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Voltage present on body of some caps

\015 Vs & Va voltage normal,no pix, screen lights up initially when turned on then blacks out with some residual pixelation. high voltage present on body of several electrolytics.\015

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Voltage present on body of some caps

... Samsung HP-S5053 Television

I have A Samsung 52 inch LCD TV model #LN52A580P6FXZA. The relay clicks at A random rate, there is A red light that flashes steady. It will not power up. All my standby voltages coming from the power supply are present as well as the run voltages. Power supply on voltage is present, inverter on voltage is present, occasionally, it will give A loud high pitched squeal. It never comes on. Any help would be appreciated.

... Flat Panel Televisions

I Have sanyo 47xr1 lcd tv.it was switched off,but didnt turn on the next morning.however,i noticed that standby light turns blue from red.but no backlight nor displayall voltages are available.no blown caps,no dry caps nor any that looks suspicious.inverters are all ok and all voltages present.main control board warms up normally.but still nothing on the screen.what could be the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

Onida colour television model co29ox5350bl the b+ voltage should be 135 volts when i switch on the voltage 135 is for a few seconds and the voltage is droped to 95 volts can any body may help me

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

I have a Vizio VP322 that doesn't work, Only the logo lights up when you turn it on. I have read JFRANDUBE's repair directions about he caps. I dont see and apparent caps. Howevere I checked the resistance between the metal cap body and the board ground. Some have measurable resistance to ground, most do not. Are the ones with resistance to ground bad? The most difinate ones in questoion are C234 and C105. Gordy

Hi Gaker,\015\012\015\012This symptom indicated of drop/missing of output voltages in the power supply section. You must check each output voltages in that section feeding the main board and other board to pinpoint where the fault came from and ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have not serviced one of these models before, 26XR9DA. The problem is no Picture Sound OK. The Bachlights come on for about 3 Seconds with Sanyo LOGO visible then go off with the High Voltage inverters powering down. 5 12 and 22 V lines are clean and steady I have changed a few electro caps but this TV seems too new for the common caps problems The B ON pin sits at 3.2 Vs and never changes during startup etc. Im hoping there is a common fault for this symptom. Any help is most welcome

Hi mroulston,\015\012\015\012First check the brightness of the logo when it's first come on, you will notice that there was a slight changed in brightness if the one of the backlights was already busted. This is the very common fault I've encou ... Flat Panel Televisions

Replace caps on power supply (15) caps. Voltages are all there but no picture. Any suggestion

You did not mention if you had sound; if you do, then the inverter for the backlight or the backlight CCFL has failed. The inverter is often on a separate board since these are often outsourced. ... ViewSonic N3752w 37 in. LCD TV

21pt2004 94r after 3 to 4 secs tv screen turns off, but all voltages remain present except eht drive voltage

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Lg crt tv 29iches retrace lines (horizantal lines) ive check the voltage at al e cap around high voltage transfmr what do need to replace to solve this pr

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

21 inch LG tv switching on for 5 seconds and coming to standby. Again when I switch on the same thing happens. All Voltages are OK. The tv failed due to lightening during rains. I had replaced the vertical IC and H out transistor 1803DF. The anode cap was completely rusted and I had replaced it with a new EHT cap. What could be the problem for its switching off.

How about the regulator have you been checked if ok. ... LG Standard (CRT) Televisions

Sony model KLV-32S400A had a power surge primary voltage is present however secondary side of switchmode not present no 24volts no 12volts no 5volts and no 3volts do not have the schematics in the service manual please help

... Sony Bravia KLV-32U300A 32 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

Set wont start up green and orange lights flashing ht voltage 144vs pulsing disconected lopt stage put load across ht cap c711 voltage reading 12 vs wont come out of stand bye

Please tell me whats the make and model of the tv. The orange light flashing is usually a self-diagnostic code and I can tell you what that code means. Also count the number of blinks in between each pause and let me know ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a 2004 panasonic ct-27hl14j tv that has no gun voltage on any gun. HV is present as i can hear it. I have the back off and can see that none of the guns are on. where does the heater voltage come from and what pins do i check on the pic tube board. corkmiestr

Hi. The Heater voltage primarily comes from the LOPT, (Line Output Transformer). The pin on the transformer should be marked with a H. If there is voltage from that pin, follow the track from there checking for open circuit or out of value resist ... Panasonic CT-27HL14 27" TV

I have a hitachi 65swx20b projection tv. visual trouble diodes D964 SW+9v goes off immediatly when the set triggers protection. I have checked the voltage at PPS4 pin 1 and read 9.4 volts. all caps, diode, resistors check . Ic911 pin voltage good except pin 5 input is 12 volts not 10.4 .

After reading your entire problem, I clicked my "click here to unlock" option and it will not work. Please do not hold this against me- you obviously have a very strong knowledge of troubleshooting, and are an experienced tech who knows what they are ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Hi am trying to repair a xoro model : HTL4732B which goes in standby mode. All the voltages are present but as stated it still goes in standby mode. Can any one help? Bryan

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Sony kv-21mf, no vidio.RGB out voltage at TDA8375 pins are 1volt.No blanking pulse on pin26 of jungle ic. Vertical pluse on pin17 of CPU is present, but no pluse on pin12 of CPU.CPU tested OK .

... Standard (CRT) Televisions

Rca L32WD12YX9 power supply, f1 is out, i would replace it with a cap but idk what voltage?

Ls this part itself a filter cap or a fuse? If a cap it will have value, voltage rating and plus/minus marked right on it.Dead set or what? ... RCA L37WD12 37 in. LCD HDTV

I purchased a power supply from a well known distributor online and it is for Polaroid FLM-373b lcd tv. part # MLT070AX- and possible <<DOA>> If it is pluged in and power is @ the board should I have my supply voltages ALL present @ the output feed connectors all I have is standby 5v ?? no 12v no 24v and tv still wont turn on ..fuses all good..

Yes , the SMPS unit will output the 5-Volt which is the feed to the main CPU- the processor. Now trace the +5 to the processor and check the oscillations on the processor. Only if the processor works and outputs to feedback ... Flat Panel Televisions

Sound but no picture. No backlight present. No VLED_VCC Voltage from PSU

For sure is the power supply can you replace the module? ... Sony 46 KDL46EX720 3D LCD TV

Tv won't turn on. replaced bad caps and after some testing it turned out that the power supply board wasn't giving the supposed voltages.

This problem is not easily to be solved.Tries to changes all the capacitors components even if u think is good around the bad capacitors surrounding area.After that,if u still have the same problems.This problem could be any high voltage components p ... Insignia NS-LTDVD19-09 LCD TV

Lg 42ld520 dead,no bad caps,no led on front of unit ,i do have 3.4 v stndby,got no key button voltages when a key is pressed on unit-ussualy should be 3.5 and then when pressed it should drop,but have nothing

... LG 42LD520 42 in. HD-Ready LCD TV

My plasma samsung ppm63mf7: no power, all caps OK, ceramic fuses OK, I replace a failed sustainer board. Now power just clicks and blinking power lightrnSo I unpluged T-con board and Main board to check for shorts but problem persist.power board# bn96 03736a* does any body have experiance with this model Tvs

I had a similar problem with mine, i had to change couple of caps but it still would not power on. I ordered one online and it seemed to solve the problem. the power supply board for the TV are a bit expensive but this guys over at had one for under ... Samsung PPM63M7F 63 in. Plasma TV

LC320ss8 shut down Red led lit - turn on - green led flashes 2 times - goes back to red led - power company had been working in area and power would ramdomly go out. At first would power up after unplugging and pluging in. no obvious burnt parts no caps appear to be bulging or leaking really need info on where to check for what voltages. schematic would be even better

... Sylvania LC320SS8 32 in. LCD Television

No power,no light indicator when power switch on voltage is present in secondary

It sounds that the 5V regulator section on circuit board has the fault. Check it. ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-32FS120 32" TV

Television would not power on one day. no sign of any problem previous to this-it just wouldn't turn on . I started troubleshooting by confirming voltage present at the outlet it was plugged in to , then checked continuity across the power cord and from the power port on the unit to the first fuse(f1) and across the fuse itself. all checked out ok. what should i do from here? tv is a SOYO DYL032D LCD

Next is check the power supply section/board replace all bulging capacitors from the power supply.use the same value and rating of capacitor.Resolder also all the components from the power supply.re tighten all the connectors..you can also replace th ... Soyo DYLT032D 32 in. LCD Television

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