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While watching my LNs4051Dx TV the screen goes black but sound is still on. I power off and on the cable box and TV and picture comes back but only for 30 minutes or so. Three years ago I repaired the capacitors on this TV with great success. Anyone have a fix for this problem?

Answers :

Replace CM807 and CM808 1000uf 25V in the power supply section.
It sounds that the power supply regulator section has some loose soldering points. A through checkup should be done before confirmation.

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While watching my LNs4051Dx TV the screen goes black but sound is still on. I power off and on the cable box and TV and picture comes back but only for 30 minutes or so. Three years ago I repaired the capacitors on this TV with great success. Anyone have a fix for this problem?

Replace CM807 and CM808 1000uf 25V in the power supply section. ... Samsung LN-S4051D 40 in. LCD Television

Panasonic model PT-50LCX64A started shutting itself off a couple of weeks ago. Then a few days ago it wouldn't turn on. I have unplugged it for a few minutes and then bypassed the power bar straight to the wall and tryed it. Still nothing. It blinked green for about a minute then went to red. I read online that there is code for the number of red blinks but it appears to be blinking red continous. The TV is about three years old.

The first thing I would check would be the status of the lamp. Did you verify if its broke? ... Panasonic Flat Panel Televisions

It has worked great since we got it like 15 years ago! watching it last week and it just popped off and will not turn back on. I unpluged it and took off back panel. plugged it back in to see if any lights came on. 2 small green lights came on and 2 seconds later 1 more came on, but then ALL three popped off. Is this something I can fix?

Very common problem on this model and a failry easy DIY fix. Goto www.TvRepairKits.com and get their kit + instructions for this model. Its an easy fix ... Hitachi 55UX58B 55" Rear Projection Television

I have a Sanyo DP50710 that I bought at Wal-Mart over a year ago. There are green and red bars across the screen about three quarters of the way up on the screen. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Could be the main board, if its a lcd , could be the format board or the panel itself. check out http://www.shopjimmy.com/ they have support and good prices ... Flat Panel Televisions

A friend gave us a 27" orion (model # stv2762) two years ago. about a year ago we noticed that the top part of the screen lost pixies ( appox: 5" to 6" long ) Now,there is no picture, there is just a line through the middle of the screen Does this mean we lost the picture tube? can this problem be fixed? if so, what would be the approx cost to repair?

... Flat Panel Televisions

I have Samsung HLT5075SX/XAA and all three lighs are blinking but doesn't turn on , three years ago we replaced the lamp. is this a same solution or could be something else?

... Samsung HCM4215W 42" Rear Projection Television

Our toshiba model 37e200u is about 2-3 years old. Sometimes the video flickers and when it comes back I no long have any sound/volume. I have to power the tv down and turn back on again to get hear again. then, anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes later it does it again. Is this something that can be fixed?

You may have an intermitent problem with you power suply.Like lose sockete or connection.Replace the power supply MODULE ... Toshiba 37E200U 37 in TV

I have a vizio vw37l hdtv20a. A few years ago shortly after getting it the TV made a sound almost like something popping, then just turned off. When i plug it in no lights come on or anything. It's been a few years, but I just decided to get it back out and try to fix it. Would this possibly just be a blown fuse? The TV was hooked up to my computer at the time also by the way.

... Vizio VW37L 37 in. LCD HDTV

I have a SANYO DP46848, 46 inch flat screen hdtv purchased about 2 - 3 years ago. The screen goes dark on the left side (top .25% is ok). It sometimes fixes itself after an hour or so. Sometimes you can fix it by placing your hand on the dark spot for 10-15 seconds. There is a thin horizontal line about 1/4th of the way down from the top with the top of line ok when the bottom of line area goes dark. LCD Controller? or Main Board? or Power Supply or the Panel itself? I have a picture if that

Ray I have just about the same issue . But my only problem is the thin black lines. Do you think cleaning the flex cables coming off the Tcon will help at all? This is the same model DP46848 ... Flat Panel Televisions

Mitsubishi Wd y57... replaced the lamp 2-3 years ago... tv turns on for a minute or so, then turns off with solid red light on the panel. Turn it back on after a minute or 2, tv stays on for about 30 seconds and repeat. Picture is fine while the tv is on, but it doesn't STAY ON!

... Mitsubishi WD-Y57 57" Projection HDTV

Hello, my parents bought a Samsung LNT4671F 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD TV about two years ago unfortunately me and my brother cracked the screen about 3 months after we have not fixed it. Me and my brother want to fix it for them now.We're wondering the cost and where can we get parts etc..thr process basically

It is beyond any reasonable repair---screen unit is called a display panel and the most expensive part in the set---cost of this would (just the part) be more than a brand new set.Let it go, some people do sell sets damaged like this on EBAY ... Samsung LN-T4671F 46 in. LCD Television

I have a Sony KF 50 WE 610 projection screen TV. It has worked perfectly since I bought it six or seven years ago. This morning I turned it on and the sound came on for a second, but then the sound went off and nothing else happened for about one minute. At the one minute mark it turned off by itself and the red indicator light blinked 5 times in a row... paused... blinked 5 times in a row... paused... and then blinked 5 times in a row again. When I powered it up again, the indicator light blink

Hello\015\012Five consicutive blinks at a time and the stops and again blinks five; is its self diagonosis procedure. All modern Sony sets has this function included in its circuits. If the system control IC inside it detect any fatal fault ... Sony Grand WEGA KF50WE610 50" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

I have a sony kdf-e42a10 and the picture has disappeared. The pictured started to lose "brightness" a couple and weeks ago and finally the other day the picture will NOT turn on. The green light in front just blinks for a minute or so and then the red light blinks. I bought the TV from Circuit City around 5 years ago. Any thoughts?

Tv one of the blinking LED light is "LAMP"?Yes,lamp is out.Tries website like Ebay.com to buy a Lamp for the replacement. ... Sony KDF-E42A10 42 in. LCD Television

LG 42LK520 LCD TV screen takes 20 minutes to come in clear. During this 20 minutes, top 2 inches of screen works fine, but the rest of the goes black or picture freezes off and on during this time. I was informed the most common problem is bad capacitors on power supply. So I purchased a whole new power supply, and changed it myself! But unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.... Need help please

Is it cable tv ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Hi, My name is Cristina Muller, I livein Trinidad. I bought a Akai LCT3285TA three years ago and now suddenly since a week ago when I turn on the TV I see the hair in blue and some backgrounds in pink, I tried to move the brightness and contrast and hue. When the blue on the hair or around the people disappear the colors are no more bright as I have to put the brightness almost at 100% Do you know how to solve the problem ? thank you very much for your assistance

I'm assuming that you have tried to cure the tv by reseting it from the menu and it didn't helped.The symptoms you describe indicate that the image processor no longer decodes the colors correctly. Since it's glued on the motherboard it means t ... Akai LCT3285TA 32 in. LCD Television

When turning on tv picture looks like you have bad reception then after a few minutes picture gets clear, problem started a few months ago and tv was bought nearly 3 years ago. is this an indication of further problems later on or nothing to worry about?

Hi,This is not a good news. There could be few probabilities, however more often on this set it is either faulty T conn board ( LCD control board ) or faulty mainboard. As it is already 3 years old, so it is already out of warranty. I wou ... Sony KDL-32M3000 32 in. LCD Television

Hi, I purchased a Sony Bravia model #KDL-52S4100 two years ago. About 7 months ago when the TV was turned on there was no picture for 15 minutes or so, then when you turn it off and on again half a picture will show with larger images on the right hand side of the screen. Other times there is half a picture and then when you turn it off it will come on with a full screen picture. Once it warms up the picture is fine. Is there any inexpensive solutions here? Thanks for any help you can provide.

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced.If you ... Flat Panel Televisions

My JVC GM-V42UG has an intemittant line in the screen about 2 inches wide going from top to bottom. This happened when the unit waas 6 years old. At that ime, I took it to a shop and they replaced the power supply and charged me $600. It took 4+ weeks to get it fixed. The set is not worth another $600 investment. And so, I thought if it a baord swap out and inexpensive, I would install it first before buying a new set. I am an EE and used to do all my own repairs 20 years ago so soldering

The power supply board should be too easy for you to replace considering your credentials. All I need is the part number for me to find you a replacement. You will need to remove the back cover of the tv and locate the board into which the power cord ... JVC GM-V42UG 42 in. Plasma EDTV


Hi,I am sorry to hear regarding the trouble. I understand the concern, however this is a common problem with most of the Brands. I agree that Samsung customer service should accept these facts and should be willing to help the consumers. ... Samsung LN40A630 40 in. LCD TV

I have a Olevia 226T and it keeps randomly shutting off. I tired unplugging everything and letting it sit over night but that only fixed it for a day. If I shut it off all day and turn it on at night it will work for about 40 minutes before shutting off. When I turn it off then and turn it back on it will only stay for 10-20 minutes. I have had the tv for about 5 years and never had an issue before. Any help??

... Syntax Olevia 226T 26 in. LCD Television

I repaired my convergence problem on an RCA HD52W59 a couple of years ago by soldering a jumper.I found the fix here. That's when I joined, and found many fixes since! Now, all I find are kits for sale. Is it possible to do this for a Magnavox 51M392H, and if so, where would I jump?

Hi,\015\012\015\012Since you've already replaced the convergence parts of RCA DLP yourself a couple of years ago, I believe you can also do it in your Philips/Magnavox DLP tv. Since you are familiar in the symptoms of convergence problem, all y ... Flat Panel Televisions

Philips Magnavox 9P6031C103 projection tv quit working 2 years ago (before, the picture began to shink and expand until it finally quit completely with no audio nor video -- turned it on two years later to double check the symptoms (whether there was any chirping sound) so we could order a repair kit and the tv worked perfectly fine for a couple of hours and then I turned it off, thinking the problem had worked itself out and no fixing was needed (must have been the bad Suddenlink connection th

Based on what you described I would say your TV has the "shrinking and expanding" fault. Its a common problem on that model and the symptoms can range from the video shrinking and expanding or no video or no audio....You can read more about this fix ... Philips Magnavox 9P6034C 60" Rear Projection Television

My four year old Mitsubishi LT-46133 flat screen TV takes thrity minutes to come on with a decent picture and lately the screen has colored vertical bars that will not go away. Why? Can I get it fix

... Mitsubishi LT-46133 46 in. HDTV-Ready LCD Television

I bought a Insignia tv about 2 years ago, and having audio issues now. The volume increases to the fullest by itself every 30 seconds. And you can't lower the volume by the remote or the tv, I have to press the Volume - on both the remote and the tv. I don't even know where to begin to fix this problem.Please help, thanks!

Take the batteries out of the remote and make sure its not the remote doing it ... Insignia 42" LCD Flat-Panel HDTV

My tv, and also my mother in law's, which were both bought at the same time 6 years ago, started turning off by themselves. They won't turn back on immidiatly but if I wait a few minutes They will come back on. Not for long though, about 10 or 20 seconds or so. Seem's like the longer I leave the tv off the longer it will go without shutting down. Any suggestions? The TV'S are not at the same residence.

Hi drewpearce,\012\012This is an indication of out-of-regulation in the power supply section. The very\012common caused of this fault is the leaky\012electrolytic capacit ... GE D52GW12 52" Rear Projection HDTV-Ready Television

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