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Samsung hp-r4252 Pictures appeared to be broken. Black horizontal lines all over the screen (top to bottom) About 3 inches height (or thick) of black lines across the screen. All above problems suddenly appeared when I tried to change channels.

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Samsung hp-r4252 Pictures appeared to be broken. Black horizontal lines all over the screen (top to bottom) About 3 inches height (or thick) of black lines across the screen. All above problems suddenly appeared when I tried to change channels.


Tn61x81 My screen has a horizontal black arcing line across the top and bottom of he screen. The bottom is worse. It almost covers 1/2 the screen. I changed the convergence chips with no luck. I can tap on the side of the set and it works for about an hour, then it comes right back. Also, I have tried to get a service manual for this tv and cannot find one, any suggestions on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

... Toshiba TN61X81 61" Rear Projection Television

I've a LG 32LC56 that suddenly becomes black screen while i was watching it. Since then, i was never able to get any picture on screen, even the menu picture. Sometimes, when I switch it on, i see some colored lines on the upper left screen part, but never a menu. I've replaced the main board by a new one, the problem is still the same. May i try to change the screendriver board?

Learn about T-CON board: \012http://www.scribd.com/doc/25276757/E40951307-TCON-Troubleshooting-10-22-09-OPT ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello, I bought an LG 47LH50 HDTV exactly 1 1/2 years ago. Black horizontal lines suddenly appeared one night after getting home from work. Over the past two weeks I've seen it go from 3 lines, to 4 and now I have at least 5 horizontal lines...some more prominent than others. They are darker on the right and fade as they go across the screen to the left....almost like dead rows of pixels that come back to life as you go left. They do not fliker or move. For my first HDTV I have to say I

Hi, I purchased the same model in November 2009. About 2 weeks ago a single horizontal line appeared. Each day another appeared until today when the video went out. Now it displays bands of vertical colored lines like a pastel colored rainbow. Did ... LG 47LH50 47 in. HDTV LCD

Vertical line i own a toshiba tv when powering up only vertical line appearing on the screen, i try to rectify by doing some resoldering on the pcb and replacing the vertical ic ta8403k and several electrolytic capacitors but nothing change,the sound and channels are fine the dc supply for the ic is 25vdc and i think its normal,are their any solutions to rectify this problem on my tv set.i need suggestion thank you

Check the deflection yoke connection cable for any loose contact at its connection socket at main board side. Unplug the connector out from the socket, and re-plug it back for at least tow times. Check the solder terminals of all connections to hor ... Toshiba 32A43 32" TV

Gateway lp 2407 monitor boots,but goes black with horizontal lines across screen

... Gateway FPD2185W 21 in. LCD Television

Hi. I have a 2004 TV, the Make is a Citizen 27 inches model JCTV2700. I have 5 to 7 white across the top. At the beginning (say 3 months ago) they wrer small. Now they are getting large and 2 more lines have appeared. Besides that, this tv works just great. Where should I be looking for to change the filter-capacotors in order to rectify this problem? Thanks. Gerry

Neer the center of the mother board you should find a tall heatsink with an IC mounted to it. This is the vertical output IC. Change the electrolytic capacitor closest too the IC. On my set it is C406, I cannot read the value without removing it, but ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

A black vertical stripe appears on my 42" Phillips LCD and I've tried switching it off and on again but the line won't go away. Any ideas or solution in fixing this problem?

LCD damaged, Replace ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sony FD Trinitron Wega Model KV-27FV310 TV. As I was watching it a straight horizontal white line appeared completely in the middle of the set, resulting in the top half being completely black and the bottom half seeing only half the picture. Tried resetting it to factory specs but the same problem exists. Sound is perfect.

The set has a vertical deflection problem, the vertical ic and a few capacitors will need to be replaced to restore the tv to normal function. ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-27FV310 27" TV

We have a Samsung LE32A457 T.V which is currently 2 years old. Whilst watching the t.v tonight all of a sudden a line across the centre of the screen appeared and from that line upwards the picture went faulty and it was unwatchable. We switched the t.v off and a white line appeared across the centre, we disconnected the scart lines from the back of the t.v and just left the ariel connection, this made no difference, any help or advice would be grateful.

Your TV has an internal problem. Check with the manufacturer to see if you're under warranty and or if they can repair it. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My 46inch samsung tv has black horizontal lines appear on tv and the colour is affected at the left hand side. what could be the problem?

It sounds that one or two of its back-light CCFL lamp/s has burned out. Check it. ... Samsung LN-S4692D 46 in. LCD HDTV

Power problem The TV doesn't power on. Suddenly i was watching tv and suddenly the tv was turning off, then i tried turning on (with the power button), and the image appeared one second, and was turning off inmediatly Now, when I push the power button, the tv try to power on, an image appear, and right away, the tv turning off.

1) test the outlet wall, plug a desk lamp and see if turn ON, if does the circuit is o.k and the contrary, reset the c.breaker2) test the power cord for defective and repair or replace3) test the main switch for short or open and replace4 ... Standard (CRT) Televisions

We were watching tv and suddenly the screen went totally black. There still is sound. We turned off the tv and then tried turning it back on but it was still black. The screen remains black when trying the dvd player as well. What's the problem and is there a simple fix or will it be very expensive? Thanks.

The problem is most likely the convergance chips. if that is the case you can go to www.TVrepairkits.com and purchase a repair kit for the fix. don't go to a TV shop because th ... Philips Projection Televisions

I just got a new player. Worked perfectly in the shop but brought it home and have a problem. After plugging it in it plays the DVD fine EXCEPT, the picture is in black and white. This was not a problem with my old player. I tried 8 DVD's with the same results. The color is great on the TV. I tried three different lines with the same results.

Select the type of video your TV requires within the menu of the DVD player and match it.If the TV requires CVBS input and you are supplying S-Video, then you will get a monochrome picture because the chroma content is not being used.Hope ... Flat Panel Televisions

My Samsung hdtv model LN46B650 has a hazy screen with vertical thin lines running from top to bottom. These thin colored lines move and change colors. Some get wider then thinner. I have tried replacing the T-con board but that didn't solve the problem. Any ideas what is causing the problem. Thanks.

You should download the PDF and learn what the T-CON/LCD panel failure can do to what you see on the screen.\012\012 ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Samsung HL85688W DLP TV. Turned on the TV .....channel came on, color is good and audio is fine. Changed channels and found it was only getting 3 channels. Tried changing "source" got black screen until I got back to the 3 channels. Unplugged TV for 50 minutes to let it reset ..........turned back on and have the same problem. What do I try next??

... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

I have a compaq w185q lcd monitor for pc.I have got a tv card with it so i can also watch tv with it.But today while watching tv on it i changed its input signal to something like 1600x..the screen suddenly black out with error message input signal out of range change to 1300 x..like this.and to change the setting i clicked menu from remote but menu doesnt appear so i couldnt reset it.it works fine when i switch to pc side but on tv side i get this error message.what to do please help!

... Flat Panel Televisions

Our TV has been perfect for many years. We now suddenly have the picture compress, if you will, to the bottom 2/3's of the television screen, and it makes an angle like a triangle going toward the bottom. The top of the screen is entirely black. There are fine lines that are moving in a wave-like form throughout the image. The audio works fine. We changed the cable box and that did not change a thing. We did move the TV to a new room a few months ago - no fluorescent lighting nearby, but I

This fault sounds like failure of the LINE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER.\015\012It can be fixed, but may cost you around $120, possibly more if \015\012you have to call out an engineer.\015\012Best NOT to use the TV as it is, because it could ... Sony KV-32S42 32" TV

I still have the problem on my 57in. Sony projection TV I clean the shields or lens on top of the three colored lamps when I removed the back cover the picture improved for a couple of days but it went back to all green and green arched horizontal lines I have sound but it goes black and the standby light blinks 5 times can this be fixed? Do any lamps have to be changed? If so how are they changed and where can they be purchased/

What is the Model Number listed on back of TV?? ... Sony Projection Televisions

Help i have a problem on my LA32C450, when i turn on the power,volume was up and up.The lamp indicator was blinking and display appearing volume graphic.And it can't be turn of.I try to change the remote control to control but its not working.Can anyone solve my problem ??

The volume up button on the set is likely bad (may look ok) Someone needs to open set and disable (unsolder) that switch.With ANY of the front buttons bad in this way remote or other front controls usually will not work--No magic wand wil ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

Lcd32947hd having problem connecting ps3 via hdmi cable to this tv.previously used older tv with scart.Have tried turn off/on with hold for 10/15 secs and tried changing setting on ps3 but just black screen then revert.Help!

... LG RZ32LZ50 32 in. LCD Television

We are not getting a full picture on the screen. There is a black section across the top and the bottom of the screen. How can I adjust this out. We have never had a problem with the TV before but we just changed from dish to direct tv. We did something on the TV remote that caused this problem.

It may have something to do with the closed captioning... Hit the menu button, then select Screen. There you should see the options for CC. Try turning it off if they are on. Other than that the issue may not be with your TV but with the reciever ... GE 27GT271 TV

Toshiba 32AF44. While watching a baseball game yesterday, the volume bar appeared by itself and scrolled down to zero. The bar will not disappear. It's like someone is holding the down button. Tried using the TV remote to raise the volume, change channels, turn TV off. The remote changes nothing. So, I took batteries out of remote to isolate the problem to the TV. Using only the buttons on front of TV: On-off button will not turn off the TV. Volume-up button works until I release, and then

... Toshiba 32AF44 32" TV

I have 2010 Panasonic Plasma TV that developed horizontal red and green scrolling lines. Lines move from top to bottom. I have unplugged my tv from evrything except the outlet and they still appear. i changed to a different outlet on another breaker and the same problem. Any ideas?

... Panasonic TC-P46G25 Flat Screen Plasma Television

This is a problem with my Vizio 19 inch LCD TV. I bought it about a year ago. This didn't start happening until about half a year ago. One day the problem started while I was sitting there playing some video games (the fact it's a game instead of a over-the-air TV signal shouldn't make a difference though, I don't think). All of a sudden the screen went black, but the power indicator light did NOT change to yellow (as it would have if the TV was in the off state). The remote control wouldn't tur

Sorry to hear what your going through the issue is with your main board ,there is no troubleshooting for This issue , you would have to take it into a electronic shop for repairs sorry ... Vizio VA19LHDTV10T 19 in. LCD TV

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