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My tv started just fine yesterday. i have it set up on a timer to turn off at 1am and turn back on at 7am. i heard it come on this morning and the news playing. then my gf woke me and said she thought something was wrong with it. it was off when i woke up to look. if i try to turn it on. it will make the usual chime of coming on but no picture at all. then it will turn itself on and off until i unplug it. i took it apart and cleaned out the dust i saw. tried it again afterwards stays on longer b

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The buzzing sound is usually the color wheel gone out. Remove the bulb \012and housing and look behind it, you can see the color wheel, it may have\012 shattered and there will be glass on the bottom of the tv, or it just \012may not spin. You can repair it yourself, just put make model and \012replace color wheel into google and instructions will come up.

Repair Help & Product Troubleshooting for Flat Panel Televisions
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My tv started just fine yesterday. i have it set up on a timer to turn off at 1am and turn back on at 7am. i heard it come on this morning and the news playing. then my gf woke me and said she thought something was wrong with it. it was off when i woke up to look. if i try to turn it on. it will make the usual chime of coming on but no picture at all. then it will turn itself on and off until i unplug it. i took it apart and cleaned out the dust i saw. tried it again afterwards stays on longer b

The buzzing sound is usually the color wheel gone out. Remove the bulb \012and housing and look behind it, you can see the color wheel, it may have\012 shattered and there will be glass on the bottom of the tv, or it just \012may not spin. You can ... Samsung HL-T5076S 50 in. TV

The picture will come on when you first turn it on but after 15 minutes or so it fades away. The sound still comes out but no picture. Sometimes it will come back on on its own after a while and then go out again. If you turn it back off for 15 minutes or so it usually comes back on. We already bought a new tv and that one works fine so its not the cable box but I would like to put the old tv in my room.

... Sharp 32L-S400 32" TV

My mitsubishi high-definition projectile tv serial #wd-60767. when turned on the little green light on front pannel starts blinling green till picture comes on screen, then it stays solid green un till cut off. now when i turn tv on green lights starts bling green as usually but no picture comes up on screen just sound only. green light then turns solid as usyally and then turns solid red. tv has no picture sound only.

... Mitsubishi Projection Televisions

32lg3000 When I turn on my TV, it comes on straight away, however, there is a black screen, but with some lines on it when i press menu for example. if i play my blueray red and blue lines appear on the screen, and after turning it on and off a few times it will come on, but usually only after a while (maybe ten minutes), the picture comes on perfect, and remains so with no trouble. Any advice on what may be the issue?

The power supply is erratic and likely to fail completely ... Flat Panel Televisions

I have a Sharp AQUOS LC-26DV22U 26 in. LCD TV with a built in DVD. When I turn the TV on it will come on as it usually does (the please wait appears in the lower left corner and moments later in the right hand corner the channel box appears and then the picture comes on) and after about 30 - 45 seconds the screen goes blank, the audio stays on and I can change the channels with no picture. When I turn the TV off and wait a couple seconds and turn it back on the "please wait" that appears in the

... Sharp AQUOS LC-26DV22U 26" LCD TV

Hello - i have an LG Rear projection television model: RT-56NZ23RB we purchased the tv around 2004.. The red light on the tv comes on but there is absolutley no picture or sound coming from the tv (wont come on !). Usually when the red light on the tv is on - we use the remote to turn it on - so the light turns green but this is not happening at all , cahnged batteries in remote etc... what could be the problem and how much would it cost to fix ??? many thanks sue

Replace the Power supply/Deflection Board .\015\012Zenith Exchange Moduels 1-800-844-7871\015\012I use this company ,to change out zenith boards . Its cheaper in the Long run.\015\012The board I am talking about is the one with the ... LG Projection Televisions

Phillips 409fl7505d/f7 Tv turns on, the blue phillips screen does not come up. It produces the sound but no picture. then after about 10 seconds the tv turns off, This repeats on and on and on until you unplug it or turn it off. I removed the back of the tv toi check the capacitors because that sounds like the usual culprit but they all look fine no expanded capacitors. Any ideas where else to look?

I once had a problem with a Phillips tv.It was less than one year old and one day ,all of a suddenm a black screen came up.I elarned it was called the "black screen of death" and that other people had gone through the same thing.Someone online had ac ... Philips 40PFL3705D 40 in LCD TV

When I turn my TV on it will turn off by itself in about a minute and the red power light on the front of the TV will blink. The remote control nor the power button on the front of the TV will turn it back on. I have to unplug the TV for a few seconds and plug it back in to make it come on. It usually takes two or more of these unplug and plug back in sessions to get it to stay on. Some times it takes up to fifteen before it will stay on. Please help.

This is what 's happening: you give the command to start the tv so the power source is initiated and starts to deliver power to the rest of the components of the tv; one of these components has aged and it requires much more current than normal to st ... Toshiba TN55V71 55" Rear Projection Television

When I turned off my L42 37HD tv with the remote last night it was working. This am when I try to turn it on with the remote and manually there is a green light that flashes at the bottom and nothing (usually there is a blue light and then the tv comes on)

Hello,IS it a universal remote? If yes, remove the battery, wait for 10 seconds, fix the battery back in and re-register the remote with the TV by entering the code. But it the remote works with the TV without code, try again. If this doe ... RCA L42WD22 42 in. LCD Television

I have an lg 52LG70, 3 years old. recently, after i hit the on button, the tv will come on, but within seconds, fades to black, starting at the corners, moving to the middle. still have audio. a few times after turning on/off, it has done it again. however the second attempt to turn on usually works

Do you have the 52lg70 right now,if you have it how do you sale it ... LG 52LD550 52Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV Black 52 in TV

Our Sanyo plasma TV will be playing then all of the sudden the screen goes black still have sound. If you turn the device off then back on you have no picture or sound. After it sits for a long period it will usually come back on. What might be the problem? Thank you Billi

Most common failure in the Plasma TV are these 3 boards: Power supply, Y-sustain, and Z-sustain.\012So look for blown caps with domed tops, fuses, semiconductors, etc.\012If you have the make and model, then go here to see what these boar ... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

I have a JVC HD-ILA HD-61Z575. The color engine was replaced under warranty a few years ago. Recently, I started noticing some color artifacts in the picture... basically in a dark picture, you can notice red, green, or yellow stars randomly on the screen. If I turn the TV off and back on, they usually go away and don't come back until the set has been off for a while. I tried cleaning out the bulb area and that didn't affect the issue. I've also yet to have to replace the bulb in the tv,

I only have bad news for you. This tv uses an engine assembly. It is impossible to replace the color wheel only. The entire assembly is quite expensive and wouldn't be worth replacing for a tv of that age. (By expensive, I mean roughly $400-$600, bef ... JVC HD-56FB97 HDTV

Hi my nordmende tv wont turn on?..ther is a blue light that justs stays on, when usually it flashes before it comes on witch isnt happening help

... Projection Televisions

I have a 46" Samsung LCD tv that won't turn on. When I press the power button you can hear the chime sound it usually makes and you can hear the relay click and the screen flashes quickly then goes bl

Sounds like you have a back light problem. To verify this, turn on the set, dim the lights in the room, and shine a bright flash light on the screen. If you see the faint picture on the screen, you have a back light problem. You could either have a s ... Flat Panel Televisions

TV turns off by itself and then comes back on usually within 20 - 30 seconds later. Happens a lot.

Hello kittylou2\015\012its hard to tell from distance what really wrong, but sounds to me like a cold soldering. pls let your tv check by local electronics service or authorized sony service.\015\012regards ... Sony KDF-E50A10 50 in. LCD HDTV

My LC-37SH20U was working fine. Then, when I gor home from work and turned it on, I heard the usual volume and the "click" from inside, then the picture comes on. After only 4-6 seconds, the screen went black but the volume stayed for about 3 seconds. Then I hear a click again, and evrything goes off, but the power indicator keeps flashing green. When I hit the power button both on the set or on the remote, nothing happens. model are sharp LC-37SH20U

This is a fault solution which can be checked and corrected by you assuming that there is no component failure. There is a high possibility that the components over a period of heating and cooling, tend to bring on a problem of dry soldering ... Sharp LC37SB24U 37 in. LCD TV

I have a Panasonic CT-34WX50 HD CRT. Lately the RED has been missing from the picture, usually when I first turn it on. Sometimes it will come back by itself, and sometimes a light smack to the side of the set will bring it back. When it's working, picture is excellent. Is it worth spending $ to fix?

Check the video output card, at the back of the picture tube, for any loose solder terminals. Re-solder all the suspected terminals by applying a little more solder to each terminal, without making any solder bridge short in between adjacent solder ... Panasonic CT-34WX50 34" TV

Have a LCD TV Insignia m/n NS-L3220 -10A. Unit sometimes does not turn on. After turning on, if the red on light turns to the blue on light, it always comes on. If it stays on red it does not turn on. If TV is on Ch 7 only it sometimes comes on with extreme background noise in audio. Switch from Ch 7 to 6 and back to 7, the background noise is gone. All other channels Ok. Customer has said he has turned on the TV and it didn't come on, left the room for 10 mins with TV still switched on - when h

With all of these different problems I would start with looking for swollen caps on the power supply. If they look good and test good with an ESR and all voltages are good coming from the power supply, then it would have to ... Flat Panel Televisions

Hi I have an Akai 42 in. LCD TV Model# LCT42Z5TAP,when I try to turn on the TV the green LED light comes on but the screen does not ,then i try to turn it off but it does not comes off the green LED light remains,so i have to unplug the TV in order to turn it off then turn it back on the problem remains the same as before, so I leave it on for 10 mins unplug it again then turn it back on and only then it comes on and works proper.It seem the Tv now needs to be warmed up for 10 mins or more for

... Akai 42 in. LCD TV

Tv won't turn on- its in standby mode. the young lad had the remote before it was turned on.... could he have pressed somethin on the remote which is now preventing it from coming on?

... LG 50PJ350 50 in HD-Ready TV

Hi, i have a Sharp LC65D90U lcd tv and when i turn it on the backlights come on but not picture, i can get into the service menu screen and do stuff but otherwise if i just power up only the backlights come on with the blue light on but i cannot turn it off with the remote or buttons on the tv until it goes on for about 45 secs and then turns itself off and comes on for about 30 secs then and then turns off and stays off. Now in this off mode the opc light blinks once every 2 secs and the sta

Hi Starcruzer,\015\012\015\012You didn't confirmed yet the output voltages of the power supply, If so, you must check this. Your output voltage may have an unregulated supply which caused by bad filter capacitor in that area and trigger an erro ... Flat Panel Televisions

RCA L46WD22YX5 TV worked fine, turned off overnight..got and TV won't come on..Green Light comes on, screen flashes as if it trying to come on and stays blank...try to turn off with button and it won't turn off. keep tapping on/off button and the green light goes red, and then green again by itself

Click the link below :----http://wikisolutions.blogspot.in/2012/02/get-free-answers.html ... RCA L46WD22 Television

My 42PFL3704D philips tv the volume will just go up to a maxium of 100 byitself,and you cant turn it down with the remote,and you cant turn the volume down with the side button so I have to turn it off,and when I turn it off with the side button and turn it back on again with the side button it will come back on,play for about 30 minutes and the volume will go back up to100 again,and if I can get the volume down,then the setup screen comes up and I have to go through the setup screen and it will

... Philips 42PFL7422D 42 in. LCD TV

Tv will not turn on. Over last last week we have been having problems turning it on. We turned the power off at the wall then turned it back on & it would come on. Now it wont turn on at all only the green light comes on. It is a 50" LG Plasma

Needs new caps on the power supply board,....if your handy with a soldering iron you can do it for around \302\24312 ..........\015\012\015\012cheers ... LG Flat Panel Televisions

Have a Samsung HP-S4253. For past couple weeks if it is turned off it takes multiple attempts to get the picture to turn on. I turn on and sound comes up but no picture, so I turn off and on 10-20 times until picture comes up. Still has great picture when on.

There's a good chance you have failing electrolytic capacitors either in the power section or the inverter section or both.Any caps in these sections that look bulged at the top, or bulged/leaking at the bottom need to be replaced.If you ... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

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