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Samsung HLS5086W keeps shutting down after a few seconds and the Standby, Lamp and Timer Lights are flashing. What could be the issue?

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\012Please check that surrounding temp of the HD TV should not be more else there the problem is the with the main board . So have this checked in the service centre.

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Samsung HLS5086W keeps shutting down after a few seconds and the Standby, Lamp and Timer Lights are flashing. What could be the issue?

Hi\012\012Please check that surrounding temp of the HD TV should not be more else there the problem is the with the main board . So have this checked in the service centre. ... Samsung HL-S5086W 50" HDTV

I have a mitsubishi dlp WD-65733 and it went out on me a week ago. when I power it up i get only the green light above the timer. when i hit the reset button in the front i hear a click in the back and the green timer light starts blinking for about 30 seconds the it powers off. I do not get any lights above the status or lamp. i have replaced the bulb before about 1 1/2 years ago. could this be the bulp again? when i replaced it before i had an orange lamp light but not this time.

Hi,It seems problem in power supply board that got few electrolytic capacitors leaky and causing problem. It does not look like lamp issue.Let me know are you handy with electronics stuff repair and can replace parts in circuit board? ... Flat Panel Televisions

Have Samsung HL-S466W- Replaced Lamp (OEM), Replaced Color Wheel, Replaced Ballast. Currently the fan turns on for a few seconds, all three lights blink: Timer,Lamp, Standby. No Video or on screen sound. Lamp doesn't power on, nor can I really hear if the color wheel is activating. What can I troublshoot next before investing more in this model? Already verified the wires are correctly in place and the back door panel is tightly secured to activate the power switch.

... Samsung HL-S4666W Television

I picked up a Mitsubishi Model No. WD- 62527. The guy said all it needed was the lamp replaced, I replaced it and the tv still doesn't turn on. Their is a green light that blinks were it says timer for about a minute then the orange light under lamp turns on. About a second later the green light under timer blinks three times then turns off and then the only light on is the lamp orange light. It will continue to do this hole scenario over and over again...HELP!

... Projection Televisions

Samsung, standby, lamp, timer. TV turns on with sound and picture. After about a minutes the picture goes away and then the sound. Then the standby, then the TV will shut down. but the standby, lamp and timer lights stay on. What is the problem?

... Samsung LTP326WX/XAA 32 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

I have a Panasonic CRT TV TX29-P150X bought in Dubai. When the TV is cool it turns on for about 30 seconds and goes on standby by itself again with the red light on. Now it is on permanent standby until the TV cools off then it turns on again and then again goes off after 30 seconds. What could be the problem? My technician has replaced all the CAPS, one resistor and the regulators but still no go. What could be the problem?

... Flat Panel Televisions

The Samsung HCM4215 Rear Projection TV was playing and all of a sudden the Picture disappeared but the audio kept on. Then I switched off the TV and tried to switch it on but the TV is not turning on. The tiny Timer light keeps on blinking and thats it. I have tried unpluging the TV from power for one week and then plugged it back t power, but still the same Timer light keeps on Blinking and won't let me do anything with the TV. By talking to friends it seems the DLP lamp has blown out but

First I need to clarify your tv. Your tv is not a DLP. It is a standard 3 CRT rear projection. So there is no Lamp/bulb to replace like you would find in a DLP. \015\012\015\012As for your problem. I would suspect a convergence failu ... Samsung HCM4215W 42" Rear Projection Television

Okay, so last night my Hitachi 55vs69a starting shutting itself off. I could turn it back on after a few minutes and within an hour or less it would shut off again. This morning it will not turn on at all. The lamp and temp light were flashing but now the lamp light is the only light showing. It's not flashing, it just stays on. I just changed this bulb 2 months ago so it is new. I was told to reset the lamp timer but now since the t.v. will not come on, I cannot do that. The bulb has not bl

If you bought a cheap non Hitachi lamp that could be bad and look fine.I would remove the lamp and look at it and reinstall it making sure it is in properly----what was wrong with the old lamp? Did it still work at all? ... Projection Televisions

I have a sony kds 60a2020. the lamp sensor light was flashing and no picture. i bought a new lamp and installed it and now all i get is red power light flashing three times. as much as i can tell am pretty sure the lamp door is secure. i understand it could be a power board board issue?? any help is appreciated

A lot of these had problems with the lamp door; you need to remove the door and take a careful look at it edgewise---heat from the lamp can warp the door.Notice the small plastic peg on the back of the door--when installed it engages a le ... Sony KDS-60A2020 60" HDTV

When you turn of the TV the POWER indicator flashes green for several minutes. The TV never comes on. After the several minutes of the POWER indicator flashing green, it stops, I hear a click and the light goes out. Within a few seconds, the LAMP indicator light starts flashing red continuously. I unplugged the TV and waited one hour to remove the lamp. I could not tell if the lamp was blown. I can see the filament, the glass is clear, but there is a 2 cm or less spot in the right upper c

Sounds like the lamp door is not secured in place. Try removing the lamp door and put in back in until it clicks. ... Panasonic PT-52LCX66 Projection Television

Standby, lamp and timer light flashing

Visit the site named 'Electro-help' for\012more details. Click this link. View it in \012"Timeslide" or "Sidebar" option, which can b ... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

I have a 2003, KF60WE610 60inch TV. My TV started occasionally losing the picture. The TV will go from normal picture to color patterns yellow/orange, green/blue, black and white. Then I'll have a black screen. The sound is fine. The picture returns without doing anything. The lamp light does NOT blink. The lamp was replaced a year ago. The green power light is steady. What could be the issue?

Your optical block is going bad. Sony has made a recall and is offering to pay around 70% of a new tv. Call this # 1-800-282-2848 Hope this helps. ... Sony Grand WEGA KF60WE610 60" Rear Projection Television

I own a Philips DLP television model 50pl9126d/37 I just replaced the lamp on it less than 6 months ago and the red lamp failure light came on. I have opened the back and can see the lamp starting up for about 5 sec but then it quits. I have read a number of issues but was wondering if anyone who has had this similar problem figured out the solution. I have pulled out the lamp ballast but as far as I can see there is no sign of damage. When the ballast was in I removed the lamp and could see the

You might want to with a flashlight and or small mirror want to look where the lamp faces at the color wheel---it must be intact and not missing any segmentstypical color wheel: ... Philips 50PL9126D/37B 50" DLP TV

Replaced lamp The picture went out on TV with a loud potting noise and the lamp light was flashing. I replaced the lamp and reset the lamp timer. I have a picture with no color and there is a humming sound coming from the TV. What could be the problem?

There is some short circuit at the main circuit board. Seek help of any experienced service technician. ... Samsung HL-P6163W 61" TV

I have a samsung projector tv model # hly5676sx/xaa tv turnes on fans run for 3 seconds then tv shuts off no picture or sound and the standby and lamp light blink on and off its been suggested lamp cover not properly closed but thats not the case is lamp bad or do i have some other problem

... Samsung LN46B650 46/49.5 in. LCD HDTV

Sony kdp-57ws655 standby light stays on. Timer light lights dim. I found a bad resistor. r5435 on the second board from the left(center board). I can't tell what the colors are. Can you help me out?

Thats a 68 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. But chances are there is a problem that burnt the resistor replaceing the D board would solve the issue. ... Sony Grand WEGA KDP-57WS655 57" Rear Projection HDTV

Sony LCD TV Model #KLV-23HR2 The timer LED blinks red constantly after having turned on the TV. THe power light stays steady green for about 5-10 seconds then the red light keeps blinking constantly.

This is a common problem an a failry easy DIY fix. \012\012Plasma and LCD TV sets are prone to having capacitors in the power supply section fail. This is the most likely cause for the probem you describe. When capacitors fail your ... Sony WEGA KLV-23HR2 23 in. LCD HDTV

My sony tv model kv24fs120 keeps going off standby timer light keeps blinkinging

Check inside for bulging electrolytic capacitors in the internal power supply. ... Sony FD Trinitron WEGA KV-24FS120 24" TV

We bought this tv an Olevia 542- b11 Syntax brillian lcd hdtv, back in 2009 and have not had any issues with it other then every now and then the volume would go out. we would just have to turn the tv on then off again and we would have volume.But last night b4 we went to bed we turned off the tv and now the standby light is not on. So we un plugged it put it back in flipped the switch in the back of the tv and the blue light turns on for half a second then turns back off.So what has happened to

... Olevia LT42HVi 42 in. LCD Television

Lights flashing Just replaced the color wheel sugested by Fixya. TV comes on for a few seconds. Then the Lamp and standby/temp light keeps flashing.When I unplug it for a sec. It does the same thing. The bulb was replaced about 6 mos ago.....Please help......Thanks, Mark.

A suggestion: if replaced the wheel--there are two cables from it to nearby metal box---one is conventional but can be hard to plug in---the other is a ribbon cable----IT ONLY HAS CONTACTS ON ONE SIDE WHERE IT PLUGS IN AND CAN BE INSTALLED BACKWARDS ... Samsung HL-R6168W 61" HDTV

I have a Sony KDE-50E2010, i replaced the lamp last year and it has worked fine until now, After about 10 Minutes of viewing the T.V. turns itself off and the standby light flashes red, green, red, stays green for a second and repeats. I've cleaned the lamp area and fan but still no luck. HELP PLEASE!!

... Sony KDF-50E2000 50" HDTV

My TV is automatically turning off. I first thought it was getting a signal from a remote, but that's not the case. It turns off then is in a type of sleep mode for about 10 seconds with a red light indicating "standby / Temp" staying on and the green light indicating "lamp" stays on also.

It sounds like you are having a problem with a cooling fan. ... Samsung HLP4663W 46" Rear Projection HDTV

My SONY Grand Wega KDF-E55A20 is blacking out for 30 seconds then coming back on. The lamp light has not come on. Could it be the lamp or something else? Thanks in advance

It is definitely the lamp. The lamp is not yet dead but is at the end of its life. Replacing it should resolve the problem. ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-60XBR950 60" Rear Projection HDTV

Sanyo plv 65whd1 powers on power light flashes green for a few seconds then starts up then has sound for a few seconds no picture then powers down then shuts down and restarts over again could use help on this issue or the service manual on this tv thank you much Kevini

... Sanyo Projection Televisions


... JVC HD-56FB97 HDTV

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