go all the way in. I've tried reinserting several times, no luck! Any suggestions?

You might check to see if you caused the connector pins to move slightly keeping new housing from mating up, this is what it sounds like if old housing will not connect properly. ... Mitsubishi WD62628 62" Projection HDTV

VPL-EX175 ... 3 blinks is a error code "lamp door not properly closed" but what does it mean?

... Sony VPL-EX175

Hi, I have a sony DLP Mod.# 46E2000, the tv. gave me the autodiagnostic that the lamp is near to die, the tv.tun off after few minutes, so I replace the lamp, and the tv. woks fine for about 20 or 30 minutes, but same problem appears,I verfied to put correctly the lamp cover and yes,the lamp cover push the sensor in rigth way. The led power blinks 3 pause 3 times. what do you think is the problem?

Hi,The 3-blinks, means the lamp is not seated properly or the door cover \015\012has not been latched. There are sensors on the lamp door and the \015\012position of the lamp in the unit.Remove the power and let it \015\012co ... Flat Panel Televisions

I replaced my lamp on my 60inch hitachi 60v710. The lamp indicator light had never came on, but my picture was slowly starting to become dim. After replacing the bulb my lamp indicator light is now on, it blinks a couple of times and the t.v. Shuts off. We have checked to make sure the lamp is in properly. we have even taken the old lamp, t(that was working when it was removed) and put it back in and still the lamp indicator light blinks. On the rear of the tv right behind the lamp is a mother b

... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Hi, i got samsung dlp tv m# HL-P5063W.i changed lamp,ballest,collerwheel,and lamp door cover sensor. but tv still doesnt come on.once you plug in the power cord green lamp sign blinks 35 times then cutts off and one time stand by red light blinks,then green lamp starts blinking again. lamp never gets come on. please help.

Seemed like it is a problem with the power supply circuit. Check the circuit where the power chord is connected internally to the TV. You should see capacitors. Check for swollen or leaking ones that may need replacing. Check also for burnt compo ... Flat Panel Televisions

Panasonic PT-61LCX65 turned off while I was watching TV. Won't come back on. "Lamp" light blinks once every 5 seconds. Tried turning it on several times per the manual instructions--no change. Removed lamp and saw no obvious evidence of lamp burnout. TV is 6 years old with original lamp. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Tv projection lamp life are over. Wow 6 years with the original lamp,what u want it last for ever.Replaced the tv projection lamp,will solved the problems. ... Panasonic PT-61LCX65 61" Rear Projection HDTV

I have a samsung dlp model hls5086wx/xxa that recently stopped working. Lamp light came on so I assumed the lamp needed replaced. Replaced the lamp and still won't turn on and lamp light blinking. It also make a whining noise when turned on but I don't get a picture. Is it the color wheel or ballast? Any suggestions?

... Samsung Projection Televisions

I have a kdf-e42a10 TV. I repaired the optical block, however the does does not come on. When I turn on the TV, I get a continous green blinking lights and then it resets itself. I hear the ballast trying to fire up the lamp for a second, but lamp does not light up. The lamp is good. (my friend has the exact same TV and we swapped out the lamps.....no problem there) Any suggestions???

Double check all connectors and terminals for possible loose connection, make sure that all of the board are properly placed, ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42" Rear Projection HDTV

TV powers on and the LAMP light blinks. There is no picture no sound. This problem arose randomly and out of the blue. Some sources as well as other answers here recommend to replace the lamp, but the lamp glows bright. As well, I removed the lamp from the housing and everything appears to be intact. The blink codes for this unit only indicate that the unit is powering on and will be ready in 15 seconds. Other sources I have read also suggest the digital main board is toast. Seems to be quite a

... Samsung HLR5667W 56" Rear Projection HDTV

We have a Toshiba 42HM66 DLP. It is at least 3 years old and the lamp had never been changed. Lately the picture has gotten darker and once the unit is on for awhile the picture starts flickering and colors are not right. We assumed it was the lamp. Changed the lamp and still the same problem. Called Toshiba, they could not help but said picture flickering is not a symptom of needing a new lamp. They suggested we call a tech and they gave us a reference. The tech came out and agreed the

Check if the flickering happens when you have the menu up on the screen. If the menu does not flicker it may be the source of the signal or the connections to it or probable the board where the connections are terminating at. It may also be a prob ... Flat Panel Televisions

Tv turns on and immediately goes off. then the red blinking light comes on which the book indicates it needs service. upon calling a tech he tells me the lamp is out. but I can find a panel and take the cover off, remove the door and take out the cartridge holding the lamp. then he will replace the lamp at the shop. but we can't find the door to get to the cartridge! help Sony Bravia model KDL-40W3000

Have you got the right model number this is an LCD TV, not a back projection set which uses a projection system. There is no bulb to take out on this model number. ... Sony BRAVIA KDL-40W3000 40 in. LCD HDTV

Replaced lamp on my samsung 7178 dlp. Worked for about a month. Shuts off regularly now, and lights indicate the lamp cover is loose. Reseated and tightened. Worked fine for another month, now it shuts off 3 or 4 times in a 3 hour period. Lights indicate loose rear panel, but could there be anything else that causes this. Picture is fine for contrast and brightness and the new lamp is only a couple of months old.

... Samsung HL-R7178W 71" HDTV

Mitsubishi wd-73737 turns on for a few moments then the picture flickers and turns off after a new lamp replacement. A red led appears and I get error code #34. I have carefully cleaned dust out of the unit as many people have suggested but I am still having this issue. I am using lamp 915B403001 purchased from an official Mitsubishi reseller. This is the second time I have replaced the lamp, the first replacement worked perfectly.

... Mitsubishi WD-73737 73 in. HD-Ready TV

Replaced lamp on Sony KDS50A2000 and now it shuts off and on every couple of minutes. I used the Menu-Settings-Lamp command and no change. The green light stays on and the sound is also still on. The lamp stays off for about 25 seconds then comes back on. It shuts approximately every 2 minutes. Any suggestions?

Hi, Your tvs lamp is getting over heated. There will be a fan for colling the lamp. if the fan doesn't work properly the lamp will get over heated and the will switch off itself to avoid further damages. Do\015\012 one t ... Sony KDS-50A2000 50" HDTV

I have a Samsung HDTV model code is HLR4667WAX/XAA. It was working properly until one day it kept on freezing and then it popped. Now everytime i turn it ON, the screen is just BLACK with no sound and on the POWER BUTTON, the word LAMP is blinking. I dont know what's wrong with it. I took of the LAMP and nothing was wrong with it. By the way, i recently bought the LAMP. Can someone help me and tell me what might be wrong with my television?

... Projection Televisions

I just replaced the projection lamp in a Sony KDF 55E2000, and although I've checked and rechecked for proper installation of the lamp and the access door,it's stil not working. Starts to fir

... Sony KDF-55E2000

I just replaced both the lamp & ballast on my LG 52SX4S (5 yrs old). The front indicator light scrolls for couple minutes, then top 2 lights turn red with second light blinking. Then the top light stays red for minute and it repeats the process. Someone suggested the power supply board should be replaced, what do you suggest>

I have had the same model HDTV and had the same issue. It was the power supply and I got it replaced at a TV repair shop for 300.00. ... LG 52SX4D 52" HDTV

HLR 5067W 6yrs old. I replaced the lamp and color wheel about 3 years ago. Last week the TV would not turn on. Fans run hard, no light from the lamp. Tries for 3 cycles, then shuts down and front button flashes. Any suggestions?

Tv is on every day and watches 4 to 5 hours every day?Yes,3 years now the projection lamp require replacement again and the board that call the Ballast board might require replacement too,this Ballast board only job is it to ignite the projection lam ... Samsung HLR5067WX 50" Rear Projection HDTV

Ok so I changed the lamp in my wd 62327 and now I have no picture or sound. The lamp light blinks the turns red and the whole tv shuts off. Any suggestions? Someone said to reset it but don't know where the reset button is.

If issue was different from before you replaced the lamp---remove lamp cartridge and look to see the place where it plugs in that the 2 pin socket the lamp connects to is not out of position or got bent when you replaced the lamp.A reset if i ... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

I have a panasonic tv pt-60dl54 and I have to replace the lamp ty-la2004j, however I don't know where the lamp is located.. I know it's in the back but the only thing I see is the whole tv cover. Is that what I need to remove?

... Panasonic PT-60DL54 60" Rear Projection Television

Hi, i have mitsubishi dlp tv , M# WD-62927. could any body show me open view of lamp cover.is this important to have lamp cover for this tv ? in order for the tv to turn on.

... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

HI, I've just changed the lamp for a Sony Bravia KDF-E42A11E because the image was way too dark. I bought an original XL 2400 and replaced it properly. But the image is still quite dark, better, but darker than usual TV, especially 1 second after each switch of channel or after I turned it on : it darkens from the edge towards the center. I also notice the old lamp was opaque : I cleaned it till it has reflections again from all sides, carelly cleaning it dry with gloves : maybe it was'nt that o

JAI KUMAR ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-60WF655 60" Rear Projection HDTV

Hello. my samsung HL61650A 61'' DLP tv is about 2.5 years old, and tonight it just shut off. tried to turn back on, got 2 'buzzing' sounds from the back, but it wouldn't turn on. unplugged, undid back cover, put blue switch to 'down', still no luck. now, it won't really even try to power on, and standby & lamp LED lights blink. do you think it is solely the Lamp that needs replaced? help!?

... Samsung HL61A650C Television

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