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Distorted colours TV is presenting distorted colours. It happens on all inputs. It's a blur of purple and green, sometimes pink and also the imprint of previous image of settings OSD stay in the background. We have opened and confirmed no blown capacitors and have reseated cables. We have also upgraded firmware. We have photos e videos of the problem. TV model: LA37A450C1D model code:LA37A450C1DXXY Thanks for your help

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Distorted colours TV is presenting distorted colours. It happens on all inputs. It's a blur of purple and green, sometimes pink and also the imprint of previous image of settings OSD stay in the background. We have opened and confirmed no blown capacitors and have reseated cables. We have also upgraded firmware. We have photos e videos of the problem. TV model: LA37A450C1D model code:LA37A450C1DXXY Thanks for your help

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have a vizio model GV47L FHDTV 20A LCD TV. We purchased it 4 years ago, this morning it began making a hissing sound while we were watching it. The picture also got dark and distorted. I've tried troubleshooting the problem and have realized that the sound remains constant regardless of the volume level, or input( even muted). I'm sure it's not an issue with the cable, because the problem persists with the cable box off. I've disconnected all inputs and and the sound bar, but the problem is th

... Flat Panel Televisions

Sanyo Tv model DP26670 turns on and back off immediately while plugged in, the power indicator light goes to green and back to red 1 second after starting the power on procedure. and continues to do this on it's own until unplugged. i opened the tv up and reseated all the cables to try and fix a possible intermitant power issue but did not solve anything i did discover a USB port inside the Tv and am wondering if their is some kind of program i can download to my computer and hook up to the TV t

... Flat Panel Televisions

My tv has audio but no image. Upon opening I have noticed there's a capacitor (d153) on the power board which is surrounded in brown residue (appears to be blown). There are also 3 empty connectors on various boards, P1, P101 and P806 are all empty. P806 appears to be a test point, but P1 and P101 look like they should be connected to something. The tv turns on and stays on everytime so I'm not entirely sure there's something wrong with the power board, but the (blown?) capacitor is worrying.

... LG 50PX4D 50 in. Plasma Television

We are only receiving black and white picture - no colour. It is not a cable problem. LG model 42PX4MVH-TA. Please help with colour settings?

... LG 42PX5D 42 in. Plasma HDTV

I was given a Sharp TV model LC-26SH12U which was purchased Nov 2007. When I turn on the TV there is sound but no picture. I am using the HMDI input from my cable provider. I do get a picture at times. It seems as if I turn off and on the tv eventually the picture will show up. I have worked tirelessly with the cable provider and it seems to be the tv as when there is no picture I also hook up another tv and get picture from the provider while I'm getting no picture from the LCD tv. Is

Contact the nearest authorised service center for Sharp. You TV need service. ... Sharp LC-26D43U Television

Hi. My father bought a Technika Digital TV (model: 32 2011) in december 5 months ago from Tesco. It seems to have lost its colour. I have just been through every menu, I performed a full reset, unplugged all peripherals and tested the aerial socket and cable but nothing has changed. The terrestrial tv signal is black n white, as is the digital tv (built in) as is the dvd picture (dvd built in) and a vhs player plugged in through scart is black n white. Although the onsceen menu has colour, yet t

I think there is a problem with your tv's picture tube.Its best that you change the picture tube or repair it. ... Flat Panel Televisions

I need the tv code number to put into my Jensen Universal remote control for a Panasonic TV on cable, TV Model# CT-27S18S. I also need to know how to program these numbers into the Jensen remote Remote Model #DC JER 822 2533 (BB). Thanks! Lauren

The panasonic numbers are one of the following \012\012\012\012\0120051, 0250, 0055and to program it you need to do Turn on the component that you want to set up.\012Press and release the component key you would like to ... Panasonic (TH-50PZ700U) Television

I have found a National colour TV -tuner- cassette recorder, type TC 300 SP. I'm missing mains cable with special 6 pins socket. This model says that it is suitable for all 220V - 110V AC as well

... Panasonic Portable Televisions

My 27 inch samsung model P2770HD gets black screen but sound still on, and smell burnt plastic. I OPENED THE BACK AND I SAW TOP PLASTIC WHERE THE CABLES GO IN BURNT, THE ONES ON THE TOP.what is the

... Samsung LN-R460D 46 in. LCD Television

Hello got a Rca model 52wh74 seriel #c222c1072 Manufactory date May 2006 this has the convergence issue 3 D Look and a bow in the picture were you see three of all the colors I also went to the menu to try to adjust the convergence but No option to do that I do have some tv repair experence and soldering ability -- They have talked about a fuse that can open up and possible cause this no option issue for the convergence or resoldering the fly bac

The convergence ICs are the most likely cause of this problem. STK392-150 is the ICs that you need -2 of them. You can purchase Sanyo STK392-150 FROM EBAY for about 15$ a piece. As for the fuse, I am not sure what are the specs of the fuse but you ca ... RCA HD52W59 HDTV Projection Television

TV have samsung rear projector TV model sp-56L 7HX my wife turned on tv then went off with no sound or picture, led blue lights come on but nothing else. also some speakers in case have blown and rattle, how easy is it to change repair speakers. Love this TV but if need to replace will do. Thanks a million kpmthomas

... Flat Panel Televisions

LCD television starts normal, but after 2-3 secs, the screen turns black and remains black, no picture, but sound is still there. All cables have been checked - all possible input channels have also been tested to see if they produced any images onto the screen. When i look in a dark room to the black screen (with a flashlight), you can see (but very hard to see) some grey images (tv pictures) moving over the screen. I've read onto this very interesting website that on some models, one c

... Samsung Flat Panel Televisions

I have an Olivia TV, Mod: 226-T12 - SN: VECD7B8030660, firmware # VECD7B8030660. I am having trouble with cable and want to know if you have any new firmware for that model. Also I cannot find a code that will allow my Comcast remote to operate the TV.

Hi,\015\012\015\012\015\012There is a huge myth that Firmware updates are a universal cure-all for all sorts of TV faults. Olevia / Syntax Brillian folded and ceased trading in 2008, so there is no longer any support for these TVs and no ... Olevia Flat Panel Televisions

I have a HP notebook laptop that I am trying to connect to a Sanyo 42 inch Plasma HDTV model DP42740 . I have VGA , S-video ,and an Expansion port 3 jacks coming out of my laptop. What way would you recommend for connecting ? And what type cables do I need ? And the pc also has Usb. The tv has usb, but my understanding is that is for the picture veiwer

That television doesn't have a VGA input, but it does have an S-video in. So this is the cable that you would need to connect to get the video image on the screen. However, s-video does not carry sound. So you either run the sound from the laptop sti ... Sanyo DP42746 42 in. Plasma Television

Model FA2B32570 The screen is black, i have sound. I have cable plugged into it. I have the back off and i do not see that i have a capacitor problem. What is the next solution? I also have a part looks like a strap it has the writing on it. Tennrich-5 AWM2062480cvw what is it? i think it is unplugged. It happen when i took the back off!

Look for a socket with no plug and :Solutions(1)I see so many people here with nosound /picture issues:ISSUES:1. If sound main fuse/s are good.2. If no power or standby light check fuse, standby power supply, and lo ... Digital Lifestyle Flat Panel Televisions

I need the set up code for my sanyo tv, Model number DP42848 I am trying to program it into my charter cable remote. I also need the setup code for our sylvania 6427TF if you have that available.

... Sanyo Flat Panel Televisions

My Plasma 50" TV with model ELPCFT501 from Element Electronics receives local stations with no colour and sounds. Also i can not locate PAL on the TV. How do i fix this problem?

... Element Electronics Flat Panel Televisions

Our Memorex model #MVDT2002B, SH 067460905582A, was working fine. There was a short power outage in town during the work day. When we came home, the TV wouldn't power up. The cable box had reset just fine. We upluged and plugged back in, but nothing happened. We plugged a different, older TV into the same power source and that worked fine. Is there a reset button? We can't seem to find one. Also, we can't find our manual. Thank you, Janet and Brian

Hello\015\012There is a protection fuse inside your tV, which can be located at the power regulator section, to which the main power cable enters to the board. It is a class cartridge type, and can be replaced. Check it first. If found blown ... Memorex MVDT2002 20" TV

I'm trying to purchase a remote for this television or a remote that is compatable. I need to do some adjustments that I am not able to do with the cable remote. Also, my model number is slightly different from this one, however, the photo looks the same.

Is this what you are looking for?\015\012http://www.emtcompany.com/panasonic-ct32g34-remote/rc64.html\015\012 ... Panasonic CT-32G34 34" TV

I am trying to hook up a gamecube to a toshiba tv. I don't know the model number but it has 3 inputs in the back and one in the front. I have tried all of them and tried changing the input on the tv to one of them but it only stays on tv. I don't have channel 3 and I don't know how to add it. I have unplugged the cable cord also seeing if that would work and nothing. Please help.

... Toshiba Flat Panel Televisions

I have sun hd conection [model samsung dsb5090r]one port of hdmi out conect to my lcd tv iwant conect a ctv also but the av out is locked how to open the av out put

... Flat Panel Televisions

Hello i own a Toshiba LCD Colour TV (Model 15VL63B) when i connect VGA cable it does not support , please may you help

... Toshiba 20DL74 20 in. EDTV-Ready LCD Television

I turn the tv on and I get the sound from the channel being watched via Comcast box however there is a screaching noise that is over top of the program sound. If you turn the volume up the screach gets louder too. This was an open box display model but I don't recall *** making this noise at the store. Any ideas or suggestions? Also, any ideas on how to change the sound type from mono to surround? I'm thinking i might just have to return it.

Return it this tv have intermittent problems with it tv Tuner signal board.That the board,where the incomming broadcasting signal cable plug into it.U should able just pick one option Mono or Stereo sorround sound on Audio Setting setting selection s ... LG 32LD350 32 in. LCD TV

I have a Schaub Lorenz 32LT30 where the picture is not OK. It has a bad cotrast. Everything is not showen really with the normal colour and also you ca only guess what is showen. Only Cartoons you can see as normal everything else is distorted. So do you have any idea what could be broken? regards Bob

... Flat Panel Televisions

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