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My samsung dlp tv model # HLS4266WX/XAA does not work the pic will come on for a min or so and then shut off. i looked it up before and it said it was the bulb was dead but ive since lost the manual and cant find another i took out the holder lamp since tht was the only bulb i seen and trieds to get the part but it says it is no longer available any help u can give would be great

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My samsung dlp tv model # HLS4266WX/XAA does not work the pic will come on for a min or so and then shut off. i looked it up before and it said it was the bulb was dead but ive since lost the manual and cant find another i took out the holder lamp since tht was the only bulb i seen and trieds to get the part but it says it is no longer available any help u can give would be great

... Samsung HL-R4264W 42" DLP HDTV

I have bought the biggest lemon in this tv than ive ever seen before..shortly after buying it, i had green swirly lines throughout the whole picture...had 2 repair guys out here,1 replaced the "mother board" and another,took it to a shop for 10 days..got it back...shortly after, the bulb went...they sent me a new one,,,that 1 burnt out bout 8 months later..i bought another 1 that burnt out 6 months later,,they sent me a 1 time replacement bulb, which burnt out 4 months later...now i just bought

Dear user,just go to consumer coat and claim for new 1 other wise money back. ... Hitachi 50V500 50 in. HD-Ready LCD Television

Replaced Bulb but light is still blinking. Do I need to replace the Lamp Timer or is it another problem?

... RCA HD44LPW62 44 in. HDTV TV

Okay, so last night my Hitachi 55vs69a starting shutting itself off. I could turn it back on after a few minutes and within an hour or less it would shut off again. This morning it will not turn on at all. The lamp and temp light were flashing but now the lamp light is the only light showing. It's not flashing, it just stays on. I just changed this bulb 2 months ago so it is new. I was told to reset the lamp timer but now since the t.v. will not come on, I cannot do that. The bulb has not bl

If you bought a cheap non Hitachi lamp that could be bad and look fine.I would remove the lamp and look at it and reinstall it making sure it is in properly----what was wrong with the old lamp? Did it still work at all? ... Projection Televisions

I have a InFocus lp70+ video projector with a bad lamp. When I replaced the lamp the new one worked but when I moved it to a different room the lamp would not come back on. The lamp has failed a continuity test. Could a problem in the projector be causing the lamps to burnout or is it worth trying another bulb.

Hi. It is possible that the projector to send the wrong voltage out to the bulb, and that is what is causing the bulbs to go out. But more than likely, when you moved the projector, it jarred things around in the bulb, causing it to fail. ... Flat Panel Televisions

Dear welcomejee, I have a Sony Grand Wega 60" LCD, owned since June 2004. Model # KF-60WE610; Date of manufacture- April 2004. Recently while watching TV, the screen turned black. No picture. No sound. Presuming it may be the XL-2100U lamp, I took apart the TV to check and found that the filament inside the lamp had exploded. Thus, I ordered a new lamp. But, here's my main question. If in fact the problem is the lamp, then why would the sound NOT work? Or is there a safety cutoff on

The lamp is an arc type lamp an as such has no filament.Look again as I expect there will be a different reason for you lack of sound/vision. ... Flat Panel Televisions

No picture I replaced the lamp and it worked for 3 months then I lost picture. Pulled it out and saw nothing wrong with it but when I put an ohm meter to the bulb it was an open circuit. I ordered a new one and it lasted 2 hours with the element exploding. Is there something wrong with the TV or are the bulbs junk? They are not from Mitsubishi and the bulbs are not Osram. I have had the TV since 2006 with no other problems. The TV is protected with a Monster surge protector. Any help would be gr

If you are not using the correct bulb, that is exactly your problem. Get the correct lamp. ... Mitsubishi 915p020010 Wd-62825g / We-52825 / Wd-52825 Generic Tv Lamp W/housing

Replaced lamp in 55vg825 approx 1500hrs ago & lately the picture has lost brightness compared to when the new bulb was installed. Is there another adjustment or is the bulb defective already? Past experience dictates the bulb either works or doesn't work.

Bjac,\012\012You are correct about lamps working or not, but that is the extremes. Over the course of operation all lamps lose brightness as the hours add up. All lamps will lose their brightness over time.\012\012Typically la ... Hitachi UltraVision CineForm 55VG825 55" HDTV

My Samsung DLP HLT5075S tv wont turn on. It trys to start up makes all the usual sounds but no picture. It tries to start 3 times then it stops and the 3 led lights on the Rt side just blink. I took the lamp out and looked at it and it looks fine. I dont know if you can tell by looking at the bulb if its bad or not. Don't want to spend $100 on a new bulb without being sure its bad. Is there anyway to check the bulb?

... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

Samsung model #hlt5676sx/xaa i replaced lamp bulb less than 1 month ago now this bulb burned out is this an electrical promlem that i need to look into before installing new bulb i havent seen anything in writting about this

... Samsung DLP HL-P5663W 56" TV

Samsung dlp made a popping sound now only have sound and tv turns itself on and off. All 3 lights on front were flashing. I took out lamp...it looks fine....thought I would put it back in when I noticed pieces of glass in the tv directly in front of where the bulb faces. Is this the color wheel? Could it of shattered?

You have a good eye, that would be the color wheel. You can call samsung at 1-800-samsung to find a repair center, it is not an easy job to replace it yourself. ... Flat Panel Televisions

My PT-60lc14 Shut down a few seconds after the lamp turns on and has 1 "lamp" LED blink every 5 seconds. This means it is either an open thermal fuse (not open when I tested it), a cracked lamp (looks like a big blister on the upper side of the lamp base), an abnormal ballast, or an abnormal main CB. The question: Can the bulb cause the shutdown even though it still lights? Is the shutdown from current sensing on the bulb? This is not explained in the service manual. Thanks!

... Panasonic PT-60LC14 60" Rear Projection HDTV

My lamp bulb has been replaced in my 55VS69, it played for three days now I the lamp and temp indicator is on. I checked the bulb and the bulb is good. What can be the problem?

First is the lamp can look perfect and be bad, that said if not the new lamp the ballast that drives it can be the issue, I would suspect if the new lamp was generic etc and not Hitachi it just failed, ballast is next. ... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Lamp was replace, color wheel and now ballaster and now the bulb does not turn on.

The only thing I can think of is be sure the safety switch on the back is not your problem. ... Projection Televisions

I replaced my lamp on my 60inch hitachi 60v710. The lamp indicator light had never came on, but my picture was slowly starting to become dim. After replacing the bulb my lamp indicator light is now on, it blinks a couple of times and the t.v. Shuts off. We have checked to make sure the lamp is in properly. we have even taken the old lamp, t(that was working when it was removed) and put it back in and still the lamp indicator light blinks. On the rear of the tv right behind the lamp is a mother b

... Hitachi Projection Televisions

Is there a tester for the osram 6640 light - Sylvania 66040 OSRAM D2S Light Bulb Lamp 35 Watts 12 Volts P32D-2 Base D2S 35W D2C 4000-4900K LIGHT BULB LAMP

... Sylvania 66040 OSRAM D2S Light Bulb Lamp 35 Watts 12 Volts P32D-2 Base D2S 35W D2C 4000-4900K LIGHT BULB LAMP

Sony kdf60xbr950 Having the same problem with no picture. Green lights blinks first then the red lamp light. My first thought is the lamp. Then I had talked to a tech and he tried to tell me that its the balist or the power supply and likley not the bulb? Has anybody else been throught this and what was the outcome. This is the original bulb with only about 1000-1500 hours on it ? was working fine one day and the next this ?

The problem here with the lamp is it has an average 2,000 hour life--only way for a "tech" to know if it is the problem is to replace it.The ballast is the power supply for the lamp---lamp goes bad a lot more often than the ballast= sounds li ... Sony Grand WEGA KDF-60XS955 60" Rear Projection HDTV

Sony kdf-42a10 xl-2400 bulb, replaced bulb, tv turns on lamp lights up for ten mins. then shuts off, red light blinks 3 times . lamp door doesn't appear to be warped, arm is engaging micro switch

... Sony KDF-E42A10 42 in. LCD Television

Have a PT50DL-54J . Just changed the lamp and it will not start back up.Just a blinking green light. For the past while theTV has been displaying "replace lamp" but I couls still watch it. Then one day it would not turn on at all. Same green blinking light. I thought it was the bulb because of the error message saying so. I changed the bulb and its THE SAME PRWhat's wrong. Does it need to be reset somehow or something or am I SOL

... Panasonic PT50LCX63 50" Rear Projection HDTV

Picture lost color to greenish black and white and rapid blinking. Lamp indicator was orange for many weeks previous. rebooted TV and lamp would not come on. Replaced lamp, now it will not power up the lamp. Is this failure just about the lamp timer/counter needing to be reset or do I need a new ballast as well? I'd like to test the bulb independently if I knew what voltage/amperage/ ACor DC to apply.

... LG RU-44SZ63D Television

I have a samsung hl-r4226w tv. the lamp went out so i purchased a phillips 000007225 lamp, installed it and still have no lamp lighting up. Question, did the guy sell me the incorrect lamp or do i have another problem. when i turn power on you hear the little tune then lamp light blinks. all help apopreciated

... Samsung HL-R4266W 42" HDTV-Ready Projection Television

I have a Hitachi Ultravision model 50VF820. It will turn on and the blue light starts blinking and after a few seconds the lamp and temp red lights start flashing in order (power, temp, lamp). I had the lamp replaced about a year and a half ago but not the cooling fan. How do I know if it needs just a fan or another lamp as well?

Fans fail rarely---two years is average life for a lamp--at least take lamp out to examine it to see it is not shattered inside. ... Projection Televisions

Lamp blew on Toshiba 42HM66. Replaced lamp. Worked after turning it on. After turning it off and trying to turn on again it would not turn on. Took out lamp and put back in, turn it on and worked. Same cycle over and over. Have to take out lamp and put back in after each turn off.

Replace its ballast too. ... Toshiba 42HM66 42" Projection HDTV

I have a sony KDS-R60XBR1. The lamp burned out so I ordered a new one. When I took the old one out, I noticed the area directly in front of the lamp, the first thing the lamp shines into, is a little dirty around the edges and needs to be cleaned prior to installing the new lamp. What should I use to clean this small 2"x2 1/2" area? It's not dust, it's like a thin layer of dirty film or buildup. I don't want to scratch it and ruin it's surface.

Use a eyeglass cloth or LCD screen cloth. Use NO solvants on it. Just dry cloth. ALSO goto the settings menu and put the tv in HIGH altitude mode. There tv's get too hot and the light engines go out. Green or blue tint. or dots. It also helps the lam ... Sony KDS-R60XBR1 60" Projection HDTV

Hello, I have a Samsung DLP HLR5667 and it blew a lamp 4 months ago, I replaced the lamp and it worked fine for about 2 months and started shutting off after only running for about 90 seconds. I reset the lamp hours and it worked fine for another 2 months. Now it is shutting off after 90 seconds of running, first the picture then the audio. All three lights then begin to blink. Troubleshooting I have performed is 1. I have cleaned the interior of the television. 2. Jumpered the lamp door switch.

You need to replace your color wheel. This is a very sensitive part and you need to take care when replacing. If you feel comfortable I can walk you through it. If not, I would take it to a authorized service center. ... Samsung Projection Televisions

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