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I am having pinstripe lines appearing on the right side of my screen. After about 2 hrs of playing, many of them go away. Overall, they started as 2 or 3 and have steadily increased over time. TV repair guy said it was the T-Con Module. Is this accurate and what is the cost of obtaining one from the open market? Last but not least, how difficult is it to replace the T-Con Module?

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I am not convinced of the t con board you can try because there is a small possibility but this looks more like a defective panel

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I am having pinstripe lines appearing on the right side of my screen. After about 2 hrs of playing, many of them go away. Overall, they started as 2 or 3 and have steadily increased over time. TV repair guy said it was the T-Con Module. Is this accurate and what is the cost of obtaining one from the open market? Last but not least, how difficult is it to replace the T-Con Module?

I am not convinced of the t con board you can try because there is a small possibility but this looks more like a defective panel ... Samsung LN-S4692D 46 in. LCD HDTV


The yoke coil is very critical component of tv. it matches with the picture tube & the circuit. one can not replace with another kind of yoke. these yoke coils are very rare to get. i m so sad to say if it is not available you have to replace the ... Zenith Standard (CRT) Televisions

White LED scrolling then click and then the top two LED lights turn red with the first one constantly on and the second one flashing.hey guys we were given a rear projector tv by family friends and they said they were watching it one morning and it just stopped working they said it was a bulb issue and it needed replacing but further research tells me its not. i read in another question it could be C871 problem? something to do with the first filter board.

You possibly have a lamp issue but most of the cases like that,,The capacitor is leak or bulged on top..You have to replace it to fix the problem ... LG 62SX4D 62" Television

Th p42a20m My new plasma TV does not work. I had kept my TV after i bought it for more than one year and when i try to fix it after one year it is not working. Since it out of warranty i had to repair it my self but the total cost much higher i can buy a new one by adding little more. I got to know the faulty unit is main PCB (TNPH0842MW) and i suspect its a Software issue not a hardware issue since the power light blink on green for while very fast and stop blinking. Can anyone help me to rest

... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, I have the panasonic TH-42PX60U with the LED blinking 10 times over and over and you said that the H or the PA board may be bad can the P board be bad the board had a bad fuse and repaired that and did nit help. Another guy said I was the DG board (Main Board) what do you think about that?

It may be time to either give up or have a shop look at it--guessing which board is bad, buying and installing it can be futile. ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Rca 26LA33RQ upon initial use screen backlights bright white slowly fadeing to black. I do not know that the speakers work because I have not connect cable to it. I feel as if this could be the T-Con board. Or a low voltage production on my inverter board. I can find almost no information on this unit I repair al types of electronics being Navy trained leads me to try and find a publication to use but for this unit there is none. I am not even sure where the t con is on this one. There

... Flat Panel Televisions

My toshiba 65 hm 167 is showing "error" lamp door open, however, a repair tech said the door is not open.

... Toshiba 65HM167 65" Projection Television

Cracked glass/screen (It's actually archos 80 cobalt, but wasn't in the list) Hi, so my problem is that I accidentally dropped my archos and it hit the table hard. The screen and glass is now broken. I bought it for 99 pounds and dont want to pay 50 or more for repairs, might as well buy a new one. The system is still working, its the screen, which is now white with black spots. How much would the screen and the glass cost and where to buy it (I'm from Glasgow, UK). I can repair my self.

... Flat Panel Televisions

My Pioneer PDP-5060HD has suddenly quit showing the HDMI picture. The TV menus and dialog still show on the TV. When I connect my Apple TV it says I have an HCDP error. A Pioneer Authorized repair place says the main logic board is bad. I see a bunch of Pioneer parts online. So 1, is the repair guy correct? and 2. what would the part number be so I can buy one! Thanks

... Pioneer PDP-5060HD 50 in. Plasma Television

I have a Sanyo DP50747 (May 2007) it has worked perfectly fine for 4 yrs and then one day while on it shut off and will not power back on. No light - no nothing - as if it is unplugged. Any ideas? I am afraid to call the repair guy because we really can't afford to have them come out and with my back being bad there is no way I can lift this to get it into the vehicle to bring it somewhere.

Tries tv unplug,replug it back like about an hour later.The tv should resetting itself back to the factory setting.Now,the tv should be working again.If tv have the same result,the tv power supply board is the causes and the problems.That the board,w ... Sanyo DP50747 50 in. Plasma TV

Open circuit 125v 4 amp fuse on DM board mitsubishi 55711. ran solder across top to complete circuit and popped 3 capacitors on board that i just replaced. the old ones did not look blown but thats what all the stuff on intenet said to do was the 7 capacitors first. still flashing green light

... Flat Panel Televisions

Bought a samsung 42' 4000 series tv, its less than 2 years old & the picture went bad looks worse than a really old tube tv watching an old VHS. contacted samsung-they don't care, referred me to a tv repair place (75$ to look at it) who said it needs a new sustain board, will cost 300.00 anyone else hear of this problem? anyway I can do it myself? where can I get a sustain board? why is samsung alienating their customers?

Why won't the Samsung Authorised Dealer repair the board? It's not that difficult!There will be a power fault and the picture is not "building" properly. At worst it will be one of the memory chips.With a reflo soldering machine, no probl ... Samsung LN-S4041D 40 in. LCD HDTV

Yeah but to rebuild them is my other question. What goes bad on either of these boards for them to not work? If it is something simple enough for a repair guy that I send them to and rebuild, what is he/she going to rebuild? capacitors, transistors, what? I want to learn how to do this stuff myself because one day our knowledge and wisdom is all we will have to get us through day to day living, soon there won't be any of this, and I want to cram as much information as I can. Yes it won't

I suggest you read some books on electronics repair, either online or from a library, then net browse for books on similar model, type. Self study is the best way to learn things. It is very difficult for people like us who offer preliminary firs ... LG 42PC3DC 42 in. Plasma HDTV

I have an LG model number 47LD450. When I turn it on there are just vertical black white and grey lines. I have sound if I turn it up but that is all. Out of warranty and only repair guys in town will cost me more than a new T.V. Is there a way for me to fix this myself?

... LG 47LD450 47 in. TV


Hi.LCD TVs do not have convergence circuit. If display shrunk then it is likely the T-Con board. The other option is a defective PSU that caused the whole TV to malfunction and shut down.Note: If the technician has opened and ... Flat Panel Televisions

One of the buttons on the Foxtel remote -- the "up" button above the enter button -- won't work every time, and is increasingly failing to work most of the time. How can we fix this? Or can you guys fix this? How much would it cost?

It seems that the remote is suffering from wear and tear, as is typical of remotes that see regular use. I would not recommend trying to repair the remote as it may void any possibility of a warranty replacement from Foxtel. \015\012\015\012The ... Flat Panel Televisions

R52wm24rca will not turn on no pictures at all the repair man said that we need a new board the television has not work since we bought it can you let us know how much a complete baord cost thank you.

Cost of Board depends on which Board? Deflection board, SSB Board?\012Deflection board has FBT flyback Transfomer on it and SSB is Small signal board that has cable connector on it.\012Here are some companys you can check Prices on Boards ... RCA D52W20 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a 50 inch Vizio plasma TV. I bought it in 2007. Recently the TV started shutting itself off. If I unplug it for a while and and reset it it will come back on. I had a guy out to look at it today and they said that I need to get a new one. What do you think?

... Vizio P4 46 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

Our HP5060N/ HP PL4260N Plasma HDTV made a loud pop sound and then we lost the picture - still have sound. My son was playing Playstation at the time. Any idea what the cause is? Is it worth the cost of repair or should we just consider a new one. Our set is 4 years old.

Hi, I have just experienced the exact same loud pop sound. Then no picture or sound. Just died. Spoke with a rep at HP and was told that this (having owned for 4 years) is out of warranty and the "main board" has died. It will cost $629.00 plus ... HP PL4245N 42 in. HD-Ready Plasma Television

I have onida xaria lcd 22. After 14 months a new option automatically comes that was factory setting and hotel setting . I pressed factory setting but after this my source button (tv to pc or hdmi ) is not working. One more thing i am unable to change channel, sound type or picture mode. Please help :me i am feeling worst to be onida customer and his customer is also worst. When i talk to repair executive he smiled and no i will not give the process how to enter security. Plz plz help me guys w

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Sony Grand Wega Projection TV model KF-WS60A1 which I bought several years ago in the Philippines. It was working perfectly then just one day, there was no power. I brought it to the Sony Service Center in the Philippines and they tried to source this part-- Parts no.: a-1077-026-a Parts descrption: MCB- F However, they said that they could no longer supply the part. I love this tv and would like to have this repaired. Would you know where I can buy this part. Hoping for your assi

Hi,Part number A1077026A seems invalid/ incorrect, please reconfirm part number.Thanks. ... Sony Grand WEGA KF60XBR800 60" Rear Projection Television

Had convergence issues, green was okay, red wouldn't move horizontal, and blue wouldnt move vertical. Also, functions such as pincushion and tilt wouldn't work with red or blue. Replaced convergence IC, which there was only one with this TV that I noticed, after looking at the service manual. Replaced with mitsubishi replacement part. Still no luck. I assume there is something deeper than just the IC. The guy I got the TV from said that he had it serviced a few years ago with the same problem an

This is a very common failure on these projection sets and a fairly simple DIY fix. All projection sets including Samsung, RCA, Sony, Phi ... Mitsubishi VS-45609 TV

SP54T9HEX/XTL samsung projection TV - Bowl shape images with red colour shades on one side and blue colour shade on the other side. no clarity and i get tensed whenever i see the tv. help me how to repair it and what will be cost. iam residing at chennai, India.

... Samsung Projection Televisions

Tvhelpdave--i have a mitsubishi vs-45607 that it to will not hold vertical,you said to replace the two capacitors. i looked at your diagram and i have a couple of questions.are these plluged in to the board or do they need soldered.would you have these two items or can you tell me where to find them,as you can tell i am no tv repair guy buy i will try anything to make this ladys tv work-it would mean a lot to her.The year of the tv is 2000.Thankyou very much for your time---tom patrick 717-421-

That happen to my TV before I just replace the board to where the RGB input is connected it is a board that is screwed at the side of the cabinet at the4 bottom of the cabinet is the main deflection board at the side is the I/o board you can replace ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have bought the biggest lemon in this tv than ive ever seen before..shortly after buying it, i had green swirly lines throughout the whole picture...had 2 repair guys out here,1 replaced the "mother board" and another,took it to a shop for 10 days..got it back...shortly after, the bulb went...they sent me a new one,,,that 1 burnt out bout 8 months later..i bought another 1 that burnt out 6 months later,,they sent me a 1 time replacement bulb, which burnt out 4 months later...now i just bought

Dear user,just go to consumer coat and claim for new 1 other wise money back. ... Hitachi 50V500 50 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

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